Wheel Throwing Workshop with Glazes

Experience the joy of creating colourful ceramics with your own hands in Melbourne

1 hour Class size 1 to 4     label $145 Now $138

Order on or before 22 May, for a discounted price of $138 per guest (usually $145).

Delve into the fascinating world of wheel throwing with Heer Pottery in Melbourne! Discover the joy of crafting your own one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces in a warm and welcoming environment.

What's in store for you:

  • Experience the magic of the pottery wheel for a delightful one hour session.
  • Receive personalised guidance from our expert instructor.
  • All the necessary equipment, tools, and a trendy apron are provided for your convenience.
  • Experience high-quality clay to mould your artistic visions.
  • Create a ceramic piece and paint it in your favourite colour (undecorated and no handle) to proudly collect after four weeks.

But wait, there's more!

Unleash your inner artist by choosing a glaze from 12 colours to adorn one of your clay creations. Feeling inspired? Additional clay and fired pieces can be purchased for extended artistic exploration.

Booking Tips for Heer Pottery Classes:

Our classes are cozy and fill up fast! We understand life can be unpredictable. To help everyone have a great experience, please note our cancellation and rescheduling policies:

To reschedule, please do so at least 3 days before your class begins. Late rescheduling (within 3 days before your class begins) will result in no refund.

For cancellations, a full refund is available if you cancel at least 3 days before your class starts. Late cancellations will result in no refund.

Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our classes smooth and enjoyable for all!

Knowledge required
Suitable for all beginners.
What you'll get
  • An opportunity to experience the pottery wheel.
  • Guidance from an expert.
  • All equipment, tools, and an apron provided.
  • Include two pieces of clay.
  • One masterpiece (with glaze) to collect after four weeks.
What to bring
  • Wear comfortable, casual clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • If you can, please keep nails short. Long nails are not conducive to pottery wheel throwing.
  • Rings and bracelets will need to be removed.
  • Long hair tied back is recommended.
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 3 years old).

An adult must accompany any attending kids. The adult may observe at the class for free.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mum, anniversary gift or birthday gift.


Heer Pottery - unit 3/29-31 Clarice Rd, Box Hill South VIC

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Heer Pottery
Heer Pottery

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Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, our unique handmade workshop studio invites you on an immersive journey into the rich tapestry of China’s intangible cultural heritage.

What is China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage?
China's intangible cultural heritage encompasses the traditions, practices, crafts, knowledge, and skills passed down through generations. It is the soul of Chinese culture, representing the living roots of its civilization and the vibrant expressions of its identity. From the intricate artistry of pottery and calligraphy to the ancient practices of incense and wax making, each craft tells a story of historical significance, cultural values, and ancestral wisdom.

Our Courses:

  • Pottery & Soft Pottery: Shape the clay into forms that echo the ancient craftsmanship of Chinese potters.
  • Incense Making: Blend natural scents that have perfumed Chinese temples and homes for centuries.
  • Wax Making: Craft candles inspired by the ones that have illuminated China’s past.
  • Calligraphy: Learn the art of brush strokes that have been a revered form of expression throughout China's history.
  • Tie-Dyeing: Dive into fabric art that reflects the vibrant ethnic diversity and creativity of China.
  • Lacquer Fans: Decorate fans that carry the elegance and aesthetic sensibilities of Chinese culture.

And more...

Why Choose Us?
Our workshops are a gateway to exploring the depths of Chinese culture through its living traditions. Each session is crafted to not only teach you the techniques of these ancient arts but to connect you with their cultural roots and the stories they hold. In preserving and promoting these practices, we aim to keep the flame of China’s intangible cultural heritage alive for future generations.

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