Why Surrounding Yourself with Plants and Flowers at Work Makes You Focus Better

Why Surrounding Yourself with Plants and Flowers at Work Makes You Focus Better

Sam Bowden

Urban jungles are always more “urban” than “jungle” and living and working in a built-up area often means being deprived of some much-needed greenery. When it comes to working your green thumb, floristry classes in Melbourne, Ikebana workshops and kokedama courses are some of the most popular things to do in Melbourne, and a great way to get reacquainted with nature. But it’s also crucial to bring that greenery into your workspace as plants and flowers have been found to reduce stress and anxiety within a working environment. If, for whatever reason, adding a terrarium to your desk or installing a Japanese Peace Lily into the office doesn’t sound like your bag of soil, allow ClassBento to politely - but firmly - disagree. Floristry doesn’t just make for one of our stand-out Melbourne workshops, it’s also a great way to freshen up your office space. Allow us to continue.


Stressed? You don’t have to be!

Much like death, taxes and traffic, stress is quite unavoidable. It’s bound to affect you at some point in your working life and here at ClassBento, we are under no illusion that the total elimination of stress is close to impossible. Stress is exceptionally manageable, however, and with the right steps in place, you can minimise your stress levels in the workplace significantly.

Stick your green thumb out and hitch a ride in one of our Ikebana floristry classes! The ancient Japanese art of flower arranging is so much more than just floristry. With a central focus on combining elements from all seasons to show the balance of nature, Ikebana offers a zen and relaxation standard flower arranging doesn’t provide. It’s an art form that promotes mindfulness and inner peace and is a perfect way to de-stress the office! With Ikebana classes that come directly to you, the team can build beautiful flower arrangements in the office, for the office. Why will this help with stress, you ask?

A study out of the University of Sydney found that creating a greener office space resulted in a 37 percent fall in tension and anxiety amongst employees, and a further 58 percent drop in workplace depression. The colour green also has a relaxing effect, with offices that have one plant per workspace finding a 44 percent decrease in anger and hostility, as well as a 38 percent drop in fatigue. An Ikebana workshop also doubles as a fun, refreshing team building activity, so you’re really getting two plants for the price of one.


Team productivity

Figuring out how to get the office to work harder without causing fatigue is a question that has plagued humankind for millennia. But scientists have recently found something quite quirky. Although Melbourne is considered the world’s most liveable city, human beings have an innate desire to live in and around nature. It’s a tendency labelled “biophilia” and it plays an important role in keeping our connection to the natural world alive.

Although a floristry class may not be on your top list of staff priorities, reconnecting with nature not only reduces fatigue but also improves productivity! Plants convert the carbon dioxide in the air into pure oxygen and the creation of cleaner air aids in concentration and focus. CO2 can be reduced as much as 50 percent with the assistance of a few well-placed plants, and also function as a filter for dust, bacteria and mould. Plants will also increase the humidity in the office, which can help avoid those dry tickling coughs that get circulated by an overworked air-conditioning system, not to mention reduce dry skin by up to 20 percent.

Not only would this help the Melbourne office smash the workload by up to 15 percent more, but it will also boost creativity! It’s theorised that plants activate an ancient instinct that there is food nearby, thereby illuminating a sense of calm, relaxation and creativity amongst individuals, especially hungry ones. Not entirely convinced? Maybe get the team together for one of our floristry courses in Melbourne, just to be sure. 


Floristry looks nice, people!

Who doesn’t want a workplace looking nice? Gone are the days where being trapped in a cubicle without any natural light is an acceptable way to live! Not only do you need natural light, but you also need natural things! Plants and flower arrangements are lovely, but not every office in Melbourne has oodles and oodles of space to create an office greenhouse! But there are plenty of small, easy solutions to getting a little bit of nature into a small workspace. Succulents such as cacti and jade plants are a nice addition to any desk and can help ease individual stress and anxiety.

However, if you’re searching for something to really add a natural garden feel to your working environment, it’s hard to turn down a kokedama workshop. Once again, kokedama and flower arranging classes of a similar ilk offer a welcome reprieve from the usual team building activities employees have come to expect. Yet classes like this allow you to furnish your office and create a green space in a way that your employees can bond over and appreciate on a deeper level. Kokedama plants take up next to no desk space and are perfect for office space as they thrive in shade, and with the exception of the occasional watering, are relatively self-sufficient. It’s a hands-on way to reinvigorate your office vibe and aesthetic, particularly if you’re hiring. In a survey out of the US in 2015, a third of job hunters said that workplace design was crucial to their interest in a company’s position. 

No matter how green you’re looking at making your office, there are advantages to making just the slightest change. Floristry classes in Melbourne offer you and your team the opportunity to not only engage in a relaxing and rejuvenating alternative to a team building activity, but also spruce up the office in a fashion that will increase productivity, reduce stress, and make the whole space look prettier. 


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