Best Coffee Classes in Melbourne You Need to Know About

Best Coffee Classes in Melbourne You Need to Know About

Best Coffee Classes in Melbourne You Need to Know About

We all know Melbournians drink a lot of coffee. With more cafes than ever before, as well as small-batch roasteries and single-origin bean popularity, there’s no doubt that the coffee vibe in Melbourne is strong. So it’s no surprise that Melbourne coffee courses are increasing in popularity. Our second-largest city has deservedly nabbed a reputation all over the world as being one of the best places to drink amazing coffee. Melbournians take their coffee seriously. So if you’re ready to join the vibrant and passionate coffee culture in a professional capacity, or even if you just want to pick up the skills to make fancy coffee at home, a class at a barista school is one of the most fun activities to do in Melbourne. 

Whether you get your morning java from a bearded barista in a niche Fitzroy or Northcote hole in the wall or you have your own espresso machine at home, coffee is just something we can’t do without. So getting well versed in barista basics makes sense, especially as more and more people opt for including a coffee machine in their home kitchens. Some people spend all week madly grabbing a takeaway cup on the way to the train but then prefer to spend a lazy Sunday morning with their family and an excellent home-made coffee. If that sounds familiar, then read on, because a Melbourne coffee class is for you!

But what if spending a few hours grinding beans, tamping coffee, texturing milk and pouring could offer you something other than the newfound ability to pour a decent brew? Well, the excellent news is, it can! Focusing intently, learning a new skill and working with your hands add up to exactly the kind of mindful activity that boosts our wellbeing. It’s also said that learning a new skill decreases stress and can help you build connections in all areas of your life. So a coffee making course should really be at the top of your list of things to do in Melbourne this weekend! 

Where to master the bean 

At the Barista Coffee Making Course, you will acquire all the fundamental barista skills and knowledge required to extract and serve espresso coffee beverages using commercial espresso machines. It’s a classroom-based course that combines lecture, group discussions, and workplace simulation. You will learn how to organise the coffee workstation, select and grind coffee beans, advise customers on espresso coffee beverages, extract and monitor the quality of espresso, texture milk, serve espresso coffee beverages and how to clean the espresso equipment.

You will prepare a variety of espresso coffee beverages under the supervision of your trainer and be evaluated on the taste and appeal of your work. You’ll walk away with a strong foundation of knowledge to make your favourite coffee at home or even find work in the barista industry. 

Step it up with latte art

If you’re really serious about finding a job in a Melbourne cafe, a double hit of coffee classes might be just the ticket to success in your next interview. First, get comfortable with the coffee machine in a basic coffee making class and then purposefully level up with a latte art course! You’ll be handing out swan-adorned lattes to adoring customers in no time! Or maybe tulip latte art is going to be your signature move?

But latte art isn’t just for the pro’s. A latte art class is one of the unique experiences Melbourne has to offer and it fits this sophisticated coffee-loving city to a tee. Once you’ve poured your first rosetta latte art, you’ll be filled with pride. 

At the Latte Art Class, you’ll learn the essential procedures for steaming milk that will ensure the perfect texture for creating latte art. The dedicated latte artist will teach you how to free pour love hearts, tulips, rosettas and swans, as well as the fine art of etching to create flowers, teddy bears, windmills, peacocks, elephants and many more creative patterns. You’ll also get essential tips on equipment handling and hygiene to ensure that the details of your design are preserved. 

Get your colleagues together for a team building challenge

If you work in HR or have simply been put in charge of finding a team building activity for your work crew, then the Barista and Coffee Art Workshop for Team Building is an excellent idea. What workplace isn’t filled with a steady stream of employees sauntering in with a takeaway cup of coffee in hand? (We all use reusable cups now of course, it’s 2020 after all!) The fabulous facilities at the Coffee School mean each employee will be set up with their own coffee machine, so there’ll be waiting around to take turns. It’s five hours of pure coffee immersion! You will learn everything you need to know to prepare and serve great espresso coffee, from ristrettos to lattes and everything in between! From using the coffee grinder and operating the coffee machine, how to foam the milk (without burning it!) and pouring techniques, this class has it all covered. You’ll even learn how to clean the machine at the end of the day. 

Then you’ll get to dive into the world of latte art and try your hand at free pouring designs like leaves, hearts and flowers. 

Members of your team will make new connections as they help each other learn and probably get a bit competitive trying to make the best milk-swan! Not everyone will totally nail it on the day but they’ll head back to the office with all the skills to continue practicing at home or even in the workplace staff room. Who knows, an espresso machine could be a great addition to the office kitchen, especially since now all the staff know how to make their own awesome coffee! The local cafe will wonder where you’ve all gone…


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