Introductory Wheel Throwing Class

Learn how to use the pottery wheel in this intensive two-hour class

2 hours Class size 1 to 5

label $110 (or 4 payments of $27.50 Afterpay)

In this class, which is perfect for beginners, you will get a taste of what it is like to be a potter as you learn how to throw clay on the pottery wheel.

This two-hour class will give you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing with all materials provided.

This class has been carefully structured and you will achieve success in this interactive and exciting process. If this doesn't suit your expectations at the time and you would like to go at a gentler pace, simply let your teacher know and the process will be made more flexible to suit your needs and abilities.

By the end of this class, you will not only have made up to four pieces of pottery, but you will also discover if you like working with clay.

Have fun, make new friends and try your hand at pottery in this hands-on class. This is a rewarding, fun and challenging experience. Have a look at our reviews. There is more at the pottery to enjoy while you're there. Relax in our coffee garden, browse our gallery or go for a walk and acquaint yourself with the alpacas, chooks and wildlife.

Please note: we offers 10% off on Thursday's for this class. Please enter this code THURSDAY10 upon checkout to receive your discount.

Please note: Sign up for our Introductory Pottery Glazing Class if you want to glaze your own pots after they have been dried and bisque fired.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners. This class is a great introduction to the Intermediate and Advanced Courses.
What you'll get
All materials including clay and bisque firing are included in cost.
What to bring
Wear old clothes that you don't mind getting messy, and footwear (not thongs or sandals). If you cut your fingernails short, it will be helpful for you. If you can, remove jewellery from fingers and wrists as the clay can cause damage.

Windmill Potteries - Windmill Pottery 756 Mt Cotton Road Sheldon, QLD

Your teacher
Paul Holland
Paul Holland
(Windmill Pottery)

50 years experience

4.8 (158)

I have been working with clay for over forty-five years. Early inspiration came while teaching primary school children at Slade Point near Mackay. It was then I discovered clay as an art media that brought so much enjoyment to his students and of course myself. With a transfer to Toowoomba, a friend, Harry Hart, who was the Art Teacher at Mt Lofty High School and I formed Hartland Potteries where we taught, produced and sold pottery through regular exhibitions. Since moving to Sheldon in the Redlands, I discovered suitable volcanic clay on my property and this has driven my work in an entirely new direction. This clay is typically stoneware with high iron oxide content. At lower earthenware temperatures the clay fires to rich golden terracotta, while at higher stoneware temperatures, it takes on a steely quality that almost shrieks durability and hardness. “At the end of the day, I gain great joy in sharing with others the pleasure I get from simply working with clay.”

Over recent times, I have been assisting traditional Khmer Potters in Cambodia and offering foreign potters (potential and experienced) the unique experience of working with Khmer potters using traditional methods. I have discussed this enterprise with Khmer potters in Andon Gruessey Village in Kampong Chhnang and they have enthusiastically endorsed this project that could help expose their skills to the world. It will provide a much needed income to the village beyond the subsistence life most experience.

As a potter who has visited this place many times, I’ve gained so much from my association with these people, not only in exploring my own knowledge within that context, but also my development as a person. I’ve designed a tour to share that experience, particularly for potter/ceramicists who’d love to develop their current skills and experience new techniques within a unique environment among traditional potters and their extended family and community. There’s only one such place in Cambodia and it lies in one province, Kampong Chhnang, which literally translates as Port of Pottery. It’s called a port because of its location on the Tonle Sap River, gateway to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat and the mighty Mekong River.

We, at Windmill Pottery, offer a unique 10-day experience, including a 7-day pottery residency in Cambodia where foreign will have the opportunity of a cultural experience facilitated by a traditional approach to clay making as the Khmer potters have done for many generations.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Charlene Narayan May 2022

Fantastic experience. Highly recommend this to individuals or groups. Such a cute location and the people who run the classes make it so much fun!

Sarah Coles May 2022

The class was a great introduction into pottery and using a wheel, everything is provided which is handy. The instructor was very helpful and friendly in showing us what to do and helping us make some great pieces to take home.

Jodi McCormack May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Instructor was informative and encouraging and patient. Set in a lovely rustic setting. Definitely recommend.

Stephen May 2022

Nice farm in a quiet suburb, teacher did an amazing job and was willing to jump in and help.

