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The Plant Doctor and our little crew are passionately sharing the art of indoor house plant care, so that more people can have more greenery in their lives. Watching plants grow and thrive is such a rewarding experience (and stress-free once you know what you’re doing!) and plants are extremely good for our health and well-being.

Step into Sydney's Inner West jungle warehouse makerspace for one of our weekend workshops to learn about indoor plants and plant craft, or we can bring the greenery workshops to you.

We run our weekend workshops monthly and anyone can attend. We run our private workshops around what works best for you. We do workshops for team building activities, a hen’s night activity, kid’s birthday party, school holiday activity, baby showers, blessing ceremonies, Christmas parties, adult birthday parties, buck’s party activities and more!

We love sharing the art of indoor house plant care, and all the creative craft practices that go along with it. Whether it’s through an Indoor House Plants 101 Workshop, a Terrarium Workshop, a Kokedama Plant Ball Workshop, a Macrame Pot Hanger Workshop, or our infamous Rainforest Terrariums Workshop. All these workshops are a great way to learn about indoor house plants, get crafty, and get creative!

Plus, our workshops are experiences which keep on giving! You get to take home a beautiful plant creation which you can watch grow and thrive, as knowledge, crafting, and creativity skills that you can keep for a lifetime!


Rainforest Terrarium Workshop

4.8 (52)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Forest Lodge

1 to 60

label $99

Kokedama Moss Balls Workshop with Gin and Tonics

4.9 (21)

date_range 16 Jun, 20 Oct

location_on Forest Lodge

1 to 60

label $89

Succulent Terrarium Workshop with Tequila

4.6 (10)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Forest Lodge

1 to 60

label $89

Indoor Plant Class for Beginners: Plants and Pinot

4.8 (16)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Stanmore & Forest Lodge

1 to 60

label $69

Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop with Mimosas

5.0 (5)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge

8 to 50

label $120 - $165

Plant Workshop for Team Building

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge / Mobile

8 to 80

label $99

Flower Crown Workshop with Bubbles

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge

8 to 50

label $95

Bouquet Flower Arranging Class with Mimosas

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge

7 to 50

label $120 - $165

Macrame Workshop: Ancient and Artisanal Knots

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge

10 to 50

label $99

Succulent Terrarium Workshop for Kids

Adults & 10+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Forest Lodge

10 to 40

label $89

Indoor Plant Class for Beginners

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

10 to 20

label $69

Succulent Terrarium Workshop for Beginners

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

8 to 25

label $89

Kokedama Workshop: The Study of Imperfection

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

8 to 50

label $89

DIY Worm Farm Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

8 to 50

label $69 - $149

Tropical Terrarium Workshop for Beginners

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

10 to 20

label $94

Macrame Class: Ancient and Artisanal Knots

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

8 to 50

label $99

Succulent Terrarium Workshop for Kids

Adults & 10+ years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Hazelbrook

10 to 25

label $89




Sikiraa Polley May 2024

Hi my name is Siki

This class was so fun - my SW Divya came to help me.
I chose different sand and soil then pebbles. - I had to measure and cut mesh and layer everything.
Lastly I added beautiful plants
I can’t wait to show everyone my rainforest terrarium.
Everyone was friendly
Thank you

Simon Witkop Apr 2024

The materials were nice but the workshop felt crowded and rushed. It was shorter than advertised and there was little to no theory.

Alvin Tevita Mar 2024

We joined Nat and the group for a chilled and information date day. We liked Nat's authenticity and knowledge on the subject and it was great learning from Nat. We learned the basics about house plants; how to keep them happy, fed, healthy and how to diagnose sick plants with common issues. We really found value in Nat explaining the basics and her approach to a no-fuss, uncomplicated approach to being a plant parent. We had a lovely time and would have stayed longer if we didn't have a lunch reservation! We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend to anyone looking to get a basic understanding of plant care, or to ask an expert for clarification on the many different perspectives of plant care out there!

