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Vanilla Zulu

Brisbane's most loved cooking school!

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4.9 (653)
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Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures is one of Brisbane's most loved cooking schools. Founded by global traveller and Afro-Australian chef Mel Alafaci, Vanilla Zulu is all about keeping cooking simple, fast and fresh. You will learn all of the basic skills you could ever need in the kitchen and leave with a bubbling enthusiasm to make easy gourmet meals at home.

Classes and kits

Rustic Italian Cooking Class: Part One

4.8 (115)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $155

Japanese Cooking Masterclass

4.8 (116)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $119

Authentic Thai Cooking Class: Part One

4.9 (35)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $155

French Cooking Class: A Taste of Provence

4.9 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $155

Express Pasta Making Class

4.7 (18)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 16

label $89

Express Pizza Making Class

4.9 (14)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 16

label $95

Asian Delights Express Cooking Class

5.0 (17)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 14

label $95

Asian Street Food Cooking Class

5.0 (36)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $119

Desserts and Pastries Cooking Class

4.9 (43)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $155

Rustic Italian Cooking Class: Part Two

4.9 (34)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $119

Around the World Cooking Class

4.9 (44)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $97

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class

5.0 (34)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $119

A Taste of the Mediterranean Cooking Class

4.9 (21)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 6

label $97

Breakfast Masterclass

4.8 (30)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 16

label $97

Healthy Eating Masterclass

4.8 (23)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $119

Authentic Thai Cooking Class: Part Two

4.7 (11)

date_range 24 May, 30 Jun

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 70

label $155

Dumpling Cooking Masterclass

5.0 (8)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 12

label $97

Complete Cooking Skills Course for Beginners

5.0 (1)

date_range 3 Jun, 15 Jul

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $795

Vegan Cooking Masterclass

4.9 (21)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $97

Complete Patisserie Skills Course

date_range Mon 5 Aug, 6pm

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 6

label $395

Authentic Middle Eastern Cooking Class

5.0 (7)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Teneriffe

1 to 15

label $119

Rustic Italian Craft Kit: Pasta and Panna Cotta

local_mall For local pickup

label $29

Rustic Italian Craft Kit: Gnocchi

local_mall For local pickup

label $57

DIY Meal Garnish Kit

5.0 (1)

local_mall For local pickup

label $59

Learn How to Cook Culinary Quickies at Home



label $89

Learn Cooking Skills at Home



label $495

Meet Vanilla Zulu

Inspired by Chef Mel’s African heritage, Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures in Brisbane is an adventurous cooking school plating up fun!

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Warren Jenkins May 2024

Great simple yet extremely tasty food. Some helpful food hacks. Chef Andrea was knowledgeable and attentive to all the students. LOTS of food to bring home too.

Kailah Osborne May 2024

Awesome class! Chef Luca was a lovely teacher with heaps of secret tricks! Food that was made was delicious!

John Galligan May 2024

I'd received it as a gift for my 50th birthday (3 years ago :/). Elle was really great - informative, fun and entertaining. Venue was great and the staff worked really hard with all the boring prep work done. This made the class really efficient, but probably did give a false sense of how easy it is. It was like a cooking show :).
I learnt a number of things. I really liked how Elle showed us how to blast the Moroccan lamb and achieve a result in 2 hours, that would otherwise take many hours. I also never do desserts, but the Charlotte was a really impressive, but quite an easy recipe that I may just do in the future. Yes, the class was good VfM - even just the meal would cost that much alone at a restaurant. Thanks everyone. I've also got a tapas class to do in a month, which I'm very much looking forward to.

Around the World Cooking Class review by John Galligan - Brisbane

Peter Bren-Clarke May 2024

Easy to follow
Great sense of humour
We all felt included.
We will be back for another class

Ruth Polley May 2024

Good value, good food, good experience and Chef Luca the authentic Italian touch for this rustic cooking class.

Julieta Vilosio May 2024

It was fantastic, the food, the teacher, the recipes... Even for terrible bakers like my partner and I, it all seemed easy to achieve.

Emily Plumbley May 2024

Took my mum for Mother’s Day and it was such a great experience! Everything was delicious and the chef was super friendly and great at what she does!

Amazing how easy it is to make some things when you know how!
Will definitely be back to try something else!

Thank you :)

Sue Weston May 2024

Class was good, a bit rushed but food was lovely. Lovely teacher. Thank you again

Andy Carl May 2024

I booked this Class for my wife's birthday. We have done other cooking classes a few years ago elsewhere that were a little disappointing as we were only allowed us to make one component, At this class we got to make everything and then eat it. We were given little tips to make each meal that little bit better. Who would have thought to NOT follow the directions on the noodle packet. It was fun, easy and the food was very tasty. We will be booking another class here soon.

Rebecca Mitchell May 2024

excellent day. All our family was there the chef was very good and very patient.

Daniel Guevara May 2024

My partner gifted me the class for mu birthday. I enjoyed it and Tong made it very interactive.
I thought I would be taking home food but that wasn't the case. Perhaps bigger portions for next time. But apart from that it was perfect

Cooking class review by Daniel Guevara - Brisbane

Anthony Marchese May 2024

The food which we got to eat was very good and it was great being able to get tips from chef Luca.

It was really interesting to smell and use ingredients I may not normally buy (Eg porcini dust) and to appreciate the extra taste they give to dishes.

A really enjoyable way to spend 3 hours on a Sunday which also included a delicious lunch and absolutely no washing up.

Morgan Letherbarrow May 2024

We did the Dumpling Cooking class. It was highly interactive and a great night.
Those looking for something a little different to do with friends, team or work mates - This an excellent idea. The bar is a great addition so you can have a Rose or beer while your making your delicious food.

