Smash Your 2020 Instagram Goals by Learning These Photography Tricks

Smash Your 2020 Instagram Goals by Learning These Photography Tricks

Sam Bowden

With so many photography classes in Melbourne, snapping up the best pic has never been easier. But it’s the new year and it’s time to give your socials a kick. Too long has your Instagram been littered with out-of-focus faces, blurry backgrounds, and smudged-up smiles! Not being able to take a photo is the social media faux pa of the modern era and, quite frankly, you’re out of excuses. ClassBento has a multitude of photography courses all over Melbourne to help you avoid a camera crime, so flip your photography game on its lens and start with these helpful tips to get you snapping like a pro in 2020!


Lighting is everything

The right lighting can make or break any photo. It’s the most crucial element of photography training and one that must be mastered in order to take a good image. A well-lit space is important in creating a good photo, so make sure you can identify your light source and work with it as opposed to manipulating the photo in a way that doesn’t compliment the use of light.


Natural light over flash

Unless you’re specifically looking at capturing the washed-out, overexposed style that accompanies heavy flash photography, try and work with natural light instead. Due to it being a softer light, natural light has the capacity to flatter a captured image much more than an aggressive, unnatural light coming from your phone or camera. Besides, a darkened photo can always be lightened up with a cheeky edit. An overexposed image can’t ever really be fixed. Don’t be disillusioned by the inconsistency of Melbourne weather, either! Different days offer different lighting options and a colourful laneway mural can look quite dashing under a dreary, Brunswick cloud. 


The rule of thirds

Ahh yes, the fabled photography rule of thirds. Any photography class worth their salt will place a heavy emphasis on this rule. The rule of thirds is a principle of image composition that balances shapes, textures and colours into a 3x3 grid to help capture a balanced image. Nearly every smartphone has this feature, and it’s a trusted aid in making sure your images are centred, well-focused and most importantly, nice to look at.

It’s important to be deep, man

You want your photos to have as much depth as you do. That doesn’t necessarily mean always taking photos of heavy subjects, surroundings or events, but looking at the composition and layering of your image. You want the focus of your image to be the focus, sure, but what’s going on behind it? What’s happening on either side? Don’t forsake the background and environment for the sake of your focal point as they can really add a unique feel to the image you’re capturing. 

Eyes before lens

Don’t just take 500 photos and pick the best one. Your eyes were capturing images long before you even knew what a phone was, so utilise them! Train your eyes to look for the image before taking it. Envision the rule of thirds, find the source of light and observe the background composition before snapping up. You have to find the photo before you take it, after all.

Bad weather

There’s no such thing. Although photography classes will primarily run when the weather’s good, if you’re equipment is protected, any weather is good weather for snapping up some pics. Use the environment to your advantage. If it’s raining, play with focal points and composition. Grey and cloudy outside? The soft light might be perfect for capturing portrait imagery. Snowing like crazy? A touch of white can really free up your Instagram feed, visually speaking. Besides, the weather’s always changing in Melbourne anyway, so you best get used to it.


Don't be afraid of a cheeky edit

One of the benefits of smartphone photography is what they lack in DSLR quality imagery is the ability to edit and enhance the images you capture very quickly. Instagram’s editing tools are small in comparison to the sheer array of photo editing apps available to you. Although there are several mistakes you can make that can’t be fixed with an edit, there are small ones that can be corrected in a manner of seconds. Although most quality photo editing apps require a subscription, most of their prices are very reasonable for what you get out of them. Not to mention that if you use your Instagram for your business, the cost of the app becomes a tax deduction. You’re welcome. 

Plan ahead, aesthetically

All the photography courses in all of Melbourne can’t give you your plan, you must decide that for yourself. It’s important to keep your Instagram aesthetically consistent so your homepage is visually engaging. This doesn’t require much, just think three photos ahead! Or don’t, and go for complete chaos. After all, that’s also a look. The world’s your oyster; take a selfie of you shucking it. 

Stuff the likes

This isn’t a photography trick per se, but it’s always important to remember to take images of people and things that are engaging to you. Trying to take what you think will be popular as opposed to what you actually find interesting could be satisfying in the short-term, but you’ll end up blending into every influencer on the site, and lose likes and followers over time. Be yourself, capture what you want to capture and grow your followers organically. Photography courses are so popular now, it’s important to bring your own uniqueness to the skills you pick up. 

There’s a multitude of ways to enhance your photography game for 2020, and utilising these tips will ensure you’re off to a unique start. If you want to truly take your game to the next level, however, check out ClassBento’s range of photography course in Melbourne here. With its inconsistent weather, beautiful urban scenery and truly colourful characters, and from Footscray to Box Hill, Melbourne is the perfect location to nail your 2020 Instagram goals. 

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