Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts in Sydney

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts in Sydney


If you're reading this article chances are it's that time of year, and you've Googled something along the lines of gifts for dad, Father's Day gifts or Father's day gift ideas. Don't worry, you're definitely not alone! Finding the perfect Father's Day presents for your dad or the father figure in your life can seem harder every year. So we're here to let you in on a little secret – the most precious gift you can give your dad is time together. Experience gifts have been on the rise in Australia since 2016 and they give what a physical product cannot, the chance to bond over a shared experience and make a memory that will last a lifetime. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best Father's Day ideas for your dad this year, just in case you were close to defaulting to socks and a book. 


1. Succulent Terrarium Making Class

Does your dad love gardening? Merchant & Green in Redfern runs a succulent terrarium making class that will double as a unique experience gift and a personalised Fathers Day gift. They'll get to choose from a range of succulents, be given a vase and other materials like river stones so they can create their own terrarium to take home. Everything will be provided and there’s no need for any experience. Your dad will leave with their own mini terrarium that they can care for, and all they have to do is remember to water their succulents from time to time.  


2. Glass Blowing Taster Session

Step outside the box with a unique Father's Day gift this year and treat your dad to a Glass Blowing Taster Session. The session will take place at the studio of glassblower Mark Eliott and runs for two hours. During the class your dad will learn the basics of the craft using oxygen-propane with a special torch and create a unique glass item that he can take home. It's a chance for your dad to use his imagination and have some fun with a flame to craft anything from glass animals, to a pendant, or other abstract objects. The items will be ready to take home 40 minutes after the class ends.


3. Smart Phone Photography Course

If your dad is a photography novice, sharpen his skills with the gift of a smartphone photography course this Father's Day. Alfonso Calero of Alfonso’s Photography Tours can teach your dad how to take quality photos with his phone. The class is completely hands on and includes a tour of Sydney Harbour while they cover skills like shutter speed and ISO. He'll get instant feedback on his photos and learn how to edit them using apps on his phone. 


4. Beginners Silversmithing Course

There’s nothing better than creating something from scratch. Give your dad the chance to craft his own Father's Day present with a series of silversmithing classes. He'll learn from Victoria White, an expert jeweller who will teach him the secrets of the craft. The class is taught over the course of four, three hour sessions and he'll pick up basic skills like hammering, sawing, texturing, measuring, and soldering. He'll leave the class with his own handmade pieces and the know-how to continue his metalwork education at home. 


5. BBQ and Meat Smoking Cooking Class

We hate to succumb to the cliche, but what Aussie dad doesn't love firing up a barbecue? Nico from WoodFiredStove has you covered. He’ll teach your dad the basics of using a weber kettle or any other kind of barbecue. And as for the day itself, he can expect to sip on a cold beer and enjoy Valentina Hot chicken wings and pork belly while he learns how to cook and smoke meats. Be sure to send him to class on an empty stomach with a six pack. At the end of the session he'll get a WoodFiredStove BBQ rub that he can take home along with recipes and sauces to recreate delicious smoked meats on his own BBQ. 


6. BBQ and Beer Cooking Class

Treat your dad to a four-course BBQ feast matched with four premium Australian craft beers this Father's Day. The BBQ School Sydney runs this unique cooking experience outdoors in Centennial Park or from a brewery in Nulkaba. He doesn't need a sophisticated palette or any BBQ skills, just a love for beer, meat and an empty stomach. The BBQ chef will take him through the entire cooking process and everything will be served up at the end of class. 


7. DIY Kokedama Workshop

Your dad can get his hands dirty at this kokedama workshop where he'll learn how to bind succulents with soil and string to create his own hanging garden. If your dad loves working in the garden or needs to brighten one of his indoor spaces with some greenery this unique experience gift is the perfect choice. During the workshop, he’ll make up to three kokedamas to take home and be treated to a free drink from the cafe. 


8. Handplane Shaping For Bodysurfing Workshop

If your dad loves the beach look no further than Rikki Gilbey's handplane shaping workshop. He'll get hands on in a woodworking studio crafting his own timber wave riding machine to use the next time he goes body surfing. During the class he'll get the chance to design and craft his own handplane using woodworking hand tools, add a recycled neoprene strap and customise the look. 


9. Screen Printing Workshop

Let Carizza Teague from Carizza Designs show your dad how to screenprint his own t-shirt at this hands on screenprinting workshop. He'll spend four hours in a real artist's studio learning how to use a screenprinting machine and can print his own designs or use some studio-ready designs that will be provided. 


10. Knife Skills Workshop

If your dad is a pro in the kitchen, this knife skills workshop will help them to take their cooking to the next level. During the class, he’ll put his skills to the test preparing an Asian Chicken Salad and he'll learn how to create perfect julienne, batons, and chiffonade. 


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