Dr Rachna Singh May 2024

We enjoyed the class, very organised, chef tong is amazing, normally there are three dishes to prepare but chef tong made 4th dish to teach the whole class.
Worth every penny of it and I will return for more fun.

Rebecca Clay May 2024

We had a great time! Lots of practical tips that we’ll definitely be able to replicate at home. Highly recommend this cooking class!

Gay Daniels May 2024

We thoroughly enjoyed the Pasta making course. Everything was clearly explained and demonstrated. Eager now to buy a pasta roller and practice what we learnt. The fillings, sauces and all the extra condiments were great. Thanks for catering for my allergy’s too. Nice group number allowing individual help when needed. Lovely to be able to buy a drink at the venue too. Will definitely look at further classes.

Cooking class review by Gay Daniels - Brisbane

Annette Kerpel May 2024

The food was incredible, Chef Tong was very informative and kept a great pace. Would love to come back again!

Lisa Crook May 2024

It was done with my own enjoyment. She was great. Clean kitchen. Yes I liked what we used. Learn't how to use the pasta machine. Yes it was good value. Using the pasta machine.

Jill Miller Apr 2024

Chef Tong was very entertaining and experienced. The food we made was delicious and he provided great tips on how to make authentic Thai cuisine at home. I would highly recommend the class.

Cooking class review by Jill Miller - Brisbane

Natalie Auchterlonie Apr 2024

A great way to celebrate a friends birthday, she is passionate about cooking. Chef Luka was informative and provided great instruction and advice. We had a wonderful day.

Narelle Stewart Apr 2024

Absolutely fabulous afternoon - would rate it probably 15 out of 10. Teacher was great, very generous. Food was spectacular - couldn't fault anything. Would highly recommend it

Cath Rogers Apr 2024

Wonderful service from all of the crew. We appreciated the food bring prepared, and the easy to follow instructions. He also individualised instructions and regularly checked in on each table throughout the class. Learn so much about Asian cuisine in a very short period of time. Strongly recommend this class.

Allie Rushbury Apr 2024

Our group had a lot of fun and our instructor, Chef Luca was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The food we cooked was delicious.

Holly Davies Apr 2024

We were lucky and had a small group of 5. This meant the teacher could really focus on each of us and gave lots of tips and tricks. Definitely feel more confident in the kitchen and my absolute favourite part was making the brioche buns from scratch. Everything was so delicious.

Breakfast Masterclass review by Holly Davies - Brisbane

Marlene Redelinghuys Apr 2024

Elle was great. So knowledgeable and shared from her experiences rather than just ‘text book’ advice. She was patient, explained everything well and included everyone in the class. It was a pleasure learning from her. We have really enjoyed the class. The venue was good. I thought it would be much loader, but it wasn’t. Preparing all ingredients prior made a big difference utilising the time spend to learn best. There were more than enough utensils for everyone to use and a huge thanks to those who washed all the dishes! We really enjoyed learning techniques and the addition advice or tips provided by Elle. Thanks so much.

Georgia Cane Apr 2024

Had such a great time with Chef Luca. He made the class enjoyable and fun whilst we learnt. Such great value for money and I will definitely be booking more classes!

Lucy Core Apr 2024

Elle made the evening so relaxed and all instructions easy to follow. We were blown away by the standard of the food we cooked ourselves. Even my husband, who insists he cannot cook, embraced every opportunity to be involved. Great value for money, an excellent night out as a couple or group of friends.

Amanda Dobson Apr 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a great time at this class! Chef Tong is both entertaining and informative and we learnt a lot during the workshop. The food was amazing and tasted just like restaurant quality! Cannot wait to start making it at home.

Nikki Ryder Apr 2024

Loved the class and format. All staff were welcoming and friendly. Chef was really helpful, menu is great, handy cooking skills that I will apply to my every day cooking. I need to practice on my presentation skills, it really does make a difference!

Healthy Eating Masterclass review by Nikki Ryder - Brisbane

Stacey Morton Apr 2024

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Chef Luca was an excellent teacher, and I found the class thoroughly enjoyable, and so learned a lot. The dishes were so delicious and you could replicate them at home if you wanted to. Lots of fun was had by all.

Brodie Rogers Apr 2024

Loved the class. Was nice having most the stuff prepped and ready to go. Learnt some great tips.

Zoe Holmes Apr 2024

Chef Tong was absolutely hilarious and very knowledgeable, food was divine! would 100% come back again it was such a special experience for me and my dad!

Shelley Newby Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was our first class at Vanilla Zulu. We learnt how to make dumplings and our teacher was Tong. He was very attentive, gave us great instructions and was always checking with us to make sure we had success in our cooking experience. I would definitely recommend this class, especially as a team building exercise and I would come back for another class.

Zoe Mellor Apr 2024

Had a great experience! Chef El was very knowledgeable and shared great tips.
Getting the recipes was great as we were in a group with others so didn’t get to make everything ourselves.
The venue was great! Loved being able to order some drinks; looking forward to booking another one.

Taylor Salisbury Apr 2024

Absolutely loved our experience. My partner is a fussy eater and really enjoyed everything that we made. I’m so happy to have learnt how to make the recipes and am keen to make them at home! Very grateful we have the recipes to use at home too. Perfect date night idea. Highly recommend!

Lawrence Grieve Apr 2024

Fantastic experience all round! We will certainly be back in the future to try some more classes

Stacey Morton Apr 2024

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Today’s class was great - Chef Tong’s classes are always lots of fun. The dumplings were delicious, and it was wonderful having a lot of the time consuming prep work done already done for us, so we could focus on technique.

Dumpling Cooking Masterclass review by Stacey Morton - Brisbane

Mitchell Wilson Apr 2024

2 hours was a good time but not enough for everything planned. Maybe if the students complete one type of pasta but can watch how to make multiple may have saved some time.

