Best Iso Date Night Ideas for Singles and Couples

Best Iso Date Night Ideas for Singles and Couples


Oh boy, do we have some amazing iso date night ideas in Sydney for you. As restrictions start to ease, dating after quarantine is going to be a priority. Don’t play with coy us, you. 

After being locked in isolation for the better part of 2020, you’re going to need to leave quarantine swinging with the best date ideas you can cook up in the post-lockdown dating world. ClassBento’s LiveBox options have made sure that during the most restrictive weeks of social distancing, you can keep your mind active and your hands busy with or without a special someone, and this is still true. As the dust starts to settle on a mammoth couple of months, however, we’re here to help you get more face-to-face with a solid bouquet of cute date ideas, fun things to do at home, and nifty ways to navigate dating after quarantine in Sydney. 

Iso date night ideas for the singles

Date ideas don’t come any more classic than going out for drinks. Thankfully, Sydney’s bar scene is teeming with classy cocktail lounges, dapper craft breweries and so-bad-they’re-good dive bars. Unthankfully, however, they’re not open right now.  

But don’t give up! Making your own bar at home is one of the best indoor activities for adults who miss the pub. And, with a little finesse, you can turn your pop-up bar into one of the best at home date night ideas around. If you’ve got a bit of a budget to work with, ClassBento’s LiveBox classes offer some of the most comprehensive virtual cocktail making workshops available. 

Kubarz makes cocktails for the best of them, but due to quarantine, they’ve had to transfer their skills to the virtual market. With a craft kit that contains all the essential tools you’ll need to shake up a storm and impress with your date ideas (you’ll need to supply your own booze, but given we’ve all been stuck at home for two months, you’re probably all over that), invite your prospective date over for a night of cocktail shaking, stirring and sipping for one of the best things to do at home. 

If, however, inviting someone over to your house to drink strong cocktails late into the evening is one of the date ideas that feels a bit too forward, taking the class together over zoom is a fun way to share the experience without placing any undue pressure on the event itself. Day drinking has definitely been one of the most popular things to do at home in Australia the last couple of months, so being able to share that experience with someone over zoom is one of the best date night ideas that navigates all the lockdown legislation, while still allowing you some facetime. Fortune does favour the bold, though, so invite them over first. 

Chasing cute rainy day activities is an essential part of showing someone you care, but sometimes you need date ideas that last a little longer. Literally. Blair Zhang is a local artist who runs her watercolour painting workshops all over Sydney! Usually, her in-person classes combine a unique blend of painting and eating (check out her funky Darlinghurst workshop here) but until they’re all backup and running, she’s designed a comprehensive watercolours class for beginners that spans over three lessons! 

With a craft kit containing everything you need, this is one of the best indoor activities for adults who want to get to know each other better over an extended period of time. Been on a few Zoom dates? Met in person? This workshop is one of the best at home date night ideas for two people wanting to spend more time together. So grab a bottle of wine and settle in with your paints for one of the best gift experiences for couples still cementing their “couples” status. 

Iso date ideas for couples that are already “a thing”

Keeping a relationship healthy and thriving is about one thing: effort. Obviously there’s more to it than every motivational speaker’s favourite buzzword, but it really is the umbrella term that covers everything you need to not just create memorable date ideas but to keep the love growing. Love is a verb after all. 

So if you’re one of the few who’ve spent their social distancing time cozying up to a loved one, and dating after quarantine has already been simplified, count yourself lucky. We really hope you haven’t taken this for granted, and maybe you’ve even employed some of our other iso date night ideas to really seal in the romance. If you haven’t and you’re looking to change that - spice up the dish, as it were - we’ve got fun things to do at home that’ll get you more steamy than a tray of Yum Cha bao buns!

Sydney-based pottery master Andrea Madelina has designed an incredible DIY Pottery Kit to make your date night ideas something truly special. Everything you need is included, all you have to do is mould, shape and craft together, and hand in your completed work to Andrea’s studio in Botany, where firing is included. 

Alternatively, if it is wheel throwing you’re after for your cute date night ideas, Andrea runs small workshops for up to two people, so you and your date can learn how to throw down like the best of them. Also, with only Andrea, you and your partner there to savour the clay, this is one of the best date night ideas that perfectly navigate current social distancing law!

Dating after quarantine is not an exact science, but ClassBento’s LiveBox classes and workshops can help make it easier for you to plant the seeds of romance and to blossom the flowers of love, so you can harvest the vegetables of a relationship… or whatever. You get it. Go foster some romance with these amazing date ideas in Sydney, and remember: effort is key, so don’t be afraid to take these date ideas and give them your own personal spin.

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