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Otao kitchen is a cooking school and event space with a mission for people to come together to cook, connect, celebrate. We believe cooking and eating should be an experience, not just a meal. We created Otao kitchen as an extension of our passions to cook, share and inspire.


Otao kitchen was launched in Melbourne, Australia in July 2014, with the goal of celebrating the rich and varied cooking experiences of Melbourne’s immigrant multicultural communities. Its founder, Chef Ha Nguyen, originally from Hanoi shares his passion for food, instructing customers in the exotic diaspora of Asian and around the world cuisine.


Today our guests can get inspired by cooking with our local and international chefs, listen to their cooking and travel experiences in Asia and around the world and bring some cooking and cultural tips and tricks home. With the nods at the diversity of communities within Melbourne, Otao kitchen features an array of global food experiences from Indian to Japan to Mexico and more.

In 2020 with the challenge of global Covid 19 pandemic, we set out to capture the curriculum of our hands-cooking classes and deliver it online to home cooks in Australia and across the world to guide you to cooking success and better health.

Products and services: cooking master classes, private and corporate events, catering and event services, kid and school programs, and gift vouchers.


Dumpling Cooking Class

4.9 (168)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 60

label $99 - $278

Japanese Cooking Class

4.9 (37)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 40

label $197 - $354

Italian Cooking Class

4.7 (19)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 40

label $197 - $354

Mexican Cooking Class

4.7 (16)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Vietnamese Cooking Class

5.0 (24)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Native Australian Cooking Class

4.9 (38)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $197 - $354

Thai Cooking Class

4.8 (36)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Chinese Cooking Class

5.0 (3)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Asian Street Food Cooking Class

4.5 (13)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Spanish Cooking Class

5.0 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Pizza Making Master Class

4.8 (19)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford / Mobile

1 to 40

label $149

Dim Sum Masterclass

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $99 - $197

Korean Cooking Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197

Quick and Tasty Asian Cooking Class

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 40

label $104 - $109

Asian Vegan Cooking Masterclass

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Greek Cooking Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $197

Indian Cooking Class

4.4 (8)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $197 - $354

Moon Cake Making Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $119 - $219

Sri Lankan Cooking Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $354

Parents and Kids Cooking

4.5 (2)

10 to 16 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 20

label $125 - $250

Cooking Class for Team Building

5.0 (1)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Abbotsford / Mobile

10 to 60

label $149 - $197

Team Cooking Challenge Workshop: Corporate Kindness

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Abbotsford

10 to 20

label $197

Ultimate Bucks Party Cooking Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Abbotsford

10 to 15

label $149 - $197

Latin American Cooking Master Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $395

NDIS Social Cooking Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $354

Team Challenge Masterchef Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Abbotsford

10 to 15

label $245

Asian Cooking Class and Market Experience

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Melbourne

10 to 15

label $368

School Holiday Cooking Workshop

5.0 (1)

10 to 16 years

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Abbotsford

1 to 15

label $129 - $465

Pop Up Cooking Class: Around the World

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Abbotsford / Mobile

10 to 15

label $3,650

Make Chinese Dumplings at Home with an Ingredients Kit

4.7 (52)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 40

label $197

Mexican Cooking at Home

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Make Sushi at Home

5.0 (3)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Make Ramen at Home

4.4 (8)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Learn Native Australian Cooking with Gin Tasting

4.8 (4)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Pasta Making at Home

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Vietnamese Cooking at Home

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 15

label $197

Virtual Cooking Experience for Team Building

4.7 (3)

date_range Your choice of time



10 to 40

label $197 - $795


Meet Otao Kitchen

Don your apron at Otao Kitchen, be inspired to connect with food and celebrate flavours of the world, right in the heart of Melbourne.

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Tracey Donaldson Feb 2024

Enjoyed the dumpling cooking class and the ingredients were fresh and tasty. Arun, the teacher, demonstrated each stage to the group before we were left to do our preparation, cooking and eating. A lovely miso soup and glass of Prosecco made for a lovely lunch. So many dumplings to take home with me. Ran on time and assistance was offered throughout if needed. Thank you for a lovely Saturday morning

Elena Suares Feb 2024

38 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely enjoyed the pizza-making masterclass. The chef is very attentive and clear with instructions Awesome pizzas to make, eat and take home. A generous selection of toppings to choose from. Highly recommend attending the class for those seeking culinary experience whilst learning pizza-making crafts.

Nina Paulus Feb 2024

We booked this class for a teambuilding event for our marketing leadership team of 10. It was the perfect mix of drinks, amazing food (The BEST Pizza), a casual environment and learning some practical pizza-making skills. Dylan was a fantastic host who topped an already amazing experience with a Nutella and ice cream pizza as dessert at the end (Thanks for finding a jar of Nutella somewhere to make that wish come true!). I highly recommend this class! Thanks for a great night!

Cooking class review by Nina Paulus - Melbourne

John Macaulay Feb 2024

Great fun, well resourced, clear demonstration, tasting dumplings, no cleaning up and a drink included!

Dumpling Cooking Class review by John Macaulay - Melbourne

Anastasia Joseski Feb 2024

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

Great hamper delivered. The online class and link is great as can do lesson at your own pace before and after class. Look forward to more

Sophie Barnes Feb 2024

This was an amazing class! I booked the class for myself and my girlfriend for her birthday and we had a great time. We learned so many skills on dumpling making technique, made friends, and really enjoyed ourselves. Our instructor Dylan was great, and we never felt lost or rushed during the class. So delicious and fun!

Sharon Jones Feb 2024

My son and I so enjoyed the night. The recipes were easy to follow thanks to Anan and the food delicious. We had fun with rest of the people on our table. Would definitely recommend

Jihae Jeon Feb 2024

Anan was amazing! would definitely recommend this class to everyone. The dumplings were absolutely delicious.

Kate Barratt Feb 2024

We all had such a fun time making dumplings, and they were delicious! Our teacher went at the perfect pace and was clearly very experienced. We also appreciated the catering for different dietary requirements. A great experience!

Isabel Johnsom Feb 2024

Amazing class, so organised and straightforward. I was running late and could just jump right in and get started. Amazing space to learn how to make dumplings and Dylan the teacher… HANDSOME! Apart from looks just a great skilled chef who I would definitely do a class for again.

Jen Brown Feb 2024

Absolutely brilliant class - loved every minute of it - very highly recommended.
The tutor was so generous with his knowledge and time - and the dumplings were delicious.