Alex Clewes Apr 2024

Very enjoyable. Pleasant environment, high quality ingredients and a fantastic outcome. Teacher friendly and approachable.

Kathy Thornton Apr 2024

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

What an absolutely divine evening, making pasta, eating, socialising… Ellie was a fabulous teacher, joyful, attentive to everyone, sharing tips, encouraging and enduring our success. Hands down, the best course I’ve ever done. Thank you Vanilla Zulu.

Anupinder Kaur Mar 2024

Awesome class, great teacher Definitely recommend it to all. Very friendly chef and everyone is so helpful

Lynn Flynn Mar 2024

Fantastic class, chef Andrea was very good at explaining it all and we had a very successful day. Thank you!

Blake Carter Mar 2024

Went for a date night. Great recipes you get to try throughout. Andre was an awesome instructor.

Cassandra Lucena Mar 2024

Loved the class! Perfect for a date night. Luca was very informative and made the night entertaining too. We loved learning how to cook tapas and paella. Looking forward to doing another class!

Sue McLean Mar 2024

Booked this for my partner’s birthday. Chef Luca was amazing and made the experience so much fun! Easy to follow, delicious recipes - there was nothing to take home, we ate it all
Great value for money and would definitely book another class in the future

Marie & Lindsay Orchard Mar 2024

The best class we’ve done with you…. Chef Luca took us through each step first clear explanations & very personable to boot!
To top off, the most enjoyable lunch! Thank you… your classes have come of age! Think our first class with you was nearly 10 years ago!

Brittany Date Mar 2024

I bought this for my partner and I, he loved it as a gift idea because it’s something different to do!
We learned how to make different pasta shapes and the dough. I think the class was excellent value for money! The only thing on the description that wasn’t clear was that we wouldn’t be making the pasta sauces or fillings ourselves, because it was an express course you just focus on the dough.

Nathalie Riche Mar 2024

I attended this event as a Host for a charity organisation that promotes connection in healthy, nurturing ways. The Japanese Cooking class was ideal activity to create connection. Tong, the chef was funny and informative. I am still in awe we made Udon noodles and Gyoza from scratch! This is a great night of learning, connecting and enjoying delicious food. Thank you for a great night.

Ellouise Mordaunt Mar 2024

I Gifted this cooking class experience to my mother-in-law for her birthday, the venue was lovely: water, toilets, air-conditioning all provided. The teacher was pleasant & very knowledgeable.
The class ran on time, and we were extremely full afterwards; we were overjoyed with the whole experience, and we will be back to attend a different class for sure.

Julie-Ann Edwards Mar 2024

Japanese cooking class with Tong.
Chef Tong was efficient, well organized and an excellent Chef. He engaged ALL participants, which is a sign of a good teacher and I learnt a lot. It was very hands-on but we also were able to eat what we had cooked along the way. We had a reasonably small group and Chef Tong made sure we were all successful in what we cooked and was very engaging.

Katherine Sweeney Mar 2024

It was a great class! Very interesting and engaging. Well paced and nobody left hungry

Lorraine Hansen Mar 2024

Chief Luka, was awesome, friendly and efficient, loved the class from start to Finnish, enjoyed the food, nice

Stacey Morton Mar 2024

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

This is my 4th class at Vanilla Zulu and I love it. Always so much fun! Chef Luciana was fantastic today keeping us all on track and taking the time to show us if we couldn’t get something quite right. I always learn something new at each class. It’s such a fantastic experience - I’ll be back again

Caroline Marcangelo Mar 2024

Very enjoyable class, enthusiastic and inspirational tutor and great food produced. Having the recipes in advance was very helpful.

Scott Cobbett Mar 2024

Great class however, lots of people struggling with the lack of air conditioning. Also shocked to see there was not a commercial dishwasher in use to properly sanitise everything used.

Teacher's response

Hi Scott, yes, we have a commercial Sanitising Dishwasher! The staff hand wash the dishes and then they go thru the sanitising wash in the Dishwasher. Coincidentally, the Dishwasher was serviced just that morning of your class so it was in tip-top shape to handle all our dishes. Vanilla Zulu Team.

Susie Fynmore Mar 2024

Was a great experience to do with friends
We so enjoyed the space, how you can enjoy a nice drink while cooking
Chef Tong was very entertaining and fun and we enjoyed his fun way of cooking
Food was delicious and tasty and learnt how to make gyosa from scratch and noodles also the sushi with salmon and learnt how to use a butane blow torch to cook and brown
Enjoying the meals we made as we went along
Great experience can highly recommend

Sarah Spencer Mar 2024

The class was great! The teacher was fantastic and really fun! Me and my dad enjoyed the class immensely and we have cooked the recipes since. Very informative and very easy to follow and understand.

Sonia Bosnjak Mar 2024

We just loved the class! The chef was excellent! Lots of fun and obviously very expert at his craft. The food was delicious and perfectly selected and the help of the assistants who did some of the work for us and ALL of the washing up was greatly appreciated. 10/10!

Selina Walther Mar 2024

Loved our Spanish Tapas class with Chef Luca, my son and I enjoyed every minute of it and were proud of our meal. The other people on our table were great too and the ingredients top quality. Would highly recommend!

Cooking class review by Selina Walther - Brisbane

Susan List-Armitage Mar 2024

My daughter and I had a great time at the Italian cooking class (1). I learnt quite a few new tricks and the flavours were fantastic. The link to the recipe book was not working on the day but we had downloaded previously so was fine. The chef was good and the class well organised. It was a little noisy and hard to hear with the two classes running in the space - even though the chef was good at shouting (I could tell it was hard on his voice) Will definitely look at booking another.

