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Welcome to McCanless Pottery! We are a creative clay space located within the Le Studio Art Space and Gallery in beautiful beachside Mordialloc, Victoria.

We enthusiastically offer fun filled instruction in wheel throwing, hand building, sculpting, and ceramic brush decoration in addition to our kiln firing services and our classes for kids, formulated to unleash your child’s unique creative talents.

Our classes are designed to suit kids and adults and we support all social and cultural backgrounds including but not limited to the LGBTQI, NDIS and aged care communities.

We absolutely adore clay and are overjoyed to share our knowledge and passion with you. We want you to experience the incredible joy of turning a humble piece of clay into a decorative or functional work of art that will last a lifetime.

Join us as we share with you the remarkable craft of making handmade pottery.




Pip Cacavas May 2024

I took my mum to this class as a birthday present. We both thoroughly enjoyed the class and made clay pieces that we both loved! Tahlia was a great teacher and inspired us both to be as creative as possible. Can’t wait to get them back once they are fired.

Pottery class review by Pip Cacavas - Melbourne

Maya Kuncewicz May 2024

This pottery class was great, we had so much fun. The teacher was super helpful and gave great guidance while also letting us use our own creativity.

Lauren Sharman May 2024

Harder than it looks but great fun, went with the whole family for Mother’s Day and made some awesome memories and keep sakes

Amanda Trinder May 2024

The class was an early Mother’s Day gift and my teenagers came as company. We had a great time. We’d never used a potters wheel before and it was great fun. I surprised myself with my creations. The teacher was very helpful with a good demo at the start and was very encouraging.

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Amanda Trinder - Melbourne

Maddy Wright May 2024

Lovely and friendly teacher, comfy space and good fun. Highly recommend this for any event

Caila Browning May 2024

I decided to attend a pottery class on my own as a relaxing activity. The class was exactly that! Fun and relaxing. Clay was provided and you were guided through techniques and then given the freedom to play around with shaping the clay into plates, bowls, cups or whatever your heart desired.

I managed to make 9 pieces throughout the 2 hour session, 1 of which was included in the price of the lesson, 3 I bought separately for $10 each.

The class is great value for money, the venue is a beautiful and cosy studio where you’re surrounded by other pieces of work.

Having never used a wheel for pottery before, I entered the class unsure of how I would do. By the time I left I had gained so much confidence in my ability and discovered that I do really enjoy this technique.

A massive thank you to our teacher Shelly who was so patient and took her time with carefully explaining and assisting us when needed!

Laura Sneath Apr 2024

This was super fun and the teacher was great! Would definitely try this class again!

Nicholas Dinuzzo Apr 2024

Excellent experience, supportive environment and lots of fun. Everyone is so helpful. Would highly recommend.

Fiona Kelly Apr 2024

I really enjoyed learning to 'spin' clay. Our teacher was great, there was only 3 of us in the class so that was a bonus, and by the end of the session I felt I was getting an understanding of clay and the wheel. Wish I lived closer so I could keep going with more classes. I recommend

Sabrina Gray Apr 2024

We went for a bit of birthday fun, to learn and make some cute pottery.
Our teacher was fun, kind and showed us how to make a bowl before we started. I did have to rely on my more experienced friend to show me techniques that resulted in some effective pieces, because the teacher didnt really help to solve the problems we identified with our own techniques.
The studio was clean, had all the right tools, easy enough to get to (although not as easy to find in the dark), and we can get our pieces in 4 weeks by monitoring McCanless’ posts on instagram.
The clay was gritty, and two in our party came away with small scratches on our palms from the friction. We did have unlimited access to clay, and were allowed to increase the amount of clay we threw.
We also got the sip and eat package, which was a lot of food and no time to eat it. The teacher admitted that noone ever eats through the whole thing. Although it was yummy (grapes, cheese, biscuits, pretzels, nuts and dip) and the sparkling was delightful, it doesnt mix well with having clay all over your hands. I would advise against that package.

Georgia Papagiannopoulos Apr 2024

Great lesson. Highly recommend. Learnt how to use the wheel and had lots of guidance.