Taj Robinson Feb 2024

It was so much fun, easy to follow the instructor, place was clean and it was nice to have all the ingredients ready to go.

Dayle Purcell Feb 2024

So fun & easy to follow. This was my first such class. I plan to do more & give them as gifts to my adult children. It really was great fun & the dishes all turned out beautifully.

Amber Johnson Feb 2024

Really good and funny teacher. The food was amazing and really easy to learn ! The recipes were really easy to follow

Courtney Carpenter Jan 2024

This cooking class was a Christmas gift, and it was such a fantastic choice! We prepared a variety of dishes, honing our techniques and exploring delicious flavours. I really enjoyed learning more about native Australian ingredients. The quality of the materials provided was great, excellent kitchen equipment and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

I would recommend this class to anyone interested in refining their cooking skills in a relaxed yet supportive environment.

Nicole Kingston Jan 2024

Each item we had to prepare and cook was explained thoroughly with great visual walkthroughs. The smoked kangaroo tenderloin was lovely to try as it is something I would not cook back home. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be signing up for another class in the future!

Peter Lambert Jan 2024

The teacher was knowledgeable, very friendly, and generous.
The lesson was really good, we had a great time, and the meal was delicious.
The cost is quite high, which is only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars.

Nicole Ursu Jan 2024

The teachers were great and the dumplings even better! It was great to be able to trouble shoot issues on the spot to make the food even better.

Cherry Demir Jan 2024

A fun and interactive experience. Delicious food that was easy to make with great direction.

Emma Cole Jan 2024

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

The teacher created a fun and relaxed learning environment which meant we could relax into the class.
It was great that Otao Kitchen catered to dietary requirements as I am gluten free.
It's not easy finding cooking classes for people with coeliac disease.
I would be happy to try another class as well as recommend classes.

Casper Walker Jan 2024

Had fun learning and eating! Appreciated the flow of the class keeping me busy while also allowing breaks

Vietnamese Cooking Class review by Casper Walker - Melbourne

Alastair Faulkner Jan 2024

Had a really great time at the dumpling cooking class. Great facilities, good ingredients supplied and great equipment. Would definitely consider doing this again.

Gemma Smithdale Jan 2024

This is my second course with Otao, this time in their new bigger kitchen. Dumpling making is fun and not to tricky, but still a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, plus, it's a real treat to eat your efforts at the end of the session. It's a course suitable for all ages ( though minimum age is 12).
Was good fun and would recommend.

Dulasi Nilojan Jan 2024

The teacher was friendly and jovial throughout the lesson. The location of the venue was fairly easy to find with parking nearby. We had a great time and it was value for money considering drinks were provided and we made a lot of dishes too. I will recommend this experience to my friends and family!

Nicole Koek Jan 2024

Great setup of the cooking school. Skill-full and friendly chef. Easy parking around the corner.

Aime Lauze Jan 2024

Just down for the weekend, we wanted to explore something different. We booked the dumpling class.
The teacher was excellent! We were taught many techniques and skills, that we could take home to use in our own kitchen! We loved the pace, the atmosphere, the flavours and the experience. Thank you for an amazing night!

Manuela Sartore Jan 2024

Please pass on my sincere thank you to Dillon - his manner was just so lovely - he calmly explained everything in great detail (especially the different dumpling styles and how to fold them properly).

He nicely balanced group and individual attention and was very generous with his time.

Zach Gilby Jan 2024

I had an absolutely amazing time! Ha was very patient and gave everyone dedicated time and input! It was an incredible class, the dumplings were delicious and it was a very easy process! Definitely want to come back!

Katherine Sheppard Jan 2024

Great venue, great teacher and great dumplings! Super delicious. Would absolutely recommend this class to anyone.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Katherine Sheppard - Melbourne

Ava McKellar Jan 2024

our teacher was easy to follow and was helpful to all participants, food was great

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Ava McKellar - Melbourne

Giulia Folini Jan 2024

My partner and I did the Native Australian cooking class and it was very interesting discovering all the native herbs and flavours. The teacher was lovely and the food was great, we had an amazing time

Ana Rusulet Jan 2024

We had a great experience with the native cooking class. Our instructor was thorough and knowledgeable. This is a great venue and a wonderful activity I highly recommend!

Caroline Carter Jan 2024

This class was fantastic, we were provided with all you need, a great view of the TV screen which shows you what our instructor is doing and he is micro phoned up so you can hear.
The instructor is fantastic, coming around and checking in on everyone and providing assistances when needed.
The Dumplings we made tasted great with a beer to go with it all, such a great atmosphere and we highly recommend it.

Emma Ryan Jan 2024

Teacher was so friendly, very helpful and provided so much good energy for a great experience

Gary Marshall Dec 2023

The class was well run. Some minor improvements could be made by providing clearer instructions. Also the prices seem a little high.

Cooking class review by Gary Marshall - Melbourne

Huda Dabash Dec 2023

Class was fun, dumplings were delicious and the teaching was straightforward. Highly recommend to anyone

Cooking class review by Huda Dabash - Melbourne

Alexis Infeld Dec 2023

so fun! Our teacher was so funny and sweet. we learnt so many good tips!

Nicholas Wee Dec 2023

The teacher was very experienced and gives off good vibes in general.

For each dish, the instructions given were clear and comes with demonstration before we get to attempt it. Pace was just right for both cooking and eating.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Please keep it up :)

Martin Mayes Dec 2023

All I can say is wow, this class far exceeded my expectations. As a very amateur cook (meat and 2 vegetable style) this has given me great confidence to try different things and venture out of my comfort zone. Also, the meal was delicious. Thanks again for being patient and answering all of the very novice questions I had. Highly recommend.

Make Ramen at Home review by Martin Mayes

Dee Groves Dec 2023

Very well prepared, pleasant and helpful. Love the class and teacher. Thanks heaps for the experience.

Krishna Sanjayan Dec 2023

Fun class, great teacher with a fun attitude and best if all some delicious food at the end.

Ashleigh Draffen Dec 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

great class to enjoy making with the family loads of fun and diverse recipes overall

Pascale Hay Dec 2023

Very professional friendly entertaining very simple instructions nothing too hard to follow easy recipes clear concise

Michael Govan Dec 2023

Class was really hood. Filled many questions i had … great fun & teacher,

Look forward to my next pizza…

Thank you!

