Patisserie Le Marais

Patisserie Le Marais

Patisserie Le Marais

Patisserie Le Marais, baking and desserts teacher
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I am originally from France and have been a pastry chef for 25 years. For the past 14 years I have been living in Sydney.
From 2010 to 2015 I was a teacher at the renowned culinary school “Le Cordon Bleu” in Ryde, and taught patisserie demonstrations and private classes. In 2012 I started my own business, Patisserie le Marais in Bondi and have since moved it to Maroubra. My favourite things to teach are croissants, Danish pastries and puff pastry products. I really love these products because you can do so so much with them.



Diana Gamra

French Croissant Baking Class

Learnt quite a lot from The class. Joel made the whole experience easy and straightforward. I have always wanted to tackle croissants but never had the nerve - but now, fresh croissants for breakfast everyone ! thanks Joel.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Diana Gamra

Ingrid Har

French Croissant Baking Class

It was a great class, lots of fun and we learnt a lot from the teacher. We needed up with a range of items to take home.

Eleni Zorbas

French Croissant Baking Class

Thank you Joel for sharing your expertise with us on Sunday. Absolutely loved the class and recommend it to anyone who dreams of making and eating their croissants and pastries. Magnifique!

Leanne Jan

French Croissant Baking Class

Great hands on , informative experience. Can’t wait to try this out at home. I’ll definitely be back for another lesson.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Leanne Jan


French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was very helpful and informative, and overall was a great experience. The venue was easily accessible and professional. The course was good value and we learned how to make both danishes and croissants.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Emily

Rivka Aaron

French Croissant Baking Class

Our baking class with Joel at Les Marais was an exceptional experience
It was very well organized and flowed beautifully all 6 hours of it!
I must say time flew by as we were totally engaged in the whole process of making croissant dough from the beginning till the delicious end
Joel was very engaging friendly and helpful a very good teacher
The atmosphere was just great a small group of eight very nice people
We had a few special requests and Joel was very accommodating.
Would definitely recommend this class
Rivka Aaron

Lee Showyin

French Croissant Baking Class

Loved this class, it was hands on, informative and so much fun! Joel loves his craft and it shows in the perfection of his pastries! The finished product was delicious and we went home with boxes full of goodies to feed our family and friends!

French Croissant Baking Class review by Lee Showyin

Ying Meesanga

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was so friendly & well organized for the class I attended. We learnt how to make delicious French Croissant and Danishes.

I like it that I don't need to bring anything for this class Plus at the end of the class we can bring home all we have made to enjoy with family and friends. I highly recommended French Croissant baking class with Joel

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Ying Meesanga

Teuntje Koomen

French Croissant Baking Class

This was a great workshop! Joël is a patient and engaging teacher. It was good fun to learn how to make (chocolate and plain) croissants and danish pastries from scratch. It also really gave a feeling of pride to see the finished products coming out of the oven, and to eat them (and share them with friends and colleagues). They tasted so good, and we couldn't believe we actually made them! The only minor points of critique would be that the workshop was a bit long and therefore quite exhausting (it lasted a good 6/6,5 hours). Also, it would have been nice and less time consuming if everyone in the group had their own equipment, instead of, for example, having to share rulers and having to wait on each other to finish. That took up quite a bit of (unnecessary) time. Other than that, everything was great and we would definitely recommend this workshop!

French Croissant Baking Class review by Teuntje Koomen

Vicki Fuller

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel, was very interactive and explained things perfectly. The information and technical requirements were well demonstrated and covered.
The class was also fun and totally enjoyable. I would recommend to anyone interested in pastry making.
Thankyou for your kindness and wisdom Joel.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Vicki Fuller

Nick Santoso

French Croissant Baking Class

Had an amazing time learning how to make croissant and danish pastries from scratch with Joel! Joel is very patient and knowledgeable, he ensured the class was fun and you’ll learn a lot about baking in general, not only croissants.

Highly recommended for those who love the smell of warm butter and fresh delicious pastries straight out of the oven!