Jian Tan Apr 2024

The teacher was incredibly helpful and patient. Gave us good pointers and hints throughout the whole session. Her friendliness and charm makes the class so much enjoyable. We managed to make a few good pieces too.

Maria Oanca Apr 2024

The class was fun and perfect for beginners. The teacher was friendly, helpful and patient. It was nice seeing all the artwork in the creative space too. Great class! X

Angelique Dimitrakis Mar 2024

I had so much fun! Tahlia was such a great teacher and the vibe was perfect

Delugia Mesquita Mar 2024

Small class (3 of us). Great first experience! Our teacher was very very patient with us and very easy to follow. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and we can't wait to come back. Excited to see our final bowls. Recommending to everyone I know.

Mike Knowles Mar 2024

Really enjoyed our first pottery session! Tahlia looked after us and taught us a few tricks and techniques… was an awesome date night

Carla Khoo Mar 2024

We wanted to do something different for our day-date and what a brilliant choice we made. We had the best time, thank you to our amazing teacher, we had a blast and can't wait for our finished pieces!

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Carla Khoo - Melbourne

Marima Piriou Mar 2024

Very nice moment with Wil! Very welcoming Art space too, worth the visit and the class makes you feel great!

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Marima Piriou - Melbourne

Leeanne Stirton Feb 2024

We had a great time at our pottery class! The grazing board and refreshments were perfect and Our teacher Hajime was super helpful and patient. We will definitely be back! Thanks again

Esha Ghodke Feb 2024

Emma was so lovely and a great teacher. Will definitely be coming back for another wheel throwing class.

Ana-Maria Gheorghita Feb 2024

I booked the Valentine’s Day package and had such a great experience! The teacher was lovely and allowed us to explore our creativity while giving us guidance on the basics. I also really enjoyed the cheese board (it was really big, definitely worth the money!). I can’t wait for my pottery to be fired and glazed!

Rachel Anthony Feb 2024

We arrived to the studio to realise it was a private class just for us 3 which was perfect because we got so much of Emma’s attention and support. She was a great teacher, warm and easy to talk to.
Highly recommend!

Jacinta Bottrell Feb 2024

My friends and I decided to give a pottery class a try! We are all beginners and absolutely loved the class.
The pace was great, allowing us to focus on some basic skills. Our teacher was very encouraging and helped us when we asked for specific advice or help!
A few of us also found this class quite therapeutic and soothing too, so thank you!

Jenny Cheung Feb 2024

We love this workshop a lot, Emma is amazing teacher for us. So friendly, patient and explain steps really clear and always on hand to help us.

The setting of workshop is amazing i like how simple it is and we able to see the owner doing his potter just next to us

It is absolutely amazing experience, highly recommend this place!

Deb McCrohan Jan 2024

Great class The teacher was really helpful. I made some awesome bowls and plates, thank you

Yyuki Ang Jan 2024

It was my first time participating in a wheel throwing workshop, special shout out to my teacher Hajime for making it so fun and easy to learn. My partner and I really enjoy the time in the workshop and we managed to make a few pieces with the help of my teacher. The class is definetely a good value for money, highly recommend for anyone want to try!

Eugenia Lagadinou Jan 2024

Enjoyed learning a new skill at a pottery wheel! The teacher Hajime was super helpful and positive when we completed our ceramic pieces. Overall it was a positive experience and will definetly do it again

Travis Bourke Jan 2024

I thought 2 hours would be too long but we had the opportunity to get individual help

Alana Scott Jan 2024

Our hand building workshop was so enjoyable, it was such a meditative process and Tori was awesome in guiding us through whilst also giving the space for our creativity to flow. Thank you!

Molly Patton Jan 2024

We loved our wheel throwing experience! We were given enough knowledge and direction to get us started and then we had complete freedom to let our imaginations run wild. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon!

Jodie Li Jan 2024

We enjoyed the class and had so much fun. Our teacher Hajime was great. He was friendly and could explain and demonstrate the steps clearly!