Flavia d'Alo Dec 2023

The course was easy to follow and super fun. The room set up and equipment were perfect. The trainer was amazing!
Definitely doing another class

Steven Wan Dec 2023

Fun teacher and experience! Would recommend for people of all experience lookin to try something new and fun :)

Cat Colivas Nov 2023

Teachers were amazing! So helpful, funny and friendly. The venue was set up so nicely, everything was tidy and immaculate. Me and my sister learnt so many new skills, and the experience was really great! Would definitely come back again and recommend to friends and family!

Melita Prideaux Nov 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Teacher was great, he was very helpful, friendly and funny!
Amazing variety of dishes to learn and they were all delicious to eat.

Cooking class review by Melita Prideaux - Melbourne

Edwina Green Nov 2023

What an experience! The teacher was an absolute gem, funny, and engaging throughout the whole experience. He paid extra attention to those who needed it, and was generally great. The space was incredibly well maintained and clean, and all of the materials were provided and prepared so you can actually learn the hard part of dumpling making. Great experience, and definietly worth the price for a date night or group activity (or even going by yourself!) I have since gifted some friends ClassBento gift cards as I loved it so much!

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Edwina Green - Melbourne

Emma Goodieson Nov 2023

Really fun morning, the teacher was helpful in teaching us the correct folding techniques. We ended up with so many dumplings!

Gerard Kennedy Nov 2023

All aspects very good
Came away with a new comprehension of food combinations. Great help for people of different levels of experience

Louise Nov 2023

Great evening. Experienced teacher and plenty to eat. No need for cooking for the next day.

Vicki Cobb Nov 2023

Mexican cooking class was a lot of fun, and very informative. We got to take food home too.

Anastasia Joseski Oct 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

So handy that you can join in online. Quality class. Will definitely look at booking again.

Grant Oct 2023

I was looking forward to this class of make dumplings from scratch with the supplied kit. Kit was very nicely presented. I watched the instructional video and write my own notes.
Prepared ingredients before the class so I was fully prepared.
I learnt a lot during the class off Dylan the instructor. Dylan taught us how to make 4 different Dumplings shapes. Dumplings turned out great and we're delicious.
Enjoyed the course and would recommend it.
Another feather in my cap of things I can now do.

Sharna Stone Oct 2023

24 ClassBento workshops attended • 17 reviews

What a great class!
A stunning kit arrived with such attention to detail.
Dylan was a very enthusiastic teacher who was easy to follow and the dumplings were amazing. Opting for the vegetation option was a great choice.
The filling and sauces were decadent. Highly recommend.

Make Chinese Dumplings at Home with an Ingredients Kit review by Sharna Stone

Miklos Horvath Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Awesome session, great fun and clear/friendly instructions. Good food and nice drinks. Pleasant venue and good vibe.

Louise Khanbashi Oct 2023

This was a fabulous experience from start to finish. The kitchen was great, the teacher was engaging and clear, the food we cooked was delicious. There were no issues with recipe modifications to suit a variety of dietary requirements. Everyone had a fabulous time and we are all keen to come back for another class soon.

Hazel Turner Oct 2023

Great way to spend a Sunday morning learning new skills and eating the results. Very friendly easy instruction

Kristina Cigana Oct 2023

This dumpling cooking class was super fun and informative! The teacher provided easy understandings of the process and was an all round positive vibe! The kitchen and equipment was all high quality and clean! The class was a great date idea for me and my partner!

Michelle Pearce Oct 2023

Great fun and atmosphere, good food and instructions. The teacher was excellent, well prepared and made it easy for us.

Lidia Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This is the second class we have done with Otao Kitchen. It has become a bit of a treat for my still primary-school-son and I. Both classes were very well thought-through in terms of menu, pace, techniques we learnt. Annan was our chef instructor for both classes, the Vietnamese and the Dimpling one - he was fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, offering a helping hand, especially to my boy when it came to cutting with a sharp knife.
All the people we have now met at the two classes were very friendly, talkative and excited about cooking, which made for a great relaxed atmosphere around the kitchen. The Otao Kitchen premises are like a professional commercial kitchen, which makes it even more exciting for my budding MasterChef! Plenty of food to go around too, with leftovers for the rest of the family! Would highly recommend!

Lorelle Hickson Oct 2023

Our teacher was so lovely and helpful.
The food was awesome and it was just a great day.

Kim Browne Oct 2023

A great experience learning to make dumplings in a clean and well equipped cooking class. The teacher was great and very encouraging. Looking forward to returning to do more classes in future.

Susan Brown Oct 2023

Our teacher was so cheerful and helpful. Had an absolutely fabulous time with my girlfriends. Would 100% recommend.

Rachel Jowett Oct 2023

A super fun class, we made more than 16 dumplings each, we were offered miso soup halfway through and wines! Loved it

Steph Mackay Oct 2023

Atan was a fantastic facilitator and brought such warmth and enthusiasm to the class. His energy and willingness to help enhanced our experience. It was evident he was highly skilled and had the ability to teach others

Paul Mackay Oct 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed our class. Our teacher was friendly, enthusiastic and highly skilled. Everything was on hand, which helped ensure even this self-confessed kitchen clutz could make delicious dumplings

As a family, we had a fantastic time.

I can't recommend it enough!

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Paul Mackay - Melbourne

Karen Mackay Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Anan was a fantastic teacher for our dumplings cooking class. His instructions and demonstrations were clear and the class was so much fun!
We feel confident to make dumplings at home with the recipes provided.
The Otao cooking venue was clean, spacious and provided everything that was required.
We can't wait to bring the whole family for our next class!
Fantastic gift idea.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Karen Mackay - Melbourne

Lucia Pietralunga Oct 2023

IT was very good, the teacher was very helpful and made the class fun. thank you very much

Rangeleen Acao Oct 2023

It was an enjoyable and fun experience. Our teacher was very thorough in teaching us on how to prepare the food. My only complaint is maybe lower the price. I think the price of the classes is too expensive for the stuff that we cooked. The recipes are too simple to justify the price of the classes. But overall it was a good experience.

Tumema Elise Sep 2023

I bought this as a gift for my husband's birthday as we LOVE dumplings and the class did not disappoint! Dylan was such a great teacher, taking us through each step with clear and concise instructions. I was initially anxious as I do not cook often but Dylan created a calm environment for us to learn.
We loved that there were different proteins we could choose from, all equipment required was supplied and within reach, the drinks were flowing and we even had some delicious Miso soup while we cooked. In the end, we made so many dumplings! Enough to take home and have as a late night snack. Thanks so much Dylan for the great class! We will definitely be back again :)
Mema & James Lemalu

Cooking class review by Tumema Elise - Melbourne

Lizzie Harris Sep 2023

The class was easy to follow and the food tasted great at the end! The teacher was good as well and gave simple instructions, and the instructions were broken up into manageable parts.

