Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class

Learn how to pipe beautiful roses in Sydney

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 4 (public classes), 1 to 6

label $149 - $159 (or 4 payments of $37.25 - $39.75 Afterpay)
($159 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $149 for 2+ guests)

Elevate your baking skills to an entirely new level with our Rose Piping Class. The ability to create stunning, lifelike rose designs will not only impress your friends and family but will also bring a sense of joy and accomplishment to your baking journey.

In this Rose cake decorating class, you will master the art of piping beautiful roses and leaves. Join us and elevate your cake decorating skills to create stunning masterpieces.

To make your experience even smoother, we'll have the cake sheets ready for you when you arrive. This way, you can jump right into the fun part - decorating your cake!

Gluten-free vegan rice cakes available (extra $20)

Please check the confirmation email after making a booking! You'll be able to see the photo instruction for the venue.

Save $20 when you book with a friend

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
We supply everything you need, including your ingredients, aprons, and a cake box to take your gift home!
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday or hens party.

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 13 years old).

Adult accompaniment is not required.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


503 Wattle Street, Ultimo NSW

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class location
Your teacher
Elin Kim
Elin Kim

5.0 (135)
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I'm Elin from Korea. I studied Art in France and Kids Art Therapy in Korea. I also obtained certificates in making flower rice cake and needle felting.

Ever since I started teaching Korean language to French students and art to kids in France, I’ve been teaching for 16 years to all sorts of age groups ranging from 2 to 70 years old.

As much as I love seeing students smiling during the class, I always do my best to make sure my class is fun and easy. Also, I consider final results of the class are very important. But you don’t have to worry even if you don’t have any prior experience in arts. I will help you to easily follow the class and enjoy the amazing results at the end of the class.

Primary goal for Elin’s Classes for kids is to make sure that kids can spend the happiest time. Kids also need fun stress-relieving activities just like adults, in order to keep them happy without any worries. Fun and creative crafts, using various materials, will help boost kids’ creativity.

My professional background has always been about kids, which I loved a lot. I used to be a team manager at a well-known education company in Seoul. After that, I taught kids as a private tutor for 7 years. Most of my students took my class for a long time until I left Korea, and we have been in touch with each other although I moved to Sydney 3 years ago. I can be the best mentor for your kids, not just a teacher.
I hope we can enjoy a class together soon!

Elin has a workers with children check:

16+ years of teaching in France, Korea and Australia

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Ni Zheng Oct 2023

Elin is a very responsible teacher with professional skills. She friendly and patiently demonstrates the cake decoration process. As beginners, we each take home with a very nice decorated rice cake, which we decorated ourselves. Family is very impressed of what we did. We really enjoyed the decoration class. Thanks Elin!

Baking and Desserts class review by Ni Zheng - Sydney

Amanda Liu Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Amazed with how my rose cake turned out! Elin is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend her classes!

Baking and Desserts class review by Amanda Liu - Sydney

Anne Keniry Jan 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Teacher is very skilled and helpful. Location is lovely. Really enjoyed learning how to pipe the flowers and great to try out the rice cake.

Tiffany Bahudin Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing class!
Elin is very kind and patience, she walked through all the step one by one and will make sure we understand properly!

Baking and Desserts class review by Tiffany Bahudin - Sydney

Hanh Nguyen Oct 2022

The teacher was very informative and demonstrated techniques well.
All materials was provided and location was easy to locate.
Definitely will attend future classes if I can afford them.

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Hanh Nguyen - Sydney

Guihua(Anny) Chen Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic course,I learned how to make the beautiful rose for cake decoration. Elin is a very good teacher, really enjoyed the course

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Guihua(Anny) Chen - Sydney

Edmond Ngai Aug 2022

Elin was super nice and welcoming. Gave us very clear instructions and was easy to follow. Made decorating cakes very fun and definitely would recommend it for others :)

Kimberley Ching Aug 2022

Elin was very skilled and patient in teaching us how to make rice cakes and pipe beautiful flowers!