Suanne Adelman Mar 2024

Informative and hands on class. Really appreciated everything that I learnt in such a short time. Some confusion over the location of the class because of an automated email and attachment sent to us the day before. Don't feel entire silly as there were three of us who made the same mistake and that made us late for the class and others also had to wait for us. When we got to the venue it was really great and a gin and tonic when I arrived was much appreciated. I left much more informed about how to look after my indoor plants and I'm no longer fearful of re potting. Thank you for a really good experience

Dianna Rich Mar 2024

Learnt so much, Nat was so patient with all the questions, busting all the myths you read online about indoor plant care - I have some mega repotting jobs to do now ????

Philippa Lurie Dec 2023

My family group had a wonderful afternoon making open terrariums with the Plant Doctor in our home. Ness and Issy were just lovely! They set everything up, brought everything required including many gorgeous plants, had a great style in leading the activity, and cleaned up at the end. Making the terrariums was relaxing and enjoyable. We highly recommend the activity and would gladly book again!

Sarah Robuck Dec 2023

Elli was a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who made our end of year party awesome.
We had a blast getting our hands dirty and learning something fun while having cocktails.
Can’t wait to do it again.

Taylor Tracy Dec 2023

I completed the Rainforest Terrarium Workshop with my mum and sister - it was great fun and excellent value for money and we left feeling that we had learnt heaps of skills that would be applicable for future terrariums. Sabrina, our teacher was excellent and we felt well taken care of.
The Nauti studios are really cool inside but it was very hot and accessibility is difficult if you struggle with stairs for any reason. We stood during the workshop which was okay for our party but it is a while on your feet.
Overall a fun experience and really happy with our terrariums!

Teacher's response

Hey Taylor, glad you had fun. We're about to move to a new location with AIR CON woohoo! And we'll ensure we have chairs available in future, we usually do but I'll make sure they are available going forward in every workshop. xx

Amanda Mann Dec 2023

Fantastic day out .
Excellent presentation , wry helpful
And informative Staff.
Great value for money and we got to take home a beautiful self made terrarium.

Melinda May Dec 2023

Overall just really enjoyed the workshop. Just wish the building didn’t feel abandoned & wasn’t so hot.

Teacher's response

Hi Melinda, glad you had fun. We're about to move to a new location with air con, woohoo! The warehouse was hand built by our chief doctor Nat using sustainable and recycled materials so it's not your average warehouse (that being said, we are getting ready to move so it might not have been as awesome as it usually is, apologies)

Belle Henshaw Nov 2023

Great instructors, very helpful, fun and interesting class. I went with my nieces and we all loved our succulent creations :)

Monique Hulley Nov 2023

Friendly staff, an really cool space to work in and a super cute result! My sister and I loved it.

Teacher's response

Hey Monique, you may have inadvertently uploaded the wrong photo to your review. So glad you liked the workshop though. Hope to see you guys again soon x

Nan Herlihen Sep 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Ness was amazing and the class was very informative and social. Ness broke down the elements well and it was easy to create. The studio space is also amazing and inspiring. It’s my second class here and I will definitely do another. Great Sunday afternoon.

Kokedama class review by Nan Herlihen - Sydney

Teacher's response

Naw, thanks Nan, was lovely to see you again! We'll be moving soon to a new warehouse (with air con woohoo) we'll let you know when we're ready for you to come visit our new digs. Ness xx

Susana Maya Muñoz Sep 2023

Our teacher Sabrina was the best, ☺️ We really enjoyed the workshop. Everything was great. Recommended

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Susana Maya Muñoz - Sydney

Kendell Neighbour Aug 2023

The class was so much fun. Easy to follow along and no pressure with getting anything perfect just the ability to drink gin and enjoy making a beautiful kokedama plant. And bonus we made two.!

Kokedama class review by Kendell Neighbour - Sydney

Vanessa Jampietro Aug 2023

Following the steps was a breeze, as the teacher's delightful presence made the experience even more enjoyable. My friend and I had an absolute blast throughout the entire time.

Kokedama class review by Vanessa Jampietro - Sydney

Tugce Sivrican Jun 2023

I really enjoyed the class, everyone was nice and really helpful! Generous with flowers and drinks!

