20 Chilled Out Hens Party Ideas

20 Chilled Out Hens Party Ideas

By Annie Symmonds

Planning a hen’s party for a laid-back bride-to-be in 2024? Check out these chilled-out hens party ideas that will have everyone totally relaxed and feeling stress-free before the big day! From small hen's party ideas to unique hens parties to a hens party you can throw in winter, there's no shortage of options to please everyone. If you’ve been given the task of organising the special day for your bestie, we're here to help you discover the best hens party ideas and activities in your city. 

At the heart of planning a memorable hens' night is the task of finding activities that both the bride-to-be and her guests will enjoy. For those who don't know each other well, help crack the ice quickly by organising a fun activity most people may have never done before. That's where a splash of creativity comes in!

Start the hens party in a gorgeous chilled-out way to settle any nerves and help everyone relax into it. With plenty of hens party ideas to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourite suggestions from some of the capital cities in Australia. 

Sydney hens party ideas

Hens group at outdoor floristry class in Sydney

1. Beginners kintsugi class 

While you’ve probably heard of wheel throwing and clay hand building, many people have never heard of kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art form that dates back to the 15th Century!

A kintsugi class will involve piecing together broken pottery using golden lacquer. This is a hens celebration that doubles as a hens party gift as all of your participants can go home with their own restored crockery. Plus a kintsugi class teaches a valuable philosophy—repairing what is broken and making it all the stronger for it. We can't think of a better message to share with the bride-to-be before she embarks on a marriage.

2. Turkish mosaic lamp class

Three women laughing at turkish mosaic class

Feel like you’ve taken the bride-to-be on a trip to Turkey with a Turkish mosaic lamp class! In this immersive cultural experience you’ll learn the techniques you need to build a beautiful lamp from a tradition that has been around for more than 500 years! Enjoy learning how to assemble the geometric patterns and then take home your homemade Turkish lamp at the end of the workshop for a unique hens party.

3. Acrylic pouring class

Try something new together and learn the art of acrylic pouring. With no paintbrushes or experience required, why not get the girls together and have fun learning how to create beautiful dynamic pieces of art? It's a beautiful and chaotic hens idea in Sydney that promises a little bit of mess and a whole lot of fun!

4. Ikebana flower arranging class

Discover the Japanese art of ikebana flower arranging and enjoy learning how to create beautiful flower arrangements, perfect for the minimalist within. You’ll receive tips on how to mix different types of flowers and how to make them last. Discover the simplicity of this flower arranging class in Sydney and you won’t need to look for any more hens party ideas!

5. Soft Stone sculpture making class

If the thought of learning how to make sculptures for your home and garden sounds like it’s a job for an expert, you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s actually much easier than you think! Enjoy this unique workshop in Sydney and the hens will pick up skills they never knew they had within. This is a full-day event, perfect for a daytime hens activity before you head out for some dinner and drinks!

Feeling frazzled by the thought of organising a hen's party? Check out our guide to the best hen's party ideas! 

Brisbane hen party ideas

6. Pottery classes 

Women smiling at hens party pottery class in Brisbane

Start the winter hens activities with a gorgeous pottery class in Brisbane! In this beginners class, you’ll learn how to throw clay on a pottery wheel. Have fun and step out of your comfort zone and learn to make anything from mugs, cups, bowls and more. This is a popular hens party activity that is calming yet informative, and an exciting way to get the party started. Plus you'll be inside a cosy pottery studio making it weatherproof—the perfect indoor hens activity for winter or rainy days.

7. Dried flower workshop

Group of women clink champagne at a flower crown workshop hens party

Get your boho on and start the 2024 hens party with a gorgeous dried flower workshop. Learn how to mix and match blooms together which will last a lifetime. In these flower arranging classes in Brisbane, you and your group can choose to work with dried flower crowns outside in a cute picnic set up or even learn the art of making bouquets in preparation for the big day! Whatever you decide, there's no doubt that a dried flower workshop is a classy hens party idea.

8. Cooking class

If you’re looking for culinary hens party ideas, you can’t go wrong with a cooking class in Brisbane! Learn how to make the brides favourite cuisine and enjoy eating a meal together after you've cooked it! From mastering the perfect Italian pasta to enjoying a BBQ seafood feast, there's an inventive class for you. For the sweet bride, you can try a dessert and baking class to indulge in some chocolate or sugary treats. This is a popular way to kickstart the hens party celebrations before the festivities ramp up.