Pratiksha Holavannur Jan 2024

It was a great experience. The teacher Hajime was really helpful and guided during the entire process.

Sarah Penaluna Jan 2024

Great venue!
Teacher was excellent and had a great knowledge base of the class. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Chelsea O'Brien Jan 2024

Had a lot of fun, ended up just being myself and my partner. Had a lot of one on one help which we really appreciated!

Matthew Rodd-A'court Jan 2024

This experience was absolutely fantastic, Will is an amazing teacher with a great vibe and instantly made the whole thing fun but informative

Such a unique y relaxing and wholesome class ! We will defiantly come back for another crack at it !

Stephanie Young Jan 2024

Teacher was helpful, so many options on what we could create with endless clay available. Lots of fun

Danielle Rouse Jan 2024

Great teacher and fun time. Had a blast making bowls but cut my hand on the spinning wheel (probably user error)

Divya Shree Jayanna Jan 2024

The experience was fun and amazing and the teacher was great and gave clear instructions

Benjamin Kellock Dec 2023

Great teaching! Explained the process very well and was ready to help where needed. Recommend for any beginners.
Instructor was kind and patient.
We’ll be back!

Robert Cvek Dec 2023

The teacher was incredibly kind, patient and encouraging. We were provided with everything we needed to get started immediately and had near constant 1 on 1 instruction and guidance as needed. We had a lot of fun and looking forward to collecting our items in a few weeks glazed and ready to go :)

Will definitely gift this class to others :)

Bomani Jackson Dec 2023

Our teacher was absolutely amazing, helpful and lovely. She made it so fun and enjoyable definitely recommend/

Arthur Gal Dec 2023

Great fun and a great teacher I will definitely be back with friends. 5+ stars

Bianca Rossetti Dec 2023

We had a ball and learned so much. Inspired us to look into other classes/term to get more skills. Such a great class, wonderful teacher and so much fun!

Kerrie Bridson Dec 2023

We had a fantastic time hand building with clay. The instructor and support to make what was in our imaginations was fantastic. The coffee cart in front a bonus for the coffee lovers. The firing and finished product are magic

Nathan Sandlers Dec 2023

Teacher was great
First time for us, it was fun! Even relaxing at times, meditative.
Looking forward to picking up our new bowls and plates, even though they might not look like bowls and plates :)
We recommend it

Melinda Rogerson Dec 2023

The class was absolutely amazing. Our teacher was fantastic, so nice and helpful and a super fun person as well.
The class completely exceeded my expectations and I had so much fun and would definitely recommend to my friends and hopefully come back again myself.

Sarah Crilly Dec 2023

We had a fabulous time learning the art of wheel throwing. Will was an informative teacher and explained the techniques well. We were super chuffed to make our pieces, get messy in the process and have some laughs. We can’t wait to pick up the pieces we made once they are ready. Would highly recommend this fun activity.

Tara Sepehri Dec 2023

It was a great class. Not too crowded, so the instructor could spend time with every individual. We had a fun day.

Nathan Hennessy Dec 2023

Great class, we had so much fun learning how to mould clay and made so many great pieces for the house.
Perfect way to spend a few hours.

Megan Crossley Nov 2023

My partner and I attended one of Will’s wheel throwing class and we had such a great time. Will is an excellent teacher, guiding us through every section giving us easy tips to follow! We were complete beginners and came out with a piece or two each.
Thankyou again Will, you are very talented:)
Megan and Rory

Elizabeth Myszka Nov 2023

We booked this activity for our friends birthday and loved the idea of doing something a little bit different.
With this class you get a lot of bang for your buck, a generously large platter board and sparkling( with top ups) along with a nice selection of ceramics to paint.

Our teacher was so lovely offering lots of encouragement to us with no artistic bones in our body to keep going.

Would definitely love to do this again.

