Rainy day activities

Ideas and things to do in Sydney on a rainy day

ClassBento's fun creative workshops are a great way to spend a rainy day.

The classes we've listed here are held indoors, so you'll stay nice and dry.

Our workshops are perfect for absolute beginners, and it's easy to dip your toe in - most teachers provide all materials, so just book, show up, and enjoy!

Many of our classes welcome not just adults but also school-aged kids, so book for them too, and have some memorable family time together.

Who knows, you may look forward to the next rainy day!

Our 9 favourite wet weather activity ideas

1. Arrange fresh flowers

Imagine being invited into one of Sydney's top florists, to the rooms where magic happens, where ordinary flowers are arranged into dazzling bouquets, centrepieces, floral crowns, and more.

This is where expressions of love, gratitude and care are created, where flowers are shaped for proposals and weddings.

Why not spend a rainy day with our master florists, and learn how to make a bunch of flowers more than simply the sum of its parts?

Breathe in the subtle fragrances, run your fingers along stems, leaves, blooms and vases that you'll be provided. Watch and listen as our friendly teachers patiently take you step by step to build your very own expression of creativity.

Forget the grey skies outside, as you indulge in the rainbow of beautiful floral shades instead.

2. Eat, drink and be merry

Rainy weather is the perfect excuse to indulge in some gastronomy.

Picture yourself drinking a unique tea blend that you've mixed yourself, savouring some perfectly paired chocolate that you've just learned more about.

All this while the raindrops fall outside. Bliss. This is what poets write about.

Or if you're into something a bit more energetic, you could play with dough, mix some cocktails, toss some woks, all with expert guidance and with all materials and ingredients provided. Just show up and enjoy.

Our expert food and drink teachers are ready to take you on that adventure, or to that moment of Zen.

Discover and nurture the foodie within.

3. Make a terrarium

Looking at your screen, surrounded by lifeless objects like your electronics and furniture, do you wish you had something nearby that's brimming with life? Something that's easy to maintain, which you can shape with your creativity?

Make a terrarium. The shrubs and mosses featured in terrariums will clean your air, and bring a splash of wild lushness into your home. They easily live for years, with minimal care. The key is to pick the right materials, and to assemble them in the right way.

And that's where our terrarium teachers come into the picture. They've been crafting and selling terrariums for years, professionally as part of their floristries.

At our workshops, you'll be provided with the perfect combination of plants and glassware, as well as expert hands-on advice, to create your very own terrarium.

4. Knit and weave

Treat yourself to some knitting therapy.

When your hands are busy, and your mind focused on the here and now, you can forget all the chaos of everyday life and just be in the moment.

Forget the deadlines, forget the conflicts, and definitely forget Sydney's inevitable transport delays in wet weather. Just stay in one spot, and make something new.

Let the rhythmic and consistent nature of knitting draw you in, into a world of colourful and varied yarns, of beautiful soft creations that will keep you and your loved ones warm on rainy days to come.

Our teachers will spoil you with a huge range of yarn, as well as the tools and knowledge to craft that into something you'll be proud of.

5. Pick up a brush

Write or draw, and see how every small pressure, every swift and bold stroke, every choice of colour, just further expresses your creativity.

Learn more about Japanese calligraphy, and recreate ancient Japanese characters with your own brushstrokes, while our master instructor takes you through the techniques and history of this sacred art.

Or draw a portrait, learn to sketch, in classic monochrome, or go wild with all the colours you can imagine.

While the rain may be out of your control, the paper in front of you is your domain, your blank slate.

Draw out the artist within, and make your mark.

6. Crease, fold, behold

Indulge in the ancient Japanese art of origami

Be precise, meticulous, and creative. Build yourself into a disciplined origami warrior.

Fold a classic crane. Or maybe a frog would be more suitable for a weather. Or make a boat and sail it down a stream of rainwater, and let your inner child glow.

Perhaps you could create a series of miniatures, one for each colour of the rainbow.

And when you're all done, you'll wonder where all the rain has gone.

7. Accessorise

In today's world, where almost everything is mass produced, some of us crave something a bit different, something hand-made with passion.