Jennifer Reeves May 2022

The location is on a cute little farm with llamas! They give you material to make 4 bowls or something similar. The instructor was very friendly and informative and quick to jump into help when needed. After the class they put them in the kiln for you and trim the bottoms. They told us they will reach out in 4 weeks to either pick up the bowls or come in and glaze them in their glazing class.

Yasmin Merai Apr 2022

Great for first time. Teacher was patient and helpful and quality materials provided. Venue was lovely and peaceful. Would have liked to use the full 2 hours though :)

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Yasmin Merai

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Nicole Ferrari Apr 2022

The teacher was very patient and helpful. We got value for money. An all around fun time. Will go again

Lynne Hailes Apr 2022

Such an awesome class! Mann was amazing and the process to make 4 pieces was very relaxing, therapeutic and fun! Great way to spend a couple of hours with some gfs. Highly recommend this class. Everything about it was awesome. Looking forward to going back to do the glazing class and bringing my pieces home. Thanks guys. 5 stars.

Amber Craig Apr 2022

The staff were so welcoming and patient. They made you feel comfortable and excited to try something new, they were supportive and kind even when things didn't go exactly as planned. They explained they are fixers. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and I have a greater appreciation for the art of pottery now. Can't wait to see the final product and glaze them!

Luchi Arango Apr 2022

I had such a great time and I learned a lot! It was easy enough to understand and very enjoyable. The venue and the people were lovely. Great atmosphere. Unfortunately the time went too quick, I cannot wait to go back. Definitely worth the money!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Luchi Arango Sydney

Charlie Thomas Apr 2022

My daughter is with NDIS and she did this class and just loved it, the teacher was kind and caring and she had so much fun doing it too, and cant wait to do another one. This class is helping her make her own pots for her candle business she is starting up for herself. Great class would highly recommend it.

Sheldene Menere Apr 2022

Great instructor we had so much fun. Would do another class with them for sure.
Made 4 bowls each and will
Do the glazing class next.
Thanks so much for a fun class.

Maia O’Neill Apr 2022

Amazing class! Learnt all the basics. The staff were lovely and super friendly and helpful

Pottery workshop review by Maia O’Neill

Natalie Freeman Apr 2022

Esther was a wonderful teacher, she was incredibly patient and encouraging for beginners. You can see she really loves the clay and puts her soul into her creations (and yours too when she's fixing your mistakes!).
It was nice to learn that you use locally-dug clay that has been properly sanctioned by Elder TO members for harvesting. It added a special touch to the experience.

Conchita Rego Apr 2022

Teachers were very friendly and helpful. What a great experience Would definitely recommend this class.

Tashi Phuntsho Apr 2022

It was our first time and loved the experience. Could have used some hand holding for sure, but all good.

Mackenzie Sadler Apr 2022

The teacher was super patient and friendly, and she made it really easy to remember the steps. Was so much fun, looking forward to next time!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Mackenzie Sadler

Chantelle Hemphill Apr 2022

Very helpful teacher. Gave step by step instruction. Beautiful and relaxed setting. Great experience to have.

Fiona Scott Apr 2022

Ester was very attentive to all in the class. Her patience and calmness was supportive particularly when making mistakes that she quickly and quietly got you back on track.

Her explanation of the steps were clear and thorough for all age levels and adjusted where need be - I had my son with me and she met all our needs at the beginners level

Thank you for an amazing morning

Petra Milaudi Mar 2022

This class (gift) I received was way out of my comfort zone but was I surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Why: the teacher (Man) who was a beautiful gently, kind, patient lady stepped us through the process slowly and clearly. There is no way you can fail with her by your side. Thank you Man.
The class sizes are kept small, my fellow student Ashley was also so lovely (bonus). The clay surprised me, it was so soft and smooth, just lovely to handle and I found the whole process calming and meditative (once I got into it). The grounds were lovely, a real escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. I felt like I'd been on a retreat after only two short hours at the wheel. Such a special experience (gift) highly recommend it for anyone (even a shy introvert like me). And I successfully made a few bowls that I will always treasure. Looking forward to picking them up after they are fired.

Pottery workshop review by Petra Milaudi

Jaimi Dawson Mar 2022

Highly recommend! This experience is very hands on which I loved however the teacher is available for guidance and assistance. Each person made 4 pieces of their choice and with the help of the teacher each piece was something you would actually use at home. Thanks for this amazing class!