Floristry class review by Tugce Sivrican - Sydney

Rosie Probert Jun 2023

We had so much fun at the workshop. Our teacher, Maddy, was very knowledgeable and chose beautiful flowers for us to use. The venue was really interesting and so cool to see the different artists’ workshops. The sunroom where the lesson was held was excellent. Would highly recommend this workshops. We now feel we can create our own bouquets! Thank you.

Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop with Mimosas review by Rosie Probert - Sydney

Evelyn Chung Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My daughter and i really enjoyed it, we were provided with all the materials, and learnt the correct proportion of rocks, sand and best mixture. In the end we made 2 beautiful succulent terrariums and also got to explore that part of Sydney.

It was a wonderful day out!

Tesa Gammal Jun 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. So was her assistant. Drinks were generously refilled and delish (and not limited to tonic as the only mixer, which I appreciated!). They were also generous with the supplies and plants used. Very happy with my kokedamas Fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Would highly recommend.

Kokedama Moss Balls Workshop with Gin and Tonics review by Tesa Gammal - Sydney

Nathaniel Glasheen May 2023

Great fun, learnt heaps and got some cute hanging moss ball plants for the house

Samantha Lamesa May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a fantastic class to do with friends. Lots of fun, easy skills to learn and so much knowledge from our teacher the plant doctor. Once the gin gets flowing, Kokedama moss ball creating becomes all the more fun.

Oliver Bastow May 2023

Great value for money. Teaching style was very hands on and suited to answering our specific questions. I particularly enjoyed learning how to diagnose plant issues and what to do to fix them. Would definitely recommend and would love to do an intermediate course!

Rose Araniego May 2023

Ellie did a fantastic informative session today.
I learned a lot and was so impressed with my creation with the help of Ellie

Kokedama class review by Rose Araniego - Sydney

Stef Gibbons May 2023

Teacher was so lovely, venue was great and I learned so much! Would recommend for a fun experience.

Elena Franov Apr 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Maddy and Sabrina were great teachers, the vibe was so friendly, and all kinds of levels of experience were welcome. We had a great time, learnt so much, and made such beautiful bouquets!

Kerry Metcalfe-Lowe Apr 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We learned how to create 2 types of bouquets, along with how to wrap them. Our instructor Maddie was really friendly and engaging. We would absolutely recommend this experience and at the end of it, you take home a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a memento.

Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop with Mimosas review by Kerry Metcalfe-Lowe - Sydney

Catherine Love Apr 2023

I learned a lot today. Am now confident about repotting our plants and reading the signs of a sick plant.

Diana Hanaor Mar 2023

Sabrina was clear, concise and friendly. She helped everyone and the end results were beautiful. Thank you!

Gita Ram Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was Sabrina.
Lots of patienceshe had time for everyone's questions. Enjoyed the 2hrs. Thank you.

Chloe Llewellyn Mar 2023

26 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

Good venue, great teacher and very easy and enjoyable class - highly recommend this to everyone

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Chloe Llewellyn - Sydney

Akane Tanaka Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My friend and I had a fantastic time, it was very therapeutic getting to caress and bind the plants into Kokedama balls. The plant doctor team was very friendly and knowledgable, I highly recommend it as a gift for someone to enjoy together or for a free afternoon!

Daniela Silva Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Omg the teacher is so amazing. She loves what she does. The venue is so cool! I really like all!

Vanessa Mozayani Feb 2023

27 ClassBento workshops attended • 27 reviews

Class was very well organised. Teachers were approachable and friendly. They explained the process for creating a terrarium well, went through after care.

Terrarium class review by Vanessa Mozayani - Sydney

Chris Delima Jan 2023

The class addressed all my basic questions and has provided me with the knowledge and skills to start my own indoor garden!

Alice Fu Jan 2023

Fantastic beginner class and was so helpful about what we need! Highly recommended for the people who need more information about their plants! The earlier you jump into this class, the less plants would die lol

Indoor Plant Class for Beginners: Plants and Pinot review by Alice Fu - Sydney

Prenita Chetty Jan 2023

Great experience! Highly recommend it. Lovely venue full of creativity. Teachers were wonderful, and instructions were clear.