Jade Delaporte Nov 2023

Instructor was fun & friendly
Class was an awesome experience for 1st time on Pottery wheel. Plenty of guidance, materials and positive vibes

Sareeka Chugani Nov 2023

She was really sweet and lovely! Would definitely go back again as she made our experience great

James Goates Nov 2023

Teacher was great. Will is very patient and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend for something a little different

Michelle White Nov 2023

Wonderful day. Had so much fun. Even managed to create somethings with guidance from our teacher.
Highly recommended.

Joanne Hodges Nov 2023

So much fun, endless amount of clay to play with and 2 hours is enough time to actually make something you can be proud of! Easy relaxing atmosphere and lots of help from the experts! Highly recommend.

Jessica Diep Nov 2023

He was very friendly, patient and was a wonderful instructor. Was very passionate about our learning and made our experience very fun, creating a very comfortable environment.

Ankita Rajput Nov 2023

It was a great pottery session! Loved every minute of it. Tori was a great teacher, supporting and guiding us throughout the session. It is definitely a great place to go to for a relaxing and fun pottery activity.

Ho Thien Anh Doan Nov 2023

This is our first time joining wheel throwing class. Our teacher name is Will. He teaches us patiently and guide us through every steps.
The class is fun. It is so much relaxing than I expected.
I also make a reel video about this event.
Please enjoy!

Rachael McDonald Nov 2023

I loved this!
The teacher was lovely and so helpful throughout, and the space was great!
Also because it was only me and my friend together it made it really comfortable and more intimate
Will be recommending this for sure

Pottery class review by Rachael McDonald - Melbourne

Courtney Mandel Oct 2023

Wheel throwing was such a great date night activity. Will was a wonderful teacher. He explained the process so clearly and also made it a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend

James Ellis Oct 2023

we had Torey as our instructor. The class was really enjoyable and found that Torey had a really good mix of hands on (mostly at the start so we could learn the skills) and hands off. We had a lot of fun and will definitely recommend to our friends.

Jack Oct 2023

We had a heap of fun at the ceramic paint and sip. The location was really nice and inviting, Micheila the teacher was so helpful and the ceramics they give you are so fun to work with!

Josh Carell Oct 2023

The class was excellent but instructor Will made it an unforgettable experience. He was knowledgeable, friendly and very encouraging which made the workshop memorable. The pottery introduction was fun, therapeutic and a magnificent way to end the day. Will, total legend! We’ll be back for sure :)

Jess Ballas Oct 2023

The teacher was fantastic! She gave great instructions and advice throughout. She made the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable! Had a brilliant time

Alana Masterson Oct 2023

We did a 2 hr private lesson with 4 people and it was great fun!

Ashley Ogilvie Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved it all, teacher was bubbly, friendly and helpful. Enjoyable experience, would attend another session.

Pottery class review by Ashley Ogilvie - Melbourne

Lachlan Beamish Sep 2023

Awesome session with a delightful instructor. The two hours absolutely flew by as we tried to create something perfect, with good help we nearly got there. Had a blast and would definitely do it again

Pimwadee Intharasri Sep 2023

What can I sayit was more than a pottery class! There is so much more to pottery, becoming aware of yourself and becoming one with what's in front of you. We learnt pottery, meditation, philosophy and ways of life pretty much! Will is very knowledgeable. His calmness and mannerism makes him such a good teacher. You instantly feel so calm and tuned out from the rest of the world. Such a blissful experience. All the materials were given. The location is right opposite a park. Good for a stroll before/after class. Ample parking. Thank you so much, Will!

Love and appreciation

Kim and Daniel

Pottery class review by Pimwadee Intharasri - Melbourne

Marinda Vivier Sep 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Will is very patient and clear in explaining each step. The studio is calm and a great space to learn in. The equipment was well maintained.
Overall a great experience. We’ll be back

Rebecca Alvaro Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a one-off class with McCanless Pottery, and it was incredibly fun! Will's both a highly skilled potter, and a very astute instructor. He identified ways to help refine our pieces and improve our techniques, while keeping a motivating and chill atmosphere during the class. His class has a good mix of 1 on 1 time while also giving you the chance of figuring it out at your own pace.

Highly recommend for anyone at any skill level, ranging between just wanting a fun class to do one night, to people who are really interested and want to hone the craft.

