Healthy Team Group Activities in Brisbane to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Healthy Team Group Activities in Brisbane to Improve Employee Wellbeing

By Annie Symmonds

Looking for wholesome and healthy team building activities in Brisbane to help improve motivation and get your colleagues feeling fit, healthy and happy? Let's be honest, sometimes office life is not geared towards employee health—from the vending machine dispensing convenient snacks to the hours spent sitting in front of a screen, it can be easy to accidentally fuel bad habits. That's why these healthy team building ideas are so special! Forget pizza parties or drinks at the pub and embrace the power of employee wellbeing. As you centre healthy habits, you'll see the positive effects on productivity, job satisfaction and general quality of life! 

There are so many fun things to do in Brisbane that don’t involve the cliche team building activities like personality quizzes and team games reminiscent of a high school camp. Instead, look for relaxing activities like yoga and meditation classes and pottery workshops that provide a completely new experience while helping your crew connect on a deeper level. Once you’ve tried these hands-on group activities in Brisbane, you’ll realise how vital team building workshops are when it comes to helping your team create stronger relationships while also building a better sense of work-life balance. 

Organising team building games has never been easier with our wide variety of art, craft and cooking classes in Brisbane. Dive into the serene world of pottery, where you can sink your hands into clay, or head to cooking classes for some workplace fun! With our friendly teachers by your side, everyone will able to feel relaxed and ready to learn in a safe and creative space. With the click of a button, explore our corporate team building activities and pick your team's favourite workshop for the best team event in 2024. 

Strip back the stereotypical team building ideas for the best healthy group team activities in Brisbane so your colleagues can unwind, switch off from work and focus on a mindful, creative activity together. As the team embraces these hands-on experiences, natural conversations will flow, and they might learn much more about each other than they would have done if they were in the office. Whether you’re looking for fun team activities or unique experiences in the heart of CBD, you’ll love these hands-on group activities in Brisbane! 

Build motor skills in a wheel throwing class

An employee being led by a pottery instructor at a pottery class for corporate groups

Introduce your colleagues to a fun wheel throwing pottery class in Brisbane and let their creative side flourish as they learn to create unique ceramic art pieces they’ll love. Pottery classes in Brisbane are one of the most popular corporate team building activities because of their meditative style, an approach that is fantastic for helping your team unwind and let any work stress melt away. As you sink your hands into clay, you'll able to feel more relaxed and calm during the class. These team building ideas in Brisbane might just help your colleagues embrace the present moment, giving them the well-earned brain break they need to perform at their best. 

Taught by a local pottery maker in Brisbane, your team will spend the first half of the pottery class learning everything there is to know about using a pottery wheel before having a go themselves. Learn to make anything from a mug, bowl, or vase and get creative by learning to make custom shapes. Get lost in the magic of the creative process as you and your colleagues learn to create something with your own hands simply by shaping clay on a pottery wheel. This rewarding experience might even inspire some of your staff to take pottery up as a creative, new hobby at home! For more fun and creative corporate team building activities in Brisbane, click here! 

Help improve workplace wellbeing at cooking classes

Young woman making pizza from scratch at corporate cooking class

Bring your team along to cooking classes in Brisbane, the perfect recipe for team bonding! A team building cooking class in Brisbane is a unique and enjoyable way to bring a sense of collaboration, communication, and teamwork among your colleagues. Picture your team gathered around a kitchen counter, excitement and anticipation filling the air. As you work side by side, chopping, stirring, and tasting, conversations flow naturally, strengthening your relationships with each other that extend beyond the kitchen. Discover the art of rolling handmade pasta, learn how to make Chinese dumplings or explore the variety of aromatic spices and flavours. 

The beauty of cooking classes is that they cater to all skill levels, making them perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike. Our friendly teachers will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable, supported, and empowered to participate in the workshop. Your team will feel totally rejuvenated by the end of the class while learning a new skill they can put into practice every day! 

Bring more nature into the office at a terrarium making class

Two employees smiling while making terrariums at a team building terrarium class

Terrarium classes in Brisbane are a fantastic way to bring your team together in a DIY activity they’ll love. As long as you have an excellent teacher to guide you, anyone can make a terrarium! This is the perfect corporate team building activity that will help you strengthen relationships and see your team come together in a fun and creative workshop in Brisbane. Terrariums are a fantastic way to build confidence with taking care of indoor plants in the office. Learn about the best plants, add decorative elements and gain the top tips and tricks to caring and watering for your mini terrarium. 

Our corporate events ideas also provide an opportunity for your team to reconnect with nature, even in the office. The presence of greenery has been shown to improve focus, enhance productivity, and boost mood. By adding your own terrariums into the workplace, you create a visually pleasing and calming atmosphere that promotes overall wellbeing for everyone. 

Unwind and re-energise your work day with a meditation class

Three coworkers with their eyes closes engaging in a guided meditation session for team building

Take your team right back to basics and help them learn more about themselves with a meditation class in Brisbane. Take time out of work to experience the power of meditation. Help your team discover a tool to help improve their mental health and wellness simply by taking a few minutes of their day to slow down and be in the present moment. This will help them handle workloads with ease, feel more focused and ultimately perform better at work.

Guided by a local meditation teacher, your team will head on a journey of self-reflection that will encourage them to get in touch with their inner self. As the class continues, your team will be guided into a beautiful deep sound meditation that will help calm the mind and relax the body. By the end of the meditation class, your team will feel so relaxed that they’ll be ready to start the weekend feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Kickstart your team's creativity in a paint and sip class

Coworkers painting and socialising at a corporate paint and sip party

Unleash your inner artist as you sip on your favourite beverage and create a masterpiece alongside your colleagues. Paint and sip classes offer a perfect combination of relaxation, self-expression, and team building that will help create an enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of their artistic abilities.

In our paint and sip classes, your team will be guided step-by-step through the process of creating their own artwork, all while enjoying a refreshing drink of your choice. Our warm and encouraging teachers will provide expert guidance, helping you feel confident and inspired to transform a blank canvas into a stunning work of art. From DIY terrarium making to yoga and meditation, these team bonding activities are sure to be a hit in your workplace. Everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of their colleagues and when it comes to team building, you couldn’t ask for much more.

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