Top 11 Father's Day Gifts in Sydney

Top 11 Father's Day Gifts in Sydney

By Kellie Maloney

On the hunt for experience gifts for Dad in Sydney that he'll adore? We’ve rounded up some of the best Father's Day gifts that will have him laughing and spending quality time with his loved ones. From terrarium making classes to BBQ cooking classes, there are so many DIY workshops perfect for every type of Dad. Whether he only likes practical gifts or is a bit harder to buy for, we can help you give your dad an unforgettable experience this year.

No matter where you're at on your gift-giving journey, we're here to let you in on a little secret – the most precious gift you can give your dad is time together. Unlike physical gifts like socks and novelty coffee mugs, experience gifts prioritise creating memories and connection.

Bond over a shared experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. To help you out, we've rounded up some of the best Father's Day ideas for your dad in 2024, just in case you were close to defaulting to another book or a pair of pyjamas. 

1. Create a succulent DIY terrarium

terrarium making class

Need gift ideas for Dad in Australia for your favourite green thumb? Treat him to one of the most popular hands-on experiences for plant-lovers in Sydney: DIY terrarium making. Terrarium making classes double as totally unique experience gifts and personalised Father's Day gifts. During the workshop, Dad will get to choose from a range of succulents and receive all of the materials he needs (think: a jar and other materials like river stones) so that he can create his own terrarium from scratch. 

Everything will be provided and there’s no need for any experience. Your dad will leave with his own mini terrarium that he can easily care for! All he has to do is remember to water his succulents from time to time and let his mini-ecosystem do its thing. 

2. Discover the art of glassblowing

glassblowing class with father and daughter

Searching for meaningful gifts for Dad from his daughter? Think outside the box this year and join your dad at a glassblowing workshop! One of the most unique Father's Day ideas out there, you and Dad will love transforming glass into quirky sculptures with you by his side. During the class, your dad will learn the basics of this impressive craft (and yes, that means using a blow torch!) in order to create a unique glass item that he can take home. 

This incredible workshop is a wonderful way for your dad to use his imagination, pick up an impressive new skill and have some fun playing with fire! He can create anything from glass animals and pendants to other abstract objects and his DIY items will be ready to take home a mere 40 minutes after the class ends.

Seeking out Father's Day gifts ideas to try at home? We've got you covered. 

3. Get handy at a woodworking workshop

Is your dad a handyman at heart? Surprise him with a woodworking workshop where he can learn to craft functional DIY projects. From carving wooden spoons to building his own custom-made furniture, this hands-on experience will ignite his creative spirit and provide him with valuable skills that he can continue to develop in his shed at home.

4. Master smartphone photography

If your dad is a photography novice, sharpen his skills with the gift of a smartphone photography course this Father's Day. He’ll learn how to take quality photos with his phone – an area in which many fathers fall short! These classes are completely hands-on and include tours around the CBD, the Inner West and beyond, making it a wonderful way to get out into the sunshine to spend Father's Day together. During the class, your dad will cover skills like shutter speed and ISO and get instant feedback on his photos, while also learning how to edit them using apps on his phone. 

5. Learn silversmithing for beginners

If your dad has an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, surprise him with a silversmithing class. These Sydney workshops offer a unique opportunity for him to learn the techniques of working with metals and bring his creative vision to life. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, he'll learn skills such as soldering, shaping, and polishing to transform raw materials into stunning pieces of handmade jewellery. From crafting personalised rings to designing unique pendants, he'll have the chance to create one-of-a-kind treasures that hold sentimental value. 

6. Fire up the grill and learn BBQ cooking

south american bbq class

We hate to succumb to the cliche, but what Aussie Dad doesn't love firing up a barbecue? BBQ cooking classes are just what you need to build his confidence behind the barbie. It’s no wonder they’re some of the most loved Father's Day gift ideas in Australia. Dad can refine his grilling skills, learn new techniques, and elevate his barbecue game to new heights. From perfectly seared steaks and smoky meats to mouthwatering burgers and tasty seafood, this experience will leave your dad ready to impress at the next family gathering and become the undisputed grill champion.

7. Surprise him with a whisky tasting experience

If your dad appreciates a good dram, treat him to a whisky tasting masterclass. Let him delve into the world of whisky and discover different flavours and aromas, all while enjoying a selection of premium spirits. It's one of the best experience gifts for dads who enjoy a touch of luxury and want to expand their knowledge in the realm of fine spirits.

8. Shake things up with cocktail making 

cocktail making

More interested in making than tasting? Treat your dad to a cocktail making class where he can become a master mixologist. With these vouchers for Dad, he'll learn to craft delicious cocktails and impress family and friends with his newfound bartending skills. From classic margaritas to innovative martinis, this experience will surely shake up his Father's Day and provide him with the knowledge to mix, muddle and pour delicious drinks for future celebrations.

9. DIY a Kokedama moss ball

Get his hands dirty at a Kokedama workshop, where he'll learn how to bind succulents with soil and string to create his own hanging garden. If your dad loves working in the garden or needs to brighten one of his indoor spaces with some greenery, these Father’s Day presents are a great way to inspire him to try new things.

10. Enjoy a chocolate making adventure

For the dad with a sweet tooth, a chocolate making class is a delectable gift idea. Let him indulge in the art of chocolate making, from tempering and molding to creating his own unique flavors. With these presents for Dad, he’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced and passionate chocolatiers, discovering the secrets behind crafting mouthwatering treats. He'll leave the workshop with a box of handcrafted chocolates that he can proudly share or savor himself, adding a touch of sweetness to his special day.

11. Get crafty in the kitchen with cooking classes

pasta making class father and son

If you're looking for unique gifts for dad in Australia, forget the usual lunch and head along to one of our Sydney cooking classes instead! You'll make memories that will last a lifetime and pick up some pretty nifty kitchen skills at the same time. From pasta making to Asian street food or even plant-based cooking classes, these hands-on gift experiences for Dad are sure to excite him and his palate. 

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