Amanda Baczkowski Mar 2022

Our teacher was lovely, patient and helpful. The venue is quaint and has a calm and relaxing feel. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Pottery workshop review by Amanda Baczkowski

Carl Brand Mar 2022

This was something that we always wanted to try so we are so glad that we really both enjoyed the class. The staff were wonderful, the equipment and materials were all provided and the location was beautiful too!

Kellie Frahm Mar 2022

I found the team to be very encouraging and knowledgeable. It was fun and relaxing with no pressure, just work at your own pace. Highly recommend the workshop!

Pottery workshop review by Kellie Frahm

Jonathan Buttery Mar 2022

Great location set amongst the greenery despite being not too far from the city. We had a wonderful afternoon learning how to create our own pottery. Our instructor was incredibly patient and helpful with correcting our mistakes and did so in such a way that we made some good end products whilst still feeling that we did the work ourselves. Would definitely go again. Great date idea

Lisa Hoskin Mar 2022

Very helpful & patient. We had everything we needed. I’m not a natural but she helped me create 2 bowls - I hope they survive the kiln.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Lisa Hoskin

Rachael Christensen Feb 2022

Everything was so wonderful! We had the best time! Thank you so much, we will definitely be back!

Jordan Lee Feb 2022

Good value for money, you get to make many bowls. Lovely teacher, she was patient and gave clear instructions.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Jordan Lee

Kirra Knight Feb 2022

Teacher was great, facilities were lovely. We made 4 bowls, which was great. Just a lot if information to remember.

Christian Sing Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Got it as a birthday gift for mum,loved it great fun for us both.

Brenton Cuthbert Feb 2022

Such a great experience and something everybody should try. The teacher was incredibly supportive and was able to help whenever we hit a snag. Very fun, relaxing, and an all-round good time. Will definitely come back to glaze our pots.

I would love to see the class offerings vary some more, to make coming back more interesting. Maybe a "sip and spin" or classes to make a specific, slightly harder item, or a few classes bundled together to practise the artform.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Brenton Cuthbert

Shane Dunne Feb 2022

The instructor was exceptional. She was knowledgeable, skillful, patient and friendly. It was a really great experience learning new things and very grounding to be able to use your hands to build and make something from raw materials to something you can be proud of.

Mark Smith Jan 2022

Class was awesome. Great teacher who was always there to help if needed. Will be back.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Mark Smith Sydney

Cassie Jan 2022

Lot of fun and the teacher was fantastic at explaining the steps. I even managed to make items that looked half decent for a beginner.
The property feels like you have escaped the city but yet it's not that far from it.

Pottery workshop review by Cassie

Tom Metcalfe Jan 2022

Loved that we got straight down to business; preparing the clay and spending lots of time on the wheel. The class was well organized and instructors were on hand to help. Ratio. Was one instructor for two participants.

Sarah Hill Jan 2022

Excellent class! Had such a fun time learning something new. The instructor, Esther, was incredible!

The venue was very rustic and beautiful, complete with a little store and chickens and alpacas!

Would highly recommend this class to anyone

April McNeil Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The instructor was great, I found it challenging and she talked me through each step with patience.

Paul Hilton Jan 2022

Great teacher very patient and encouraging can’t wait to go back for glazing cheers

Jannie Olsen Jan 2022

Teacher was really good easy to follow and easy to learn from she was beautiful. I must say it was very disappointing that just because we finished the four pieces of clay with 40! Min to go the class just finished. I paid for two hours and got 1.20 min. I’m sure there was so much we could have learned and so much we could have used the last 40 min for.

Alex Mills Jan 2022

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

I love this workshop so much that I've come back for my second time! The instructors continue to be so helpful and generous with hands-on teaching.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Alex Mills

Georgie Whittington Jan 2022

Thank you for today it was absolutely awesome both Esther and Yan both gave out great guidance.
Looking forward to returning for more classes.

Pottery workshop review by Georgie Whittington

Cassandra Pike Jan 2022

Staff were very friendly and helpful! I’ll definitely be going back again.
Thank you

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Cassandra Pike

Dana Flynn Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class is amazing. Anna and Esther were so friendly and helpful. We had so much fun and learned so much!

Tyler Kelly Dec 2021

Very fun very friendly, beautiful spot. Awesome to have such a great experience 10/10

Stephanie Forbes Dec 2021

Fantastic afternoon. Great instructors and a beautiful location. Thankyou for the opportunity to see how to throw clay.

