Clothing Embroidery Workshop

Libby Moore

Libby Moore


3 hours 1 to 18 label $175

In this workshop, Libby, of Thread Folk will teach you a handful of her favourite embroidery techniques that are suited for stitching on clothing.

During the class you will learn all about the fundamentals of embroidery as well as embroidery stitches and techniques to use when stitching on clothing (you will need to bring an item of clothing that you would like to embroider on with you.

You will be provided with a sampler pattern that you’ll use to learn a handful of embroidery stitches as well as a hoop and fabric to start with so you can practice your work first before committing to your piece of clothing. There'll also be a range of patterns for you to choose from to use on your item of clothing.

By the end of this fun class you'll know how to finish off and protect your wearable art.

What you'll get

- A “sampler” pattern that you’ll use to learn a handful of embroidery stitches.
- All the materials you’ll need to complete the embroidery at home i.e. hoop / needle / thread / thimble.
- A range of patterns to choose from to use on your item of clothing
- An array of fine food / coffee / tea / wine to feed your creative energies

What to bring

Please bring an item of clothing you would like to embroider on to.


The Windsor Workshop - Level 1, 115 Chapel Street Windsor, VIC, 3181 Australia

Your teacher
Libby Moore
Libby Moore

Founder of Thread Folk


While Thread Folk began as an Instagram page where Libby would field commissions to create cross-stitching portraits for people all over the world, it has since evolved into an embroidery movement. Libby shares her love of embroidery by making modern embroidery patterns and kits, hoping to inspire others to fall in love with therapeutic stitching time.

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