How Much Coffee Should You Be Drinking in 2020 to Have a Successful Year?

How Much Coffee Should You Be Drinking in 2020 to Have a Successful Year?

Sam Bowden

Coffee is definitely for closers, but before you sign up to one of ClassBento’s awesome barista courses in Melbourne, how much coffee do you actually need to guarantee you close 2020 like an absolute boss? With 2020 having well and truly arrived, it’s time to improve on the year before. You can make a set of resolutions if you like, but they’ll probably fall by the wayside by mid-February and you’ll be back in your routine by March, disappointed once again in your lack of resilience. Instead, look to what you’re currently crushing.

What is one thing you’re great at doing every day? What is something more reliable than family, more consistent than the sunshine, more guaranteed than government climate change denial? Correct, your coffee consumption. You are amazing at drinking coffee. But can you be doing it better? After all, a coffee course is one of the most fashionable things to do in Melbourne. 

Before you zip off to one of Carlton’s expert barista workshops, here’s a quick rundown to consuming the right amount of coffee the right way for your 2020 to be a success. 


Drink it

This may seem obvious, and that’s because it is. With coffee scrubs gaining popularity and the morning tea staple of coffee cake refusing to let go of its coveted position amongst the sweetbreads, drinking coffee still remains the most popular method of putting coffee inside your body. And for good reason. Anyone who had to reach a work deadline or stay awake for a long drive understands that coffee cake doesn’t cut the mustard. That’s why the mean streets of Fitzroy are packed with coffee shop after coffee shop, and the city is awash with barista courses.

Espresso-based coffee offers up the caffeine you need to get the job done without the palpitations and cold sweats that accompany an energy drink. Caffeine isn’t the only benefit to choosing coffee as your energy booster, either. It’s packed full of antioxidants, and its consumption has been linked to good heart health and a decreased chance of depression.

Dump the energy drink, politely decline the coffee-flavoured sweets, and throw that macchiato back, baby. No one successful ever had four cups of coffee cake to get their day started. 



Change up the time

Are you drinking coffee first thing in the morning? Is admiring your local barista’s latte art the very first thing you do? Well, stop it. Right now. NOW. 

Thank you. 

When you first arise from your slumber, your body’s cortisol production is at its highest. This hormone plays a vital role in managing your stress and energy levels, and new findings show that early morning coffee consumption can interfere with it, resulting in that classic mid-afternoon crash you’re probably aggressively familiar with. With the caffeine washed out of your system and your body having manufactured all of its cortisol, it can be exceptionally hard to pull yourself back out of the slump.

Coffee experts suggest that you should hold off on your morning cuppa for three hours after you’ve woken up, as your cortisol production will keep you energised until then. That way, when your cortisol levels start to naturally dip, the double shot flat white picks up the slack, giving you maximum energy bars for the maximum time length to ensure maximum performance. It is important to remember that coffee is a powerful stimulant suitable only for powerful, successful beings, so try to avoid it after 3pm. The caffeine levels can alter your ability to get a good night's sleep, and it’s important your body rebuilds all that cortisol so you can prepare for another day of drinking coffee and kicking your 2020 goals. 


Get confidence

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg once said “confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.” 

What she didn’t know is that coffee consumption is heavily linked to confidence and self-belief amongst individuals in a workplace environment. You can thank the caffeine for that one. Along with its several physical benefits, the mental alertness caffeine provides often translates to optimism in one’s own performance both in and out of the workplace, a new study has shown.

Ever wondered why your local barista has the debonair swagger of a Brunswick James Bond but the neckbeard of a 1920’s grifter? It’s because coffee is a good step towards finding your own confidence in every facet of life and as you may know, confidence is half the battle. If you really want to brew up some confidence, learn how to whip up a proper cup at barista courses in Melbourne. Coffee making classes is one of those classic Melbourne activities. Confidence is also sexy. So put on your best face and believe in yourself with that first cup of coffee. Strut with that ristretto you confident, sexy beast. 2020 is looking good. 


Absorb the powerful 

Recent studies by actual scientists suggest that the average healthy adult can consume around four cups of coffee a day without seeing any adverse side effects. Obviously this is still a case-by-case basis, but an adult in excess of 80kg can knock back six standard coffees without the body having a freakout. It’s also been linked to reducing muscle fatigue, and two cups of coffee can reduce muscle pain after a workout by up to 48 percent.

There are several reasons for this, but it may have something to do with findings that link coffee consumption to stronger DNA. Dark roasted coffee actually decreases the levels of spontaneous DNA strand breaks within white blood cells. White blood cells are crucial in your body fighting off infectious diseases and the healthier they are, the healthier you are. Nothing will protect you like a barista certificate. Isn’t it about time you absorbed a latte instead of a cold?


Follow these steps and sign up for a barista course in Melbourne today

1. To get the most out of your 2020, stop drinking coffee first thing in the morning. Your body is a well-oiled machine, so trust the cortisol to get you up and moving for the first couple of hours. Hold off on that first barista coffee till about 10am so you can really feel its effects. Ignore the coffee cake, it’s the Art Garfunkle to your cup of Paul Simon. Following this first cup, you can have up to four more cups, but don’t drink it for the sake of it. Wait till you feel the mental dip, and then smash back a mental battery recharge.

2. Coffee or no coffee, believe in yourself. Diane Von Furstenburg was right, confidence makes anything look good. But if you’re not exactly feeling yourself, knock back a Cappuccino and remind yourself why you deserve what you want. One double shot of manifest destiny should pull you out of any funk. 

Six coffees a day, over a five-day working week, working forty-eight weeks a year works out to 1,440 coffees in 2020 for you to achieve your maximum performance.

Given that an average espresso shot contains roughly 95mg of caffeine, that works out to 137,180mg of caffeine per year for you to be at your absolute peak. Don’t climb the mountain in 2020, be the mountain in 2020. Drink that coffee and feel the power flow through your veins like Chuck Norris driving a canoe. 

If you wish to expand your knowledge on how to get the most out of making a cup of super bean juice, you can find coffee making courses all over Melbourne here. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility, and after you learn how to master the barista workshops and perfected the latte art, you never know how powerful you could become. 

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