Virginia Ware Jan 2023

Vanessa and Nat were our fantastic Plant Doctors. Watching 28 excited females all endeavouring to make their Terrariums was hilarious. However their results were amazing thanks to the superb guidance of Vanessa and Nat. Sipping Tequila whilst creating our terrariums added to the wonderful happy atmosphere. Our party was held in our Club so Vanessa and Nat had to transport everything to us, so much stuff to bring However all was perfect, and the room left spotless afterwards. Thank you Vanessa and Nat for making it such a fun night.
Another workshop would be fun in the future, please advise of me of any new workshops. A microphone would have been helpful - next time!

Natalie Cain Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

• After the initial booking the class time was changed by the teacher
• The selected venue, Nauti Studios, is an old building with questionable stairs and inadequate ventilation. There is no air con and the few fans that were available were not switched on. It was humid and hot!
• You are promised drinks and a selection of nibbles, there were no nibbles. By law, a venue providing alcohol must provide food. Plus, given that the teacher chose to move it to a lunch time session AND nibbles are noted in the class description, they were expected. Our group left less than satisfied, hot and hungry.
• The end result is not as lush as depicted in the promotional photos, as you are restricted to 3 small plants only. Be honest in your advertising.
• This is not our first terrarium class but it will be our last with the Plant Doctor.

Long Ko Dec 2022

The instructor were so helpful and nice. It was joyful to learn and create

Eric Cai Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was very knowledgeable and provided a great learning experience. Thank you Lexxi and Sabrina!

Roopa Gowda Dec 2022

Well organised and knowledgable.
It was very informative and professional.
Teachers were helpful and cheerful

Serina Ma Dec 2022

I would recommend this class for a team bonding activity or just to make some pretty terrariums. Elli and Sabrina were great instructors, informative and helpful. The tequila cocktails were a fun addition to the class! Would definitely do it again.

Terrarium class review by Serina Ma - Sydney

Shalini Pillai Nov 2022

The class was organised well and we learnt so much about terrariums and indoor plants in general. Sabrina was so lovely and informational as well. What a fun activity to do with friends or a partner!

Eva Battaglini Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

A fun and informative class, with a patient and very helpful instructor. Everything you need to make a beautiful terrarium!

Katrina Costello Nov 2022

Sabrina was very informative and patient. She taught us a lot about terrariums and the life cycle of a plant

Terrarium class review by Katrina Costello - Sydney

Leona Wedderburn Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really fun and instructive class with Lexxi and Sabrina! Super easy to make our tropical terrariums with all the materials sorted and ready to use. Great tips for keeping them healthy too!

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Leona Wedderburn - Sydney

Helen Cadden Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

The workshop provided a relaxed, friendly and informative experience in learning about different approaches to bouquet arranging and wrapping. The Mimosas were a lovely addition and staff were highly attentive and responsive to our questions and needs. We were given the time and space to make several designs and decide on a final design to wrap, which was great. Our teacher was experienced, patient and happy to provide help and advice throughout the workshop. A highly enjoyable experience to start our weekend with a freshly made bouquet!

Ariel Manglanlan Oct 2022

Amazing class! Everybody is friendly and welcoming! I would highly recommend it! Keep it up!

Michael Monforte Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Today was a great experience, left with a lot more than what I expected and all the knowledge to continue making more. Everything was provided with extras to make a unique piece. Our hosts were lovely and very helpful, great for beginners and would definitely recommend.

Alan Woo Sep 2022

Excellent teachers! Got this class as a gift. Great fun and I got what I want!

Terrarium class review by Alan Woo - Sydney

Monique Doan Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Beware! This class has inspired me so much to continue building terrariums I am so worried I will keep every jar I get in contact with. The class was so simple and easy to follow. They explained every step in so much detail and were so informative with aftercare. Our silly cat had sadly broken the first terrarium but they were so kind to let us know where we can get replacements for each product. Such kind and passionate teachers. Love it.

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Monique Doan - Sydney

Rebecca Mooney Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Elli was great and really helpful with tips on how to create & care for your plants.

Manja Rhijn Aug 2022

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

This class was a nice activity to do on a Sunday afternoon. The class was completed in less than two hours. The teachers provided information about how to care for the Terrarium. The venue was very cool as well.

