Beginner’s Kintsugi at Home


With DIY craft kit delivered to you

Learn how to repair ceramics using Japanese Kintsugi methods at home

2 hours Class size 1 to 5     label $160 - $280 ($160 for 1 Box, $280 for 1 Box for 2 people)

Are you looking for unique things to do at home? Or want a new creative hobby that's super relaxing? Why not try out this online Kintsugi class with a craft box delivered to your door!

The Japanese art of Kintsugi, a method that has been used for over 550 years to repair broken ceramics using lacquer with Gold powder.

“Kin” means GOLD
“tsugi” means JOINT TOGETHER

In this workshop, the modern materials are used such like Epoxy glue, so anyone can easily do it !

The principle behind Kintsugi is that by embracing your flaws and imperfections, you can create something even stronger and more beautiful.

This meditative and meaningful indoor activity can be practised during this live streaming class from the comfort of your own home. Try out one of these creative classes with a friend (or group of friends!) and create something that is unique, new and sustainable from something that was once broken!

By the end of the class, you'll have an entirely repaired ceramic and the skills to repair anything else broken in your home!

Please note:

  • Bookings are required at least 10 days in advance.
  • Please let us know if you have any allergies.
  • We do not recommend this workshop if you’re pregnant due to the use of epoxy glue and putty.
  • If you apply one box for 2 people option, please join from the same place.
  • Plates vary depending on availability.

Knowledge required
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Set of glues 12g x 2
  • Epoxy putty 10g
  • Gold powder substitute 3g
  • Masking tape 1
  • Diamond file 1
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton swabs
  • Rubber glove 1
  • Plastic spatula 1
  • Brush 1
  • Scissor 1
  • Cutter 1
  • Broken plate
What you'll need
  • A clear workspace
  • An apron
  • Cotton gloves
  • Old newspaper
  • Hand sanitiser
Your teacher
Kintsugi Australia
Kintsugi Australia

Knowledge of Kinstugi from 5 masters

5.0 (568)

Kintsugi Australia is located in Sydney and the only organisation in Australia completely specialised in kintsugi, offering private and group lessons, repair and kintsugi artistic creations. After completing the traditional course, the students can join the Kintsugi Dojo where they can continue to create their own work of art, and they can improve their technique to become kintsugi masters.

Kintsugi Dojo is available only in Sydney main studio, but online Dojo is starting in February 2021.

Beginner’s, Traditional and Kintsugi accessory courses are held in Melbourne nearly every month and occasionally in Brisbane.

Jun Morooka is a kintsugi master. He is an expert in the Traditional Kintsugi method with natural lacquer (urushi) and gold. He has also developed his own method using modern material, bringing innovation to an ancient technique. He accepts commissions to repair broken pottery and ceramics with kintsugi.

Jun Morooka was born in Tokyo in 1959. He moved to Sydney in 1987 and in 2008 he started to manage a Japanese restaurant called JIPANG. He fell in love with kintsugi after watching a TV documentary. He decided to go back to Japan to train with five kintsugi masters in Kanazawa and Tokyo. In 2018, he established Kintsugi Australia in Sydney.

Jun Morooka teaches Traditional Kintsugi and Modern Kintsugi in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, he exhibited his artwork at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. "Kibou" and "Negai" were displayed in the hospital to show that scars can become beautiful.

In June 2020, "Jikuu" was selected as a finalist in the 2020 Northern Beaches Art Prize - Open Category. The artwork was selected among over 800 entries and was displayed during an online exhibition (31 July - 30 September 2020).

Jun Morooka has appeared on a number of media outlets, such as ABC News and SBS Australia. An audio interview is available on SBS Japanese Radio and a video interview on SBS Australia Facebook page. He was also featured on ELLE DECOR (Spain).

Jun Morooka was invited to give a kintsugi lesson during the TV Show The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on the 17th of September 2020.

Our Teachers

  • Hitomi is Jun‘s wife. She learned Kintsugi from Jun. She has a Kintsugi Accessory Class. Hitomi is a naturopath and healing expert and has visited many Zen Gardens for research.
  • Kumi learned Kintsugi from Jun. She is familiar with Japanese history and Zen Gardens. Her teaching is very kind.
  • Noriko leaned Kintsugi from Jun. She has many years of experience of working in Travel agency and has a lot of knowledge of Japan and its culture.
  • Masano was born in Kyoto, the home of Zen Garden. She has been familiar with Zen Gardens since childhood.
  • Kimie is the first of Jun’s students. She learned Kintsugi from 2017 in a Jun’s class. Her knowledge and techniques are splendid now. Her Kintsugi is delicate very beautiful.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Priya Naidu May 2021

She was patient and fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with her. The end product of the workshop was also such a sight for sore eyes. Absolutely stunning.

Vicky-Rae Renier-Clark May 2021

Kumi was a wonderfully patient teacher. I really enjoyed our time together and I learnt a new skill.

Susheela Millburn May 2021

Kumi is delightful! I really enjoyed speaking with her about all sorts of things. She is a very patient and encouraging teacher. Thank you very much indeed.

Grace Kraus Apr 2021

What a fun way to spend an afternoon! Not only was it satisfying to learn a new skill and create something beautiful but chatting with Kumi was like hanging out with an old friend. Loved every second of this workshop.

Erika Syrjanen Apr 2021

I so enjoyed my one on one class at home. My tutor was a really lovely woman and this was a beautiful experience all round. Can’t wait to repair a special piece I broke now.

Nicola McCaskill Mar 2021

This class was a little challenging, but a lot of fun! Kumi did a great job of explaining the steps and was able to show things clearly on her camera. I'm really happy with how my plate turned out. Thank you Kumi!

Pottery workshop review by Nicola McCaskill

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Kelly Finnegan Mar 2021

Absolutely awesome class and Kumi is a great teacher. It wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. I’m very happy with my plate

Shelley Feb 2021

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Kumi was lovely and made it really enjoyable! Plus a great piece to keep at home!

Pottery workshop review by Shelley  Sydney

Lisa Chaffey Feb 2021

Kumi was patient and knowledgeable, and she was a joy to have as a teacher

Pottery workshop review by Lisa Chaffey
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