Pottery class review by Rebecca Alvaro - Melbourne

Tareena Little Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great experience and instruction from Will. He made us feel welcomed and supported through the class which was super fun and therapeutic. 10/10 recommend for others

Anjali Varghese Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Will was such a great teacher ! He explained everything so patiently. He helped and guidance my partner and I to create such wonderful pieces. Will definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to have a try at pottery.

Claire McGifford Sep 2023

We had a wonderful time in this class. Will our instructor was full of knowledge, patience, and support. His understanding and love of clay really shows, and it made the experience so rich.

We learnt so so much, and are keen to come again!

Tayla Elsdon Aug 2023

The teacher was so lovely! Me and my friends had such a great time, even as beginners we were just laughing and laughing. The two hours went by so quickly. Thank you so much for your time! We definitely want to do pottery again!

Emma Aug 2023

The class at McCanless was fabulous. Teacher Will was calm and patient and a terrific instructor. I’ve done a few wheel classes in the past but Will’s style of teaching was clear and simple to follow giving great results.

I’ll definitely be back again! Also great to know of a place locally that offers a firing service.

Thanks Will

Lisa Aug 2023

Really enthusiastic teacher, unlimited amounts of clay. Great value for money. Easy class for beginners !

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Lisa - Melbourne

Tom Gibbs Aug 2023

A little bit of a trek to get there, but so written it. Calming, positive vibes. Better for the mind than therapy.

Corey Michaud Aug 2023

Had a great time in this class, would certainly recommend as it was a lot of fun!

Nadia Burger Aug 2023

Had such a great time learning. Will is so patient and calm. Loved the whole experience. Can't wait to go again.

Rhys Kirk Aug 2023

Class was amazing! Found this so valuable and fun and really calming! Best class I have done!
Also a great date idea !

Pottery class review by Rhys Kirk - Melbourne

Rebecca Nisbet Aug 2023

Loved this class! So therapeutic and Will did a great job of explaining everything.
Would definitely recommend!

Tamara Bailey Aug 2023

McCanless Pottery was an amazing experience. Will was an enthusiastic teacher who made our class so fun! We would highly recommend McCanless Pottery to anyone.

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Tamara Bailey - Melbourne

Darcy Gleeson Aug 2023

Great teacher, very supportive and encouraging for first timers like us. Highly recommend for a really fun date/ activity with a friend

Katrina Jones Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was informative. We made 4 pieces each. I enjoyed making a different piece each time.

Pottery class review by Katrina Jones - Melbourne

Charmaine Martis Aug 2023

We had a great experience with our teacher Will. We learnt all these great techniques and most importantly had heaps of fun. Definitely recommend for beginners since we had never tried anything like this before.

Jay Trickey Jul 2023

Amazing class, such an amazing teacher and so much fun. I would definitely recommend to others!

Zabina Ho Jul 2023

Will is a great teacher! He is very patient and supportive. He explained and demonstrated every step in detail and provided individualised guidance throughout the whole process.
It was a really fun, inspiring and rewarding experience! We really enjoy it! Thank you Will!

Clancy Hamilton Jul 2023

Amazing experience, had a fantastic time. Will was patient and supportive.
Would love to come again to try and make more complex things!

Definitely going to recommend friends and family.

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Clancy Hamilton - Melbourne

Belinda Forbes Jul 2023

Our teacher was extremely knowledgeable and hands, it was a great friendly experience, we really loved it.

Karen Byrne-Jones Jul 2023

I met my teacher Will and he was extremely lovely working alongside my fears and needs. He was very forthright and explained every step all so brilliant. I have chosen to attend twice a week at this stage as the pottery also was something I loved experiencing with. A HUGE thankyou to my teacher and my Support Co-Ordinator for introducing this wonderful activity.

Lachlan Hunter Jul 2023

Really great experience! A very informative session that was lots of fun. Great motivation and guidance through everything needed to have a positive wheel throwing experience.
Highly recommend Can’t wait to pick up our pieces.