Baking and Desserts class review by Kimberley Ching - Sydney

Rebekah Yuen Aug 2022

The course was great, Elin was really patient and nice, it was very informative as well. The cake looked just as beautiful as it was in the photos!

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Rebekah Yuen - Sydney

Jeannie Leong Aug 2022

I had a great time at Elin's Rice Cake Decorating class on Saturday. Location was easy to find, no trouble at all. Elin was a nice teacher, very patient and she explain everything in detail to us. I was a beginner at piping the flowers, and Elin really took time to explain and show me how to do it. I learnt the technique of making the flowers and all my friends said it was very nice. As for the value for the class, I am not sure, to be honest. But it was nice having to take home what I've learnt and made. All materials, ingredients were provided for, down to the cake box and ribbons. I would go for another lesson by Elin.

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Jeannie Leong - Sydney

Kayewana Govoni Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a fabulous class and teacher. I had a very enjoyable day. Elin was extremely knowledgeable and kind. She spent a lot of time making sure we got the roses right and was very attentive. I couldn’t recommend this class anymore. Worth every cent. Was extremely happy!

Baking and Desserts class review by Kayewana Govoni - Sydney

Kelly Choi Jul 2022

Elin was really great at explaining the techniques involved in making and decorating the rice cake. She was also really attentive to students and when a student asks a question or needs extra help, she is very hands on in showing you the correct techniques and explains it in a way that's easy to understand.

Christina Parris Jul 2022

My 16 yr old neice loved the cake decorating experience.
Teacher was wonderful.
Notes sent in a timely manner to prepare for the class.
Venue in Ultimo was very convenient.

Helen Tream Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I cant recommend this class enough! Everything is provided and we get to take home a beautifully decorated rice cake. Elin provides detailed instructions if you are wanting to gain decorating skills.

Baking and Desserts class review by Helen Tream - Sydney

Georgie Badr Jun 2022

Lovely teacher! Lots of useful information. I created gorgeous roses and learnt a lot about a new product that I would have never dared to use by myself!
I absolutely love my gorgeous piped roses

Jenny Tai Jun 2022

I have always wanted to try and learn this type of lovely cake! She did a great job of holding your hand and showing you how it’s done. The instructions really made sense as you practice. So amazing to have a finished cake to take home!

Baking and Desserts class review by Jenny Tai - Sydney

Alison O'Loughlin May 2022

Elin was very friendly and her instructions were easy to understand. The cake turned out great and looked very professional even though it was my first time piping flowers.

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Alison O'Loughlin - Sydney

Audrey Gunawan May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I spent a wonderful morning learning to make and decorate flower rice cake with Elin. Elin is such a wonderful teacher. Very patient, gives great instructions and such an expert in what she does. Thank you Elin for a wonderful session!

James Anvia May 2022

41 ClassBento workshops attended • 27 reviews

Excellent class great knowledge elin has . A must to do Great cake and decorationsamazing

Jacqueline Levett May 2022

Had a great time and learnt lots of techniques. Elin was patient, praising and made it very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Jacqueline Levett - Sydney

Christina Crisanto Apr 2022

I am visiting from the United States and her instructions to the venue was very clear. The space was very clean and it was very hands on. Elin was very nice and helpful. She gave me great tips on where to buy the products and how to pipe the flowers. I would love to come again and take another class with her!

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Christina Crisanto - Sydney

Christina Abanador Mar 2022

It was fun and good value for money.She was warm and friendly. Highly recommended.

Zi Ye Dec 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Elin was very encouraging and professional. Super happy with how my cake turned out even though I had no experience in piping flowers. Also bought this to a family gathering and everyone was impressed with how it looked and tasted.

Baking and Desserts class review by Zi Ye - Sydney

Sdn Services Dec 2021

The experience is fun for a team to get together doing something different. The best part is getting to take something yummy home to share with the family.

Baking and Desserts class review by Sdn Services - Sydney

Alexandra Lee Nov 2021

Elin was such a wonderful teacher I am so happy with how the cake turned out! Also easy location to find!