Sarah de Rango Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a great time at the class. Dylan the teacher was extremely friendly and helpful! Instructions were clear and succinct and we were so happy with how our dumplings turned out. It was a great night out!

Stephanie Fell Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Venue was great! Our teacher was amazing, really clear with his instructions and always happy to give a hand when needed. And the dumplings were ELITE

Johanna Orduz Sep 2023

It was the best experience with the best chefs.I loved the food, materials and technology support.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Johanna Orduz - Melbourne

Helen Glover Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was very personable and friendly. We loved it. Great mother daughter class. Thank you

Martha Mulley Sep 2023

I really enjoyed my time learning how to cook with native ingredients. The recipe was easy to follow, and the teacher was very helpful.

Fernanda Sep 2023

Love it. Super great experience.
Amazing place, friendly staff and the result was impressive…super yummy.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Fernanda - Melbourne

Dean Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great fun session today, easy to follow instructions, delicious fresh food and went home feeling very full! Our teacher was a delight, thank you so much!

Mexican Cooking Class review by Dean - Melbourne

Pascale Hay Sep 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chef ha was very professional his instructions were easy to understand. Can’t wait to do another cooking class in a few months

Tanya Dillon Aug 2023

The class was so much fun. I felt confident to go home and make the dumplings myself!

Murat Donma Aug 2023

The instructor Anan was very thorough and entertaining. We were very happy with today’s Thai cooking class.

Stephen Morrison Aug 2023

Really enjoyed the class which was made more interesting by the teachers presentation. Good venue and the cooking stations with plenty of room.

Debbie Wilson Aug 2023

The teacher was great, he explained a lot about Asian cooking and had good knowledge.

Vanessa Adzaip Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was incredibly kind and guided us smoothly through the process of making dumplings.

The venue, being clean and strategically located to provide easy access to the Auslan interpreter, was greatly appreciated.

The materials provided were well-organized, and the space was used efficiently.

The overall experience was excellent value for money.

During the session, we learned how to make dumplings, including the ingredients.

What I liked most about the experience was the opportunity to enjoy a meal together at the end.

Cooking class review by Vanessa Adzaip - Melbourne

Dana Lee Aug 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed this dumpling cooking classx Our instructor was great, provided clear instructions at a good pace and was always on hand to offer assistance where necessary. We were impressed with how yummy the dumplings we made were and enjoyed the added bonus of a beverage during the class. Would highly recommend!

Cooking class review by Dana Lee - Melbourne

Dohee Lee Aug 2023

Funny and delicious
Free drinks and foods included in fee!
I want to come with my boyfriend again

Cooking class review by Dohee Lee - Melbourne

Jamie Liew Aug 2023

Great instructor Dylan who prepared all the materials for us in advance and took us through some difficult techniques with patience! The dumplings were also delicious!

Brett Higgins Aug 2023

We had a fantastic time at Otao Kitchen for our dumpling making class. Our instructor was wonderful, knowledgeable and made time for everybody.
Otao Kitchen were very accommodating and made us feel right at home.
Everyone had a great time and nobody left hungry. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested!

Cherry Prasetiyo Aug 2023

Everything about the class was so lovely! There was a clear set of instructions and demo, and the teacher was always willing to help. Super beginner friendly and really tasty. Portion was a lot too and you are welcome to pack them home. I'd definitely do a class with Otao Kitchen again in the future!

Russ Carstensen Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

LOOOOOVED this class! Super informative, easy to follow and definitely left us with the confidence to try this at home. Highly recommend as a fun date idea! Or with your bestie.

Samah Abdeljaleel Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved this cooking class! Instructors were kind enough to wait for us even though we were 15 minutes late. The instructor chef was so nice, funny and made it incredibly easy to follow. He definitely knows what he’s talking about too! Would’ve liked if the recipes were available to us as we go too so if we missed anything in the demonstration, we can just refer to it. Also, the class size is quite big (we were 14 in total) so it wasn’t intimate — not that that’s a fault but we would’ve liked to be involved in all the steps and some people got to do some recipes others didn’t. Overall though, we cant wait to be back again and we’re definitely bringing friends too! So worth it and value for money is worth it too!

Daniel McDermott Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was a great set-up and environment. Anan our teacher was fantastic, very hospitable, knowledge and fun to work with. It was the perfect team activity, thank you!

Cooking Class for Team Building review by Daniel McDermott - Melbourne

Annette Roehrs Jul 2023

Such a great experience and the Dumplings were so fun to make and delicious Teacher was funny and very easy to follow, he was so patient and polite with everyone. Great fun. Will be coming back for another class for sure. Thank you

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Annette Roehrs - Melbourne

Enrico Chaffey Jul 2023

Loved Anan passion to teach. Ingredients delicious, recipes and reminder emails too.
Loved the class.

Japanese Cooking Class review by Enrico Chaffey - Melbourne

Melita Prideaux Jul 2023

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Venue was easy to find!
Parked at the hive car park
Teacher was great. It was but noisy in the room as there was 2 classes on at the same time but I could always put my hand up and the teacher was always quick to come over and help right away.
Loved the native Australian cooking class. I got to use ingredients I would have never cooked with before
The bonus was getting to eat the delicious food we cooked.

Cooking class review by Melita Prideaux - Melbourne

Leanne Jutson Jul 2023

Awesome fun at the dumpling class.
Our teacher was brilliant easy to follow instructions and was very hospitable.
Definitely recommend

Cooking class review by Leanne Jutson - Melbourne

Kasey McKenzie Jul 2023

Great class, fun, interactive experience. Ingredients were fresh and kitchen was modern and clean. We had a really great time

Jenny Chan Jul 2023

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

Otao’s kitchen offers exceptionally high standards when it comes to teaching cooking. The venue has to be one of the most spacious. The equipment and kitchen utensils are easy to locate. All the ingredients for each participant are set out before you arrive. Instructions are easy to follow. I had never cooked Mexican before. Beginner friendly. We prepared several dishes giving good insight into the diversity of Mexican cuisine. Wise to come very hungry for this class as there is a lot of Mexican dishes to devour with drinks.