Laura Schmidt Nov 2021

We had a great experience and a lot of fun. The class was very personal and the teachers were really supportive, helping us but still letting us be creative. We highly recommend the Windmill Pottery and can't wait to go back to glaze our pieces.

Pottery workshop review by Laura Schmidt

Fiona Vanderlinde Nov 2021

We really enjoyed the class and had so much fun. The first piece was a little challenging but after the first one it became a little easier. Will definitely be back for the glazing class.

Pottery workshop review by Fiona Vanderlinde Sydney

Tyler Boxshall Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed this class! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The class is small so everyone was able to receive help where needed. The staff were lovely (Noi & Esther) and my pieces turned out better than I expected. I also loved the chickens who were wandering around! I look forward to returning and glazing my pieces.

Alex Mills Nov 2021

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

This class was wonderful!
The instructors were fantastic. Noi was very gentle and kind in guiding me.
As someone who struggles with muscle strength, they guided me through and was able to produce 4 pots and was encouraged to put my own, quirky flare into them.
Note: The location is suited to wheeled mobility aids.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Alex Mills

Becky Pell Nov 2021

I had a great time, really good fun and Anna's caring instruction meant I actually made some useable items on my first attempt!

Lima Nawabi Nov 2021

Lovely teacher and great instructions and super supportive . I found it to be enjoyable and fun.

Veronica Hutchison Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a great time. The teacher was good at demonstrating and happy to help when I needed it. Thought I would only make one or two pieces but made 4 bowls :)
Would do it again and will definitely attend the glazing class

Ashaunte Bedson Nov 2021

The class was a lot of fun and we each got a lot of one on one help with our bowls. The teacher and two assistants were great; friendly and helpful. The location was lovely too, with chickens and alpacas. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to give pottery a go

Qin Kong Oct 2021

The teacher is nice and friendly and is good in explaining the basics of using pottery wheels

Brigette Campbell Oct 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a great time and a wonderful teacher. I felt very comfortable and not rushed to finish. Will definitely be back!

Caroline Bachmeier Oct 2021

Lovely set-up but we felt quite rushed and particularly at the end felt the team wanted to rush us out. One explanation of the whole process was given in the beginning, and we felt it would have been much easier would we have done the first pot step by step. It was still a lot of fun but feeling rushed took away the fun for us.

Leah Ward Oct 2021

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

I loved this class and will definitely be going back to do more. The teachers were great. Really super helpful and so talented! I’ve decided I love getting messy with clay. Can’t wait to do more

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Leah Ward

Felicity Marshall Oct 2021

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

This class was amazing, the teacher was very hands on knowledge about the topic that we were learning about

Katherine Euler Oct 2021

Great teachers, fun day, not too many in the class. Great value for money. Thank you had a great day.

Phoebe Lee Oct 2021

We had a fantastic experience. The grounds, the setting, the equipment were all lovely and we had a fantastic teacher who was very patient and skilful. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a introductory pottery experience.

Rhianna Roberts Oct 2021

My sister and i had a great time at this class. Teachers were great, it was a very relaxing atmosphere. Can't wait to go back to glaze our bowls in the glazing class in a months time.

Pamela Sep 2021

We had a great day. Anna’s help was easy to follow. We will be back for more!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Pamela  Sydney

Kerry Routledge Sep 2021

Such a wonderful experience. Our teacher was professional and knowledgeable, yet friendly, kind, funny, positively encouraging and approachable which made the class relaxed, easy to follow instructions and so enjoyable. Great job Anna. The environment/ venue was such a beautiful, natural place - a lake near, greenery everywhere and the chickens out back, makes you feel like your settling into a comfy home. It was exactly what I was looking for.
We learnt how to cut the clay first and prepare it, then use the pottery wheel. Our teacher took time with each of us as needed and I was so surprised that we finished 4 pieces each, the time flew by having so much fun.
Thank you. From my teenagers to their 67 year old grandmother, it was fantastic. We will be back again!

Alycia Kawitzki Sep 2021

This was a wonderful class The teacher was incredible and attentive, funny and personable. The venue was stunning nature and chickens galore. It was so much fun to learn a new skill, and it was a memorable day.

Pottery workshop review by Alycia Kawitzki

Jared Walker Sep 2021

The wheel throwing class was great. The instructors were very helpful and made for a wonderful learning environment.

