Hens Party Ideas in Sydney for Every Type of Bride

Hens Party Ideas in Sydney for Every Type of Bride

Susana Aguilera

If you are looking for a unique hen’s party in Sydney, here's a list of fun workshops based on every interest, so that no matter what type of activities the hen loves, you're guaranteed to make this special gathering one to remember. Pick your workshop, get your squad together and create tons of new memories with your friends!


For the Nature Loving Hens: Play with textures and flowers

Flowers crowns and fresh flowers

Get close to nature and your friends in this fun Flower Crown Workshop. During this hands-on class you will be creating your own customised flower crown with beautiful seasonal flowers. An expert florist will guide you and your guests in a friendly and casual environment to create the most gorgeous flower crowns ready to wear. All materials are provided for you to play and experiment with different colours and blossom combinations.



Relaxation, nature and a glass of wine

Enjoy a relaxing hands-on Terrarium Workshop and play with different textures to make your own mini garden. All materials, the succulents, rocks and soil, are provided to create a beautiful terrarium so you and your friends will only have to worry about spending a bonding and peaceful time in contact with nature. You will also enjoy a glass of wine or organic herbal tea on arrival and, to make the experience even better, a selection of boutique pubs with great food options are available to host your special event. 


For the Crafty Hens: Unlock your creativity and experiment

Matching t-shirts!

Create your own matching tote bags or tees! In this Screen Printing Workshop you will print your own design, or choose one from the studio, onto a tote-bag, tea towel or t-shirt. All materials are provided and before applying your final design, you can also experiment with textured papers and swatch fabric. This workshop is held in a friendly and creative setting perfect for the crafts lovers who wants to learn new skills. Take home a unique screen printed item that reminds you of all the beautiful memories!


A soap that suits your skin

What about a cosy and relaxing craft session? In this Soap Making Workshop you and your friends will use only natural products to create your own customised soaps. Learn about your skin, experiment with the essential oils and herbs and play with natural colours to design your signature soap bar that suit your skin. Have fun, unwind your creativity and take home two unique bars of soap. 


For the Foodie Hens: It's all about gourmet indulgence 

Handmade truffles

Enjoy the sweet aspect of life with the best company in this Fun Chocolate Truffle Workshop. First you will learn about this art while sipping a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Then comes the playful part, get fully hands-on making your own filled chocolates, get creative adding all the flavours you want and, while your creations set, enjoy a milk and dark chocolate fondue. You are welcome to BYO and you will also take home a box of your own chocolates!


The perfect sweet treat

Macarons are the perfect treat for any special occasion. Learn how to make these delicious, stunning and delicate baked goods in a casual, fun and relaxing Macaron Making Class. Spend a great quality time with your friends while learning how to prepare macarons to perfection with the step by step guidance of an expert. You are also welcome to BYO and you’ll walk away with a gift bag with recipes and equipment to continue the fun at home.


For the Stylish Hens: Art and glamorous tea time

Design your own wedding accessories

Get ready for a wonderful evening sipping tea and making jewellery with your guests in a gorgeous and elegant cafe. In this Jewellery Workshop you will design your own handmade earrings with all of the tools and materials provided. This is the perfect session to gather your friends for your special occasion while being creative and having so much fun. At the end, you will take home a beautiful pair of earrings designed by yourself!


The art of mindfulness

In this Calligraphy Workshop you will learn the full of style art of modern calligraphy while sipping tea in a peaceful and creative environment. Meditate and learn through both practices mindful skills that will help you in your everyday life. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds with your friends, focus in the moment and appreciate your friendship.


For the Pampering Hens: Champagne and fragrances

Make your own perfume

Imagine having your own signature fragrance. Now, let’s make it happen! In this Perfume Making Workshop you will learn more about this art as you play with different layers of odourants to create your own unique fragrance. As our sense of smell is deeply connected to our emotions, your exclusive creation can also take you back to unique moments like this one shared with special people.


Nourish your skin

Learn about your skin and take care of it in this fun and relaxing Skincare Making Workshop. With the guidance of an expert you and your guests will make handmade skincare products using only natural ingredients that are extremely beneficial for any type of skin. You will take home three skincare products made by yourself, the recipes to create them at home and a customised skincare routine.


For the Party Hens: Shake some cocktails!

Mix, muddle and shake

Make and enjoy four different cocktails by the hand of an expert in this fun Cocktail Masterclass. Get the party started with a complimentary drink of your choice on arrival, then let’s start the fun with the cocktail making demonstrations. You will also enjoy delicious gourmet food to accompany the drinks and even live the behind the bar experience making your own cocktail!


Rooftop cocktails 

All the fun of shaking cocktails with a unique twist! Learn what makes a cocktail great and shake up some delicious drinks using native Australian plants in this Cocktail Making Class! In a casual setting, your experienced and friendly teacher will teach you all the tricks to take your cocktails to next level. This class can also bring the fun to your place and you will make and enjoy four delicious cocktails to keep the party going!


Searching for something special?

We are here to help! We have a wide variety of unique classes to try that will make this special occasion one to remember. Check out our full list or just let us know what you are looking for and our experienced team will surprise you with the best suggestions!

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