Cooking class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Karen Noble Jul 2023

Great setup, lots of fun, learnt new cooking recipes and tasted new amazing food.

Professionally run with fun along the way.

Recommend to all.

Native Australian Cooking Class review by Karen Noble - Melbourne

Ella Morris Jul 2023

Dylan war great. Very knowledgeable. Made an effort to speak to everyone in the group - even the toddler.
Kept an eye on the pizzas in the ovens and also helped improve the dough stretching techniques.
Dylan was always around and approachable but didn't linger. 5 stars for him and his effort.

I would have expected a larger variety and more toppings.

Nicola Allison Jul 2023

Our teacher Cam was really great, very engaging and full of laughter. Kitchen was well equiped and we didn’t feel rushed at all, and of course the best part was that the food was delish

Cooking class review by Nicola Allison - Melbourne

Anna Lason Jul 2023

I wish I had more space for cooking and Italian music in the background… Thank you! The food was

Aimee McCartney Jul 2023

It was a wonderful experience and the staff were very professional. Especially when a lady collapsed and had a fit. They were very professional in how the eye handles the situation

Ben Collins Jul 2023

We had an absolutely amazing time in this class. It was a great learning experience but was flexible to each individual so it was a relaxing, fun environment. Loved the food throughout and we even got to take some home! Thanks for a wonderful night :)

Carissa Hoich Jul 2023

Fantastic and fun class! Really easy to follow and very hands on. Highly recommend with a group of friends.

Susan Howard Jul 2023

44 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Patient & friendly. Took the time to explain the steps and was inclusive for all the class members. Understood that attendee’s wanted to put their own twist by leaving out some of the ingredients due to taste preferences. Very pleasurable experience. Thank you.

Karin Aitken Jul 2023

It was a great class, easy to follow and all materials provided and ready to use. The instructor made it fun too! Loved it! Thank you

Cooking class review by Karin Aitken - Melbourne

Anne Morton Jul 2023

Anan was wonderful and very helpful. Eady to follow instructions and recipes so delicious dumplings Would highly recommend!

Franchere Chan Jul 2023

My hubby and I found the class enjoyable and we learned a lot today! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The class format is good with a demo first and then we do it ourselves.

Cooking class review by Franchere Chan - Melbourne

Jack Frith Jul 2023

Our teacher was patient, interactive and great fun
Dishes were tasty and with his tuition easy to prepare
Would recommend this to our friends

Jason Ioannidis Jun 2023

Teacher was nice and very helpful/patient. The venue was well got our, food quality was good as was hygiene and the drinks provided.

Cooking class review by Jason Ioannidis - Melbourne

Josephine Mangano Jun 2023

It was all fantastic, good fun, well organised and the instructor really knew his stuff!

Vesna Zammit Jun 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I loved how its was easy yummy food chef came around to each table to taste test before the cooking began and advised in what it needed more of and to reiterate before cooking
The venue was accessible and the benches are at a great height (even for a disabled person in use of a wheelchair) I found it very easy to use. It was lovely to be able to participate in the preparation of dishes,
I didn't have to move cause chef had a big screen showing his every move.
It's great to know how to make your own dishes from start to the finished product
All the ingredients are portioned according/person and dietary requirements.
I'm glad that I could participate in this class make the foodeat the finished product and have some left over to take home
Thank you chef ☺️

Cooking class review by Vesna Zammit - Melbourne

Fiona Lerk Jun 2023

35 ClassBento workshops attended • 35 reviews

Teacher generously allowed me to come another time because I couldn’t come along today

Gabriele Schanz Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was really fun and enjoyable experience. Our teacher was very knowledgeable, entertaining and approachable. We had a great time!

Davie Bruce Jun 2023

Really good fun and a great teacher :). We had such a good time and the food was delicious.

Mexican Cooking Class review by Davie Bruce - Melbourne

Michelle Abro Jun 2023

Great venue, well equipped and good quality materials and ingredients. Teachers were all smiles, helpful & friendly. Great value for money, this was our second time at Otao Kitchen and we’re already taking about doing another class later in the year. Highly recommend!

Glenn Yamakawa Jun 2023

We had a great time at the Vietnamese street food Asian cooking class. The equipment was great, the venue was clean and organized. The chef/teacher was very friendly and there was lots of fresh unique recipes. Would definitely recommend for those seeking a new experience.

Asian Street Food Cooking Class review by Glenn Yamakawa - Melbourne

Jaz Alexander Jun 2023

102 ClassBento workshops attended • 43 reviews

Fantastic thank you love all the little components that make up something soo delicious and filling

David Hill Jun 2023

Fantastic experience!
Our instructor was very good to learn from. He made the whole experience fun. The food was fantastic. Will 100% do it again.

Jenny Stuchbery Jun 2023

Great day. Great teacher, well organised and easy to follow. Found a fun partner and really enjoyed my time.

Vesna Zammit May 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

My husband and I absolutely love this class the teacher was so wonderful showing us all the different ways of making Asian street food though I felt sorry for him because there was only one of him and there was a lot of students for him to go around and help other than that the food was absolutely great we had a wonderful time and I cannot wait until we get back to do the Vietnamese cookie class.

Cooking class review by Vesna Zammit - Melbourne

Mia Jaques May 2023

The Native Australian cuisine cooking class was exceptional! The teacher was clear, inclusive, very attentive and helpful. The classroom was very clean, organised, and spacious. The food we created was delicious! And we get to take home the e-recipe and make it all again at home without having to take notes in the class. It was one of the most stress-free classes I’ve ever had. We learnt about so many new and interesting native ingredients which we also sampled. They have a small supply of niche cooking implements and local products, including some of the ingredients we cooked with, displayed on their wall in the kitchen.

You work in pairs on a table with a few other people depending on class numbers. The pace was very accessible, even for beginners. All our ingredients were placed in clear containers on our tables.

I brought my hard of hearing mother to the class and the organisers and teacher accommodated her condition and even placed us at the front where we could hear the teacher better. The teacher went out of his way to ensure my mother could understand all the spoken instructions and the classroom was set up with a screen where you could visually see all the teacher’s prep work. All of these little additions made the biggest difference and my mother was so happy with the whole experience, she couldn’t stop smiling!

Cooking class review by Mia Jaques - Melbourne

John Liddell May 2023

My only problem was a recipe sheet would have made the experience more enjoyable. I have memory and recall issues and step by step recipe would be
a valuable resource.