Not recommended for those who are on a diet

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Nick Santoso

Yun Cho

French Croissant Baking Class

This class is super fun and yummy with the nice and cool teacher, who is an absolute expert from France! I was really happy with the students who worked with me in the workshop. I hope more class with Patisserie Le Marais Thank you

Tricia D'Costa

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was a fantastic teacher. Super friendly, super helpful and extremely knowledgeable. It great to learn new baking techniques in a fun and friendly environment. His years of experience both as a baker and teacher shone through, he articulately explained each step and assisted us to ensure we left with a pile of our own baked goods we would happily eat ourselves as well as the ones he demonstrated making. What seems like a long class upon booking, makes complete sense when you are actually in process of baking and passes really quickly as you get involved and enjoy the class. Highly recommend this class for learning new techniques, understanding the basics of croissant and Danish pastry baking and for a fun afternoon with a knowledgeable and amiable teacher.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Tricia D'Costa Sydney

Carol Leung

French Croissant Baking Class

We as a couple enjoyed the class, the teacher was very patient and informative. Joel was very helpful in answering questions and gave clear instructions. Definitely worth what we paid for!

French Croissant Baking Class review by Carol Leung

Isabelle Paton

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was an amazing teacher - very personable & knowledgeable. He was a great teacher & helped out when we needed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and felt really proud when I saw all the delicious croissants & danish pastries we had baked in class from scratch! I can’t recommend this class enough!

Azam Yadegary

French Croissant Baking Class

The best pastry class I have ever gone to! I recommend highly to everyone! Mr Joel was very professional and highly experienced. I would recommend this class to anyone interested to professionally learn the art of French croissant baking!
The explanations were so clear and precise! And the smaller classes made the experience much more intimate; one on one experience which you could ask as much as questions as you like!
Thank you for this wonderful experience.
Kind regards,

Josephine Landford

French Croissant Baking Class

It was such a fun experience! We made crossiants and danishes and Joel showed us how to make palmier. It was so amazing to eat all of this freshly made. It was so fun. Would definitely recommend. Joel was also very friendly and had plenty of stories to tell us and was very entertaining. Thank you so much

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Josephine Landford Sydney

Miki Wai

French Croissant Baking Class

First time baking and experience I got is amazing.
Everything is perfect. Teacher is so patient, knowledgeable and all ingredients are enough to do everything.
I enjoyed it so much.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Miki Wai

Patamawadee Junsawee

French Croissant Baking Class

Very nice class and I love it, every enjoy that. I never learn before but I like to learn more. Thank you so much

Barinya Seresirikachorn

French Croissant Baking Class

The directions were clear. Felt really satisfying to finally be able to make croissant rather successfully. Took home the baked goods and my friends were happy. Joel is a lovely guy to talk to. He gave insights into his profession and his inspiring personal stories. Would 100% attend his other classes again in the future.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Barinya Seresirikachorn

Amaya Miranda

French Croissant Baking Class

Amaizing class The teacher was great and the result was amaizing, delicious croissants and pastries.

Baking and Desserts workshop review by Amaya Miranda

Kasama Semwaranon

French Croissant Baking Class

This is the best pastry class! Teacher was great and knowledgeable. He is so friendly and helpful.

We learned to make both danishes and croissants. His explanation was clear. It’s easy for beginners

I highly recommend this class and thank you for your kindness :)

French Croissant Baking Class review by Kasama Semwaranon

Katherine Dahill

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was very kind, nice and extremely passionate about his profession. He runs his bakery during the day and then in his weekend downtime () teaches. The class was small and hands on. It was also a lot of fun! You learn how to make croissants and danishes - from making the dough through to decoration. Joel even gives you tips of where to buy ingredients at the local grocery store. In the mini-breaks while you're waiting for the dough to rise Joel shows you how to make puff pastry.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Katherine Dahill Sydney

Miss Alzahid

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was an amazing chef and teacher to all of us! You can see he is passionate teaching and pastry! I highly recommend this class

Meg Wheatley

French Croissant Baking Class

Croissant making class was a dream I’ve always had on my list of things to do and Joel did not disappoint Was fantastic class for anyone who lives croissants
Joel took the time to connect with each student, answered all our questions and gave us an insight to his world of creating edible delights.

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