7 Surprising Photography Techniques You'll Learn in Photography Classes

7 Surprising Photography Techniques You'll Learn in Photography Classes

7 Surprising Photography Techniques You'll Learn in Photography Classes

Close that old book of digital photography jargon and hard-to-understand photography techniques, and learn from someone who can teach you how to take great pictures right here with photography classes in Brisbane. With one-on-one instruction and feedback from a friendly local professional, you’ll pick up tricks and tips that you might never find in an instruction manual or online tutorial.

And, while you’ll certainly learn the basics like shutter speed and exposure, there are a few bits of knowledge that might surprise you! Take a look at some of the more unexpected techniques that you’ll learn in photography classes in Brisbane.

Finding your preferred equipment

DSLR camera

Right off the bat, you’ll quickly learn from photography classes that it’s not all about the latest and most expensive equipment. Sure, it helps to have a decent camera, but you don’t need to splurge on the latest model to become a good photographer.

In fact, you can enjoy photography even if you don’t have a DSLR camera. Smartphone photography is becoming an increasingly popular hobby for anyone with an interest in taking better pictures—even the pros! 

So, whether you’re just starting out or are wondering how to make the best use of the equipment you have, DSLR photography and smartphone photography workshops are your chance to dive in.

Knowing how to work with lighting

DSLR photography class - girl with camera

Whether you want to learn how to take amazing night landscapes or have always been drawn to golden-hour nature shots, you’ll be able to find a photography class that shows you how to use light for your artistic goals.

No matter what time of day your class takes place, these Brisbane workshops will teach you how to work with lighting to highlight your subject and end up with an admirable shot. And the more you learn about lighting and composition, these Brisbane activities will inspire you to take your camera out at different times of day to see how lighting can influence your artistic style.

Learning how to capture a person’s character in a portrait

DSLR photography class

You might have the idea that portrait photography is all about making someone look their best in your final shot. But what’s even more important and meaningful is learning how to portray a person’s essence or character. 

With portrait photography classes, your experienced instructor will give you helpful tips on how to approach photographing your friends, family members, and subjects that you meet out in the real world. Not only are these workshops some of the most unique things to do in Brisbane, but you’ll also find the process of connecting with your subjects immensely fulfilling. Capturing a person’s character is a photography technique that will make your photos special and memorable.

Living in the present moment

One big mistake that new photographers make is to get so caught up chasing the photo in their mind that they forget to stop and look at the beauty around them.

In guided photography classes, though, you’ll be invited to open yourself up to the present moment and observe. You’ll learn how to look at things from new angles and perspectives so that your photography has a distinctive voice and style. And, because you’ve learned how to live in the present moment, you’ll open yourself up to scenes that you might never have considered before. 

This presence of mind is also a brilliant way to be more aware of opportunities. When you take your focus away from that generic picture of the bridge or landmark, you might catch a glimpse of something even more interesting and fleeting. You might not have considered it, but this focus on the present is why photography is one of the most mindful things to do in Brisbane!

Letting go of doubt

Any time you try a brand new hobby or creative endeavour, you might limit yourself because you think you’re not good enough or not naturally talented. These Brisbane workshops will cure you of that line of thinking in no time!

For one thing, your friendly photography teacher will remind you that digital photography is one of the most forgiving mediums you can try. After all, it’s better to take too many pictures and delete the ones you don’t like later than to miss the shot because you were worried it wouldn’t be perfect.

What’s more, you’ll be practising photography with the help and guidance of a supportive professional photographer. They’ll be able to help you set up the shot step-by-step so that you can build your skills from the ground up. And, with real-time feedback and guidance, you won’t be second-guessing the quality of your work. By the end of your photography session, you’ll know that you’re on the right track!

Building a list of your favourite shooting locations

The chance to get outside and explore new neighbourhoods make these photography classes some of the most fun things to do in Brisbane. Not only will you be rejuvenated by the fresh air and inspired by the scenery, but you’ll also start building a list of your preferred photography locations for future reference!

The truth is, the best digital photography school doesn’t happen in a classroom. Exploring the world outside is the best way to practice DSLR photography and build your photography techniques!

Leaning into the social aspect of photography

One of the best photography tricks you can pick up is learning to rely on the digital photography community. Photography classes are great because they give you access to an experienced instructor, of course, but don’t forget to connect with and be inspired by your fellow students!

In fact, photography classes are such a fantastic way to kick off friendships and enjoy a sense of community that it’s no surprise they’re such popular team building activities. If you’re looking for an opportunity for your office team to bond and get to know each other, photography classes are the perfect gift experiences.

These photography techniques are just the beginning

There are so many tricks and lessons to learn as you go through your photography journey. Remember to keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to get help from the pros, and most importantly, have fun! Pretty soon, you’ll be sharing your best photography techniques with others!


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