Why Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne Are the Perfect Way to Detox Your Week

Why Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne Are the Perfect Way to Detox Your Week

Sam Bowden

Human beings are inherently creative creatures, and paint and sip classes in Melbourne are an ideal way to start exploring your artistic side. Paint and sip workshops are good for team building, hens parties and bucks nights due to their group involvement and promotion of the shared experience, but they actually offer your brain a lot more. 

With the effectiveness of art therapy being acknowledged in the Psychology community, and doctors across the world supporting the theory that a glass of red wine every day is actually beneficial, paint and sip classes may be the mental reset needed if you’re working through a particularly stressful period. Paint and sip classes are one of the most enjoyable things to do in Melbourne, and with over 40 paint and sip classes available all with a variety of mediums, disciplines, and styles, all of which are suitable for beginners. So before you discover your inner Van Gogh, it’s worth reading about how the marriage of art and alcohol works as a therapy for your body and brain.



Paint and sip improves memory 

Did you know that painting actually improves memory? Whether you’re painting from memory or following direct instructions, the process in and of itself promotes conceptual visualisation, stimulating the part of the brain associated with recollection and cognisance. By accessing the right side of your brain (the creative side), you’re helping to reduce the risk of memory loss as you age. If you can remember where Abbotsford is, you’ll be able to enjoy one of Life With Paint’s paint and sip workshops and really perk up your brainpower!


Recent studies have found that red wine can ward off dementia, and actually enhance brain function! Resveratrol is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in red wine that reduces the stickiness of your blood platelets, promoting stronger blood flow to the brain by keeping your vessels flexible and open. This can slow the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, and promotes overall longevity in the brain. 


Art classes for adults reduce stress levels

Painting has long been associated with stress relief, but only recently has art therapy seen the light of mainstream science. Stimulating the creative side of your brain has been linked to increased self-esteem, particularly amongst individuals who don’t work in the creative field. That element of artistic self-discovery has been found to lower stress levels. The completion of set goals - particularly creative ones - has been linked to lower production of cortisol, the chemical that produces stress and anxiety within the brain. Studies also show the creation of art increases your dopamine levels, promoting lower stress levels and leading to a healthier lifestyle, overall. 


Not only does painting reduce stress levels, but a glass of wine also does too! Obviously, we don’t need research to back that up; a long day at the office rounded off with a glass of vino will be all the research you need. However, a recent study in Spain found that people that enjoyed anywhere between two and seven glasses of wine a week were less likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety. This is obviously a delicate balance, but sipping a nice merlot while you paint the week away in Fitzroy might just be the balance you need.


Improve your brain health with the paint and sip

Although art is associated with the creative side of your brain, the discipline required to conceptualise the artwork, form artistic structure, and follow instructions all comes from the critical thinking, analytical left side of the brain. One of the benefits of painting is that it actively works both halves of your brain, with the emotional expression it enables tapping into your inner Monet, and the promotion of motor skills as you learn to manipulate the paintbrush. This is also why paint and sip classes function as one of the best choices for team bonding activities, as teams that play together, stay together. The brain is a muscle, and keeping it strong is important. Painting is a wonderfully therapeutic workout for every little fibre in your head.


As you learn to paint and your brain is getting exercise, don’t forget about your stomach! As we well know, excessive consumption of beer, wine, or spirits is detrimental to your health, overall. But a glass of red wine has been proven to help with cardiovascular health and your gut bacteria! Resveratrol not only aides with the flow of blood, but aides the gut microbiome similar to the way kombucha does too. They’ve also discovered a link between a bottle of Belgian-style beer and healthy gut bacteria. The paint and sip classes in Melbourne are not only artistically supportive but bring along a bottle of Hoegaarden and you’ll be supporting your gut health too!


Emotional health benefits of the art/wine combo

Engaging the artistic side can help express emotions that are difficult to articulate, hence the prevalence of art therapy in modern society. Art classes for adults are a great way to express yourself in a safe, inclusive environment, whilst still having the framework so as not to feel uncomfortable or exposed to people you otherwise wouldn’t be so open with. Using a medium such as painting means that instead of simply expressing something raw, you can translate it to a medium where it feels more personal to an individual as opposed to it being out in the open for everyone to see. This is what makes wine and paint sessions such a warming and welcoming environment, while also being a wonderful stress-relieving group activity.


Drinking is often utilised as the most common social lubricant in western society, and that’s why it’s such a staple at parties, gatherings, and most relevantly, team building activities. However, sometimes it’s important to combine it with a complementary activity to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. All of our paint and sip classes in Melbourne balance the painting workshop element with the social drink or two in a way that helps you truly get the benefits of both worlds. Being a mind-altering substance, moderate alcohol consumption can illuminate creative pathways in your brain that are harder to access when stone-cold sober. When used correctly, this can not only aide conversation and interpersonal connection but also amplify the creative process so you and the group get the most out of your paint and sip class.


There are an array of benefits to learning an artistic discipline, and being introduced to painting over a glass of wine with your friends is a perfect way to start. Paint and sip classes in Melbourne are enjoying an unheralded level of popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Part therapy, part soiree, sip and paint classes are a fantastic way to detox a stressful period, or simply pick up a new skill! Increasingly one of the most popular things to do in Melbourne, destress with a nice glass of red in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. 


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