Best Photography Classes in Melbourne to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Best Photography Classes in Melbourne to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Sam Bowden

With so many choices for photography classes in Melbourne, there’s plenty of options to snap up across the city. To improve your Instagram game, however, it’s crucial to select the one that works for you and your social media platform. But not every class is going to be perfect for your unique social presence, and although Melbourne is a beautiful place to snap a pic, not every photography class is going to work for you and your vibe. How you enhance your Instagram is up to you, so here’s a helpful guide in choosing a class that suits both you and your Instagram aesthetic in 2020. 

Smartphone Photography Class 

Where: RMIT La Trobe St

Rundown: If you’re looking at perfecting your smartphone photography specifically, then this is the class to help overhaul your Instagram in 2020. Whether you’ve got the best phone for photos or a first-generation iPhone, Alfonso’s Photography Tours will show you everything you need to know to hit those aesthetic social media goals. You’ll be snapping up some of the famous Melbourne architecture and get hands-on advice on not just your own photo techniques, but how to utilise them to create your own photography style that’s unique to you. 

Perfect if: 

You have a small Instagram presence and looking to establish a style and aesthetic that’s unique to you and your page. Alternatively, this class is great for DSLR photography buffs who want to master their phone’s camera.


Inspiring Portraits Photography Class

Where: Northcote

Rundown: Out of all of Melbourne’s photography classes, the Inspiring Portraits Photography Class is definitely one of the most unique and niche. Photographer Tony Ryan has been mastering the art of portrait photography since 1989 and knows how to get the most out of both a photographer and a subject. Using a camera or phone photography, you’ll be shown how to take portraits that bring out the best in the person you’re snapping, and how to use lighting and composition as effectively as possible to create memorable photos that are sure to rack up those likes. 

Perfect if: 

Your Instagram has a big focus on people over places. Perfect for a “Humans of New York”-style page where each image functions as a standalone as opposed to a piece in a themed collage.


Night Photography Course

Where: St Pauls Cathedral

Rundown: Recently watched Nightcrawler and have a hankering for late-night photography? This Night Photography course is perfect for any experienced snapper to learn how to enhance their photography game after dark. Taking in many of Melbourne’s famous sites such as Flinders St Station and the Yarra River, you’ll be shown how to get the most out of your camera’s manual mode and utilise composition, shutter speed and ISO to ensure that once it gets dark, you can still nail a photo. Although this class is suitable for beginners, it’s important to know how to use a DSLR camera before attending to make sure you get the most out of the class.

Perfect if:

The majority of your Instagram uploads come from an external camera. This class is fantastic for DSLR photography, but not suitable for a smartphone. Perfect if you’re looking at adopting a new aesthetic for the ‘gram and looking to give it a “noir-esque” makeover. 


Basic Photography Skills Class

Where: Travels to you

Rundown: If you’ve literally no idea what you’re doing with a camera, then this class is definitely for you. Most of our photography classes in Melbourne are suitable for people of all skill levels, but this photography class is the ideal choice for someone who can’t take a photo to save their life. You’ll learn the essential ingredients of DSLR photography and how to compose the perfect photo. Your instructor Chris Chan has over 10 years experience as a photographer and will not only show you how to take a photo, he’ll help you figure out all the settings on your camera so you can use them to their greatest effect. Once again, this class is not smartphone photography friendly so make sure you have an actual camera ready.

Perfect if:

You’re brand new to photography. Maybe you’ve been taking all your photos on your phone and want to make the transition over to DSLR photography for your Instagram to really pop. Perfect if you own a camera with no clue on how to use it.


Night and Day Photography Class

Where: La Trobe St 

Rundown: One of the most crucial elements of a good photo is lighting and Alfonso’s Photography Tours offers the most comprehensive photography class when it comes to mastering it. Their Night and Day photography class will make good use of your camera’s manual settings, as you’ll be shown how to expand your skills in regards to shutter speed, aperture and composition over a range of different lighting. You’ll discuss how to take good travel photography as you snap up some of Melbourne’s most loved landmarks in varying natural light to ensure you’re DSLR photography game is on point, no matter what the time is. This comprehensive workshop is proving to be one of the most popular things to do in Melbourne. 

Perfect if: 

You just want to be a better photographer. This class covers the basics for beginners, whilst also the more nuanced skills required for manual photography in various lighting mediums. No smartphones though, so definitely best for a photographer looking to up the Insta game via their camera. 


If your Instagram feed needs a revamp in 2020, look no further. ClassBento’s range of photography classes in Melbourne certainly have something for everyone, and whether you want to enhance your smartphone photography or learn how to use your DSLR camera more efficiently, or maybe you’re a pro in need of a refresher, our photography classes will have your Insta feed popping off the screen. 


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