Karla Erenbots Jul 2023

Will was the most incredible teacher as soon as we arrived at the class he had us involved and intrigued with the process of wheel throwing … he was very informative of the art and made us feel that we could perhaps make the most exquisite piece that he has ever seen … I loved that enthusiasm … a true artist and teacher … I believe you must have the quality of enthusiasm and love for your art to become a teacher …

Georgia Moloney Jul 2023

Will was an amazing teacher! Was patient and helpful to everyone in the class, and I left having had fun and learned a lot. Wheel pottery was as challenging as I expected but I came away having really enjoyed myself, and my bowls didn’t come out too badly either!

Michael Oldham Jul 2023

Great teacher who was very patient with us newbies . His encouragement help build our confidence as we progressed

Judi Stanton Jun 2023

Very enjoyable and interesting workshop. Will is a supportive, engaging and encouraging teacher who clearly loves his art and also enjoys helping people learn. The space was great (warm on a very chilly winter’s day), the materials high quality. A very satisfying experience, good value for money. Highly recommended.

Grace Huang Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a very good experience. Anyone looking to handmake some pieces as gifts or themselves should come here for it.

Will is a great instructor and an overall positive guy. I would come back again if I ever get the chance.

I believe everyone would have a great deal of fun trying it out.

Thx Will and all the best.

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Grace Huang - Melbourne

Aurora Gregorio Jun 2023

It was such a fun and enjoyable learning experience Teacher was so helpful and supportive with our progression. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family, such a welcoming and comfortable environment to learn pottery

Alana Musolino Jun 2023

We had a great time today at this class, our first time throwing. With the help of a few saves from Will, our instructor, we made a bunch of pieces we were quite happy with to have fired and glazed. We shared the space with a couple of people doing their own thing which was cool to see - certainly appreciated their skill as we tried to wrangle half the amount of clay! Would recommend ☺️

Casey Dias Jun 2023

We had an excellent class with Jacquie. She was very patient with us and her instructions were easy to follow. We got three lovely pieces of pottery each. Would highly recommend!

Tash May 2023

I come from an artistic family and as soon as I stepped into the place I felt inspired, excited and creative. What a beautiful space. I had so much fun and am inspired to continue. Will was a patient, knowledgeable and terrific teacher. I loved every minute of it. I will definitely be booking in to come again. Thank you.

Zorica Kuljanin May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a really fun time creating our own pieces! It is messy and challenging work, but so rewarding and very enjoyable. Will is a really patient instructor with so much knowledge and enthusiasm. Would definitely do this class again and recommend to everyone!

Lilly Bunn May 2023

Will was friendly and had a great sense of humour and a lot of knowledge of wheel throwing. He helped you get back on track when you made mistakes so you didn't have to start from scratch.
The space was really nice and laid back and there is a little coffee cart thing out front as well.
Everything was provided (clay, tools, apron etc) and he even had a little space heater which was nice considering art studios are usually arctic.
All in all, it was a great class to take as a birthday celebration with family.

Freya Parke May 2023

The teacher was great, explained things very well and had a good energy. The venue was lovely. Thank you!

Mitch Swinton May 2023

Had a great time with the wife, very fun and awesome teacher! Will recommend friends looking for a fun date night idea

Valerie Francisco May 2023

Great experience lots of fun, really good teacher with loads of knowledge and experience.

Well worth the 2 hour drive for me.

Isabel Lamb May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic class! Will was lovely and was very clear and patient, making it very easy to learn.
Great value for money with unlimited clay for my many mistakes.

Melissa Child May 2023

The wheel throwing class was so much fun and Will was a great teacher.
The venue was relaxed and friendly, would highly recommend this class

Steve Mirams May 2023

I had American Will as my teacher and straight off he reminded me of an American actor. Softly spoken he was so good at showing me how to throw onto the wheel and create three bowls in my time there. Also interestingly, Will explained the science behind it all and how to tune your body into the clay turning, which made me understand quickly as he was what he demonstrating

Will explained messing up is good because it makes you think and understand what you did wrong and he demonstrates with quality instruction how to do it right. At the end of the session I felt very confident in myself and was very pleased and surprised with what I achieved with Wills help.
The venue is great, quiet and clay examples are all around on shelves ready for firing, ( including mine) I encourage peeps of all ages to go and try out. I intend to go again, and mega thank you again to Will I really enjoy the session.

