Top Baby Shower Ideas

Top Baby Shower Ideas

By Julia Carr-Catzel

An afternoon of tummy-rubs from enthused relatives, tiny gender neutral socks and disgruntled eternally-single friends beaming from across the room in a feigned act of felicitations - all gather in honour of the greatly anticipated newborn. The baby shower in Sydney. Overwhelmed with the ceaseless stream of advice from tired mothers and unwrapping gift after gift straight out of the first four pages of the ‘Baby Kingdom’ catalogue, you wonder if there’s an alternative to the predictable baby shower schedule. ClassBento have just the afternoon for you, with plenty workshops replacing small talk with environments promoting learning, creativity or simply meditative or therapeutic rest during the testing pregnancy months.

Zen and the Art of Block Printing

Join Rowan Sivyer, watercolour artist and printmaker, in carving your way to peace in her Block Printing workshop. Rowan, who carves as a form of meditation, encourages students to reignite their creative streak with the simple act of wielding tools to cut rubber. The art is a powerful de-stressor, inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of space. In Rowan’s workshop, you will learn the process of designing, carving and printing, as well as techniques and tips for creating simple blocks, layering stamps and repeating tile stamps. In the workshop, parents-to-be, friends and family can enjoy one another’s company whilst designing and carving a small rubber block to create beautiful stationery with. 

Chocolate Making

Aspiring chocolatier? Gather the Birthday Shower party and try a Chocolate Making workshop with 'Adora Handmade Chocolates', a company who have won numerous gold and silver awards and whose unique chocolates have earnt the respect of establishments among the likes of the Sydney Opera House who, in response to great demand, Adora supply to regularly. Learn about the history and benefits of great quality chocolate, made with the freshest ingredients including Belgian Callebaut chocolate and espresso coffee, minus the added preservatives or artificial flavours. Walk away with a knowledge of how to make signature butter truffles and temper chocolate in the two hour workshop.

Succulent Garden Workshop

Thick and fleshy, succulents are low-maintenance plants that come in variety of colours, shapes and sizes and have the potential to add a smidgen of personality to the no doubt highly debated nursery in months pre-birth. Follow Christopher Saban’s step-by-step guide to building your own terrarium garden in his ‘Succulent Terrarium’ workshop. Christopher, creative decorator of ‘Merchant and Green’ has over fifteen years’ experience as a floral decorator and stylist and will provide you with all materials required. Choose from a Pyramid or Quad glass container, layer with vase river stones, moss, soil and mini succulents to create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

Cake Decorating

Between fiercely jotting down the titles of baby books from enthusiastic relatives and unwrapping of baby bottles, there is time for cake. And whilst the thought of simply sitting back and indulging in rich chocolate cake may sound appealing to the lethargic mother-to-be, a group task which encourages the entire family to get involved, such as cake decorating, may just spice up the afternoon in a way which does not deprive anyone of cake, but merely forces them to appreciate it. Jo, from ‘Wendy Jo Baking’, who is known for her creative cakes and beautiful and elegant design, will see you and the baby shower party licking your fingers, layer and stack double barrel cakes, spread swiss meringue buttercream, experiment with watercolour effects, apply gold leaf, prepare and arrange flower decoration and temper chocolate in her finger-licking workshop.

Celebrate the mother or father to be by helping them share a passion or learn a new skill with a ClassBento workshop. We have a great variety of classes to suit a diverse range of tastes, budgets and group sizes, and our experienced teachers are here to help make your baby shower that little bit more special. With a new bub on the way, the baby shower is the perfect time to take a minute to remember the joy of making, and our ClassBento workshops ensure all your guests will leave with a great new skill. They also help to get everyone involved in the fun, making them a great way to share the occasion with friends and family.

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