9 Self Care-inspired Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

9 Self Care-inspired Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

By Kellie Maloney

Treat your favourite person to these self-care Valentines experience gifts for her. Designed to promote good mental health and self-love, these creative workshops are just what she needs to kick-start 2024 feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you need to find fun things to do in Sydney or Melbourne workshops that will encourage your partner to indulge, you can’t go wrong with experience gifts this Valentine's Day. 

It is so important that this year we take the time to relax, unwind and even try something new! Your partner may not be thinking much about themselves right now, so Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show them how much you care and how much their wellbeing means to you. 

With our self-care-inspired experience gifts, your partner will feel happier, stronger and more mindful. What’s not to love about that? Check out our top self-care-inspired Valentines experience gifts for her below!

Decadent chocolate making classes

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not only are these delicious pockets of joy fun to make, but eating chocolate releases natural endorphins in the brain, proven to elevate mood and increase positivity. Treat your partner to a Sydney chocolate making workshop where she can get creative with flavours and styles and also have something delicious to indulge in afterwards. There’s a reason you’re her favourite person! 

Mindful tea blending workshops

Tea blending

You can never go wrong with a tea party! The perfect way to get your partner in the right frame of mind on Valentine's Day is by indulging her tea-loving spirit and treating her to some self-care and relaxation in the form of a tea blending class. 

Whether your partner is after an online chai blending workshop or a Sydney tea and cheese pairing class, this unique experience gift will make her feel extra special on Valentine's Day! There are so many different ways to treat your partner, but if self-care experience gifts for her are what you are after, you can’t beat a full afternoon of indulging in delicious teas, nibbling on treats and relaxing.

Relaxing beauty and fragrance workshops

skincare making workshop

There's nothing that says self-care more than one of our peaceful and meditative beauty and fragrance experiences. Whether your partner wants to learn how to make soy candles for the first time or is more interested in trying out hair and make-up workshops, these Valentine's Day gifts for her are a great way for your partner to release inner tension and feel proud with her new set of skills. 

Maybe your partner would like to try out a bath bomb online class with a DIY kit and spend an hour soaking in the tub at home afterwards. Or, if you are up in Queensland, she could try out a natural skincare workshop in Brisbane, and treat her skin to a little tender loving care. The opportunities are endless, but one thing is guaranteed, these Valentine’s Day gift ideas are a unique way to show you how much you care and make you very loved and appreciated on February 14th! 

Soothing pottery classes 

Wheel throwing

Are you looking for inspiration for self-care experience gifts in Perth? Why not surprise your partner with one of our incredibly popular Perth pottery classes this Valentine’s Day. Whether you think your partner would enjoy getting more hands-on in a wheel throwing class or if you think they would be more interested in learning the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, there is something out there to suit everyone!   

Pottery classes are a great way for your partner to become more creative and mindful and produce something that they can treasure forever. Get her to sink her hands into clay, create something beautiful and experience mindfulness with one of these soothing indoor activities. 

Romantic pasta making classes

making pasta dough from scratch

They say that love goes through the stomach, and that rule certainly applies with these Valentines Day gift experiences. Learn how to make fresh, tasty pasta with your special someone at an Italian cooking class and feel all your worries melt away as you knead dough, cook your creations and make your favourite lip-smacking sauces. Learn how to make three kinds of pasta at this fresh pasta making class in Sydney or try your hand at making delicious gnocchi at home!

There is a range of ways you can show your special lady that you care this Valentine's Day, but there’s nothing that’ll make her heart (and stomach) sing more than a pasta making experience. The best part? You can both use your new cooking skills to make dinner for years to come. If you are looking for romantic Valentine's gifts for her (that will also benefit you, let’s be honest) then look no further! 

Find more inspiration for Valentine's gifts for her here. 

Calming yoga experiences

It is all too easy to forget about taking care of yourself when you’re busy taking care of others. Is your partner feeling stressed or anxious? A mind-body practice like yoga can help her to release stress, restore balance and feel happier and healthier. 

Yoga classes are a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her and a special way to show your leading lady that you love her and want her to have an unforgettable self-care experience. Take her out for an evening yoga class or book her into a fun online yoga workshop that she can enjoy from the comfort of her home! 

Rejuvenating meditation classes

If your partner is feeling particularly stressed about life right now then why not treat her to one of our meditation classes? Learning how to meditate properly will help your partner cultivate relaxation techniques that she can revisit again and again when things get tough. 

This relaxing Valentine’s Day gift will also encourage her to take more time out for herself and to see that she is valuable. Meditation classes are a wonderful experience gift to show your partner that you care about her health and wellbeing! 

Therapeutic flower arranging workshops

Flowers are synonymous with Valentine's Day but imagine the joy of creating your own floral masterpiece for your loved one. Flower arranging workshops offer a calming and therapeutic experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. It's the perfect self-care gift for your partner to connect with nature and unleash her creativity.

Whether it’s a dried wreath making class or an spring bouquet designing workshop, she will not only learn about different flower species and their care but also gain skills to create impressive floral arrangements on her own. This Valentine’s Day, give her the chance to enjoy the beauty of flowers in a whole new way, while also providing her with a unique skill she can use long after February 14th.

Creative acrylic pouring classes

Art has always been a powerful form of self-expression and therapy. Encourage your partner to explore her artistic side this Valentine's Day with an acrylic pouring class. These creative workshops provide an excellent opportunity for stress relief as they do not require any previous art experience, just enthusiasm and willingness to get hands-on!

Acrylic pouring is all about letting go and allowing the paint to flow freely across the canvas creating stunning abstract patterns. Your partner will love immersing herself in this relaxing activity where there are no mistakes, only beautiful creations. Whether you choose an in-studio class or an online tutorial complete with supplies delivered to your door, acrylic pouring classes make for a thoughtful and fun Valentine’s Day gift that promotes tranquillity through creativity.

Self-care is something we all need to make more time for in our lives and is essential to helping us feel physically, mentally and emotionally better. Our experience gifts are a romantic way for you to connect with your partner this Valentine’s Day and will help her to become more positive and powerful in her everyday life!   

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