How to Transform Mothers Day Classics Into Unforgettable Experience Gifts in Sydney

How to Transform Mothers Day Classics Into Unforgettable Experience Gifts in Sydney

Sam Bowden

Having to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day shouldn’t concern you. ClassBento has all your Mothers Day gift ideas in Sydney all compiled into one website, so quit stressing, you. Being a good son or daughter is about understanding what your mum wants, but if you’re really stuck, there are a few Mother’s Day classics that’ll definitely keep every mum happy.

It’s important to acknowledge some Mother’s Day ideas are rather foolproof across the board. Any standard combination of chocolates, flowers and candles will usually set you up as a thoughtful child. But instead of opting for the usual Mothers Day flowers and stock-standard gifts for mum you can purchase at literally every newsagency in the country, why not take it up a level in 2020? With so many exciting things to do in Sydney, it would be a shame for your Mothers Day gift ideas to amount to little more than a frangipani and some Lindt balls! With options out the wazoo, ClassBento can help you take those three Mother’s Day staples and transform them into incredible Mothers Day fift ideas in no time!


Mothers Day chocolates

Ahh, yes. Chocolates are a staple Mothers Day gift, and a good one at that. Buying a nice box of chocolates is one of the best gifts for mum if you’re working on a tight budget. It’s sweet, simple, and virtually foolproof. Personally, the Guylian seashells are a real treat and would leave virtually any mother happy to have birthed you. If you’re looking at transforming your Mothers Day gift ideas into an incredible experience, however, then keep reading right now!

ClassBento’s Sydney workshops are littered with incredible chefs, butchers, brewers and bakers, and our dessert classes are no exception. If you’re looking to take your chocolate-buying game to the next level, ClassBento has experience gifts perfect for you and your mum. Sydney Chocolate School in Mosman sits next to the water and offers you the opportunity to create beautiful chocolate magic, all with a sea breeze and a view! 

Low-key famous around Sydney, the chocolate school has been serving delicious couverture in their Kirribilli store for years, and in 2015 celebrated their 15,000th delegate. Seriously, these guys are some of Australia’s chocolate royalty. Their chocolate school in Mosman can show your mum a real good time, giving her a step-by-step guide on tempering delicious melted chocolate and creating an array of exquisite cocoa treats. Did we mention the ocean view? 

If Mosman is a bit too far to travel for your Mothers Day ideas, more central in Lilyfield is Kimberley Chocolates. Founded in 1994, Kimberley Chocolates have built up a reputation for crazy delicious flavour combinations, and Joseph the head chocolatier runs some of the most practical cooking classes ClassBento offers! Your mum will be walking away full of information and chocolate, complete with a bag of chocolate in case she ever gets hungry again. 

If for whatever reason, your mother has an aversion to delicious chocolatey nibbles, all hope is not lost. If you’re in need of a chocolate replacement, MakMak Macarons are the sugary treat ideal for your Mothers Day ideas. Award-winning macarons aside, their Sydney workshops on how to make them are second to none. Macaron making classes are rare - even in Sydney - so if your mum has always had her heart set on perfecting the raspberry macaron, MakMak may well make your mum marvel with macaron magic!


Mothers Day flowers

Get. Your. Mum. Flowers. Period. 

We here at ClassBento can’t believe we have to say this, but not getting your mum flowers on Mother’s Day is like making a spaghetti smoothie: it just isn’t done. Make them nice, and put some thought into it. Your Mothers Day flowers should be a good reflection of your gratitude to her for giving you life. If you’re looking to expand on the floral theme for your Mothers Day ideas, however, then keep reading right now!

Mums love flowers, and if they don’t, it’s probably because they’re dad. If you’re able to expand your budget, you can expand the Mothers Day gift you were going to get anyway! Flower arranging classes are some of the most popular things to do in Sydney, and the variety of options of flower arranging will blow your mind! 

Traditionally speaking, there are three styles of flower arranging: Oriental (an emphasis on lines and shape), Western (prioritising colour matching and balance) and modern (no finite rules). Within these three groups, however, is a series of styles and mediums so extensive you’ll need to choose for your mum, in case the agony of choice ruins her Mothers Day experience. 

But that’s a good thing! With so much to choose from, you can’t go wrong! If your Mothers Day flowers follow a more traditionally western approach, the florists at Merchant & Green on Bondi Beach run an exquisite Wild Flower Arranging class! Having already caught these wildflowers, your mother - under the guidance of a seasoned florist - gets issued with the artistic license to arrange them in whichever beautiful way she sees fit and then take them home, picking up some decorative floral decorating essentials to boot! 

If you’re looking for Mothers Day gift ideas that focus on tranquillity and meditation, our Ikebana workshops will have your mum feeling zen in no time. The Japanese art of floristry has less of a focus on quantity, and more on visual quality, emphasising the importance of balancing shapes and lines. Depending on the style of your mum’s house, Ikebana flourishes in minimalistic environments and can bring a feeling of relaxation to any space. As far as all of the unique experiences Sydney has to offer, Ikebana is a cultural treat and one that tops the list of experience gifts for your Mother’s Day presents. 


Mothers Day candles

Yes, the house your mum lives in probably, most likely, definitely has light bulbs, but candles aren’t obsolete! A good quality scented candle can make a room smell divine, and the flickering of light that a candle produces has been linked to directly helping the brain relax after a busy day. Candles are a wonderful choice when looking for Mothers Day gift ideas. If you’d like to really light up your candle game, however, then keep reading right now!

Although candle-making is no longer the thriving manufacturing industry it once was (thanks a lot, Edison), the popularity of learning how to craft boutique candles is at an all-time high! With so many exciting things to do in Sydney, you wouldn’t expect candle making to be high on the list, but it is! As far as unique mothers day gifts go, candle-making may just take the cake. 

Masterful Makers in Redfern can show your mum how to craft natural wax candles from scratch in one of our most fragrant Sydney workshops! If you were going to gift your mum a candle for mothers day anyway, this class will help her craft and walk away with two candles of her own making! 

Alternatively, your mum can head out to Earlwood and create a natural soy candle - complete with a gorgeous glass container - that’s entirely vegan! Perfect gifts for mum that are environmentally-conscious are hard to come by, but developing a vegan candle from start to finish is a great way to show her you care with your Mothers Day ideas. 


There you have it; a guide on transforming the traditional Mothers Day ideas and staples into magical memories. If you’re still unsure about what your Mothers Day gifts could be, our experience gift cards will let your mum completely decide for herself! No matter what you pick, you can be guaranteed ClassBento has some of the most exciting things to do in Sydney when it comes to Mothers Day gifts 2020. 

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