Tim Oakes Mar 2024

We did the Asian Express class with Chef Tong and he and the team were all fantastic. So well organised, great instructions, yummy food and a super fun night. I highly recommend and will be coming back

Kristina Row Mar 2024

I went solo. Chatted to a lovely couple. Loved th teacher and her team Loved the outcome snd pasta! Thank you

Cooking class review by Kristina Row - Brisbane

Giuli Pas Mar 2024

Our chef was very in formative. Gave us helpful hints.
The location of the venue was ideal. Plenty of off street parking around and extremely central.
Every thing required for making pizza was all available and plenty of topping options available.
Would recommend to anyone for a great night out.
The best part was eating our creations.

Tate Mar 2024

Great class, definitely recommend. Everything was explained so well it was easy and the food turned out amazing.

Stephanie Huynh Mar 2024

What a great way to spend an afternoon with good friends! Chef Luka was friendly and knowledgeable. We all thoroughly enjoyed our class, drinks and feasting! Definitely recommend

Cooking class review by Stephanie Huynh - Brisbane

Jenny Mar 2024

A lovely way to celebrate a birthday. Lots of fun and very informative. It’s amazing what can be produced so quickly and easily with a little know how. Great advice

Alexandra Buchanan Mar 2024

61 ClassBento workshops attended • 58 reviews

We had a ball. Andrea was a wonderful teacher who explained everything thoroughly and made the the class easy, interesting and fun!
The food was delicious and ingredients were great quality.
Will go back

Craig Douglas Hickling Mar 2024

Loved the Thai cooking class. Location, equipment and staff were perfect. It was well planned a d ran seamlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this class to anyone, can't wait to try another class. Thanks.

Dale Jeppesen Mar 2024

Fantastic all round. Chef Tong was a fun instructor and we met new friends during this experience

Japanese Cooking Masterclass review by Dale Jeppesen - Brisbane

Teena Matai Mar 2024

Chef Tong was engaging and knowledgeable. We made a variety of delicious dishes and learnt a lot. Highly recommended!

Alyssa Peterson Feb 2024

I took my partner for a late Valentine's Present and we absolutely loved it! We got to learn so many skills and the food was amazing. I very much enjoyed my time, we will be back! Thank you so much!

Carmen Louise Arenas Feb 2024

This class was so amazing, and catered for people like myself, a basic cook.
Our teacher was amazing with great explanation to detail.

Such friendly environment to come and do a class, will definitely be back to do more courses.

Tracy Wyllie Feb 2024

I bought this as a gift for my nephew who has recently started enjoying cooking. It was so fun and relaxed and the food was delicious Our teacher, Tong was delightful! We can't wait to come back!

Shardai Smith Feb 2024

My partner & I LOVED the Japanese cooking class we did! Was super fun but also super informative. I can’t wait to try & recreate what we made at home!

Peter Morris Feb 2024

Attended a Mediterranean cooking class with Chef Mel. We made crackers, spatchcock hen and baklava. Mel was fantastic. Her love and knowledge of food was amazing. Great night out

Veronica Jaye Althaus Feb 2024

Elle was a great teacher. Loved our lesson. So much fun. And what we made was delicious

Michelle Egan Feb 2024

I was disappointed that the dietary requirements were not met because it was 1 person out of 4! Not impressed. Why ask if you have no intention of following? 1 of my guests couldn't eat most of the food. For the money I paid I'm not overly impressed and would not recommend to anyone with food allergies/intolerance.

Teacher's response

Good morning Michelle, as per the description of the class, this class is available as gluten free and vegetarian only. We don't offer this class dairy free (lactose free). It's really important to read the description to ensure the right class is booked! Or, always feel welcome to reach out to us in advance so we can see if there is anything 'extra' we can do to help. Vanilla Zulu.

Kim Rosanne Davis Feb 2024

49 ClassBento workshops attended • 45 reviews

Elle is n amazing teacher.
We have done one two of her classes before this being the third.
She is passionate about her craft.
We learnt so much.
No more cold cheese and store bought crackers.
Easy parking.
Want a delicious way to spend the night.

Jamie Philip Fisher Feb 2024

We did a valentines day class, we had alot of fun. Was quite straight forward and the teacher was very helpful when she was able to help.

Stacey Morton Feb 2024

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Chef Tong always makes his classes so much fun. The food was delicious and it was a fantastic learning experience.

Suzanne Dang Feb 2024

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 26 reviews

Thank you Chef Luciana for teaching us to make cannoli, arancini balls and gnocchi. It was so much fun and the class was easy to follow. The group is big size, but there's plenty of space to ask questions. I love making the gnocchi (eating more though!). I highly recommend this class. I also highly recommend this class. It's as good as the Rustic Italian Pt 1.

Willem de Beer Feb 2024

Very professionally presented with lots of humour. Chef Tong was great at involving everyone and at managing a a few upsets (someone got sick) with grace and speed.

And the food was great.

Kylie Fischer Feb 2024

Luca explained the process clearly, answered all questions and simplified tasks.
Booked for my husbands birthday.
Food was great.
Great experience

Louise Webley Feb 2024

We had a great time with chef Luca at the rustic Italian cooking class. The recipes were easy to follow and most importantly we’ll be able to replicate at home! Chef Luca was highly informative and provided lots of extra tips and tricks to get the most out of each recipe as well as interesting information about the history and origins of the dishes! Thank you chef Luca!

Hayley Banks Feb 2024

We had a great night, class was really engaging. We left really full and looking forward to making our pizza at home. Teach was fantastic. Hoping to do another another class soon.

Vicki Shaw Feb 2024

One teacher way to many students that none of us new what we were doing not enough one on one help should of been given the recipe so we could make the filling and sauce ourselves as we didn’t get to do that either

Amy Stannard Feb 2024

Chef Luca was amazing and we really enjoyed the class. I did not expect that we would have to share ingredients with other people outside our booking. I didn’t like that. It meant we were eating food other people had prepared and touched and also we didn’t get to do all of the cooking steps ourselves. That aspect would probably prevent me from booking another class. Which is a shame because otherwise it was fantastic.

