7 Ways Wine and Painting Classes Can Boost Your Wellbeing

7 Ways Wine and Painting Classes Can Boost Your Wellbeing

7 Ways Wine and Painting Classes Can Boost Your Wellbeing

Add some colour and creativity to your self-care routine with the help of wine and painting classes! These enjoyable and hands-on paint and sip classes are quickly becoming one of the most popular weekend activities in Australia, from Sydney to Perth and everywhere in between, and when you find out a little more about them you’ll soon understand why.

Each paint and sip class is designed to be beginner-friendly, teaching budding artists how to paint in a relaxed setting, complete with glasses of good vino. You will benefit from the guidance of a talented local artist who can’t wait to share their wisdom with you, so it won’t be long before your confidence as a painter begins to grow. At the same time, you’ll get to enjoy a welcome break from screens, work worries and anything else that might be getting you down, which will help you to de-stress and recharge your batteries.

You can also meet and mingle with other like-minded folks, who share your interest in art – and wine! Alternatively, you could bring along some of the special people you already have in your life, and use a wine and paint session as a novel new way to reconnect.

Keen to find out more? Read on to discover seven ways that wine and painting classes can boost your well-being and add some splashes of colour to your life.


Combining wine and paintbrushes is loads of fun

bride to be smiling at paint and sip

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of paint and sip classes is how much fun they are! If you’ve ever thought art classes may be little too pretentious or tricky for beginners, these laidback workshops will quickly dispel your doubts. Wine and painting classes are designed to be encouraging, entertaining and entirely beginner-friendly, guaranteeing a light-hearted atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for giggles and banter. In fact, you may find that it’s incredibly easy to master the fundamentals of painting in such a no-pressure environment, particularly when you have a glass of wine in hand!


Learning how to paint can help you cultivate some calm 

painting a cactus artwork

In these tricky times, it’s more important than ever to dedicate some time each week to switching off and giving your mind and body the chance to thoroughly relax. Creative activities such as crafting, pottery and painting have been found to have a significant, positive impact on people’s wellbeing, helping to reduce stress, improve focus and promote mindfulness. 

Sign yourself up for a brush and sip session and discover the meditative effects of painting for yourself. When you are absorbed in rendering an object or a beautiful landscape on canvas, there’s no room for worries, and you will find yourself entering that delicious state of flow. Your stress levels will fall, your pulse will steady and you will feel much calmer than you did when you first showed up to class.


Form new connections over a glass of wine and a canvas

man sipping wine in front of artwork

Maintaining strong social connections is one of the easiest ways to stay happy and healthy. Whether you’re keen to catch up with old friends or maybe make some new ones, booking a paint and drink workshop could be the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter if you live in Melbourne, Adelaide or Canberra, these engaging sessions are a great place to meet other people in your local area who share your newfound passion for painting.

On the other hand, to reconnect with some of your closest mates, you could organise a private class just for your group. That way, you’ll have plenty of chances to swap anecdotes, jokes and laughter while you learn how to paint stunning artworks.


Keep things interesting with different painting techniques 

Boredom caused by our usual mundane routines can make us feel like we’re stagnating and can even trigger feelings of stress or depression. To keep our minds active and boost our wellbeing, it’s important to try new things and cultivate a child-like sense of curiosity. That’s where wine and painting classes can help! 

During these immersive art sessions, you’ll get to learn all different kinds of techniques and experiment with different colours, mediums and textures. Even your tastebuds will be able to enjoy plenty of tantalising variation, as you get to sample different wines or cocktails and perhaps some tasty nibbles too!


Paint your way to greater confidence 

teacher guiding student at wine and paint

Learning new skills and discovering an impressive new talent is a great way to supercharge your self-esteem and add an extra spring to your step. Sign up for paint and sip sessions and you will benefit from the expert guidance of a skilled local artist with plenty of tips and techniques to share. You may be a total beginner at your first class, but it won’t be long before you are creating all kinds of spectacular artworks to proudly display at home.


Mark special occasions with a glass of wine and a blank canvas

Having something special to look forward to helps us stay positive and creating magical memories with those we love is one of the most important things we can do in life. If someone close to you has a big milestone coming up – whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, your sister’s approaching wedding day, or your parents’ anniversary – celebrating it in style is guaranteed to bring you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

To mark a big occasion in a unique and enjoyable way, why don’t you book a paint party for your nearest and dearest? Drinking wine and picking up fascinating painting techniques is sure to be something that everyone will enjoy and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to make memories together.


Reignite your romance with couples sip n paint workshops 

Whether you’ve been with your special someone two months or two years, discovering cool and quirky date ideas is a great way to help you become even closer and form a stronger connection. Wine and painting classes are the ideal option, as you’ll get to learn something new side by side while sipping on your favourite drinks. What could be more romantic than tasting fine wines and painting colourful masterpieces with your leading man or lady?


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Paint and Sip workshops



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