Alexandra Baxter May 2023

Really nice class ,it was good to learn how to use native cooking ingredients . Teacher was experienced and skilled.

Max Taylor May 2023

80 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

OTAO kitchen is always incredible and this class was no different, lovely ingredients in the home kit and the results were so delicious.

Cooking class review by Max Taylor

Danny Hwang May 2023

Good fun class. Clear instructions and guided well to follow the steps easily as a beginner. The kitchen is extremely spacious and provides all the necessary tools and ingredients to make the learning extremely easy. Another great thing was that the chef went around tasting all dishes to make sure it was seasoned and cooked to the standard :) would definitely recommend

Gerry Naughtin May 2023

This was a gift for my husband. He had a wonderful experience. He really enjoyed the teacher who was informative The class size great venue good Food fantastic

Anastasia Georgiou May 2023

Great class, all ingredients and utensils provided. Teacher was very skilled and provided guidance at each step. He also injected some humour and made the class lots of fun. Definitely will do another class soon.

Felix Living May 2023

Such a lovely experience! Non-rushed, very informative class which was enjoyed by everyone. Dylan was a fantastic teacher and really took the time to help everyone. Looking forward to my next class!

Brigitte Salvalaggio May 2023

Had an amazing experience this morning with our wonderful chef teaching us how to make incredible authentic dumplings. The setup and kitchen provided a great hands on experience creating our own little masterpieces. Highly recommend ☺️

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Brigitte Salvalaggio - Melbourne

Jessica Zammit May 2023

Was amazing really loved the class. Instructor was really helpful and we learnt a lot

Daniel Weule May 2023

Very enjoyable class. Teachers was excellent and our dumplings worked out nicely with his guidance. The team had a great time

Lisa-Marie Long May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Anan and his dumpling class were amazing! We had a great time, the steps were easy to follow and Anan was super patient with us while we did our best to make the shapes. An awesome Mother’s Day experience for my mum :) Highly recommend.

Jenice Robinson-Ashenden May 2023

Excellent recipes and instruction. High quality ingredients and very informative. We highly recommend this class.

Malcolm Willetts May 2023

A great teacher and every step was broken down into easy to follow steps. Super positive and friendly! Great venue. The perfect gift for a good friend or loved one.

Julie Gabelich May 2023

My friend and I were given this experience as a gift. We had a fantastic time. Anun was brilliant
He was very clear on instructions and demonstrated everything in detail. He really cared about our safety with using oil and knife and slicer
Anun was wonderful how he helped us and kept checking our cooking consistency was right and the flavour. Anun has a great personality and made us feel so special
The venue was very clean which was also wonderful
The head chef was also lovely he was in the background but we said Thankyou and he was so polite
I will return and I will recommend this to all my friends
Thankyou for making our night special great experience and loved our food and the freshness of all ingredients- just amazing!

Thai Cooking Class review by Julie Gabelich - Melbourne

Alexis Carter May 2023

Our educator was a delight, warm and engaging and didn't rush us through the process. The process of making dumplings was fun and delicious.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Alexis Carter - Melbourne

Fiona Lerk May 2023

35 ClassBento workshops attended • 35 reviews

Thank you for letting me do it on another day when I couldn’t find the location

Cassie Woolums May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun class, good food, teacher was nice. Learned a lot about native Australian food in Australia.

Wai Lam May 2023

Delicious dishes that showcase our bush food ingredients. Look forward to a new set of dishes in the next class. Thank you for the wonderful time.

Rowena Leveritt May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved this class! Delicious good, great fun, and a beautifully equipped kitchen. Highly highly recommend.

Jenny Chan Apr 2023

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

A pleasant Sunday afternoon cooking at Otao.
It’s a spacious, hygienic and well presented venue. Our friendly teacher, Anam structured the class well. Good selection of dishes to gain insight into Vietnamese food and there were some new cooking tips to learn. Delicious feast with drinks.

Vietnamese Cooking Class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Janelle Sheen Apr 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended

The instructor was great and we enjoyed making dumplings. My son make the pork version and I the chicken version. The little glass of wine as we ate the dumplings was a lovely touch.

Jh Marie Apr 2023

58 ClassBento workshops attended • 59 reviews

A great class with a great teacher. Dylan was patient, friendly and informative. He went through all the foods step by step and provided ideas to use for future dishes as well. The kit sent in the mail was really good too. I would recommend this to others.

Learn Native Australian Cooking with Gin Tasting review by Jh Marie

Melanie Phillips Apr 2023

Lots of great information and generous ingredients and take home food. I really enjoyed it.

Jenny Chan Apr 2023

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

Otao’s classes are very well organised from the emails prior to your arrival, to the layout of the venue, right through to departure, where containers are available for any unfinished meals you wish to take home. Saturday evening classes have a friendly atmosphere. A well presented class by Dillon with 3 tasty recipes I will cook at home. I suggest going with a big appetite as there is a generous amount of food and drinks in this class.

Greek Cooking Class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Margarida Bacalhau Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

PERFECT the teacher was soo good. Very yummy dumplings too! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Rebecca Armstrong Apr 2023

An amazing experience. Our teacher was funny, informative and open to any questions. The facilities are big but not huge so it's still intimate. Even of you are a party of one, you will have a great time.

Cooking class review by Rebecca Armstrong - Melbourne

Mia Jolley Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was so much fun Our teacher was amazing, so kind and funny and knowledgeable. The space was fantastic and the dumplings were delicious! We already can’t wait to go back to Otao for another cooking class!

Marda Skepper Apr 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the Native Australian cooking class. The food really was delicious. The Chef was really good at explaining cooking instructions and checking on everyone's progress throughout the afternoon. As English wasn't his first language, I did find it a little hard to understand sometimes. I didn't know that I was to be paired up with someone else, I would've liked to have cooked by myself. Hopefully the ingredients will be accessible online for future cooking.

Zara Daneshvar Apr 2023

I loved the class and will be making the food again for our friends and family :)

Anam was amazing :) thank you for an amazing time :)

Cooking class review by Zara Daneshvar - Melbourne

Daniela Ciardulli Apr 2023

I found that the samon was not really fresh . Did not really like cooking the tofu .

