World Dance Healing, Listening to and Loving Your Body

Experience the ultimate dance healing where you learn how to listen to your body and soul!

Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia
4.9 (8)

1 hour Class size 1 to 20 (public dates), 1 to 30 label $20

Join us for an hour of World Dance Healing and Connecting with your Intuition and Self! This online event takes place on Mondays, starting 8 April 2024, at 10:00am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) to 11:00am.
Immerse yourself in the transformative power of dance as we explore various world dance forms such as Afro-Samba, Afrobeat, Latin, Mid-Eastern, and universal world dances of all time, and a fusion of your style of moving with all these dances with the tender loving touch of Body-Mind Centering principles which help you feel yourself in the dance.
What gives us JOY? This class shares World Dance from Samba, Afro-Beat, Mid-Eastern and modern dance moves with Listening Skills that show you how to embody JOY and expand how you feel yourself and build Self-Connection.
This 1-hour experience starts with feeling into your Energy Body and Space with simple dance moves.
Then we move together with improvised dance that connects you with your natural energy and peak state.
No dance experience is necessary!
This unique event aims to heal your mind, body, and soul through the rhythm and movement of dance with Body-Mind Centering principles showing us how the rhythms inform the body and help us embrace the body and feel complete and in harmony with ourselves.
Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, this event welcomes all levels of experience.
Angela will guide you through the steps, allowing you to express yourself freely and connect with the music. And for the seasoned dancer, go deeper to experience how world dance forms connect us to deeper embodiment, joy, our heart, spirit, and desire to connect with ourselves.
Discover the joy of movement, release stress, and tap into your inner creativity and your intuition and heart.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and spirit through the power of dance. Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a transformative journey!
The class uses connection exercises inspired by Body-Mind Centering and Somatic and Qi Gong and Belly Dance techniques that allow you to experience deeper embodiment and ease of movement, giving you a deeper understanding of how movement works in the body.
We finish with improvised dance where you can explore more the expansion of your feeling of yourself into your space.
Knowledge required
What to bring
Water to drink and a space clear of things for you to move.
A chair if you want to sit and try some of the movements sitting.
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Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

4.9 (8)

I share with students young and old from 4 to 100 years how to enjoy your body by feeling into the body with music, deeper listening, understanding of dance and the anatomy of the body. I teach how to be confident in your body through understanding your relationship to space, music, rhythm and your intent. If you are looking for healing old habits, lack of confidence, social awkwardness and finding out how to master your body intuitively, I give you very easy quick body awareness skills that allow you to tap into your inner knowing and shift easily out of old habits. I teach belly dance for beginners, body confidence and awareness through movement and meditation and healing with the energy body.

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