5 Best Team Building Cooking Classes in Melbourne 2020

5 Best Team Building Cooking Classes in Melbourne 2020


Bringing corporate groups together is the key to success in the workplace. Learning to cook with others is a great way to facilitate this as it not only brings you out of your comfort zone, but gives you the chance to get to know the people around you. There are millions of things to love about team cooking classes in Melbourne. It’s a great way to bond over the love of food and to learn things about colleagues you didn’t know before. In the workplace you often have a limited amount of time to actually get to know the people you work with away from your desks. And the best thing is that you'll have the chance to make and try delicious food in a relaxed environment. No matter what kind of cook you might be, there’s so many benefits to team building cooking classes:

  • They can help to solve issues in the team by providing a fun space to work together free of the hierarchies of the office. 
  • It also allows for group interaction and team cohesion while discussing solutions, successes and challenges in the kitchen. 
  • Cooking team building classes can serve as a reward for all the hard work going on in the office and improve the team's overall communication skills.
  • It also strengthens bonds between workers and allows them to practice following instructions and the learning to adjust to any situation while increasing motivation. 

Sharing an experience can help workers come together in new ways they never thought possible. It allows for improved communication in the workplace and can be where friendships are formed and where skills are discovered.

Five of the best cooking classes for teams in Melbourne

Finding the right cooking class for your team in Melbourne can often be a difficult decision depending on dietary requirements, venue locations and pricing. From American smoking BBQ cooking classes to kimchi making workshops we have a range of cooking classes in Melbourne that will suit every budget and please even the pickiest eater. Here's five of the best: 

BBQ School

The BBQ School first emerged in 2004 when chef Ben Farley noticed most Australians only knew a couple of ways to barbecue. Today, over 90,000 people have walked through the doors of the BBQ School to learn all there is to know about the art of the barbecuing. The school’s team building classes are unique because they facilitate a group experience in one of the most relaxed and iconically Australian ways there is – around a barbecue! Upon arriving at the class everyone can enjoy and taste complimentary snacks, and during the session students will learn practical tips for rubs, timing of cooking and how to achieve perfect barbecued meats and vegetables each time. At the end the team will sit down and enjoy what was cooked during the class which is a great way to break down barriers and enjoy a relaxed social experience with your colleagues. 


Briony Kean

Briony Kean is a certified health coach and gut health expert who teaches her students the benefits of fermented foods like kimchi. Her cooking classes in Melbourne for team building are ideal for beginners and a great way to get workmates socialising with each other and working together to adopt healthier habits. The classes are centred around learning the benefits of making fermented foods and working as a team to complete the tasks set for them. The skills learnt and connections made, will be subconsciously transferred from the workshop environment to the office and make a positive impact on the staff's habits. 


OTAO Kitchen

Whether you want to learn how make Mexican cuisine, Korean food, Thai dishes, or you just want to have one big dumpling party for your colleagues OTAO Kitchen is the place to do it. The classes run for two to four hours and are 100 percent hands on. Their team building sessions can be customised dependent on what kind of experience you're looking for, whether it's friendly competition or more relaxed teamwork. The classes are taught by professional chefs and can be held at OTAO's cooking school in Richmond or at a venue of your choice. 


Urban Foodies

If Masterchef taught us one things it's the power of mystery boxes to facilitate teamwork. Playing on this concept, Urban Foodies and their cooking classes in Melbourne for team building are the perfect way to get your colleagues to work together. The group will get divided into teams, a head chef will be selected, and then each team will be given some mystery ingredients to work with. The final dishes will be judged based on categories like teamwork, presentation and cleanliness – all elements which are equally as important in the workplace. The classes are held in a passionate environment with the intent to help teams strengthen bonds and create lasting and impactful memories.


Foodie Trails

At Foodie Trails it's all about getting your team into the kitchen with a passionate home chef. Stripping back the hierarchy in the kitchen and creating a homely and comfortable environment is at the heart of their cooking classes. As well as cooking skills, stories are shared and the dishes that are cooked are informed by family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. They teach a number of different cuisines including everything from Sri Lankan, to Greek and Japanese, and while the menus are seasonal teams are welcome to make menu requests. 


1) holisticservices.com.au

2) zerocater.com

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