9 Best Pottery Classes in Sydney You'll Love

9 Best Pottery Classes in Sydney You'll Love

By Annie Symmonds

If you're looking for a new creative hobby in 2024, pottery classes in Sydney should be at the top of your bucket list. As the perfect combination of relaxing, engaging and creative, pottery is the ultimate hobby that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Pottery's rise in popularity over the recent years is also proof that this craft is going nowhere anytime soon.

As many people realise the importance of taking time to look after their mental health, it’s the right time to try new experiences and make time to enjoy things you really love doing. Ceramic classes in Sydney are one of the many art and craft workshops people have really taken a liking to.

So, why a pottery class? Well, not only are our pottery workshops a mindful and relaxing activity that can help ease stress, improve focus and foster creativity, but it's also pretty rewarding too. Many people have made the switch to buying handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces instead of cookie-cutter alternatives, and with a Sydney pottery class, you'll have the chance to make exactly that: DIY ceramics!

Pottery workshops in Sydney are usually joined by like-minded people who may have never touched a pottery wheel before. When you’re faced with having to learn something from scratch that is ultimately out of your comfort zone, you’ll be more inclined to bond with the other students in the class. This means you could easily form new friendships at our Sydney workshops, helping you build your social connections with each other. 

As mental health is so important for our everyday lives, it’s crucial to take time out of your daily routine and do something purely for yourself, like these fun things to do in Sydney. We know many people don’t give themselves the opportunity to take just one hour a day to do something they love, but if you did, you’d start to see a huge benefit to your life.

While our pottery classes in Sydney are designed to inspire you to bring out your creative side, they are also a great way to unwind after a hectic day. The relaxing but rewarding nature of pottery is something many people are drawn to as pottery makers. We hope our Sydney pottery classes might kick-start a new passion so you can continue with it to bring ultimate happiness and wellbeing.

If you’re new to the idea of joining one of our many pottery classes, here are 9 of our best pottery classes in Sydney to help you decide which one is best for you.

Start with a hand building pottery class in Sydney

hand building clay

If you’re new to pottery making, we recommend starting with a hand building pottery class in Sydney first. At Carol Hudson Studio in Glebe, you’ll learn everything there is to know about making pottery with your own hands. Expect to finish the class with your own handmade pottery which could be anything from mugs, planters, or a vase to put proudly in your home. When you’ve learnt the art of building pottery without any tools other than clay and your hands, it will build up your confidence to try other forms of pottery workshops in Sydney.

Then join a classic pottery wheel workshop in Sydney

wheel throwing pottery

When you think of 'pottery class near me,' we know you’re probably thinking of it involving a pottery wheel! Learn the basics of how to use a pottery wheel in this beautiful classic pottery wheel workshop run by local ceramicist Bettina Stevanovic. At her local clay studio, she’ll teach you everything you need to know about crafting your very own pieces of pottery using a pottery wheel. While you’ll need steady hands and focus and concentration, you’ll be improving your mindfulness techniques in no time as you master the art of the spinning wheel. In fact, Bettina's class is centred around the idea of 'wheelfulness', which is all about embracing stillness and presence in the creative flow.

Add your favourite beverages to the mix with a clay and sip class

Searching for hens party ideas or fun team building activities? Try a local clay and sip class! Because everywhere paired with wine is better, right? At clay and sip classes in Sydney, you can learn some crafty new skills, all while enjoying your favourite BYO beverages as you socialise with friends, colleagues or new people you meet on the night. Whether it's wheel throwing and sip or clay hand building and sip, these fun things to do in Sydney make great social experiences.

Turn your broken ceramics into pieces of jewellery with a Kintsugi class

kintsugi classes sydney

Don’t throw any of your broken ceramics away because you can learn to turn them into beautiful pieces of jewellery in our Kintsugi beginners class in Sydney with Kintsugi Australia. Kintsugi is a Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics, so you’ll be able to recycle any future broken pieces easily. Imagine making earrings, a necklace or a brooch when you take a private class with one of the best expert Kintsugi teachers in Sydney. They’ll supply the broken ceramics to choose from, then you’ll learn the basics to continue the skills if you have any future breakages!

Hand paint your own ceramics in Sydney

Ceramic painting

Have you long admired the delicacy and beauty of hand-painted ceramics? Learn how to paint a masterpiece on clay with a ceramic painting class at Tennyson Studio! These gorgeous pieces will brighten up your home and bring more of your personality into your space. Whether you paint botanicals, fruit or create an abstract work of art, your ceramics are bound to turn out amazing. Painting and glazing ceramics is also an extremely soothing activity, so it's perfect if you're looking for things to do in Sydney that will help you relax and unwind.

Keen to dive into this relaxing activity? Discover more pottery painting classes in Sydney.

Join our ceramic workshop and make your own coffee mug

Bringing your own coffee cup to work is an essential part of your day. As we’re all trying to do our bit for the planet, limiting our takeaway coffee cups has become something every Australian has jumped on board with. If you’ve ever wanted to make your very own custom-made coffee mug you can feel proud to hand over to the barista, you can now! Join this fun coffee mug pottery class with Ines Porcel Art and you’ll learn to make your own custom-made coffee mug. Plus, this pottery making class in Sydney is a live streaming class which means you’ll be able to join the class from the comfort of your own home. Now, just imagine how many more coffee mugs you can take to work and give to colleagues as presents?

Give clay sculpture a go!

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at clay sculpture! A more free-form, creative way of hand building with clay, you can create a quirky clay creation that will impress anyone who walks into your home. Perfect for those hunting down the best local things to do in Sydney, a clay sculpture class with Irina imakesculptures will see you creating a cool replication of the human torso. There's no mistakes in this class, as every DIY sculpture with have its own quirks and character and that's what make it super unique!

Discover how fun slip casting can be 

Join the slip casting class at Mennt. in Marrickville and discover the magic of transforming liquid clay into solid form. You'll learn everything from preparing the slip, pouring it into moulds and waiting for it to set, to removing your piece from the mould and finishing it off with sanding and glazing. The best part? You get to take home your very own slip cast piece!

Learn the art of Kurinuki clay carving in Sydney

If you're looking for an artistic escape that combines pottery with sculpture, head to a Kuriniku clay carving class at Clay Cartel in Sydney. Kuriniku is a Japanese term that translates 'to hollow', which describes this process of carving intricate patterns onto clay slabs. This class will teach you various carving techniques and by the end of this class, you’ll have created a stunning piece of art ready for firing and glazing.

While we’re just sharing nine options from our ever-growing list of pottery classes in Sydney, we hope our collection will help open your eyes to the inspiring classes we have on offer. They’re also a great idea when looking for pottery courses near me or unique experience gifts as they make fantastic presents for loved ones.

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