7 Art Classes Melbourne Crafters Are Raving About

7 Art Classes Melbourne Crafters Are Raving About

7 Art Classes Melbourne Crafters Are Raving About

Draw, pour, paint, or snap your way into the art classes Melbourne residents have been buzzing about! Whether you’re an established artist looking to branch out in different mediums or you’ve never come face-to-face with a blank canvas, you’re going to love trying out the many different art classes available in your neighbourhood.

In an art workshop, you’ll learn from local experts who are ecstatic about their craft and can’t wait to bring you into their world of creativity and expression. Not only are supplies provided for you, but you’ll get step-by-step instruction and plenty of opportunities to receive helpful feedback and ask questions.

Not sure where to start on your quest to find your new favourite hobby? Take a look at some of the most popular art-based Melbourne workshops!

Start with the fundamentals in a drawing class

acrylic painting class for beginners

Drawing is the foundation of so many other artistic styles, which makes it a great place to start for beginners. In a drawing class, your instructor will teach you valuable lessons about proportions, perspective, shading and more so that you can start sketching with the eye of a skilled artist.

Not only are drawing classes fun things to do in Melbourne when the weather is dreary, but you’ll also have a fun skill that you can practice anywhere. With nothing more than a pencil and a sketchbook, you can practice drawing whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

Contrary to popular belief, drawing isn’t an inherent skill. It’s something that everyone can learn with a little bit of support, guidance, and patience. And given how relaxing and meditative this accessible hobby is, we should all be learning the basics of sketching and drawing!

Add some colour with acrylic painting

dutch pour fluid art class

Painting with vibrant colours is a brilliant way to awaken your senses and explore your creativity. With an acrylic painting class, you can learn all about colour theory and painting techniques so that your canvas is bursting with character and emotion.

One of the best ways to tap into the world of painting is with a paint and sip class. Sit down to an evening of guided painting with your favourite beverage in hand and you’ll easily see why sip and paint classes are one of the most popular indoor activities Melbourne has to offer.

If you’re looking for a fun way to start off a wild hens night, or the bride would prefer a more laid-back hens party, these boozy painting classes are the way to go. Whether her group of besties spends the evening painting landscapes, recreating famous works, or even learning how to paint each other, they’ll have a blast celebrating the special bride-to-be.

Loosen up with fluid art workshops

DSLR photography class

Looking for something a little more abstract? With pouring classes, you can ditch the brushes and artist palette and have fun spilling your supplies on purpose!

With resin art or acrylic pouring classes, gravity will be your artist’s tool as you learn how to make captivating swirls, bubbles, and waves on a canvas or wooden surface. From stunning wall art to practical coasters, your knowledgeable resin or paint pour instructor will teach you how to work safely with the materials and follow your intuition to make beautiful abstract pieces of art.

Improve your handwriting in a calligraphy class

leaves watercolour painting

Calligraphy and brush lettering classes are some of the most relaxing things to do in Melbourne. No matter if you’ve always been proud of your handwriting or are looking to make some improvements, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with this ancient art form.

As you practice your loops and arches in calligraphy classes, you’ll enjoy the repetitive, mindful process of artistic handwriting. And, you may never send a store-bought Christmas card or thank you card again! Your loved ones will be excited to receive your handwritten cards and letters, and you’ll have a fun self-care practice any time you need to unwind.

Explore Melbourne with photography classes

It’s time to break out the dusty DSLR for a fun afternoon of photography 101. Your experienced photography instructor will walk you through the most picturesque parts of Melbourne, like the state library or Victoria or historic Melbourne Cafe, while teaching you the basics of great photography.

Whether you’re looking to take photos of an upcoming road trip or you want to zoom in on the things that bring you joy, like your garden or your pets, you’ll learn how to use your DSLR settings and features to accomplish your goals. 

Take the edge off with a watercolour workshop

If you’re one of many who are instantly soothed at the sight of a watercolour painting, just wait until you start painting with this technique yourself! Watercolour classes are all about capturing the beauty around you using techniques and tricks of painting with soft colours and brush strokes.

Watercolour classes make wonderful gift experiences for that crafty person in your life. Spend some quality time learning watercolour with mum on her birthday, or treat your bestie to a relaxing afternoon of painting with this unique medium.

Boost your little one’s creativity with art classes for kids

Not only is there a range of benefits for kids who learn to express themselves through art, but as the little ones will tell you themselves, they absolutely adore it! Whether they’re getting their hands dirty with an acrylic pour painting class or learning how to draw in a guided workshop, children have a blast exploring their creativity.

If you’re looking for a supportive partner to try art classes with, make sure to sign up for kid-friendly Melbourne workshops to enjoy with your burgeoning artist. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things will inspire you to search for your inner artist! And, you’ll enjoy some memorable bonding time together. 

Which art classes in Melbourne will you try?

If you’re looking to invite a little bit more art and creativity into your life, you’ll find a long list of exciting classes to try throughout Melbourne. Sign up for a painting, drawing, or photography class and enjoy all the art classes Melbourne has to offer!


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