Baking and Desserts class review by Alexandra Lee - Sydney

Belinda Northman Nov 2021

Elin is such a great and patient teacher. I had so much fun doing this class, my cake turned out better than I expected it to!

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Belinda Northman - Sydney

Soyean Choi Nov 2021

Course is easy to follow for the beginner and the cakes quality is amazing.
Teacher help student to easy to understanding and detail coach to make great results.

Baking and Desserts class review by Soyean Choi - Sydney

Ngoc Cao Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elin is a wonderful teacher. The venue is easy to find. At the end of the class you get to bring a beautiful cake home Such a nice way to spend a Sunday morning :)

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Ngoc Cao - Sydney

Joy Liu Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had so much fun taking this class! Elin was very patient in demonstrating and explaining the techniques over and over while I tried to hone the skills. There was (surprisingly) enough time for me to get through the amount of flowers I needed, and I was sure proud of the final outcome. Paying a bit extra for a different flavour was worth it too - I loved Aurora. Overall a fun and eye-opening experience, and going home with a healthy and beautiful cake :)

Cindy Duong Jun 2021

Teacher was super friendly and willing to help. She demonstrates and explains effectively on how to pipe the flowers
Everything was provided for, even the aprons
The location provides a good space for 2 people per class
The packaging for the cake is also super cute

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Cindy Duong - Sydney

Anje Kai Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class. Elin was fabulous. Great value and a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Will definitely do another class with her

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Anje Kai - Sydney

Natalie Hon Jun 2021

Very nice and professional teacher, really enjoy the class and got a beautiful cake to home. Definitely highly recommended!

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Natalie Hon - Sydney

Patty Lau Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elin is a wonderful teacher, she is very friendly and taught patience to me. The environment is tidy and comfortable. Also, the location is easy to find and close to train station. I have learned a lot about piping flowers and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended to join Elin’s class.

Baking and Desserts class review by Patty Lau - Sydney

Yvette Fong May 2021

I had a very great time with Elin. Elin is organised, knowledgeable and patient. She explained the instructions very clearly and taught me very useful flower piping techniques. She even prepared a small piece of cake and a cup of tea for me while I was making the cake. The cake turned out very nice and the recipient loved it. Not to mention the venue is very tidy & clean. 100% recommend, very good value for money!

May Bailey May 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A perfect, private class with the loveliest teacher! I had a great time. Thank you Elin

Nan Yao May 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I have learnt lots of new things and will be master it sooner or later as Elin had much patience and dedication on my work.

Isabella Chan May 2021

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Elin is very friendly and explained the process well. I do not have any prior experience in pipping flowers and there were plenty of chances for me to practice and fine tune my technique during the class. I also got to take home a fully decorated 5" cake which is a very generous portion. The course definitely worth the money.

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Isabella Chan - Sydney

Luna Baek Apr 2021

Best teacher with great teaching skills!
The quality of class is really high and satisfying :)
Thank you for your time! Excited for next class as well

Selby Chan Apr 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The location of the class was easy to find and access. Elin was very friendly and patient. The environment of the class was clean and comfortable. I came thinking that I will only learn the flower decoration but to my surprise, we were actually going to learn how to make the rice cake too! I’m very pleased that I was able to make such a beautiful cake at the end of the session and am definitely excited to apply what I learned today when I bake the next time :)

Baking and Desserts class review by Selby Chan - Sydney

Sally Apr 2021

Very kind teacher and beautiful rice cakes It was so fun making different shapes of rice cakes and they tastes so good!

Sarah Khalid Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elin's class was fantastic! The venue is an easy location to get to, particularly as Elin provides instructions with pictures on how to access. The work area is comfortable and clean, with a beautiful view and great lighting for any pictures you take of your new creations.

Elin shows great care and experience in her work, and is able to explain how to execute techniques easily. She is very accommodating, and even provides a mini portion for you to sample the cake (so you can taste the goods without cutting into your beautiful cake!).

She has great knowledge on how to source ingredients locally and you can purchase items through her for ease of mind. I can't wait to do more classes with her!

Rose Flower Cake Decorating Class review by Sarah Khalid - Sydney

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