Top 7 Hens Party Ideas for Eco-conscious Brides (2024)

Top 7 Hens Party Ideas for Eco-conscious Brides (2024)

By Kellie Maloney

When it comes to hens party ideas in 2024, you can’t go wrong with experiences that are both fun to do and good for the planet. With everything from terrarium classes to soy candle making workshops, planning a bachelorette party for an eco-warrior bride has never been easier! There's nothing better than celebrating the bride-to-be at a sustainable hens party that everyone can enjoy. Don't forget to swap out any plastic hens decorations with more eco-friendly options and consider any accessories or hens party games as well as food and waste. 

Get amongst nature in a Sydney terrarium workshop or check out eco-friendly things to do in Brisbane, like pottery classes or flower arranging courses. Environmentally-friendly experiences are a unique way to celebrate this special occasion in style. So, ditch the standard dinner or the run-of-the-mill high tea and explore our top seven hens party ideas for eco-conscious brides below! 

Get creative with flowers in a floristry class 


Outdoor floristry class hens party with harbour bridge in background
There’s so much to love about flowers. They are some of the best things that nature has to offer, they look amazing and smell even better. And if you look locally, you'll be able to find some passionate florists who buy from local growers and have sustainable practices in place to help reduce floral waste. As well as this, flowers have proven psychological benefits like reducing anxiety and promoting productivity, which means with these hens party ideas you can say goodbye to pre-wedding stress and live more in the moment with your favourite gal pals!

With everything from flower crown workshops in Sydney to DIY flower and crystal dream catchers in Perth, the biggest problem will be choosing just one of these incredible hens party experiences! Want to try out something a little different? If it is Melbourne workshops you need, try out an Ikebana class and learn the art of Japanese flower arranging. 

Learn how to make your own soy candles 

Bachelorette making soy candle at candle making workshop
Soy wax is a renewable resource and burns much cleaner than traditional paraffin waxes. Soy candles are also non-toxic, meaning there is no need for chemical additives like fragrances and colour dyes that are often found in conventional candles. This means soy wax scented candles make the perfect hens party activity for any eco-conscious bride in 2024! 

With everything from candle making classes in Melbourne to soy candle making kits with online classes, together with your besties you can have an aromatic and unique experience that no one will forget! 

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Connect with nature in a terrarium or kokedama class 

Terrarium and kokedama making are two very unique garden-based activities that are guaranteed to be a hit with your favourite ladies. Terrariums are mini-greenhouses filled with different plants, often crafted in glass vessels or wooden boxes. These miniature gardens give you the opportunity to connect with nature while learning how to take care of a living thing! Kokedamas are plant balls that have been bound together using string or rope to create a sphere of greenery. The traditional Japanese art form is a beautiful way to bring life into any setting, whether you want to host a hens party at home or venture out with the girls to a workshop.

Terrariums and Kokedamas are not just super fun to make as a group but also a great way to give an extra special thank you to your closest BFFs. Learning how to make Kokedamas are all the rage in Melbourne right now, and if you are a bit further north, you can’t go wrong with a Sydney terrarium workshop.  

Get crafty in a pottery class 

Woman wheel throwing pottery
Have you ever tried pottery before? No, not the kind that comes out of a factory! These classes are with real people who are good at what they do and will have you creating your own original pieces of art in no time. Create a unique and memorable experience with your friends, where they will return home with something natural, handmade and personalised, instead of a mass-produced piece. The best part? Their pottery creation will always remind them of the hens celebration and be a unique reflection of that moment in time.

If you do some research you'll be able to find some local pottery studios that recycle their clay so there's no waste, or you can even repurpose broken ceramics in a Kintsugi class. You can’t go wrong with pottery classes in Perth and if you want to try something a little different, you are sure to find wonderful indoor activities in Sydney that satisfy your interest in the Japanese art of Kintsugi. 

Indulge in a night of organic beauty treatments 

If your bridal party loves pampering themselves with luxurious treatments, why not try out an all-natural skincare class? The products you will make in these beauty classes are fantastic for detoxifying skin, reducing inflammation and imparting vital nutrients into the surface layer of skin. Your mates will love an opportunity to slow down and take care of themselves after all the wedding planning mayhem is done! 

Check out beauty classes in Melbourne that will teach you about the benefits of ingredients like rosehip oil, beeswax and shea butter, and how you can use them to create more rejuvenating skin care recipes. Treat your friends to an Autumn hens party activity that will leave them glowing from within, both figuratively and literally! The best part about trying out one of these experiences is that you and your bridal party will be feeling fresh and pampered just in time for the wedding. Order a DIY organic skincare kit and tune into a live streaming class from the comfort of your home or even try out an in-person essential oils workshop. The possibilities for pure indulgence are endless!   

Cook a plant-based meal together

Two women cheers over plant-based meal at cooking class hens party

Eating plant-based is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact as an individual so if you're looking for hens party ideas that promote sustainable actions, a plant-based cooking class is hard to beat. Plus you get to sit down and enjoy your delectable dishes together at the end!

Whether your group is plant-curious or full-on vegan, learning essential plant-based cooking techniques will keep your friends incorporating earth-friendly activities into their lives long after the party is over. With the interest in plant-based eating on the rise in 2024, you'll be able to find a vegan cooking class in most major Australian cities from Perth to Sydney and beyond. So grab your pals, head to a plant-based cooking class and then sit down for a dinner celebration that celebrates good food, good times and the planet.

Paint in nature with a mobile paint and sip class

Bride to be enjoying a paint and sip class with her friends at hens party

For those who love being outdoors or celebrating at home, a mobile paint and sip class is a classy hens party idea that gives you control over the setting. That means you can opt for more environmentally friendly decor, crockery and surrounds. Set up a boho style picnic in the park using thrifted decorations and crockery for an aesthetic hens party that looks as good as it is fun! Or, for an at home hens party, clear a space in the living room and let the party come to you.

With all painting materials provided, a mobile paint and sip party will see you and the girls enjoying a bit of art and wine. Paint and sip classes are very popular ideas for hens parties and it's no wonder why. With their focus on creative expression, bonding and sipping there's good times to be had for all. Make it a mobile paint and sip party to get out and about in nature and keep the waste to a minimum.

Putting the planet first and choosing eco-friendly solutions is more important now than ever before. With these hens party ideas you can do your part for the environment, while also treating your favourite group of people to an experience they will treasure forever. There is no better way to celebrate this special occasion in your life than with a classy hens event that is unique, eco-friendly and super fun! 

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