Annette Harding Feb 2024

Chef Elle was amazing. She was so down to earth that everyone was relaxed and we all had a great time. Loved the eggs benny with the hollandaise we made. Would definitely recommend this class.

Hayley Coster Feb 2024

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 17 reviews

Teacher was great, really fun class and absolutely delicious food. Highly recommend. Really great experience.

Chrissa Crutchley Jan 2024

We really enjoyed the group.
The food was amazing and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming

Danielle Napier Jan 2024

The class was great, we learnt so many useful Japanese recipes and got practical experience making gyoza, aburi salmon and udon noodles from scratch! The kitchen had everything we needed and the teacher was also funny but knowledgeable. We got to eat as we went so that was awesome too, we got to eat it fresh and kept us from starving.

Susanna Meade Jan 2024

Thank you so much, a great class. Prep already done to focus on putting in altogether.

Donna Boyd Jan 2024

The whole experience at Zulu Vanilla was fabulous !Thanks so much fir angriest morning .Mel and her team are amazing❤️I will be back❤️

Petar Popovic Jan 2024

Good value for money. Excellent teacher.
Very tasty dishes.
Happy to recommend this course to my friends.

Meg Williams Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had so much fun cooking up a feast, best part by far was the focaccia! Will definitely be back again :)

Robert Cianflone Jan 2024

The staff were very friendly and helpful, happy to explain stuff if we had any questions and made the whole experience nice

William Aung Jan 2024

Great and enthusiastic instructor! Would come again for the other classes and recommend to friends

Paullette Nicholson Jan 2024

Fabulousgreat food easy to follow recipes. And even better delish!

Lucy was very helpful and full of helpful advice.

Angela Hedley Jan 2024

Could not fault a thing. We’ll be back.
Andrea, you were a great teacher.

Adam Griffin Jan 2024

Elle was absolutely amazing. We had a great time and would highly recommend this to friends

Rhys Holmes Jan 2024

Chef Luca is a fun and insightful teacher, he creates a great learning environment. Happy to answer any questions we had, we are definitely going back for the other classes. We couldn't recommend the classes highly enough

Alec Rundle Jan 2024

Chef Luca was fantastic. Really knowledgeable and always provided alternatives to dishes or how to enhance them. He also gave us a history of many of the dishes and taught tips and tricks.

The food was all delicious and it felt like there was a solid amount of sharing the workload between the table for all of the dishes.

Harry Wood Jan 2024

Great class. Good food. Good recipes will definitely use later. Great teacher. Shoutout chef Luca.

Nicole Sheehan Jan 2024

Good class. Busy and noisy environment. Food was great. Teacher was wonderful. Would do another class there.

Steve Kossaris Jan 2024

Chef Luca was awesome. His passion and knowledge of Italian food really does show. He showed us how to make genuine focaccia, ravioli and pana cota. Beautiful Italian food. It was by far the freshest Italian food I've not only tasted but, also was able to make it all from scratch from chef Luca. Highly recommend this Italian cooking class.

Suzanne Dang Jan 2024

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 26 reviews

Such a fun and informative class. I enjoyed myself and am a bit more confident with making Italian food now!

Suzanne Dang Jan 2024

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 26 reviews

Such a fun and informative class. I enjoyed myself and am a bit more confident with making breakfast items now!

Suzanne Dang Jan 2024

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 26 reviews

Such a fun and informative class. I enjoyed myself and am a bit more confident with making breakfast items now!

Sophie Pearson Jan 2024

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Chef Luca was a brilliant teacher, he was funny and gave a little history on how pizza came about. Would definitely recommend this class and will be looking for more classes that Chef Luca teaches.

Chloe Haywood Jan 2024

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The teacher was very good and very lovely! It was a bit hot and steamy. All the equipment and food were provided. My favourite was the dessert and any help I needed, the teacher was happy to help.

Jeff Haynes Jan 2024

The chef was informative and entertaining it was like dinner and a show lovely atmosphere

Ric Roach Jan 2024

Really enjoyable experience to do as a couple and with friends. Really liked the practical tips shared by the chef (El)

Lara Druery Jan 2024

Our cooking Teacher Mel was lovely. Very well catered kitchen and lots of helpful staff. My daughter and I had a great time cooking together. The food was absolutely delicious. We will be booking another class in the future. Loved taking home leftovers for the rest of the family to try.

Kerry Smith Jan 2024

Chef Luca was exceptional. His enthusiasm set our experiences such a happy one, He explained each and every process clearly so we knew just what to do when we all attempted each process. He was encouraging and so supportive. I left this afternoon wanting to cook as soon we were home. I can’t stop smiling. I’m going to come back and bring my husband and friends with me next time. I’m ready to book us into Rustic Italian 2.

Nathan d'Souza Jan 2024

Amazing class, amazing teacher, amazing food :) overall a good time where you focus on the fun stuff, I.e. no cleaning up! Just eating and drinking

Maria Stanicic Dec 2023

Chef Tong was friendly, helpful, humorous, and very knowledgeable. We gained experience in cooking a variety of dishes, which were delicious. The kitchen was well appointed with all the necessary equipment. The support staff were very friendly and helpful. We look forward to doing another Asian class with Chef Tong in the future.

Ann Frizelle Dec 2023

Amazing, Charming, funny, professional and very personable sharing his knowledge, I shall book another class

Rhea Karki Dec 2023

The venue was so cute on the sunny day. The teacher (Chef Elle I think?) was very relatable by relating the foods to things we might’ve seen in supermarkets, the instructions were clear, she was helpful when asked questions. The other staff around the kitchen worked efficiently together. The food and ingredients were delicious and high quality.