Naomi Loch Sep 2021

First time wheel throwing and I loved it! Once I got the hang of the technique, it was so relaxing. The teacher was lovely and took plenty of time to help us with our creations. I would love to do it again some time, maybe the intermediate class

Nikhil Arora Sep 2021

Noy was so helpful and made the whole experience extremely fun and enjoyable! I would definitely recommend this class to all, with no experience required at all

Allison Blanch Sep 2021

Lovely, relaxing country/farm environment. The teacher is lovely and obviously talented at this skill. It would have been better if the instructions had been delivered step by step rather than all at once as this was a beginner class. It was difficult to know or remember what to do but the teacher and her assistant were friendly and patient.

Leena Pathmanathan Sep 2021

We had a lovely time with Anna teaching us. Instructions to find the place were clear and and the class itself was a lot of fun.

Tiffany Pritchard Sep 2021

Fantastic teacher, calm, skilled, great explanations. Beautiful environment only wish I had done what was recommended and packed a picnic! Thank you Esta!

Nicola Craig Aug 2021

Peaceful and calm place to be playing with clay. Our instructor was patient, funny, helpful, a saviour to disasters and just wonderfully cheerful. My teenagers want me to buy a pottery wheel now

Sean Lee Aug 2021

Beginner participants entering Pottery workshop to begin the class. Must be are good listener towards the teacher. Must be able to remember all the steps, have eye and hand coordination while perform clay wheeling yourself.

Christine McNeill Aug 2021

Noiy was a great teacher. She was lots of fun and very calm and intuitive with her class. The venue was cute and rustic but I loved it. Totally recommend the class.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Christine McNeill Sydney

Brad Aug 2021

Excellent day and great teachers.
I loved learning and enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks Noi for your care and giggles. Thanks Brad

Andy Liu Aug 2021

Our instructor, Noi, and the assistant, Abby were very welcoming and helpful. We had so much fun with them. It was our first time doing wheel pottery. Definitely will sign up for the glazing class for our art pieces.

Pottery workshop review by Andy Liu

Chelsea White Jul 2021

The class was so much fun and really relaxing! The teachers were lovely and the little side shop and general outdoors setting were both great too.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Chelsea White Sydney

Karina Schafer Jul 2021

Such a great class! Our teacher Noi made the class fun and easy to follow. With 5 people in the class, you got plenty of help when needed and we each made 4 pieces in the 2hrs. Thankyou for a great morning.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Karina Schafer Sydney

Katrina Neighbour Jul 2021

Welcoming and friendly staff. Very patient and friendly. Peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It was great.

Cara Fluerty Jul 2021

Thank you for an absolutely lovely afternoon. Both teachers were fantastic at clearly showing us what to do and helping us to create our masterpieces. We weren’t naturals but thanks to their patience we had a fabulous time! I’ll definitely be back.

Karen-Lea Hughes Jul 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great place to experience some peaceful nature lambs next door and a rooster crowing about the place and strutting his stuff.
Paul was lovely to deal with.
Not and Abby the teachers were very helpful gentle and made me feel at ease.
Thank you for a lovely day. I will be back.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Karen-Lea Hughes

Lindy Cupitt Jul 2021

Abby was a very patient, helpful & able teacher. I found the class to be an interesting & enjoyable introduction to pottery, set in pleasant surroundings. Looking forward to glazing my pieces.

Diana Deane Jul 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Both teachers were great.

Pauls experience showed during his demonstration and he was able to explain the process clearly.

Abbey was patient and helpful when I needed the hand positions to be shown to me again (and again) and she was able to share her expertise with me in her suggestions about how I could improve my technique.

Kim Davis Jul 2021

18 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

The class was so much fun
We loved it thoroughly

What fun lots of laughs
And a beautiful environment

Mel Ketchen Jul 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Class was run by Noisy and Abbey, both of whom were great and very patient to our needs. I enjoyed the course and consider it value for money. I would have appreciated a longer course to learn a little more.

Marie-Lise Theys Jul 2021

We had a great teacher, it a fun couple of hours, more tricky than it looks but with support I was happy with my pieces.

