Fantasy Art Classes for Beginners (Draw Dragons!)

Fantasy Art Classes for Beginners (Draw Dragons!)

Bring dragons and fantasy creatures/worlds to life!

Angela Dai

Angela Dai

art opens doors to worlds only you can imagine



1 on 1



Lessons will be highly flexible and one on one ! Don't worry about travel because I'll be coming to you. You'll have the choice of learning to draw digitally and/or traditionally at your own pace. Whether they're from stories you've read, fandoms you've joined, movies/animations you've seen or simply from your lively imagination, I'll guide you to bring to life fantastical creatures and settings! Encourage yourself to expand your mind and abilities because there is something special about taking your imagination and weaving it into being on screen and paper. I'll teach you to draw headshots and fullbodies, complete with background, and also introduce you to various online resources and art platforms.

Student Limit:
I will only be taking up to 2 students for now.

Scheduling and Payment:
The sessions beneath are only recommendations; please suggest your own according to my availability**. You can pay after each session is over, no need for upfront fees. Feel free to sign up for as many lessons as you want and quit whenever you like; I'll put 5 as a guideline since I start university on 25/02/19 and may need breaks due to exams. Happy to teach during public holidays and semester breaks! Also be aware that my style of art and teaching may not be to your liking and that's totally fine, you can stop after any number of lessons.

9-18 Feb--> free everyday except 10, 11 Feb and Mon 4-6pm,

NOT available 18-22 Feb

from 25 Feb onwards-->
Saturday-all day
Sunday-all day
Tuesday 3-7pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Thursday 5-7pm
Friday 3-7pm

library_books Knowledge Required

None required.

shopping_basket What you'll get

dRAGON drawing skills

build What to bring

Preferably have a computer/laptop/tablet with Medibang downloaded (if digital) or pens/paints/pencils and paper ready (if traditional). If these materials are hard to obtain, notify me and I'll come prepared. Also feel free to utilise another digital art program, but Medibang is free yet high quality, and the one I'm most comfortable with.


The teacher can travel within 20km of Hurstville


Angela Dai
Angela Dai

art opens doors to worlds only you can imagine

Hullo! I'm an art hobbyist who grew up drawing (and reading) a lot of fantasy and will be taking art as an elective at university this year. I especially love to draw dragons and have received a number of commissions from people online. Here is a link to my deviantart account, an platform for sharing art:
I can use both digital and traditional mediums and speak both English and Mandarin. Thanks!

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Book at least 48 hours before each date
Free to cancel (with 2 days notice)
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