Terrarium class review by Manja Rhijn - Sydney

Nan Herlihen Aug 2022

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Elli was very informative and explained all elements well. The class was methodically organised and the various stations made it super easy to piece it all together. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. The end product was also pretty cool. Thoroughly recommend.

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Nan Herlihen - Sydney

Warren Terry Aug 2022

A fun, creative and easy glass with friendly and knowledgeable hosts. And you get to take your work home after.

Jack Masone Aug 2022

Class was great, instructor was clear and very helpful. Spacious studio with all materials provided.

Marco Tombola Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Awesome experience! The girls are very helpful and welcoming. Warmly recommended!
Thank you for making my day!

Erika Robinson Aug 2022

My friend and I had a great morning at the workshop. All the materials we needed were available with a wide range op options of plants to choose.

The teacher was helpful and supportive, no question was too small.

The plants looked great, we got to take 2 home. I would highly recommend this workshop.

Kokedama class review by Erika Robinson - Sydney

Annalise Tenkate Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great workshop, perfect for Christmas gifts. Probably one of the few workshops that actually runs on time as well.

Kokedama class review by Annalise Tenkate - Sydney

Anne Aug 2022

Great instructors who took time to explain and demonstrate the whole process.
They made alot of fun and made sure our take home plants were perfect!

Kokedama class review by Anne  - Sydney

Jo Shaw Aug 2022

Easy to follow instructions conducted in great studio space. Tutors were lovely and made the class very enjoyable.

Kokedama Moss Balls Workshop with Gin and Tonics review by Jo Shaw - Sydney

Denise Cronin Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was very informative and friendly. Easy to follow instructions to make a kokedama. Overall a fun workshop.

Rebecca Reynolds Jul 2022

Our workplace had a very enjoyable afternoon learning all about about caring for indoor plants. Our teacher, Nat was awesome and so knowledgeable, we learnt so much. A great workplace team building activity.

Kelly Gorscak Jul 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A very passionate and informative teacher. I learnt many different useful plant tips throughout the class!

Katie Mears Jul 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Teacher was great, knowledgeable and passionate. The space was awesome, really interesting site. Learnt alot.

Tracie Mallett Jul 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was good but I think I should have gone to an intermediate glass. Picked up 2 great tips, and the lovely lady running the course was amazing

Sarah Baracz Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, learnt a lot about common plant problems, repotting plants and propagating plants. Highly recommend!

Kayley Higgs Jun 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

My friends & I loved the class! Super cute wholesome Sunday! Even loved the Gin & Tonic we got when we walked through the door!

Shakuntala Sengupta Jun 2022

Really helpful teacher, and had a great experience. Was warm and welcoming atmosphere. Loved it!

Carol Gordon May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a lovely morning creating 2 Kokedamas to take home. The space was light and bright but very hot, and could have been improved by the addition of some fans. Street parking at the venue was easy.

Kim Smith May 2022

The class had no discussion or link to the Study of imperfection which I would have been interested to learn about

Teacher's response

Hi Kim! You have my apologies as we were running behind that day, which is a great rarity, and we didn't have time to get it in and make sure everyone could make two kokedamas to take home. I am very sorry about that. I have all my notes, and some really interesting topics on Kokedama and the Study of Imperfection which I will email to you, and others in the class now. I do appreciate your feedback."


Pele Chandra May 2022

Relaxing ambiance to learn about plants. Good value, very helpful and informative teachers. Very enjoyable experience.

Helen Nafranowicz May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic afternoon with Lexii & Nat! Welcome drink kicked off the session, all materials included were high quality & the expertise shared was invaluable. Thanks so much!

Hanish Tiwari May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Nat was brilliant and the space is magical. Loved meeting some new peeps as well and the class itself was fun!

Kokedama class review by Hanish Tiwari - Sydney

Alessandra Oliveri Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Nat was very attentive and took initiative to ensure everyonr was having a good time. We thoroughly enjoyed the event!

Daniel Latimer Feb 2022

Great vibe and really nice instructor - learnt a lot during the workshop and took home a really nice terrarium!