Sarah Jang Dec 2023

The teacher was very nice, explained clearly and easy for us to understand. The experience was very enjoyable. I will come back for other cooking lessons!

Chanel Worsteling Dec 2023

Really fabulous experience. Not only did I learn some great tips from the fabulous Elle (our chef/teacher), but the food was delicious and we were able to take the leftovers home. We'll definitely be back!

Michael Gill Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was great and answered all of our questions, was a lot of fun and was very helpful. we had an awesome time. The food was amazing and we will definitely be coming back

Elizabeth Smith Dec 2023

Our Asian Cuisine Cooking class with Chef Tong was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better experience, or better food. Chef Tong's charisma and experience as a chef made our experience all the better and I will definitely be booking another class soon!

Emilie McGrath Dec 2023

Such a fun cooking experience and the food we prepared and ate was delicious. Chef Luca was hands on and explained the steps clearly. I went on my own and met some really nice people too! The venue was good and I had a really lovely time.

Gabrielle Conescu Nov 2023

We prepared a delicious restaurant quality vegan meal. Loads on the menu. Teacher was cheerful and helpful. Excellent value.

Ana Wiggett Nov 2023

It was a fun day. The food was fabulous and the recipes were easy to follow and something that I would cook at home afterward.
It was well organised and really enjoyable for all members of our family.
It was a relaxed environment and a great way to spend a Sunday.

Sue Christensen Nov 2023

We had a great class. Luca was fun and a great teacher. Would be keen to come again and would certainly recommend to friends.

Xanthea Clifford Nov 2023

He was very friendly , informative and helpful. Can’t wait to do another class soon

Jill Mallett Nov 2023

We had a terrific night! Chef Luca was lovely and knowledgeable and presented things at a good pace to understand and follow. Beautiful food at the end as well!

Ivy Adams Nov 2023

Would highly recommend the express pizza class to anyone interested! It was an amazing experience and my group loved it. Chef Luca was extremely knowledgeable and gave us history teachings along the way. He was super hospitable and friendly and made the class extremely enjoyable. The class was great value for money - each person got to make 3 plus pizzas (garlic bread, pizza & calzone) as well as extra to take home. Every little detail was thought of and I couldn’t recommend Chef Luca and the class more highly!

Cooking class review by Ivy Adams - Brisbane

Radha Warrier Nov 2023

Loved the class, very instructive and easy to follow. Chef Tong is so funny and a great teacher.

Kieran Sonter Nov 2023

Likeable, helpful, warm, made the experience an absolute delight. Would be happy to do it again

Lee Rosier Nov 2023

We had fun and the food was delicious but the night felt very rushed and it's a bit on the expensive side.

Japanese Cooking Masterclass review by Lee Rosier - Brisbane

Kitty Morley Nov 2023

Everything about the Japanese cooking class was great!
Chef Tong was amazing, not only was his class very informative and delicious but his sense of humor created a really fun atmosphere.
We left the beautiful culinary kitchen, owned by Chef Mel full of enthusiastic determination that we too could cook Japanese

Emma Summerville Nov 2023

The teacher was amazing, everything provided was exceptional and the venue was lovely Definitely enjoyed the class and time went by so quickly as we had lots of fun!

Neisha Burn Nov 2023

We had a great time. Food was delicious and we have already started recreating some of them at home. Thank you!

Dee-Anne Edwards Nov 2023

Thankyou Tong and staff for a fabulous afternoonOur Japanese Masterclass was so fantasticDemonstrations, all
of our equipment and ingredients, plus delicious food after each recipe.
So professionally executed and exciting. We will be returning for more classes in the future!

Emily Rowe Nov 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

First time doing this class and we loved it! The croissants were to die for

Breakfast Masterclass review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Whitney Bawden Nov 2023

Chef Lucas was amazing. Funny, informative, interactive and engaging. A delight to learn from and a warm presence.
GREAT value for money. The recipes were delicious but easy enough that I can recreate them at home. Will absolutely be back for part 2 rustic Italian

Priscilla Peart Nov 2023

Great experience. The food was lovely. Learnt a lot. The class was a bit rough but I think that added to the fun.

Sharon Salu Nov 2023

Great organised venue and very knowledgeable Chef also told good Thai jokes. Planning my next class

Jerome Bernard Nov 2023

Thanks to Chef Elle for being a great, friendly, and knowledgable teacher!
She was excellent at teaching us exactly what to do before we did it.
All materials, ingredients, and recipes were provided for the class.
The atmosphere was friendly and co-operative, so we were all pitching in to help one another.
The food we made ended up being delicious when we got to eat it all at the end of the class.
I will absolutely be returning to another cooking class, with the missus!

Joshua Eeles Nov 2023

Elle was friendly and helpful
She was a good teacher
It was a very fun class

Stacey Morton Nov 2023

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Chef Tong was a great teacher, and more than a few laughs were had throughout the class. The dishes we made were amazing and definitely do this class again just to eat the food we made

Daniel Posner Nov 2023

Enjoyed the class, teacher was very knowledgable, family loved the food I brought home afterwards. Will be making the dishes in the future.

Julianne Taylor Oct 2023

Excellently organised and run experience,will definitely be coming back for another one.
The chef leading the day was great and made everyone feel relaxed while imparting cultural tips and tricks a long the way .
So glad we were reminded to bring take away containers because after feasting on our hard made wares , there was still plenty to bring home - definitely recommend and it’s easy to get to by bus or ferry . Julianne

Briarna Swift Oct 2023

Fantastic class, the teacher catered for everyone's needs, plenty of food to go round. Lots of fun will be coming back

Kate Savant Oct 2023

Chef Tong was wonderful. Informative and entertaining. The food? Delicious. I really enjoyed the Tom Yum soup with prawns. Thank you

Lize Malherbe Oct 2023

This class was so much fun!
The lesson was planned out perfectly so we had all our goodies at the end to enjoy a feast! Julianne was an absolutely amazing teacher, you could really tell she loved baking which made the class all the more fun, and was able to give us tips to bake at home. I had a great time with the hands on learning and really enjoyed this class, would reccomend! Will definitely be trying these recepies at home again.

