Why Pottery Classes Are an Awesome After-work Activity in Melbourne

Why Pottery Classes Are an Awesome After-work Activity in Melbourne

Sam Bowden

On the prowl for an after-work activity that’s a little bit special? Pottery classes in Melbourne are the casual post-office liaison your heart’s been searching for. With their intense passion for craftsmanship, the sensual nature of wheel throwing and their laissez-faire attitude to commitment, pottery classes in Melbourne “aren’t like other workshops.” So before going home after a long day at work, detoxify with one of our pottery courses! There are so many benefits to learning pottery; here’s why it’s a devilishly therapeutic way to clay the day away. 


...You should experiment with pottery.

It’s been a long day at the office. Most weekdays you’ll go home, watch telly, hit the hay, and start it all over again tomorrow. Don’t you think that routine could use a bit of spice? ClassBento knows a few pottery classes that would love to spend the early evening with you. These pottery classes don’t care if you’ve never done this before, they’re perfect for beginners and budding artists looking to experiment with a new medium. But why now, you ask? Why after-work?

Offices and work environments can obviously be quite a stress-inducing place, and it’s important to not always take that feeling home with you. Many psychologists recommend that after an especially strenuous day - or week - it can be highly beneficial to engage in an activity that alleviates the stress so as to avoid taking it home with you. A pottery workshop is not just a great buffer between a stressful day and your living space, it’s a way to work out creative energy you may not be utilising on a daily basis. If you work in an office, then chances are you’re exercising the analytical, left side of the brain pretty intensely, whilst leaving the creative side relatively untouched. Even if you feel mentally fatigued, your right-side brain is crying out to be worked, and once you start exercising it, you’ll realise how much more brainpower you had left to give. 

Having a creative outlet and a space to experiment with your creativity is crucial to a happier, healthier life. Indulging in a creative pursuit increases your body’s production of dopamine (the happiness chemical) and in doing so, lowers stress and anxiety. Pottery workshops are particularly good at entering the “flow state” of creativity, where time and self can simply disappear, allowing you to focus solely on the task at hand. This becomes a form of meditation, and as we now know, meditation plays a vital role in maintaining energy levels and mental health. Experimenting with your creative side is a rewarding way to detox, destress and unwind after a busy day.


Pottery classes get messy

Sitting all day at a computer, or been on the phone, non-stop? It’s critically important to have an occasional technology detox in order to maintain a healthy sense of self. Our pottery workshops in Melbourne are dying to help you improve your self-awareness and to get reacquainted with yourself. Engaging in a digital detox - even just a short one - can do wonders for your mood. Excessive screen time has been directly linked to a decrease in productivity, due to the way the blue light gets filtered through the eyes. This can actually increase tiredness and wear you out faster than if you space out and regulate your time spent looking at laptops and smartphones. 

Clinical studies in 2014 found that smartphone use after dark disrupts sleeping patterns, leaving you more tired and unproductive the following morning. If you have trouble sleeping, spend long periods of time being sedentary, and your time outdoors is limited, it may be time for a digital detox. So before you try one of Melbourne’s premier pottery courses, leave your phone in your bag. Besides, pottery classes will leave your hands covered in clay, making it impossible for you to check Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or Words with Friends. 

This is important, though! Engage with the pottery making and give your brain and eyes a break from all the screens in your life. Obviously, due to the fast-paced nature of the modern work environment, it can be vital to monitor your emails and phone calls regularly. But once work is over, just treat yourself to a few hours of detoxing from technology. Besides, pottery making leaves your hands too messy to work a smartphone anyway. So come on, get messy… 


Pottery workshops aren’t like “other workshops”

With so many fun things to do in Melbourne, it’s a fair point to ask what differentiates pottery classes from other craft activities. Many craft workshops can aid in stress relief and relaxation, and pottery is definitely among good company. The difference with pottery, however - and go with us on this - has an inherent sensuality to it. And although that shouldn’t be your primary intention behind booking a pottery workshop, engaging with your sensual side can not only enhance creativity but aid in focus and attention to detail. Pottery can be an intensely personal experience, and all our pottery classes pride themselves on offering a very warm and welcoming environment to allow your creativity to run wild.

Unlike other craft workshops, pottery classes are also a great option if you’re looking for unique date ideas. Get the hands working and the blood pumping with your significant other in a way that’s sure to extinguish the office hullabaloo from your mind. 


There are so many fulfilling pottery classes in and around Melbourne just waiting for you to call, and after work is the perfect time to pay them a visit. In a city so engaged with its artistic self, it would be such a shame for you to not engage in yours!  Pottery classes are one of many unique experiences Melbourne can offer you, and ClassBento has the best selection for you to shed off the workday and let your creative expression run rampant.


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