Yoga at Home: Pre-recorded

Connect to self, unite mind, body & breath with these pre-recorded yoga videos.

Yoga Odyssey
Yoga Odyssey
5.0 (31)

15 x 20 mins

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Captivate your mind, body & soul. Connect to self, find inner peace and feel rejuvenated. These 15 pre-recorded videos will guide you to the evolving power of Yoga and Yoga Nidra in the comfort of your own space.

Videos range from 20 minutes to 1 hour & 20 minutes. Be guided through a combination of slow poses and gentle movements, allowing you to release tension and elongate your muscles while using the breath to release & unwind. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yogi, these videos are designed to be beginner-friendly, making it suitable for all levels of experience.

The Yoga Nidra videos will cultivate conscious relaxation, alleviate ongoing stress and anxiety, for you to experience a soothing state of being as your body melts away into a state of deep relaxation. A complementary method to enhance your overall well-being, enabling the sensation of feeling restored & balanced.

You have the flexibility to practice at your leisure. Simply choose the video that suits your time and needs, and immerse yourself in the calming practice of mindful yoga.

Enjoy this transformative journey of self-care and self-discovery. Allow yourself to release, feel centred, and experience the numerous benefits of this mindful yoga practice. Embrace this opportunity to reconnect allowing your mind, body, soul & breath to unite as one. Enjoy the profound sense of well-being that awaits you.

Knowledge required
All levels, beginner friendly.
What to bring
Optional: Blanket, cushions, pillows, yoga blocks, yoga strap, bolster.
Your teacher
Yoga Odyssey
Yoga Odyssey

5.0 (31)

YOGA: meaning yoke/union, uniting mind, body and breath as one allowing you to connect to self. Artemis will guide you through gentle movement to connect, play, explore and discover.

Learn to move with intention and practice with kindness to self. Take time to feel your way through absorbing the benefits. Yoga is an exceptional way to learn when to push through and when to pull back on or off the mat.

Enjoy this collection of pre-recorded videos or contact Artemis to arrange for a private class via Zoom, and look out for the occasional event in studio at Yoga Prana & Wellness, 7B Beach St Dromana 3936 Vic

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