Create your very own jewellery. Select from curated and diverse beads, chains, stones, clasps, and more. Combine them in ways you've never imagined.

That new bracelet, earring or necklace that you've crafted will be yours to keep.

We'll provide all the materials, and detailed guidance from a master stylist and jewellery maker. You just enjoy your crafternoon.

Let your imagination run wild, and make something that's uniquely you.

Who knows, this could be the start of your very own jewellery brand.

8. Pitter patter... potter?

Ever wonder what it takes to make a vase or teapot?

Why not create your own with our expert pottery makers?

It's easy for absolute beginners to pick up, especially with our expert teachers' guidance and specially chosen materials.

Mould and shape clay with your hands, and be transported back to the olden days, the simpler days.

The next time it's raining outside, pour some tea for yourself and some loved ones, from your very own teapot. A great story to tell and a great memory to be had.

9. Become a philosopher

What's the meaning of life? How do we know that we're not in the Matrix? Is picking nice fruits at for ourselves at grocers and leaving the bad stuff for everyone else an ethical thing to do?

If you've ever pondered questions like these, then a quick foray into philosophy may be in order.

A rainy day is perfect to just stop and contemplate the mysterious world around us.

Have a conversation with a seasoned philosopher, and learn how philosophers build and defeat arguments.

Find out more about epistemology, or the theories of knowledge. Have a conversation where you yourself can challenge established beliefs in philosophy.

You'll leave the class with a completely different perspective on matters you'd usually overlook. You're then on the path to becoming a philosopher.

Top 50 rainy day workshops

Cocktail Making with Australian Native Plants
Beginners Pottery Classes
Succulent Terrarium Making Class
Glass Blowing Taster Session
Screen Printing Workshop
Ikebana Flower Arranging Class
Make Your Own Fragrance / Perfume Workshop
Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop
Ultimate Chocolate Making Class
Candle Making Workshop
Fun Classic Cocktail Making Class (Mobile)
Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop
Kokedama Workshop
Flower Arranging Workshop - Wildflowers
Introduction to Pottery Class
Soap Making Workshop
Soy Candle Making Class
Make Your Own Teapot Workshop
Simple Leather Card Holder Workshop
Introduction to Pottery Wheel Throwing Class
Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop
Private Terrarium Workshop for Two
Beginner's Kintsugi Half Day Workshop
Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
Beginner's Brush Lettering Class
Romantic Flower Crown Workshop
Makmak Raspberry Macaron Making Class
Cocktail Masterclass at Li'l Darlin Surry Hills
Stained Glass Painting Workshop
An Introduction to Sewing
Resin & Wood Serving Board Workshop
Resin Art Workshop
Rockstar Rocks-stonesetting in an Afternoon
Make Your Own Gemstone Mala Workshop
Ceramic Woven Vessel Workshop
Terrarium Making Workshop
Natural Skincare Making Workshop
Tea and Chocolate Pairing Workshop
Acrylics Paint and Sip Class
Shibori Dyeing Workshop
Adult Pottery Class
Latte Art Class for Beginners
Cocktail Making at MDC, King Street Wharf
Zen and the Art of Block Printing Workshop
Abstract Painting, Half Day Class
Tea and Cheese Pairing Class
DIY Kombucha Making Class
Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class
Make a Ring in a Day Workshop
Watercolour Crash Course

Did you know that on average, 135 days out of the year in Sydney are rainy days? That's more than 1 in every 3. That's a lot of rainy days.

Sick and bored of binging on Netflix, and being glued to screens whenever it starts raining? Or getting stuck in crowded shopping malls? Need a creative outlet?

Try flower arranging in Glebe, terrarium making in Redfern, calligraphy in Chatswood, cooking in Bondi, weaving in Tempe, or choose from one of our other hundreds of workshops.

Watch the rain fall in the background as you put the finishing touches on your painting. Or let the thunder accentuate your bold new vocal techniques. Soak up the atmosphere as you sip on some tea and/or cocktails that you've just mixed. Just be in the moment, breathe, and appreciate it all.

Perfect for something to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend(s), husband or wife, family, friends or colleagues.

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