Simple Self-Care Ideas to Support Your Mum's Wellbeing

Simple Self-Care Ideas to Support Your Mum's Wellbeing

Simple Self-Care Ideas to Support Your Mum's Wellbeing

Do you want to boost your mum’s self-care routine this Christmas? As another year draws to a close, we’ve made a list of the ultimate festive gift experiences for Mum. From glassblowing to ikebana classes, our relaxing classes are a wonderful way to support your mum’s wellbeing – whether you’re looking for fun things to do in Sydney or locally-run workshops in regional Australia.

For this article, we’ve donned our Santa hats and listed our favourite Christmas ideas for mum. You might picture bubble baths and spa days when you think of self-care, but these Australian craft classes are a great investment in your mum’s mental health. Read on for our top gift experiences for mum this Christmas, to give her a treat she deserves.

Get fired up at a beginner’s glass blowing class

woman doing ikebana class

With a history that stretches back more than 2,000 years, glass blowing is an ancient craft normally reserved for specialist artisans. However, at our glass blowing classes for beginners, anyone can experience the magic of making hand blown glass ornaments! 

Our instructors will provide all the tools, tips and training your mum will need to get creative. From melting your chosen colours to rolling your glass into shape, there’s something meditative about the process of glass blowing. Not only will your mum make a special item that she’ll be able to treasure forever, but she’ll also get the chance to slow down and learn a new skill. It’s the perfect antidote to the end-of-year chaos that Christmas can bring. Looking for the best gifts for new mums who need a little me-time? We've got you covered.

Learn how to make mosaic art 

woman sketching fashion drawing

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for mum that will help her embrace her creativity, our mosaic making classes are the perfect choice. Whether she chooses to make a set of coasters, a Turkish vase or a festive serving plate, our beginner-friendly workshops will provide everything she needs to create a beautiful keepsake. 

From selecting her tiles to glazing her finished piece, the process of making a mosaic is incredibly relaxing. That means our fun, informative classes are a brilliant way to support your mum’s wellbeing. They’re also a brilliant way to meet up with likeminded people, whether she wants to forge new friendships or strengthen existing bonds. 

Make handcrafted jewellery at an Australian craft class

women doing mosaic class

Items of jewellery are always popular Christmas present ideas for mum. But if you want to treat her to something extra-special this year, why not book her a place in an introductory jewellery making workshop? Led by skilled local makers, our studios are located throughout Australia. That means wherever your mum lives, she’s sure to find a jewellery making course near her. 

From DIY braided bracelets to hand-smithed silver earrings, our jewellery classes cover a range of different techniques. Unwind while weaving beads onto wire, melt away your worries as you mould metal, or feel brand new as you recycle buttons into a statement necklace. The options are endless!

Try something new at a metalwork class

person blowing glass

According to research, trying something new is the secret to successful self-care. By learning new skills, we can activate different parts of our brains. This leads to a range of benefits including boosted brain function, lower stress levels and better mental health. 

If you want to help your mum step out of her comfort zone this season, our immersive metalwork classes make fantastic Christmas gifts for mum. From welding and wire sculpture to blacksmithing and knife making, our courses offer an introduction to the world of making art with metal. 

This versatile material can be bent into a variety of shapes, giving your mum the freedom to create something fabulous. The result? Your mum won’t just leave the class with a handmade item for her home – she’ll have also learned a new skill that will stay with her for years to come. 

Slow down at a beginner’s drawing class

Whether we’re sketching a still life or doodling during those endless work meetings, we can all enjoy the benefits of drawing. However, it can be tricky to set aside time in our busy lives to develop our skills – which is why our beginner-friendly drawing classes are the perfect solution. If you’re looking for creative gifts for mum in Australia, this gift experience will give your mum the time and space she needs to explore her creativity, try out new techniques and discover her personal style. 

We offer online art classes as well as in-person courses throughout the country. Your mum can learn stylised illustration, sketch her favourite urban scenes, or pen a showstopping portrait of your family pet. Whatever course you pick for your mum, she’ll benefit from the expert knowledge of our skilled instructors and receive all the equipment she needs to get started.  

Feel grounded with the art of Ikebana

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. Literally translated as ‘living flowers’ or ‘making flowers come alive’, this ancient practice prioritises not only the aesthetic beauty of your blossoms and blooms, but also the story behind them. Some say the secret to Ikebana is expressing emotion through your flowers. That means this craft is a wonderful way to honour the restorative power of plants, focusing on how they make you feel as well as how they look. 

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s most renowned florists to bring Ikebana to the streets of your city. Our Ikebana classes are held in small, intimate studios where your mum will have the unique opportunity to learn more about this breathtaking art form. 

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for mum with a twist, these peaceful workshops are a perfect way to support her wellbeing. Although her beautiful flower arrangement won’t last forever, her new knowledge and skills will always stay with her. We think there’s no better way to embrace the new year than by slowing down, refocusing your mind and exploring your emotions through the art of Ikebana. 

Self-care isn’t one-size-fits-all. By treating your mum to one of these Australian craft classes, you can encourage her to learn new skills and explore her personal style, while supporting her wellbeing this Christmas.  


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