Why Team Building Cocktail Classes in Melbourne Work So Well

Why Team Building Cocktail Classes in Melbourne Work So Well

Sam Bowden

Shake up your next team building event with ClassBento’s range of cocktail making classes in Melbourne! Cocktail classes are an awesome out-of-the-box team building activity that is guaranteed to eliminate the groan factor when the office hears what’s in store for their staff event! Combining the teamwork of the corny trust exercises you were researching for the team event, with the Friday arvo staff drinks you were all going to indulge in any way, cocktail making will have your crew shaking, stirring and bonding in no time. Here’s why it’s perfect for your next Melbourne office event.


Shake up your team building activities

Truth is, most staff don’t want to give up their time and go to an unpaid team building event. If you want that mentality to change, however (and you should), staff must be enticed! They must be wine and dined and professionally romanced, as it were. You must make them enthusiastic about the thought of spending time with the office, outside of the office. Because then - and only then - will you have a group of people relaxed enough to let their guard drop around people they maybe otherwise wouldn’t. That is the key to strengthening a team. 

So how does cocktail making classes get your office MVPs to that stage? Unlike other infamous team building activities, a mixology class combines a fun learning environment with a healthy party atmosphere. Because there’s an instructor teaching a set of important, albeit very enjoyable steps in making the perfect cocktail, the party atmosphere doesn’t really run the risk of boiling over. Most classes make two or three cocktails maximum to ensure your staff get pleasantly buzzed without taking it too far and defeating the purpose of getting together. It is still a team building event, after all. Many of the staff will have drunk together before this event as well, so adding a bit of structure to an otherwise open-ended sesh allows newcomers to enter the social fold without feeling like an outsider.


Cocktail making is a surprising alternative

Whose expecting cocktail making classes for their team building activity? ClassBento pride themselves on offering corporate offices fun and interesting alternatives to the standard, go-to team building event options, and cocktail making is hands down, one of our most popular classes. Everyone has experienced a strenuous team building corporate event that they have no intention of revisiting, so by offering the staff a refreshing alternative to the usual tropes will have them engaged before the class has even started.

Your team was likely going to have knock-off drinks at some point during the week anyway, so why not take advantage of that desire and turn it into a constructive, office bonding session? As most cocktail classes limit the number of cocktails made at three per person, it still leaves room in the tum for the office to carry on down at the pub after. You’ve just turned office pre-drinks into a healthy, team bonding experience. Pat yourself on the back for good measure. 


Just a dash of competitiveness

Getting the staff together for a game of paintball, go-karting or anything highly competitive is a sure-fire way to create an insipid sense of superiority and division amongst the ranks. In saying this, however, a little dash of competition can be very helpful. Mixology classes are a group event, but the actual cocktail making itself is a highly individual exercise. Although recipes will be followed and techniques will be mimicked, everyone will inevitably put their own individual spin on the cocktails being made.

Most of our cocktail classes on offer also offer a small competition for the best cocktail maker, but when everyone’s enjoyed a strong espresso martini or two, the games take on a much looser feel. Mixology classes are a perfect combination of relaxation, competition, and socialising. 


Increase engagement

Cocktail making classes force a team to do something crucial to the success of any team building activity: engage. Teams that engage with each other are 21 percent more profitable for a business, a Gallup poll found in 2019. Teams that play together, stay together, and office unity and support has been shown to lower absenteeism by a whopping 41 percent. If you get your team playing together, their interpersonal relationships will strengthen, resulting in greater trust and understanding in the workplace, equating to higher productivity.

You may give them the afternoon off to goof around and make Margheritas together, but you’ll be repaid twofold when it comes time to knuckle down and work as efficiently as possible. Remember that team building isn’t a splurge, it’s an investment in the people that make your company work. 


This benefits you, the employer

Not only is team building effective for your staff to bond, but it’s an important opportunity for you as an employer to better appreciate and understand the ever-changing landscape of the office culture. 72 percent of HR executives surveyed in 2018 said they didn’t understand the culture, and only 19 percent agreed that they have the “right office culture.” Cocktail making classes are a wonderful way to create a relaxed, festive environment without overdoing the festivities, as it were.

Engaging with your employees during team building in a way that symbolically relinquishes your position as an employer is a good way for your employees to feel as if they’re on an equal social footing. This provides them with an environment that allows them to let their guard down and make stronger connections with both you and fellow staff. A touch of liquid courage never hurt, either. 


ClassBento has many quality team building events for corporate teams in Melbourne, but cocktail making classes really stand out from the rest. With one part collaboration, two parts socialising, a dash of competition and shaken with a healthy dose of staff engagement, you’ll have your team enjoying a frosted glass of good office culture in no time. 


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