Suzanne Worland Jul 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Abbey was our teacher, she was amazing, patient and very helpful. Paul was only with us for a short time which was fine as Abbey was amazing and made the day fun. The class was held in a rustic shed, I really loved the surroundings. I was an absolute beginner and this day was perfect, I'll be back for glazing and more pottery classes. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Anna Makarov Jun 2021

It's a lot harder than it looks but was really fun. Teachers were very helpful and patient

Peita Bartz Jun 2021

Hands down just a fantastic learning about experience as well as a great day out with my teenage daughter. Our teachers we very helpful, informative and most of all patient! We enjoyed yes the pottery immensely and the beautiful peaceful surroundings were wonderfully relaxing.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Peita Bartz

Erin Esguerra Jun 2021

Anna was fantastic! She was so kind, accomodating, friendly and skilful! I am very happy with her service and would highly recommend!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Erin Esguerra Sydney

Chrissy Clements Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fun class, great instructors. We can't wait to go back to glaze our creations!

Pottery workshop review by Chrissy Clements

Joanne Herbertson Jun 2021

Friendly, patient teacher who explained the process very well. Really enjoyed it and will be back

Olivia Devlin Jun 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great classes, beautiful location , beautiful materials (clay is dug up from the property you work from), very talented teachers - a great place to spend your day !


Emily Goodger Jun 2021

The teacher was great, she was nice, funny, knowledgeable and super helpful.
We had all the materials needed and her demonstration was excellent.
I’d do it again

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Emily Goodger

Terri Piper Jun 2021

Paul is an excellent Teacher. The class was as challenging as I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I HIGHLY recommend Introductory Wheel Throwing class to anyone. Just make sure your nails are cut very short. I didnt have mine short enough.
If you are thinking about going, dont think any longer, just go, you will not regret it.
Thanks Paul for an excellent class. Cheers Terri

Glenda Pares Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The wheel-throwing course was great value for money. Excellent teacher, patient and knowledgeable and focussed and friendly. It was nice to be almost in the countryside with alpacas for onlookers and chickens wandering about. The equipment was great, except my foot was too short for the pedal. Very enjoyable class and the possibility of doing a glazing class for the 4 pots i made. I didn't expect to be able to make 4 pots in the class, so i was pleasantly surprised. In all a great morning.

Aaron McCann Jun 2021

This class was so informative, and so fun, even though I am pretty below average at pottery it seems.
The instructor Noy made the experience really enjoyable. We are going to go back again for sure, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who either wants to get into clay wheel, or just wants a fun new experience! 10/10

Timothy Wong Jun 2021

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely-not-ever-been-done-before

Tim and Leanne

Felicity Marshall May 2021

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

was a very enjoyable class, the teachers were patient and went though the information and steps very clearly.

Sarah Kapeleris May 2021

We really enjoyed the class - it was great value for money, with all materials provided to create 4 bowls. Wheel throwing was much more difficult than I thought it would be, but the teacher and assistant were both very helpful and patient in dealing with my clumsiness! Look forward to going back for the glazing session.

Jennifer Holley May 2021

The teacher and her aide were excellent - very skilled and extremely helpful, guiding us through making several pots. The time flew and I was very pleased with the outcomes. Highly recommend this workshop.

Sarah Manning May 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed my class this morning. It was so good to do something totally different.
The teachers were great - helpful and very approachable.

Mum May 2021

Great morning Thank you. Class went at a great pace and really enjoyed the experience.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Mum

Da Ning May 2021

Fabulous instruction and wonderful supervision. The equipment and clay was all provided. The location was really suitable and helped to set a great mood in order to create and learn something new loved it! Will be back for sure!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Da Ning

Marni Cooper Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience and what a great teacher. We all managed to make at least 1 decent bowls. Remarkable. Hope to go back for more real soon!

Pottery workshop review by Marni Cooper Sydney

Kathrin Kohl Apr 2021

A fun day out. The instructors were great and very patient. We all got the hang of it in the end. Would do again.

Liz Peacock Apr 2021

We had the most fun time the teachers were fabulous - the place was great - very down to earth - such a good time. We will be back for the next session.

Quynh Bui Apr 2021

Great class for beginners. Friendly instructors helped us create several pieces. Small class ensured we all received attention. Had such a fun time. Would definitely do more classes here.

Tanaya Mar 2021

Beautiful venue, class was the perfect size to be able to have fun but also focus on our individual pieces.
Our teacher was lovely and took the time with us individually to create some fun pottery!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Tanaya

Evelyn Harth Mar 2021

i love the introductory class, lots of hands on and explanations. The teachers are very patient and help when you get stuck! Hoping that at least one of my bowls survives the firing process I'll be back for the glazing!

Leonie Doll Mar 2021

I loved the class I am a hands on learner so I may have liked to have gone through step by step while sitting at the wheel but other than that loved everything and the small group

Cassie Love Feb 2021

Fantastic morning! Learnt to use the wheel and made 4 bowls. Tutors were friendly, patient, attentive. Highly recommended!