Sean Casey Jan 2022

This was a really great starter workshop. My partner and I attended wanting to to do this as a little date activity, and around 20 people in total were in attendance. The distancing was good between groups, and everyone wore masks when they weren't having a sip from their drink.

The workshop space itself is on the roof of an older industrial building. It would likely still be quite muggy even during Autumn and Spring. It's really hot, so I would recommend wearing shorts and a T.

The instructors were super friendly, approachable and helpful for all our needs. Chris the instructor, when everyone else was out of the room, sneaked over and took some plants we wanted from other groups tables ;) hehehe

Left with 2 beautiful designs, a bit of knowledge, and a nice time away from home during this s****y time. Interested in their succulent workshop too! Might hit that up in winter maybe!

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Sean Casey - Sydney

Rudi Rajendra Jan 2022

Really amazing class! The presenter was really knowledgeable and the class really well structured. We learnt a lot about the needs of indoor plants and the common mistakes people make when watering, potting and positioning plants.

Angus McPherson Jan 2022

Really great class! We learned a lot and came home with awesome terrariums and new skills.

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Angus McPherson - Sydney

Matt Greenlaw Jan 2022

Fantastic beginners class, very informed teacher in a relaxed setting. We had Chris, who answered all our questions and helped us with the plants we brought. Definitely recommended for those who have been trying to have plants indoors and failing!

Gardening class review by Matt Greenlaw - Sydney

Leigh Perry Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Booked this class with some girls for a laid back hens party.
We learnt so much and our terrariums all turned out great.
Chris and Aly were so lovely and accomodating.
Highly recommend

Sanhy Kilian Dec 2021

So much fun! I went with my team and we had so much fun! I would recommend it for any team event to exercise your creative side.

Jasmin Lin Dec 2021

65 ClassBento workshops attended • 65 reviews

Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing Sunday morning. Natalie was helpful and informative. Natalie's guidance in making the Kokedama was easy to follow and enjoyable.

Sandra Sam Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a great time my husband and I had. The teachers Nat/Ness were helpful and attentive. The materials provided were of good quality and the plants were all healthy and lush. The atmosphere was safe, warm and friendly. We highly recommend this experience and would love to make another terrarium in the future.

Terrarium class review by Sandra Sam - Sydney

Sue Crosby Dec 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Nat is a great teacher. We had fun learning to make kokedamas, bringing home two each

Kokedama Moss Balls Workshop with Gin and Tonics review by Sue Crosby - Sydney

Jasmin Lin Nov 2021

65 ClassBento workshops attended • 65 reviews

Loki is an amazing and talented teacher. Had so much face in making a mould of my face, really relaxing. Thank you Natalie for taking tonnes of great photos.

Pottery class review by Jasmin Lin - Sydney

Jean Viengkhou Nov 2021

Ness was welcoming and friendly and Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable. We learned a lot and had a fun time! The studio is also really cool!

Andrew Lim Nov 2021

Chris ran the class well. She made us feel at ease and explained everything clearly. She was always approachable. It was just a great session and we’re very happy with our terrariums (terraria?)!

Charlotte McLaren May 2021

We did this class it was Great fun making our own terrariums, helpful advice and nice atmosphere

Gail Oliver May 2021

Teacher very knowledgeable and a very enjoyable workshop. I would recommend to others of its relaxing atmosphere.

Nicole Egan May 2021

My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed our terrarium workshop at The Pant Doctor. They were knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and very informative. Thank you Nat and Chris

Terrarium class review by Nicole Egan - Sydney

Yvette Debergue May 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Nat and Chris were terrific and the class was great.
Really good materials, good quality, and really interesting and informative class.

Danni Sloan Mar 2021

This was a very interesting and enjoyable workshop. The group size was good and the two coordinators spent time with everyone so help could be given and questions answered without problem. The girls knew their subject and were confident in delivery. The materials were all supplied and we were given variety in our choices. I will be looking at further workshops with the Plant Doctor!

Nicole Egan Mar 2021

The teacher and their assistant were great. All products needed were readily available and the knowledge and help with wonderful. I look forward to watching my terrarium grow.