Pottery class review by Steve Mirams - Melbourne

Louise Walker May 2023

Fantastic workshop, the teacher was extremely patient and spent time with everyone individually, highly recommend.

Deborah Bloch May 2023

Will is a great teacher. Clear instructions and very encouraging. Lovely venue and excellent equipment and materials. Really enjoyed the class and made a very nice bowl (and a few trial and error ones on the way!).

Cameron Moon Apr 2023

Will was amazing which made for a fantastic first experience with clay, am definitely returning!

Sophie Lao Apr 2023

Wonderful workshop! We ended up having a private class of two, learning about the different types of ceramics to introductory pottery techniques on the wheel, and thereafter having solid practice time. Will was a very encouraging, attentive and informative instructor - many thanks again! Highly recommend!

Tatiana Ponomarev Apr 2023

We had really good time! The teacher gave a clear instruction, then was helping everyone along the way, fixing mistakes, giving suggestions for improvements. Very professional and knowledgeable!

Petra Huttunen Apr 2023

Really fun class, teacher was really encouraging and attentive! It was nice to have a bit of trial and error as we had unlimited clay.

Matthew Donnelly Apr 2023

Our teacher was fantastic and attentive during the small time frame of the session and splitting his focus between six of us aswell, very happy with how the class went and will be looking at coming back for the bigger course!

Charisse Tinio Apr 2023

Will was very kind and helpful for beginners. It was a nice experience for my first time doing pottery

Callum Gow Apr 2023

Brilliant class, we got lots of time on the wheel, and infinite clay in case of muck-ups.
Compared to other classes friends have done, this definitely seemed better value, and a better experience in general!

Our teacher was great - patient, knowledgeable and encouraging.

Will be back for sure!

Max Mazoletti Mar 2023

Had a great with Will at McCanless! Really welcoming and made our first pottery experience great fun. The studio is well set up and easy to sea with. Would recommend for anyone interested

Whynter Ravenstein Mar 2023

Tonight myself and my brother did a pottery class with Will he was so calm and Knowledgeable, we both really enjoyed it definitely will be coming back ! Highly recommend had so much fun

Kelli Seal Mar 2023

We had a wonderful session at McCanless Pottery. Our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable. We began by making some bowls with his assistance but by the end we had learnt the basics to do it ourselves. Our bowls and cups aren't super wonky like I was expecting
Would highly recommend!

Maey Maroun Mar 2023

Great session, felt so supported and can’t wait to do it again! Keen to do the full program

Joanne Vaughan Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

We loved it. Will is an excellent teacher, calm and supportive and obviously very talented. We all made 2 or more pieces and they only charge $10 for any extra pieces you want glazed, on top of the free one you get for the class.
The time honestly disappeared. Thanks so much for having us!

Wheel Throwing Workshop review by Joanne Vaughan - Melbourne

Serena Kim Feb 2023

The instructor was so helpful, patient and he provided detailed explanations. We really enjoyed our class and would definitely recommend to all.

Carol Tabone Feb 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great class with a very patient helpful teacher. Lovely venue, heaps of parking. Learned alot and have a pot to pick up in a few weeks. Highly recommended

Ruby Mansell Feb 2023

Very pleased, the teacher was clear, friendly, involved and clearly structured the class for us to succeed in a short amount of time. He was patient and encouraged us to be too - speaking to mindful ideas about being present with the clay that I really appreciated. The facilities were clean and clear and we really enjoyed our time

Maggie Bowyer Feb 2023

Brilliant 2 hours. Learned a lot about throwing pots on a wheel. Tutor was very knowledgeable and great rapport. He continually added extra information and helped when necessary. We will certainly be back. Great for all ages

Pottery class review by Maggie Bowyer - Melbourne

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