Terrarium Making Ideas

Terrarium Making Ideas

By ClassBento Team

Terrariums are a great outlet for your creativity - there are just so many different ways you can put them together. Here are some of our favourite designs.


Wall-mounted terrariums

Wall mounted terrarium

Use magnetic metal containers, and stick your terrariums to your walls. Free up your desk space and build your vertical gardens. Pair your terrariums with some funky wall hangings or other home decor.


Terrariums in light bulbs

lightbulb terrarium

How's that for a light bulb moment? (Sorry, that was too easy!). Instead of throwing your burnt out light bulbs, why not give them a new life?


Food-inspired terrariums

Tea cup terrarium

Teapot terrarium idea

Cake stand terrarium design

A perfect way to add some chic earthiness to your table. Beyond tea cups and cake stands, you can easily extend on this concept by doing terrariums in glass water jugs, cookie jars, soft drink bottles, spice containers, glass teapots, old coffee plungers - sky's the limit. Recycle those beautiful old containers and don't let them go to waste!


Hanging terrariums

hanging terrarium

Hanging terrarium circular

Perfect for your veranda or balcony, or even as a room's centrepiece, as a modern version of a chandelier. 


Coastal terrariums

Coastal style terrarium theme

There are lots of themes you can explore with terrariums, but a classic is the coastal theme. Succulents are the star, and you can add seaside pebbles, sand and little shells to complete the look. If you you're a bit far from the coast, this is a great way to bring a taste of the ocean to your home or workplace.


Feminine terrariums

Terrariums for women

Terrariums are great no matter your gender, age or background, but certainly if you want to amp up the femininity, try adding some flowers and perhaps some marble. Focus your plant selection for an amber-pink hue, and you'll have a pretty terrarium any lady would be proud of.


That's it for now!


Join a terrarium class

Excited? If you're in Sydney, you're in luck. Jump into our beginner's terrarium workshop, or if you're already comfortable with the basics, try a more advanced terrarium class.

Want a customised terrarium workshop to try one of the designs we've mentioned? Just contact our terrarium master Chris Saban and you'll be on your way.

Know of any other interesting terrarium designs that you want to see on this list? Let us know!

Happy terrarium making!

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