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Nicole Egan - Sydney

Laine Fullerton Mar 2021

20 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

This class was such a fun night out with friends! Nat was so knowledgeable and the whole class was really well-paced. We were able to fully customise the terrarium with our choice of plants, rocks, sticks, shells and other goodies, but Nat was still happy to help out where needed. The steps were made really clear about what we need to do to keep these little ecosystems thriving at home too, so I left feeling confident that I could finally keep some indoor plants happy!

Rainforest Terrarium Workshop review by Laine Fullerton - Sydney

Rez Cabala Mar 2021

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

What a fun class, and what a fun studio! I was totally in my element the two teachers were so lovely and helpful, definitely gave me the confidence to go with my creative direction. My terrarium sits on my bed side table and its the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning! Highly Recommend

Camila Galizzi Mar 2021

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I loved everything Teachers were great and I really enjoyed the whole activity. So much fun

Kelly Zurek Mar 2021

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

My tropical terrarium I was given turned mouldy.They use bamboo lids instead of glass & in ten days I’ve had2 throw it away.Not a good feeling.Also a better studio would of made the experience a lot more comfortable.The teachers were friendly but needed 2 give better step by step instructions.I felt so uncomfortable because of the heat in the studio that I just had2 cut class short & leave early.A disappointment

Terrarium class review by Kelly Zurek - Sydney

Teacher's response

Hi Kelly
So sorry to hear about your Terrarium. We did test the bamboo lids before we started using them for workshops and a month later they were doing really well so I’m really sorry you didn’t have the same experience. We have recently changed the containers we use, to glass-topped ones, so we would love to invite you back to make another one, or we will happily refund the cost of your workshop. We are also looking into investing in a larger fan for the front room, that day was undoubtedly VERY hot, I’m so sorry the experience wasn’t enjoyable. Ness

Leyen Nguyen Mar 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended

I bought this workshop for my boyfriend and his mother as a cute bonding experience. They came back with big smiles and beautiful new terrariums and told me they had a lovely time. The teacher was bubbly and provided great information about terrarium care, and offered lots of variances of decor for customisation. The only downside (no stars off for this at all since it was out of anyone's control) is that the workshop was on the top floor of a building, making it really hot during the workshop on that particular. A suggestion for future workshops is having items all on a more accessible level so that people who have back problems don't have to bend over to get things. 100% a great experience and would recommend!

Teacher's response

Hi Leyen,

Thank you so much for getting in touch with your thoughts and feedback!

We are so glad to hear they had an awesome time!

Your suggestions are much appreciated, and we will be putting materials higher where possible, thank you for pointing that out!

Yes, unfortunately the beautiful Nauti is in an uninsulated warehouse and does get warm when the weather does. It was very unlucky with the day being so hot.

But I am super glad they had a blast, they were both really lovely and made great design choices with their terrariums! Thanks for buying such a lovely gift!


Nat Cheney | Ship's Captain

Ming Luo Mar 2021

The place is so lovely. Teachers were amazing, they were so helpful and answered all my doubts about plants.
Highly recommended for all beginners, it’s better to be right rather than watching plants dying.

Elena Pobjie Jan 2021

Fun and engaging activity. Both the host and the teacher were accommodating and just great.
Worth the time and money.

Alana O'Sullivan Jan 2021

Nat was a fantastic wealth of knowledge who made the class really engaging, interesting and educational. Came away with a great terrarium and the information and support to keep it alive.

Tash Nguyen Dec 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Had a great time! Nat and Ness are an amazing team! Very happy with my experience and my creation!

Maryam Shukry Dec 2020

The class was so much fun, the teachers were were super relaxed and friendly. A great afternoon

Jessica Pilon-Summons Nov 2020

Was a fab class to do for my 30th. Was fun, informative and a great activity to do with friends. The plant dr really knows her stuff!

Terrarium class review by Jessica Pilon-Summons - Sydney

Patricia Durning Oct 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The venue was great. The teacher knowledgeable and it was great value for money. I feel I have a million questions still so I’m keen to have her come and do a consultation at my home.

Caroline Witts Oct 2020

Great space and a fun concept. Very informative for people at all levels. Nat and Ness were awesome.

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