James Spielvogel Apr 2023

Anan was the absolute best! Highlighted all the interesting tips and tricks whilst following the recipes at an easy pace. Recipes were great as well, highly recommend

Sarah Conn Apr 2023

Teacher was great, instructions were easy to follow and created great food. We had a blast and enjoyed it greatly

Native Australian Cooking Class review by Sarah Conn - Melbourne

Nathan Buchan Mar 2023

Great class
Good teachers
The class was fun and food was great
We really enjoyed

Anonymized Customer Mar 2023

Wonderful! Great teacher, so enthusiastic, really fun class. And the dumplings were amazing. The teacher clearly cared about everyone having fun and learning.

Emily Rowe Mar 2023

51 ClassBento workshops attended • 51 reviews

Really delicious recipes, easy to follow and I *think* easy to repeat. Kids loved the results!

Wade Lewis Mar 2023

Such a great class, food was great and technical enough for someone who is good at cooking and easy enough for a beginner. I would say the only downside is sometimes it goes a little quick and just have to ask a bit as to what to do next. But great that the teacher comes around to everyone’s table and helps! Would definitely do it again

Chris Duncan Mar 2023

Was fabulous. Teacher was great. Was easy and fun. Relaxed and delicious. Highly recommend these experiences

Sandra Collingburn Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Watch happened to the vermicelli noodles we had Apart from that lesson was good What

Jan Lee Mar 2023

Teacher was insightful and made the class fun and enjoyable! Food was fresh as well and really enjoyed all the lovely ingredients!

Krystal Kazakoff Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Easy and yummy! Teacher was really nice and helped with explanation of everything! Very fun.

Mary Bruckard Mar 2023

Great class, very interactive and clean. lots of food made and able to take home.

Monique Winnett Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Super fun class! Would highly recommend to anyone! Super relaxed environment and our teacher was very accommodating.

Jason Hart Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent class great recipes super friendly environment and great teacher great day would recommend to anyone

Madeline Frost Mar 2023

Absolute legend, so insightful and great experience. Not cooking green curry out of the jar ever again

Mandy Reid Mar 2023

The Dumpling Cooking Class was excellent, venue was very good including all the utensils that were required & all measured out for you which made for rapid cooking process, plenty to eat after the class, even to take home & I definitely will be making many more dumplings for family & friends. Thanking you so much

Cooking class review by Mandy Reid - Melbourne

Naomi Vos Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The kitchen classroom was set up perfectly. The teacher was amazing - and lovely and funny. Thank you so much. We loved it so much

Cooking class review by Naomi Vos - Melbourne

Mary Deery Mar 2023

An amazing experience! Teacher was so enthusiastic and made it great fun
Easy to follow along

Erin Russell Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, made some very yummy dishes and the teacher was very helpful. Would go again

John Goggin Mar 2023

Great dumpling making class and teacher - thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Would 100% recommend it to anyone.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by John Goggin - Melbourne

Kathryn McKinna Mar 2023

This class was excellent in every way. From preparation to quality of food. The teacher was an expert in his cooking skills & teaching skills. He gave us insight into the complexity & importance of the flavors in the sauces, he gave us alternatives to substituting the ingredients, he showed us cutting techniques, cooking techniques, plating up techniques. The menu selection was my favorite choice and the people that attended were mainly young couples. I rate this course 10 out of 10 and my friends have already asked for your details to book their own course. I would definitely do another course at this venue. Also the kitchen staff were really lovely as well. This was extremely well organised delightful experience. The teacher was extremely inspiring and I would love to do another course with him.

Charles Robinson Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

was a great afternoon. Plenty of food and everything you need to cook great pizza. Educational too. Can’t wait to try at home.

Cooking class review by Charles Robinson - Melbourne

Dean Joseph Feb 2023

Fantastic time and amazing teachers. I was blown away of the quality of food that we cooked with the teachers help.

Nicole Short Feb 2023

Fantastic teacher and super fun event for our team of 10, everybody had a great time. Would highly recommend!

Brian Morks Feb 2023

Was very nice, had a good time.
Teacher was great and very positive.
Missed the part when to get the recipes via QR Code (Wine).

Afshin Eimany Feb 2023

Great cook
Clean venue
Delicious food
Good supervision
Well prepared
Tasty and fresh ingridient
Easy access

Claire Rosel Feb 2023

Nong was attentive, funny, helpful and really brought the class to life. We learnt, we ate and we had fun - thank you!

Joel Jackson Feb 2023

Hello team, thank you firstly for a wonderful opportunity to learn so much in such a short period of time. The class was laid out exceptionally well and we moved with efficiency, care and detail through so many dishes - I was quite amazed. Our teachers were direct, ready for questions and so wonderfully helpful. The style of the lessons were open, cohesive and user friendly. The venue was incredibly clean, well maintained and prepared and the atmosphere with a little background music, lighting and joviality was fantastic. Thank you! If anything, I was the only one in the class who printed my menu and brought it into class to make notes as we went along and because of how many dishes we made I found it to be extremely helpful in arranging my thoughts and keeping track of what we had created and what were the tidbits we were learning. But all in all, a fantastic experience I would recommend in a heartbeat! Thank you

Cooking class review by Joel Jackson - Melbourne

Jenny Chan Feb 2023

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

Prepared a tasty fish dish and It was a treat to learn how to make my own ramen noodles. Cooking at Otao is always a great learning experience. A well organised kitchen and friendly team. I recommend this class to learn some Japanese recipes to cook at home.

Cooking class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Brooke Vanderveer Feb 2023

We had a wonderful night! Welcoming, friendly team and knowledgeable teachers. We would definitely recommend Otao kitchen!

Andrew Kelly Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was fantastic. So helpful and funny!
Everything was so well organised and ran smoothly.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Andrew Kelly - Melbourne

Robin Hirst Feb 2023

A very enjoyable afternoon: learnt a lot by watching and doing, met lovely people and ate good food.

Jeremie Boudinet Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I enjoyed the overall experience. The coaching was very good and clear. I'll come back for another class.

Jai Fohmsbee Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

An amazing class. Simple recipes and the host would always check in and help. The food was delicious. I'd highly recommend this class.

Mark Pobjoy Jan 2023

Well organised friendly,helpful staff,pre information was really good. Plenty of good and drinks.

Leisa McBride Jan 2023

26 ClassBento workshops attended • 27 reviews

A very great class everything you need is in the box. Great teacher thank you

Make Chinese Dumplings at Home with an Ingredients Kit review by Leisa McBride

Chris Jan 2023

Absolutely loved this experience! The instructor was so nice and helpful, and the venue was very clean and made it easy to use all the equipment and follow along.
Drinks included was a bonus. Left the night full of laughter and dumplings! Would definitely do again with a loved one or friends

Paul Fisher Jan 2023

Dylan was excellent, great communicator and very patient. Food was delicious. We really enjoyed the class

Janelle McArdle Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great experience and a wonderful teacher. We made some delicious dumplings and feel confident in making them again. Thank you for a fun and informative class.