Rosana Brew Feb 2021

Had fun and the staff were friendly and very relaxed environment. Beautiful location. Thank you.

Allison Polson Feb 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The classes are held on a charming property- very relaxing. The teachers are fun and friendly and it was a nice environment to just enjoy the art of pottery.

Alun Cooper Jan 2021

teachers very good and helpfull would do it again took my grandaughter she loved it aswell

Jessica Thomsen Jan 2021

Such a fun class run by Noy! Made 4 pieces over 2 hours with excellent instruction. So much fun, lots of laughs and learning. Will be looking to return!

Sheri Pyper Jan 2021

Had so much fun. The teacher explained the process extremely well with step by step demonstration. I was trilled that I got to make 4 bowls in the 2 hours and the clay was lovely to handle.
Highly recommend this experience to anyone.

William Dec 2020

It was great. I will definitely recommend to family and friends. Looking forward to the glazing class.

Rose Phillips Dec 2020

Was very fun and will definitely recommend to friends and family! Noy was a great instructor.

Daniel Konemann Nov 2020

Our instructor Noy was fantastic, very skilled and knowledgeable and extremely supportive and hands on. The venue was authentic and rustic, exactly what we were looking for, we had so much fun. Cannot wait to return to glaze our creations!

Pottery workshop review by Daniel Konemann

Ruby Douglas Nov 2020

Such a good class for first timers, learnt some new skills and the teacher was brilliant!

Jenny Lui Nov 2020

Our instructor was very welcoming and informative. The time flew by as it was fun and interactive. Really liked the small class size too and willingness to help.

Learnt how to prep the clay for the wheel, centre the clay, techniques to create different shaped bowls.

Patricia Olazo Oct 2020

Great teacher, beautiful atmosphere and affordable price.
I’m planning to book a second class.

Phillip Gersekowski Oct 2020

Good size class with
Great instructors.
In a Peacefull setting highly recommend this class.
I will be doing more classes.

Maiaan Galant Oct 2020

Great experience. Teacher was very clear and we made a few bowls. Really mice place and welcoming

Joanne Yu Oct 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

What a fun way to celebrate our anniversary! The class size is very small so you get a lot of individual attention from the instructor, which is great for beginners like us. There’s a lot of information to take in, but our instructor Noy broke down the steps and made it easy and interesting to follow. The location is a bit tricky to find as the driveway could easily be missed, so it’d be good to familiarise yourself with the road on Google Streetview first. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to go back to glaze our creations!

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Joanne Yu

Mariam Smith Oct 2020

I had a very good experience. Fantastic teacher and great value for money. Very patient and provided all the materials and techniques. Great introduction to clay throwing. I am definitely going back.

Pottery workshop review by Mariam Smith Sydney

Nilo Sahra Sep 2020

My wife booked the ticket for both of us. Windmill Pottery is located at a scenic spot around Mt Cotton. Paul did mention that he didn't expect us, as we made a last-minute booking. I'm not sure if this made his already grumpy demeanour worse as the day went by. He quickly went through showing us clay body preparation, and it sounded like he wasn't patient enough with the first-timer's mistakes that we were making.

After this, we moved to basics of wheel throwing and I have to say he has come up with some creative names for the hand positions (Covid Handshake, anyone?). Paul didn't want to wait for us to pick up the nuances of wet clay, getting familiar with the wheel, or how to speed up or down the wheel. He straight away started barking orders, chastising how wrong we are doing this, or jumping in and moulding our clay without letting us know what rookie mistake we did in the first place.

It felt very odd to be sitting at the wheel and Paul hijacking the finishing craft of the clay pot. Top it up with him hissing commands at his interns, and making snark remarks at our progress. I felt like we intruded his precious time off or something.

We decided not to attend the follow-up glazing class. The whole experience was quite dampening, save for the chance to actually sit at a wheel and feel the clay spin under your palms.

Would not recommend Paul's classes to anyone.

Pottery workshop review by Nilo Sahra

William Webb Sep 2020

Fantastic experience would definitely recommend. Grate to have an actual bowl at the end of it. The instructor was grate friendly and super knowledgeable Would love to do it again.