Angela Rabbidge Oct 2023

Great cooking teacher, good ingredients offered, plenty of time to do everything in. Well done

Susan Bryer Oct 2023

Good interactive class, the teacher was caring and patient with my son who has an aquired brain injury. Because of this he learnt alot and had a lovely social afternoon, which created wonderful memories. It has encouraged and gave hIm confidence to once again cook more. THANK YOU.

Courtney Oct 2023

Amazing food and awesome teacher! Really enjoyed this class. Will definitely be making these dishes again at home too.

Cooking class review by Courtney - Brisbane

Emily Rowe Oct 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

Second time taking this class and it was just as tasty as the first time. Thanks for a great time tong!

Cooking class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Courtney Oct 2023

Had a fantastic time. Food is delicious and definitely learnt a lot! I loved it

Suzanne Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved this class. Elle was a wonderful teacher and would definitely return for more. We made beautiful restaurant quality dishes that were super easy. Lovely group and a fully equipped relaxed venue.

Healthy Eating Masterclass review by Suzanne - Brisbane

Wendy Hanson Oct 2023

A really fun, casual yet informative class! Loved every minute! The food was incredible and I went home with leftovers

Patricia Oct 2023

Very tasty food and a lot of fun. Our favourite was the baklava. Thank you Elle

A Taste of the Mediterranean Cooking Class review by Patricia - Brisbane

Emily Rowe Oct 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

the spatchcock was amazing! best i've ever tried! will definitely make again for events and quick meals

Cooking class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Emily Rowe Oct 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

I booked this class with my best friend, and our mums. We had a wonderful time with Chef Elle and the recipies were so laid back and easy to follow. The food was delicious and I'm pretty keen to replicate them at home, especially for christmas day

Cooking class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Amy Paffett Oct 2023

Chef Luka was so informative, he interacted with everyone and was giving great tips for us all!

Marie Cuda Oct 2023

Great class. Easy to follow instructions from Chef Luke. Chef Luke makes you feel relaxed and confident. Fresh ingredients. Always popping to your table offering tips and encouragement. Menu was great . Venue great with addition of a bar to enjoy your finished accomplishment. All the staff were helpful, polite . Great environment. Will be back.

Aleena Kelly Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved the class. The small class size created a good environment. The instructor was so warm and friendly and gave very clear instruction. So very knowledgeable and really broke the ice.

Baking and Desserts class review by Aleena Kelly - Brisbane

Sianna Haslem Oct 2023

You can tell they have done this before. Their systems were great and the chef was even better. We had a great time!

Asian Delights Express Cooking Class review by Sianna Haslem - Brisbane

Krystal Dunlop Oct 2023

Great class, good amount of people for a session. Teacher was detailed, informative and easy to talk to when had questions. Will definitely come back.

Lizz Clarke Sep 2023

Myself and daughter (14) had a lot if fun, some fabulous food and learnt some really interesting stuff. It is fast paced and enough food to do a takeaway, so bring a container! Great job recomend.

Asian Street Food Cooking Class review by Lizz Clarke - Brisbane

Robyn Bridges Sep 2023

Presentation was excellent. He made the recipes seem so simple and they were easy to do! A very enjoyable morning with lunch to end with!

Yaro Starak Sep 2023

all perfect the chef and the group cooking with hiom were great!. all learned a lot

Sarolta Albert Sep 2023

Very enjoyable class with Julianne, who is a very passionate pastry chef, presented beautifully, warm and engaging person. Plenary of food to munch on and take home to family. Thank you!

Cooking class review by Sarolta Albert - Brisbane

Madison Fagan Sep 2023

I learnt so much from this course. The teacher was friendly and was great at explaining the ingredients and processes. I would definitely do another class with Class Bento!

Fiona Patterson Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The aburi salmon was the best I’ve had and I’ve lived in Japan!

Japanese Cooking Masterclass review by Fiona Patterson - Brisbane

Jayne Hotchkiss Sep 2023

It was great fun the teacher was awesome and i learnt more than i thought i highly recommend it

Ruby King Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Class was small and intimate, teacher was approachable and friendly, not to mention easy going and funny. Learned loads and felt comfortable to ask loads of questions.

Darren Cantor Sep 2023

Really enjoyed the teacher/chef. He was fantastic and great to have an authentic Italian teaching Italian cooking. My only suggestion is to have some Italian music on in the background.

Jessica Richardson Sep 2023

Hosted by chef Luca, my partner and I throughly enjoyed making an authentic Italian 4 course meal under the guidance of a true Italian chef. The methods were easy to follow and each meal tasted incredible. Definitely looking forward to going to the second Italian rustic class.

Thank you Chef Luca and the two ladies who assisted with the prep and cleaning up.

Leng Ho Sep 2023

Teacher was great, very experienced and helpful. Explained everything very clearly. Loved the salmon sushi. More confident in making Japanese food after the class.

Emily Rowe Sep 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

This class is absolutely delicious! The recipes are super easy to replicate at home and are a hit with all the family. Great way to spend an afternoon

Authentic Thai Cooking Class: Part One review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Ra Searancke Sep 2023

Great night, Chef Luca was warm and welcoming and open to all the questions my partner asked. Pizza was yummy and learnt a lot about the origins of pizza.

Andrew Schulze Sep 2023

Andrea was a great chef and teacher. Had fun and learnt new techniques. Already did the Rustic Italian once before, great venue!

