Wine and Paint Classes in Adelaide: Expectation Vs Reality

Wine and Paint Classes in Adelaide: Expectation Vs Reality

By Kellie Maloney

Colour your world and brush your worries away with paint and sip classes in Adelaide! Fun, social, beginner-friendly, creative - the list of reasons to try wine and paint may seem too good to be true but we can promise it’s not. Forget your expectations of these exciting Adelaide activities and discover the fun reality today in 2024!

Guided by local and passionate artists, the first thing you’ll notice at a sip and paint class is just how laidback it is. Relax into your seat with a glass of wine and nibbles and enjoy taking the time to paint your artwork as you socialise with those around you. You can even try out your session with a private group - from hens parties to team building activities and everything in between, paint and sip classes are sure to be real crowd-pleasers.

These classes aren’t just seasonal either. Whether you’re looking for gifts for Mum for Mothers Day, birthday gifts or even just fun things to do in Adelaide, paint and sip classes run all year round and there’s always a huge variety of artworks to choose from.

Still not convinced? Take a squiz at these 5 reasons why you should try paint and sip classes in Adelaide and transform your expectations for good!

Paint and sip classes for beginners

Wine and paint

Expectation: I don’t know anything about art so I’ll look silly.

Reality: Paint and sip classes are designed for absolute beginners! 

If you think that you need to be a trained artist to try out these creative things to do in Adelaide then you couldn’t be further from the truth! Since they first started, paint and sip classes have been designed for absolute beginners seeking a relaxed and carefree art experience. In your class, you’ll be shown how to paint your chosen artwork step by step and will even learn some tips and tricks to make the whole process even easier.

The best part is that brush and sip workshops are a safe space to get creative and express yourself. The focus is not on producing the most immaculate masterpiece or the closest interpretation of your teacher’s work, but rather on simply enjoying the experience of painting and creating memories. And, if your artwork doesn’t turn out the way you planned, you can always have a laugh about it and share the story with friends and family!

Learn how to paint step by step

Paint and sip class

Expectation: I haven’t painted since school so I’ll fall behind.

Reality: You’ll be guided slowly but surely through painting a masterpiece! 

As we’ve mentioned, painting at one of these classes is a simple, guided process, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to easily follow along during your session. Your friendly teacher will take you through each step, demonstrating to the whole class how to paint your artwork bit by bit and section by section. Before you know it you’ll have a completed artwork, ready to display in your home! 

Do you have a special someone in your life who loves art but lacks the confidence to actually try it themselves? Paint and sip gift experiences are the perfect way to get your loved one started on their artistic journey and more positive about trying their own DIY projects.

Create something special at these art classes

Paint n sip

Expectation: My painting won’t look as good as everyone else’s.

Reality: Every painting is amazing and unique! 

If you’re worried that your painting won’t look as good as everyone else’s, don’t fret! At your wine and painting class, you can choose from a huge variety of artworks and the only thing that matters is how happy it makes you. So long as you enjoy the process and put love and creativity into your painting, we guarantee that it will be beautifully unique.

The focus of these classes is on having fun and enjoying the process, so it doesn’t matter whether your painting turns out exactly as planned or not - you’ll have a great time regardless. Whether you want to paint an abstract piece, a gorgeous landscape or even a portrait of your partner or pet, once it’s finished it will be truly one of a kind! Besides, the best artworks are never perfect.

Celebrate your next special occasion with a customisable paint party

Paint and sip class

Expectation: I want to organise a paint party, but it sounds too complicated.

Reality: You can easily put together a paint and sip event for any occasion! 

If you’re thinking of organising a private group session with these Adelaide activities, don’t worry about doing all the legwork yourself! Many paint and sip studios in Adelaide offer customised packages for groups of all sizes, with some even providing food and celebratory drinks. Whether you want to arrange an event around your own agenda or need help picking out the right painting and wine class for your group, your local party planners can help you put together the perfect night.

Looking for birthday party ideas in Adelaide? Classy hens party ideas? Corporate Christmas party ideas for team building? Paint and sip classes are an ideal solution to all of these questions! From private sessions to public events, paint and sip Adelaide experiences are the perfect way to celebrate your next event with friends, family or colleagues.

What’s better is that you don’t need to be the host to enjoy these awesome events! Whether you attend as an individual looking for things to do in Adelaide with friends or as part of a large group, there will always be something for everyone to enjoy. With drinks packages available and music playing throughout your class, it’s hard not to relax in your environment and simply have fun painting away!

Let your imagination run wild

Expectation: I can’t get very creative at a wine and paint class.

Reality: You can choose more unique painting themes or experiment with a chosen artwork!

When you think of paint and sip classes in Adelaide it’s easy to assume that they offer a limited range of artwork options. In reality, simple sessions like these offer a wide variety of options for any style or taste. You can even try out some fun themes like paint your colleague or partner, mandala painting or abstract art where you can give your artwork a unique twist!

In your wine and paint class, you’ll be guided through painting an artwork from start to finish by one of our friendly local artists, but at the end of the day, you can choose whether your finished work looks just like theirs or if you prefer to take your own spin on the design and run with it. Whether you want to experiment with colours or create some unique brush strokes, simply let your imagination run wild and see what happens. The possibilities are endless!

Looking for fun activities for your next event? No matter the occasion, check out why you should celebrate your next event with paint and sip classes in Adelaide!

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