Make Chinese Dumplings at Home review by Janelle McArdle

Leteisha Leef Jan 2023

Great teacher, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Very enjoyable,
We book another class.
I Highly recommend

Cathy Bennett Jan 2023

the class was a lot of fun, I had my whole family there to have a go, and our dumplings were delicious

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Cathy Bennett - Melbourne

Cam Jones Jan 2023

The Teacher was fantastic from the moment we set foot in the door. A warm welcome and introduction with clear instruction as to what to do and what to expect.

The venue was very clean and inviting. A very professional atmosphere.

All the materials provided were clean and of a good quality. That goes for the cooking equipment as well as the produce provided.

The experience was fantastic value for money. It exceeded expectations.

We did the dumplings class and learnt how to make dumplings from scratch. It was slow paced which made the experience enjoyable for beginners.

Our favourite part was the laid back atmosphere and amazing instructor. Always willing to help and very approachable. Makes the whole experience that much better. Thank you for the class and we’ll see you again no doubt! Couldn’t recommend this more to anyone that’s for sure! ⭐️

Ottilie Puijk Jan 2023

Easy to follow instructions and enough time to make and eat the dumplings - which were delicious. Great set up and teacher. Would recommend this class!

Sara Hood Jan 2023

Great fun. Learned a lot. Met some lovely people. Excellent chef/teacher. Will look at doing another in future with some friends.

Natasha Richardson Jan 2023

Parking was an issue.
Bottomless drinks good.
Teacher explained well and easy going
Takeaway option good for leftovers

Ian Jones Jan 2023

Great venue and very likeable master chef. Set up could have been slightly different . Overall good value

Emma Pryn Jan 2023

Fantastic ! Would highly recommend. We had so much fun and the teacher was great. I can confidently say that I can now make delicious homemade dumplings !

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Emma Pryn - Melbourne

Brad Francis Jan 2023

loved it, the space was professional, the food was delicious, lots of fun, great teacher

Amy Heinrich Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Soo much fun and informative! The cooking environment was very safe and instructions were clear. Very generous portions, note that you cook in pairs so you’ll buddy up if you sign up just yourself.

Jenny Chan Jan 2023

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

Facilities at Otao are well set out with overhead video if you want a closer glimpse of the chef’s food preparation and instructions. The native bush food is a unique cultural experience . It’s a enriching experience for locals and visitors who want a taste of ingredients like kangaroo and barramundi combined with some edible native Aussie plants.This was a delicious early Australia Day feast with great flavours and smells.

Native Australian Cooking Class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Sophie Salibi Jan 2023

The teacher was excellent! He explained things very clearly and was helpful throughout. The whole experience was really well organized and the food we made was delicious. Thank you!

Megan Handley Jan 2023

Great teacher, amazing class learnt how to make dumplings from scratch! Will be coming back to learn new cooking skills.

Dumpling Cooking Class review by Megan Handley - Melbourne

Kenneth Laiwin Dec 2022

The cooking class was very enjoyable and I would like to join again if I have the chance in the future

Greg Allinson Dec 2022

Great occasion; 3 hours was just right; free pinot was a bonus; food was great; instructor was clear an helpful; will recommend to others.

Japanese Cooking Class review by Greg Allinson - Melbourne

Jennifer Beven Dec 2022

Great class and very good integration for the kids. Would recommend. Very easy recipes for them yo use utensils n learn from

Courtney Tulloch Dec 2022

Really fun cooking class making dumplings. Great gift idea. Teacher was easy to follow and very helpful

Tony Lang Dec 2022

The instructor was excellent, very clear instructions and helpful explanations. Well-equipped and well laid out venue. Nice menu. Altogether a great experience.

Rey Lopez Dec 2022

Teacher was approachable and ensured safety of the participants. Also gave good explainations with the demonstrations and clear voice. I appreciated that he helped give advice on when our karage was cooked. My favourite dishes has to be the sashimi and the eggplants just like blow torching things I guess ahaha

Dharshi Bubb Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Easy to follow class. Teacher had great energy and was super friendly. Got to take a whole meal back home too!

Cooking class review by Dharshi Bubb - Melbourne

Jenny Chan Dec 2022

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

It’s always a pleasure having a cooking lesson with Otao school as they deliver everything at a high standard. You will get insights into Spanish food and culture as you prepare a few different Spanish dishes. An instructor from a Spanish background, Dylan, who is pleasant and provides clear instruction. My Saturday night was completed with a filling feast with different wines and good company. I would highly recommend this Spanish experience.

Spanish Cooking Class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Jenny Chan Dec 2022

83 ClassBento workshops attended • 79 reviews

This spacious venue is conveniently located to trams. Equipment is really set out well. The chef is very organized and readily available to answer questions about dumpling preparation and cooking. You will enjoy the time spent at this dumpling course.

Cooking class review by Jenny Chan - Melbourne

Jenny Nguyen Dec 2022

27 ClassBento workshops attended • 24 reviews

The class was really fun, I learned a lot about how to make dumplings and am very pleased with the result

Janeanne Lee Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was interesting to taste the native ingredients and then work with them. I enjoyed the class. Food can be replicated easily at home

Claire Alexander Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Great venue, everything was provided. Teacher was really good, explained things well. Delicious food!
Enjoyed it immensely.

Max Taylor Nov 2022

80 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

This class taught me to make a delicious meal and the included ingredients were top quality. I will certainly be making elements of the recepies again and am excited to continue expanding my familiarity with native ingredients!

Learn Native Australian Cooking with Gin Tasting review by Max Taylor

Amanda Lawson Nov 2022

25 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

I enjoyed the class. The instructor was quiet rushed with his instructions. We had to ask him to slow down. Sometimes we had to ask the same question a few times before we got an answer. When the cooks do this class, they need to remember that we are home cooks and don't have the experience that they have. We did enjoy the the food.

Ria Manuele Nov 2022

Great vibe. Great teacher with good sense of humour. I was very happy to give this as a gift for my friend

Merrilee McCoy Nov 2022

A fun and delicious class, taught with clear instruction. Enjoyed the extra tips on selecting fish, katsuboshi, and kombu.
Great night.

Japanese Cooking Class review by Merrilee McCoy - Melbourne