9. Candle making workshop

Learn how to make candles in a beautiful candle-making workshop in Brisbane. This is a unique hens party idea that could be the perfect opportunity to bring together a variety of women who might not know each other. Learn fascinating facts about candles and how they can benefit the ambience and energy of your home.

10. Terrarium making class

Terrarium-making classes are one of the most popular hens party ideas in 2024. They tick so many boxes and help bring together women of all ages and interests. Although terrariums look much trickier to build, you’ll learn from some of the best local florists in Brisbane who will teach you have to design and build your little eco-systems. They also make for fantastic keepsakes and reminders of the gorgeous day you spent together too. 

Melbourne hens party ideas

11. Ring making class

Add a touch of romance to your hens party with a ring making class in Melbourne. Spend quality time together learning to make a beautiful keepsake of the hens day in Melbourne. The best part is that you’ll learn to add an engraving into the ring—something everyone will be able to wear and be reminded of the special day spent together. Plus it can be the bride's 'something new' on the big day!

12. Natural perfume making class

You’ll never need to buy perfume again when you learn how to make your own at a perfume-making class in Melbourne. Learn how to create a unique scent and discover interesting facts about your favourite perfume you currently wear. The girls will enjoy this hens party idea, regardless of their age or interests. 

13. Barista coffee making class

Start the day right and get the girls together to learn how to make the best coffee in Melbourne! In this barista coffee-making class, learn tips and tricks for perfecting your coffee of choice. Whether you’re a latte or cappuccino drinker, you’ll learn how to make milk froth at the right temperature and how to make coffee as the experts do. This is an excellent morning hens party idea to get the girls buzzing!

14. Tea blending class

Is the bride-to-be not a coffee person? Fear not! Tea blending classes in Melbourne are a unique hens party idea that will teach your group how to make tea from scratch. Learn how to use different botanicals to create your very own formula. Forget peppermint tea and learn to make something more unique and delicious together with your nearest and dearest! If you want to celebrate the upcoming nuptials in a lowkey but still delightful way, a tea blending class is the way to go.

15. Hand-building pottery class

You’ll love how easy hand-building pottery classes in Melbourne are. All you’ll need is clay, water, and a fun local teacher to guide the girls as they learn to make anything from pots, mugs, bowls, or even jewellery! Have fun together in this unique hens party idea and you’ll gain the skills to continue your pottery journey when you get home.

Adelaide hens party ideas

16. Mindful mandala class

For those looking for hens party ideas in Adelaide, why not start the day with a mindful mandala class? This stunningly simple yet effective art class will help introduce stillness and calmness into your life. If the bride-to-be has been a bit overwhelmed with the wedding process, help her start her hens party in Adelaide in the best way possible. You’ll learn how to unwind through drawing a mandala together. 

17. Smartphone photography class

Start the day exploring Adelaide with a fun smartphone photography class. Get everyone out and about exploring the city while creating memories and photos of the day together. Learn how to use your phone camera properly and you’ll be able to take some epic photos on the wedding day. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular hens party ideas in Adelaide!

18. Cheesemaking class

If you’re making a weekend of it and spending a hens weekend in the Barossa Valley, then you must explore a cheese making class. After checking if the bride-to-be is a cheese lover, expect to have fun learning all about how to make halloumi! You’ll be guided by a local expert who will teach you everything you need to know to continue making cheese in your own kitchen! Add a cheeky glass of wine to the class and enjoy a cheese-filled brunch cheese platter together. 

19. Paint and sip class

Bride to be with friends at hens paint and sip

Do something really special on your hens day in Adelaide and organise a creative paint and sip class. After all, who doesn't love art and wine? Don't worry if some haven't touched a paintbrush in years, paint and sip classes are perfect for beginners. Local artists will guide you every step of the painting process. Besides, the main point is to sip and socialise, bonding over a creative activity and getting to know each other in a charming art studio.

20. Alcohol ink earring making class

Join a local designer and learn to make earrings in this fun earring-making class in Adelaide. This is one of the most popular hens party ideas to get the day started as you’ll learn how to create alcohol inks that will be used to paint your designs. Learn various techniques as well as how to wire your earrings to wear once you finished making them. The guests will love making their own jewellery which they can continue to wear after the hens party to remind themselves of the amazing day they all spent together. 

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