Killer Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney to Help You Be the Best Best Man

Killer Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney to Help You Be the Best Best Man

Sam Bowden

So your best mate has just done the honour of asking you to be the best man at his upcoming wedding (which you saw coming a mile away because he’s your best mate so you obviously knew before he did). What a privilege. What an honour. How could you refuse? But as the best man, coming up with bucks party ideas is your responsibility, and what a responsibility it is. What a tightrope you must walk between raucous, “last-night-of-freedom” fun, and careful, “my-boys-getting-married-so-we-can’t-ruin-his-life” sensibilities. Wild pub crawls may be a classic, but it’s also a cliche. It’s time to branch out and offer the hubby-to-be something a little different. He deserves better from you. So follow our mini-guide to bucks party ideas in Sydney and be the very best, best man. 


Pre-drinks game plan

Oh, I’m sorry, were you planning to pre-drink at a house/apartment/unit like an amateur? Pull your socks up, you’re the best best man, remember? So you’ll need to offer more than that. Start the night off right with Salts Meats Cheese. They’ll set you up with a cocktail-making masterclass while you and the group feast on all-you-can-eat pizza! With prizes for the most prolific bartender, you’ll graze on antipasto and pizza alike as you create and then destroy two signature cocktails! Understandably, not every bucks night should start with a heavy meal, as the meal may end up reappearing several hours later. Taking this into consideration, ClassBento would like to suggest to you the following alternatives:

Boozy Finger Painting

You’ve heard of paint and sip, but as the best best man, you understand why a glass of wine may be a tad too civilised for such an occasion. That’s why local artist (and all-round legend) Stephen Evans offers an awesome alternative in Bondi. Using your hands to both paint and drink, he’ll show you all how to master the art of finger painting while you and the gang knock a few cold ones back whilst creating mini-masterpieces. As far as stag do ideas go, this one’s a real corker.

If the party is determined to stay in for pre-drinks however, ditch the red cups and hire an alcohol expert to get your bucks party really started. The Sydney Mixologists can travel directly to you with their cocktail-making class that caters for up to 200 people, or roughly 15 of your best mates. Over two hours, the blushing-boy-to-be and his trusted entourage will be taken through a series of cocktails, how to make them and, more importantly, how to drink them. The Sydney Mixologists are the masters of private events, so contact them about any specific requests or requirements you may have to make the buck himself stand out even more. 


Wait, we better eat something...

The art to a good bucks party is making sure everyone is not only well-watered but also well-fed. Too much of the former will cut the night short, and too much of the latter will have everyone snoozing. You don’t have to organise a tight-rope walking session, but a good balance must be found.

Outlined in the pre-drinks section, cocktail making is certainly a crowd-pleaser. Need the crew to throw something in their stomach to ensure the evening’s survival, however? Don’t be afraid to branch out and try a cocktail and dumpling-making class! You’ll learn essential dumpling making skills and whatnot, but let’s be honest about the motivations here: it’s a ridiculously fun group activity that combines the age-old bucks party tradition of, *ahem*, heavy drinking, whilst also offering up a delicious dinner option which won’t leave anyone too bloated. The perfect balance achieved; great work, best best man.

Despite these superb, top-shelf options, perhaps you’re chasing something more substantial. For a truly unique bucks party idea, get the squad cooking with a beer and smoking class! You, the future husband and the rest of the ninja turtles will be preparing a four-course dining extravaganza with a qualified chef and smoking master. He’ll also run you through a beer tasting session, with each course being paired with an Aussie craft beer. This is a great alternative to simply “dinner and drinks” and is ideal if your bucks party is starting a little earlier in the evening. Needless to say, this class is not vegetarian-friendly, so definitely clarify everyone’s dietary situation before booking, otherwise, the best man may be responsible for the worst party foul. 


Booze-free options

Having a dry bucks party? Good for you. 

No, seriously. There are heaps of alternative bucks party activities available if you and the legends are deciding to take the night off the beer and just savour good times with great people. If there’s no alcohol however, the gameplan will need to be tight. Obviously, our range of cooking classes is extensive (looking for a challenge? Try our ramen masterclass), but as the best best man, we’ve provided you with enough to choose from. If you’re still searching, these booze-free alternatives will have you and the gang no longer believing that a “sober good time” is an oxymoron. Even if you are planning on drinking, these classes will be a welcome break in the routine of whiskey drink/vodka drink/lager drink/cider drink. 

Get the squad playing with fire literally with our Glass Blowing Beginners workshop! The class covers a whole day, so BYO lunch, but the soon-to-be-wed man of the hour and his team will enjoy setting fire to things in the name of art, all in the heart of Redfern! Definitely wear covered shoes, and tell the free-thinkers of the squad to tie their hair back for this one.

So what if you’re the best best man to an early riser that loves to get up at the crack of dawn and start his day when the sun does? Head out to the stunning seaside and start the day off with a Sunrise Photography Workshop in Manly! This is perfect if you, the buck and the rest of the Justice League are more in touch with their artistic side, and want to get the most out of their day. Combine it with a beach run, and breakfast. 

Feeling risque? Try a Clay Sculpture Class where the squad will be honouring the human physique by sculpting the male form out of clay, using a live model! Not only is this a fun way to get the gang out of their comfort zone, but it’s also a great option for an LGBTQ+ Bucks Night. 

Well, there you have it. This is just a handful of unique bucks party ideas in Sydney that ClassBento has to offer. It’s also important to remember that most teachers can provide a tailored experience, so contact them to get the most out of your bucks party. 

ClassBento believes in you, so go forth and be the best best man you can be!


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