Fun Activities to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Fun Activities to Fit Your Busy Schedule

By Classbento Team

In this day and age, everyone is busy. It seems almost a social misdemeanor to not be (or at least claim to be) busy, all the time. Many of us are working long hours, often with overtime. Some of us work weekends. With our portable devices, it’s so much easier to stay glued to work, and it’s so much more convenient to be a workaholic. And beyond work, we often have lots of commitments. 

We need time for ourselves and to find fun activities to make the most of a day at home. Time to just be in the moment, without worrying about what’s ahead and behind us. Time to unleash the creative sparks we all have inside. Time to relax, unwind, and just enjoy the simpler pleasures in life.


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Every moment we invest into leisure, pays off handsomely. Studies have shown that activities like recreational classes can help to prevent workplace stress and burnout, and improve workplace performance. So it’s not just about indulgence, it’s also good sense for your career.


Our workshops are perfect for the busy professional. ClassBento has a wide variety of fun workshops in the evenings, on Saturdays and Sundays, and even during lunch breaks during weekdays. Forget about your worries, as you concentrate on making some chocolate, or arranging some flowers. Form some meaningful social connections, as you draw a portrait or play a ukulele. Broaden your perspectives, as you learn a different language, or learn about philosophy.


And it would be a minor crime for you to not invite your friends too. Put a smile on their face, by inviting them to a class with you, or say ‘take a well deserved break’, by sending them a gift card.


Check out our classes, listed on a nifty calendar. Add more life to your work-life balance.

Discover fun new ways to experience VIVID here. 


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