Best Mother's Day Activities for Makers and Bakers in 2024

Best Mother's Day Activities for Makers and Bakers in 2024

By Classbento Team

It's time to swap basic bouquets for memorable Mother's Day gifts ideas in Australia. Whether you live in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, there's bound to be exciting Mother's Day activities on your doorstep that'll blow traditional celebrations out of the water!

If mum's a fervent foodie who loves experimenting with exotic cuisine, treat her to a culinary experience overflowing with new ingredients and flavours. Perhaps she’d like to unleash her creativity in an exciting pottery or resin art workshop? Whatever her preference, these hands-on Mother's Day activities promise to delight while cultivating a sense of calm.

Fun things to do for Mother's Day are only a quick browse away. To make the occasion even more special, why not tag along and enjoy some quality time together? Free from outside distractions, you can nourish your inner artists or sink your teeth into some tasty Mother's Day treats. Who needs shop-bought presents when you could create memories that last a lifetime?

For mums with hearty appetites

Indulge her sweet tooth with chocolate truffles

Mother's Day activities don't get much better than this fun chocolate truffle workshop in Sydney. Under the guidance of a master chocolatier, you and mum will transform raw ingredients into moreish morsels with gooey ganache centres – the perfect Mother’s Day present.

This beginner-friendly workshop begins with a brief introduction to cacao's fascinating history before an engaging demonstration showcasing simple chocolate making techniques. Once you've watched the teacher have a go, you'll recreate the magic at a well-stocked desserts station.

You’ll make a buffet of mouth-watering truffles with different fillings. While you wait for your goodies to set, satisfy your hunger by dipping strawberries and marshmallows into the complimentary chocolate fountain. Mother’s Day lunch has never been this sweet.

Take her to Italy and roll fresh pasta from scratch

If you're searching for Mother's Day ideas in Australia with a twist, how about this Sydney pasta and gnocchi cooking class? Together, you'll travel to Italy and roll fresh pasta dough from scratch alongside professional chefs and equally enthusiastic students.

You'll prepare several heavenly dishes that'll level up your next dinner party, including cheesy tortellini, roast pumpkin ravioli parcels and spinach and ricotta gnocchi. Once you've practised pasta making techniques, you'll tuck into a hearty feast complete with a well-deserved glass of vino.

Bake sourdough bread together

Baking is one of the best Mother's Day activities because it invites you both to step away from stress into a world overflowing with soothing flavours, fragrances and textures.

In this Melbourne sourdough masterclass, you'll knead and mix dough while relishing each other's company in a relaxing environment. As well as learning how to make and care for a sourdough starter, you'll bake focaccia, croissants, crumpets and other bready delicacies. Towards the end, you'll rest your arms and enjoy a Mother’s Day lunch with the rest of the group.

Tackle pastry and traditional Greek cuisine

Instead of taking mum to dinner, give her the skills to cook something magical herself. In this Greek feast cooking class in Melbourne, you'll work as a team to prepare authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Over three hands-on hours, you'll tackle cheese-filled pastries, stuffed vine leaves and cabbage salad with an unusual grape molasses dressing. As for the main, you'll whip up a gorgeous lemon chicken with fresh green peas. Who said a Mother’s Day lunch couldn’t be healthy?

For mums who love to create

Invite her to sip and play with clay

If mum needs a pick-me-up, take her to this clay and sip pottery class in Brisbane. Together, you’ll swap technology for an artistic pursuit that grounds anxious minds.

Craft experiences make thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas because they boast incredible mood-boosting benefits. Alongside improving attention to detail, pinching and sculpting clay triggers the autonomous sensory meridian response – a calming, full-body tingle that runs from head to toe.

Besides creating a gorgeous keepsake to show off to friends and family, you’ll also enjoy a few Mother’s Day tipples to get the creative juices flowing!

Take a spin on the famous pottery wheel

Mother's Day activities mean more when you step outside your comfort zone. In this pottery wheel workshop on the Gold Coast, you and mum will emulate Patrick Swayze's Ghost by spinning personalised ceramics and crockery.

Over two hours, you'll manipulate clay, master the famous wheel and build details with your own hands. Your knowledgeable teacher is always nearby to help with the fiddly bits, and they'll reveal insider tips and tricks to give your designs a professional edge.

Explore your wild sides with resin art

Mother's Day flowers are nice, but creating mesmerising resin art is even better. In this Perth resin art workshop, you and mum will create four coasters and a stunning cheese board using simple techniques.

The studio has over 100 different pigments, powders, pastes and inks to play with, each producing a slightly different effect. You could combine azure blue swirls and twirls to capture Australia's surf or add subtle colour to bring out the board’s natural wood tones. The possibilities are endless, but one thing's for sure – you'll love coaxing out each other's creativity!

Indulge her green thumb with plant pot painting

Mums with green thumbs will appreciate this pot painting workshop in Adelaide. You and mum will unleash your inner Van Goghs and design beautiful, spacious plant pots for your much-loved greenery. 

Here, there’s no such thing as a mistake. Your talented teacher encourages unashamed self-expression so that you leave feeling confident to continue your brand-new artistic adventures at home.

Give the gift of limitless choice

If you're unsure which Mother's Day activities to choose, opt for an experience gift voucher and let her decide. Whether she's interested in Mother's Day crafts, baking or cooking, there's bound to be an exciting workshop nearby that'll keep her smiling from ear to ear. Plus, you’ll earn some brownie points by being conscientious!

Every Mother's Day gift idea is beginner-friendly for maximum inclusivity. You don't need any experience or equipment to start – just bundles of enthusiasm for trying something new and celebrating Mother's Day in style.

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