Best Corporate Team Activities in Brisbane for Your Next Office Event

Best Corporate Team Activities in Brisbane for Your Next Office Event


If you’re looking for the best corporate events in Brisbane to provide your team with relaxation and inspiration, we’ve got just the team activities you’ve been looking for. These are some of the best things to do in Brisbane specially designed to bring your team together without treading into the realm of team building cliches! With the right corporate entertainment, you’ll be able to wow your team and give them a unique and unforgettable experience.

Whatever you’re going for, whether it's a flashy launch, relaxing team bonding session, or something a little more inspirational, this is a helpful guide to corporate team activities in Brisbane that are perfect for your upcoming company event.


Corporate team activities to motivate and inspire

Are you looking to reinvigorate your team and break up the work week with something fresh and exciting? ClassBento’s array of creative, hands-on classes and workshops offer a welcome reprieve from the standard corporate entertainment and ensure that you’re staff are engaging with both the classes and each other!

When chasing team building activities, it’s hard to look past paint and sip classes. Out of the ever-growing list of fun things to do in Brisbane, paint and sip courses are enjoying newfound popularity amongst locals and interstate visitors, alike. With a range of classes across Brisbane, you have a whole selection of options to choose from. 

There are many health benefits to paint and sip classes, but they work well as a team building activity due to their relaxed vibe, their emphasis on engaging in a communal atmosphere, and the creative expression that many people don’t indulge in on a daily basis. It’s also a delightful alternative to office drinks, as there’s never a shortage of wine and beer! If you’ve got a particularly close-knit team, The Paint Bar offers a unique chance to “Paint Your Date” in a unique paint and sip class where you paint your partner/co-worker! This is ideal for small teams and guaranteed to get a good laugh for weeks to come. 

If you’re not looking at leaving the office, don’t stress! Our paint and sip classes can also come to you! It’s not just paint and sip classes that can inspire your next corporate team building activity. With a multitude of other creative painting classes, there’s more than enough Brisbane workshops to colour your canvas.

paint and sip for corporate entertainment


Corporate team activities for an unforgettable office party

Although paint and sip classes can come to your office, so can an array of workshops and courses to make your next corporate team event unforgettable. 

Office drinks are a popular staple in the corporate world, and many people spend the week holding out for casual Fridays and the office drinks trolley. Take it to the next level and get your staff making their own drinks with our Mobile cocktail making class! The mixologists at Kubarz have been mixing since 2003 and cater for offices of every shape and size! You and the team will not only learn three classic cocktails, but the workshop ends with a create your own cocktail competition where the team can battle it out for cocktail bragging rights! This is a refreshing alternative to drinks that were going to be had anyway and a relaxed change of pace for a busy office.


Corporate team activities designed to de-stress

Any good corporate team building event aims to detoxify any potentially negative energy floating through your staff. That’s why its crucial to understand why it is your planning a corporate activity. If your aim is to celebrate the staff, cocktail making or paint and sip classes are perfect. Don’t forget, cooking classes are also a very popular option. 

Some offices, however, require some more hardcore refreshment. After a particularly stressful period, get your staff together for a private Tai Chi class. With its focus on mental and physical relaxation, an office Tai Chi class can be a perfect way to de-stress a busy, overworked team. With its focus on mindful movement meditation group, Tai Chi has the potential to completely change the office culture, particularly if you can feel any bad vibes emanating.

If you have a few green thumbs amongst the team, a terrarium building workshop might be ideal if you’re looking for a touch of nature in your next corporate team building event! Terrarium building workshops are a very unique team building choice, but they promote mindfulness and sustainability in a way that other classes simply can’t. By creating your own mini-ecosystem within a communal environment, it offers your team the chance to detox a hectic week by getting back in touch with their creative side. This is an ideal way to round off a Friday or begin a new week with your corporate team building event.

Tai Chi for team building


Your team is going to love whatever corporate team activity you choose!

Organising a company event that goes beyond the typical low-budget office party can be overwhelming. How do you choose what kind of corporate team activities your employees will like? Which corporate entertainment venue is right for your employees? Is it all really worth it in the end?

If you’re unsure of the kind of company event you want to throw, you might send out a survey to get a sense of what your employees will love. ClassBento is always happy to help with the organisational aspect of your event, and many of our classes have packages that can be tailored to suit your specific team. 

As for whether it’s all worth it, let us tell you, it is. Your employees will recognise the time and effort that went into planning your corporate entertainment event, which will improve workplace wellbeing pretty much immediately. When you arrange a company event around a unique experience your employees will build bonds and enjoy some much-needed relaxation time. There’s plenty of corporate team building events in Brisbane, and when you invest in your team, your company benefits.

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