Unique Fathers Day Gift Experiences in Sydney

Unique Fathers Day Gift Experiences in Sydney


What would dad want for Father's Day?

What does the loveable data tell us?

According to Google Trends (which gives insights on what people are searching for), the most popular ideas in Australia for Father's Day gifts are DIY, crafts and photographs. That's unsurprising - research from Roy Morgan has shown that Australians have been massively shifting from wanting goods and products, to wanting experiences. And in today's mass-produced world, people are curious to know how things are made (hence the DIY), and are craving something more personalised, more unique (hence crafts). Crafts and DIY are also a great way for fathers to bond in a meaningful and memorable way with their daughters and sons.

Crafts and DIY may seem daunting at times. In some cases you'll have to put up quite a bit of money to purchase equipment (e.g. a potter's wheel), and often it's not really obvious or easy to source your ingredients. You'll be buying at retail prices rather than wholesale prices, and driving around to various specialty stores or waiting for deliveries can be a hassle. Then there's the challenge of DIY - following YouTube "how to" videos can work in some simpler cases, but often it's much better to have in-person feedback and demonstrations.

That's why we think ClassBento's creative workshops are a fantastic idea to thank and appreciate dad this Father's Day. Save yourself the hassle and focus on the more rewarding parts of this wonderful occasion. 

You might like to take dad out for a one-on-one experience, or perhaps make it something for the whole family to enjoy (kid-friendly classes are available). Alternatively, give dad some space and let him enjoy something by himself or with his mates.

If you've got an easygoing dad, and you've got a pretty good grasp on his schedule and preferences, you can easily book a crafty workshop and bring him there as a surprise. On the other hand, if your dad is more of an enigma or one with an erratic and hectic schedule, it can be hard to find him the right option - just get him a gift card, which he can redeem on any of ClassBento's classes. ClassBento's gift cards are a perfect idea in particular if you've left the gift searching process too late (we won't tell); you can buy the gift cards anytime online, you'll get the voucher code which he can use immediately, and we can also send you a nice plastic card within 1 business day if you're in a metro region.



Unique father's day experiences

DIY crafts

Let dad do something a bit unusual, and create something for himself. Give him a relaxing time where he can really recharge and smile.

He might love creating a miniature garden landscape, filling it with pebbles, plants, moss and more. Terrariums last ages with minimal care required, and are a great way to bring some fresh greenness to his desk.

Father's Day is a great excuse for some gluttony. Discover the magic of creating chocolate with dad, with an expert chocolatier who's been providing classes to enthusiastic audiences for over 15 years. Whether you're interested in the basics, or more advanced techniques like tempering, you'll find something that suits your skill and interest level. Macaron making is also a fun idea; learn the skills to make these beautiful treats at home. Or, if he's a bit health conscious, encourage him to attend a vegan Japanese cooking class, where he'll pick up some healthy and yummy recipes and the skills to bring them to life (as a side bonus, you may be the lucky recipient of some tastier home cooked meals in future - you're welcome!)

If your dad is suffering from a bit of digital addiction or work overload, bring home down to earth and let him totally disconnect and relax, with a pottery class. He can't be checking his smartphone while his hands are full of clay! Allow him to immerse himself in the process of shaping clay, something that humans have been doing for millenia; he can even create bowls, teapots, vases and much more to use and treasure far beyond the class.

For a dad that doesn't take things too seriously and loves to have a laugh, throw him into a juggling class. Whether he's dropping balls all over the place or surprisingly agile and coordinated - either way he'll have a hilarious fun and also be getting a nice workout.

Finally, if your dad likes to be a bit distinctive, extend his personal style with a fragrance workshop, where he can mix and blend various notes and ingredients to build a fragrance that suits him perfectly, having lots of fun on the way.


Father's day photography ideas


Taking a nice family photo is always a great idea, but wouldn't it be nice if you had the skills to take it yourself, not only for Father's Day, for on any occasion in future?

Try a photography class, where you'll be taught not only the technical aspects of how a good photograph is put together, but also how to develop your personal artistic style. Put these together and you'll be creating beautiful photographs in no time. 

Do it in the scenic and photogenic surrounds of The Rocks and give dad an engaging and rewarding experience.

Whether you want to get better results from your smartphone's (incredibly powerful) camera or wanting to improve your DSLR skills, you'll find a workshop that suits you.



Those were just a few suggestions, we have way too many classes to mention - have a look through our full list of workshops, or get a gift card. Here's to a happy dad on Father's Day and beyond.

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