Amie Pennisi Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Would not recommend. Paul is a very impatient man who gets very upset when you make the slightest error with your pot and will make negative comments to put you down. We booked this a month in advance and left early out if disappointment. Was told if I leave a bad review here he would sue me. Sure, if I was learning to be a professional potter his teaching might be beneficial; however as a beginner seeking an enjoyable experience - this was not it.

Anima Dorante Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great session, and was also able to make 4 bowls. Good fun and super informative.

Pottery workshop review by Anima Dorante

Amanda Plusnin Sep 2020

Great introduction with good techniques explained and demonstrated.

Beautiful setting, relaxed atmosphere

Good class size

Pottery workshop review by Amanda Plusnin

Leo Andrews Aug 2020

I brought the class as a birthday present for my friend and only went to keep her company, not really expecting to enjoy it. However I did, very much so.

Sarah Zuidam Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was great and knowledgeable. The venue is in a cute little pottery shed surrounded by so much greenery and cute little sheep in the paddock next to the shed. Great value for money. Im excited to go back again!

Jenny Long Aug 2020

Great original venue with lovely surroundings and attentive , experienced instructor, a great morning thanks you

Ruby Mills Aug 2020

It was so nice to meet and work with Paul through the Introductory Throwing Class. I have never had any experience on the wheel before, so I was a little nervous. Its a really beautiful property where Paul is, very relaxing and inspiring space to learn and be creative. Paul passes on his abundance of knowledge with great understanding and assists where needed. I will definitely be back ! Ruby

Jasmin Rai Jul 2020

Wow, this was an amazing class especially for beginners who have 0 experience in pottery. Paul is a very patient teacher and so funny.
You don’t need any experience and I found the lesson to be fun and a great learning experience.

Ha Cho Jul 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

First time doing pottery, everything was explained so well. Really fun and interesting and get to make and take several pots at the end! Will definately return!

Laura-Ann Courtney Jun 2020

Really enjoyed this class made 3 pieces and am hooked. Great instruction and the facilities were good too. Teacher had a huge amount of experience and a good sense of humour. Will be going back

Claudia Blades Jun 2020

It was a great experience and we learnt a lot within the time period, it would be great if the classes were a little longer.

Pottery workshop review by Claudia Blades

Alex Melvin Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a fantastic afternoon! Location easy to find and plenty of parking. Paul, the resident potter, was very informative and patient. Great class and introduction to pottery. I’m going to book the Introductory (Glazing) class next. Thanks Paul.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Alex Melvin

Charlotte Hulst May 2020

Absolutely brilliant. Paul is a fantastic teacher and with the Social Distancing challenges of running a hands on lesson I thought he did an excellent job. Charli commented to me after the class how wonderful she thought he was. Being only 9 years old I wasn't expecting her to produce much except have a load of fun. To our delight , not only did she have one of the most enjoyable experiences of her life ( her words ) Paul actually taught her to produce several usable pieces of beautiful pottery. Charli was so excited and it was such a confidence boost and validation for her creativity. I cant thankyou enough and we will definitely be back for lesson number 2 .

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Charlotte Hulst

Sophia Lam Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, fun and interesting, great teacher, nice and patient, each of us can make several potteries, would highly recommend this class.

Introductory Wheel Throwing Class review by Sophia Lam Sydney

Rachel Murphy Feb 2020

Great class! Super intimate and so helpful we really enjoyed ourselves and learnt so much.

Belinda Georgiou Jan 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Welll organised
Good facilities
Hot environment today!
Good good good
Good good good good good

Luke Dec 2019

I had a blast learning the introduction to pottery. The teacher had a lot of patience with us, and was always there to lend a hand when we had questions or trouble shaping our clay. The class was held in a beautiful location which really added to our day. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Jeniffer Hutcheon Dec 2019

Fun activity, Noy was very patient and helped out when I got stuck. Pretty happy with my new bowls

Kaitlin Peirce Dec 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I would not recommend this class. I turned up, and there were 'interns' everywhere doing odd jobs. I received a rude welcome from one of them. My instructor then turned up. She was friendly but went through instructions super quick. She then chatted to one of the interns for most of my class, leaving me to work it out alone. It was really uncomfortable and I regret buying it.

Rhiannon Greenstreet Nov 2019

Very fun wheel throwing class perfect for beginners, with an informative and supportive teacher. Highly recommend!

Deanne White Oct 2019

Amazing value for money. It's a great location and I found everyone to be helpful and friendly. I loved this class and would recommend it to my friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience, I'll definitely be back for more!

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