Kundalini Activation Workshop

Join us for Kundalini Activation to enhance your well-being and accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Sky Rivers
Sky Rivers
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2 hours Class size 1 to 20 (public classes), 5 to 50

label $80 (or 4 payments of $20 Afterpay)

What happens during the session?

You will lie down on your yoga mat and close your eyes. Music will play, and Kundalini facilitator Sky Rivers will work on your chakras and energy field to activate Kundalini energy within you. During this process, your chakras are cleansed and balanced, strengthening your energy flow and enhancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

You may feel spontaneous physical movement, tingling or heat in certain areas of your body as Kundalini energy is activated. You may also experience powerful emotional releases that bring profound cognitive insight and positive change.

The Benefits of Kundalini Activation

When Kundalini energy is activated, your body begins to undergo a potent cleansing process where limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, and stuck energy are released from your body and energy field. The negative self-perception that people often hold is replaced with a more positive self-image.

Kundalini energy also strengthens the body, enhances productivity, heightens awareness, expands consciousness, sharpens intuition, and ultimately enriches your life, encompassing wealth, health, and relationships.

What Clients say - How Kundalini Activation impacts them & their week

"The past few weeks have opened me up like I could have never imagined; daily life has become a beautiful and blissful experience. This newfound energy that surges through the body pulls me into the moment and opens me up to the immense intensity of experience that was perhaps before overlooked. I feel a sense of unity with others and the environment as I move about my day. I feel so content in daily life." - Jay Logan

"During my most recent session, I received an influx of divine light unlike anything I have ever felt. It completely changed my energetic vibration - it was as though I was being bathed in divine white light. My clarity, focus, purpose, and sense of peace have been amplified as a direct result of this extraordinary energy. It's powerful stuff! Life-changing." - Rachael Cox

"I never felt so connected to my body, mind, and soul. I highly recommend Sky for everyone who is seeking answers and awakening for this new world." - Sthéfanie Zacharias

"Since my first session, I've experienced more energy, feelings of happiness, and everything feeling wonderful. It has helped me to manifest my goals and even relieved pain I have had for a long time in my body." - Heidi Lude

How often can I join Kundalini Activation?

Kundalini Activation with Sky Rivers allows you to activate Kundalini energy within you to transform your body and mind. To achieve a profound transformation with long-term effects, it is recommended to join Kundalini Activation regularly.

About Sky Rivers

Sky Rivers has guided many in their Kundalini awakening since 2018, facilitating more than 400 Kundalini Activation events, including weekend immersions and Kundalini facilitator training. As a Kundalini teacher and master practitioner of energy medicine, Sky specialises in energy healing, body-mind transformation, and spiritual awakening.

How to Prepare

For Kundalini Activation to be most effective, please do not eat 1-2 hours before the event. You can enjoy a light meal after the event.

No previous experience is required to attend.

Add-on available for this class
  • After Care Bath Salt (200g) ($15)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
No previous experience is required to attend.
What to bring
Bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes.
Please arrive at 6:45 pm for a 7 pm start.

The Authentic Living Centre - 2nd Floor 113-115 Oxford Street Darlinghurst, NSW

This venue is within walking distance from Museum Station station (600m).

Kundalini Activation Workshop location
Your teacher
Sky Rivers
Sky Rivers

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Since 2018, I have worked with over a thousand clients in their body-mind transformation and spiritual awakening.

I offer one-on-one sessions, group events, advanced workshops and Kundalini Activation practitioner training for your well-being, personal development and spiritual growth.

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