Best Unique Party Ideas for Teens in Melbourne They'll Love

Best Unique Party Ideas for Teens in Melbourne They'll Love

Best Unique Party Ideas for Teens in Melbourne They'll Love

Trying to dig up unique party ideas for teens in Melbourne? Although a party at home can seem like a good idea, it's not always the most feasible (or stress-free) option.

In 2021, putting in just a little bit of effort can take your party ideas from zero to hero! So whether you're looking for original sweet 16 party ideas or birthday party themes for an 18th birthday, our range of Melbourne workshops is the best place to go when you're seeking out party ideas for teens. 

Not sure your teen will enjoy a hands-on birthday experience? Many of our local activities are suitable for teenagers and our experienced party hosts will ensure that the classes are inclusive, welcoming, and one of the most enjoyable things to do in Melbourne with teens. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a leg up with this one. 

Party ideas for beauty buffs

Get a skincare or beauty buff in your midst? Empower your teen to make their own skincare at one of our hands-on Melbourne workshops! Our natural skincare classes and perfume workshops are the perfect way to learn how to make DIY beauty products that are customised to suit your teen's unique complexion. If they're following a host of #skinfluencers on TikTok and Instagram, they'll be sure to love our complexion-perfecting classes. When it comes to finding totally unique party ideas for teens, learning how to craft homemade beauty products from scratch is unbeatable!

Party ideas for hungry teenagers 

There are not many universal truths, but teenagers eating you out of house and home is definitely one of them. One minute the pantry is chock-full of ingredients, snacks and cereals set to last you a week, and in two days' time, the only thing that hasn’t been eaten is the drywall. Why not harness this insatiable energy when thinking of unique party ideas for teens?

Kids cooking classes are one of our most popular Melbourne workshops for tweens and teens, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does it involve cooking and eating delicious food from all over the world, but they’re hands-on, active classes that keep brains and hands busy. One style of class that’s emerging as one of the best things to do in Melbourne is “Masterchef” cooking workshops. These classes - suitable for both adults and teens - turn a regular cooking class into a Masterchef-style challenge, with cooking games, time challenges and pitting kitchen team against kitchen team. Although these Melbourne workshops are competitive, they’re also playful and inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about Gordon Ramsay shouting at the back of your head.

Alternatively, everyone loves a pizza party, and if it wasn’t one of the first things you considered when thinking of teen party ideas, then you’ve clearly never done this before. That’s ok, by the way! But instead of going down to Dominos and buying 10 pizzas and leaving them on the living room table, what if the party made their own pizzas? We offer a healthy range of pizza making classes in Melbourne that make for fantastic birthday party ideas for teenagers! Fun, engaging and delicious, the group can learn how to throw pizza dough and cook authentic Italian-style pizza like a true chef in these tasty and popular Melbourne workshops! 

Most of our cooking classes cater to different dietary requirements, so contact the instructor ahead of time to ensure that everyone can enjoy the art of pizza making.

Party ideas for the artsy teens

Raising a burgeoning artiste? Giving your teen birthday party ideas an artistic theme is a great way to make the party stand out, and our arts and crafts classes are some of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids! Being offered the chance to create something is not only a gift in and of itself but an awesome way for friends to share an experience together that’ll bring them closer together.

When it comes to what’s on offer for your teen party ideas, we certainly have no shortage of sewing and embroidery classes. As well as pottery and ceramics classes, our vast array of Melbourne workshops are sure to contain an experience that’s right for you and your party ideas for teens. Sewing classes are often quite popular with girls and are great for small groups, however, these classes require a considerable level of concentration and although a lot of fun, don’t offer the party atmosphere you might be looking for when looking for something for a larger group of teenagers. 

Our ceramics and hand building pottery workshops are one of the top party ideas for teens! Encourage them to harness their creative freedom by embracing the messiness and madness of handmade clay design! Pottery classes are one of the most enjoyable indoor activities Melbourne offers, making a ceramics class for teens one of the best rainy day activities and weather-proof party ideas. 

It’s also important not to rule out painting and art and macrame classes! Kids and teens can macrame a rainbow at Think Thornbury, get messy at one of our painting workshops or build their own mug (for Milo, of course) at a pottery course. Think your teen would prefer something a little more mindful? Many of our Melbourne classes and workshop instructors will happily cater to teenagers willing to learn how to craft a watercolour masterpiece!

For the sweet 16 party ideas

Coming up with 16th birthday party ideas can be difficult. Some people choose to celebrate it like any other birthday, but many like to put emphasis on the “coming of age” aspect of the birthday celebrations. ClassBento’s Melbourne workshops can help you celebrate the special day in style, with our DIY beauty workshops for tweens and teens! 

In one of our most original sweet 16 party ideas available, you’ll be able to create your own soap, bath salts and lip balm! Perfect for group teen party ideas this class is open to everyone and makes for one of our bubbliest Melbourne workshops! Get the group together for one hour and learn how to make beautiful handmade soap, as well as crafting lip balm whilst also being able to choose your own flavours! This workshop can also travel to you, making it a great option if you’re looking at teenage party ideas at home and looking at involving the extended family in your sweet 16 party ideas. 

Party ideas for teens in Melbourne

No matter how you choose to celebrate, our party ideas for teens in Melbourne are sure to make the job easier for you. Whether it’s sweet 16 party ideas, 13 year old party ideas or unique gift experiences for your teen or tween, our Melbourne workshops have you covered. 

Cover image by Think Thornbury

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