Emily Sep 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 40 reviews

This class is my favourite of them all! The food is DELISH and chef tong is an amazing teacher. I can't wait to come back!

Cooking class review by Emily - Brisbane

Erin Sep 2023

72 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

An excellent lesson. In groups of 4 we worked through making the menu items.
Really enjoyed making the ravioli and seeing how different they turned out depending on who made them.
It was interesting hearing about the history of the food we were making.

Cooking class review by Erin - Brisbane

Jenita Porter Sep 2023

18 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

The healthy cooking class was so informative and fun. We had an absolute blast! There was some extreme onion cooking happening in the group next door and it was a little difficult to concentrate as it was quite overpowering. But once we opened the doors it was all fine! The food was delicious and the class so well executed. It was my first and definitely not last of the Vanilla Zulu classes, they are unreal and so easy for me to follow with my brain injury. Thank you so much team Vanilla Zulu

Healthy Eating Masterclass review by Jenita Porter - Brisbane

Jenita Porter Sep 2023

18 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

The venue and layout of the room was perfect. I felt very comfortable and at home and had such fun cooking the incredible Italian menu I’m SO excited I can now cook a perfect Panna Cotta. Nothing was too hard or not explained properly by Chef Mel and I left feeling full of knowledge! I can’t wait to do the whole Italian series, such a great night, Thanks Team Zulu and Chef Mel for all the fun and incredible cooking skills, see you again very soon ✨

Cooking class review by Jenita Porter - Brisbane

Barbara Plant Aug 2023

We really enjoyed this class with Andrea. It was well run, and we learnt a lot about the techniques of Japanese cooking. We enjoyed the dishes that were on the menu. The choices were excellent. Our chef was very supportive to each table , offering assistance and advice as we went along. I look forward to joining another class

Alexandra Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Luciana was an amazing teacher, made the day relaxing and fun. Having the ingredients pre-prepared meant we could spend more time cooking and eating! Very well organised.

Heather Bastin Aug 2023

Andre was excellent
Location adequate
Really good experience
Enjoyed recipe choice
Good size class

Georgia Henry Aug 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class and learnt new techniques. Andrea was patient and clear and explained things really well.

Cooking class review by Georgia Henry - Brisbane

Emily Rowe Aug 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

Chef Lucy is lovely and so helpful. The pizzas etc were yummy and very easy to replicate at home. A great way to spend 2 hours

Cooking class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Ann Velzen Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The whole experience exceeded expectations. Teacher venue equipment all very good. And delicious leftovers to bring home.

Karen Lang Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Tong was a great teacher and very entertaining! Food was amazing and the recipes were easy to learn.

Cooking class review by Karen Lang - Brisbane

Jessica Chamberlain Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was amazing! I really had fun with this class, and I'm going to make more Ravioli as soon as I can!

Rustic Italian Cooking Class: Part One review by Jessica Chamberlain - Brisbane

Colleen Wood Aug 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Luciana the Chef was amazing - warm and engaging and knew when to let us do our thing. Venue was perfect - set up for teaching with everything we needed. Beautiful fresh ingredients and no skimping, plenty to go around for everyone on the day and leftovers to take home. Our class was Spanish Tapas - what a culinary delight it was and how simple to make Lavash, Paella etc. And - the kitchen has a bar!

Cooking class review by Colleen Wood - Brisbane

Neil Martin Aug 2023

Fantastic, great time, fun cooking with excellent host.
Very much enjoyed the interaction of all involved.

Emily Rowe Aug 2023

53 ClassBento workshops attended • 52 reviews

Chef tong is a delight! The food is delicious and so easy/simple to recreate at home. Absolutely love coming to vanilla zulu!

Cooking class review by Emily Rowe - Brisbane

Kyara Ramraj Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved this class. Chef Gianluca was so charismatic and fun to work with. I will definitely be joining another class in the future.

Tamryn Richards Aug 2023

I did the ‘Around the world’ class today. The teacher and support staff were amazing. The teacher was so passionate about her craft and really inspired me.
The venue had everything you needed but in terms of class size, a smaller class would have been better.
We mostly had one of everything required for the techniques.
100% would spend the money to do this cooking class again.
I have always been afraid of (and terrible at) desserts, but what I learned today makes me so excited for Christmas dessert
We had a great group, they were good value; especially our table mates.
I’m coming back with my sister, my best friend, and my husband; all on different days!
Thanks for a wonderful experience, staff are amazing and I had a blast!

Cooking class review by Tamryn Richards - Brisbane

Blandine Cousin Aug 2023

Chef John Luca was excellent, very passionate about his cooking and very attentive to details. He gave us lots of tips too. This cooking class gave me some special bonding time with my teenage son, who also really enjoyed the cooking class. It was a nice Mother’s Day present from my husband. Keep on the great work.

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class review by Blandine Cousin - Brisbane

Vikram Goonawardena Jul 2023

Chef Elle was delightful and a great teacher. The food was delicious and the utensils and setting etc was great. Big thanks to the whole team :)

French Cooking Class: A Taste of Provence review by Vikram Goonawardena - Brisbane

Wendy Stewart Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was great and explained things well. Class time went well. Would like to do more but a bit expensive for average person.

Ella Piscina Jul 2023

Such a great class with a awesome teacher. Food was yummy! We will be back :)

Japanese Cooking Masterclass review by Ella Piscina - Brisbane

Sophia O'Reilly Jul 2023

Lucy was so amazing! She was such a laugh and a great teacher, gave us so many additional tips and tricks outside the recipe which was so valuable! Can’t wait to come back and do all the classes with Vanilla Zulu

Cameron Solley Jul 2023

Tong is an entertaining and skilled teacher. Enjoyable demonstrations of techniques to produce dishes that will surely impress. Recipes are clear and incorporate ingredients that are easy to source.

Cooking class review by Cameron Solley - Brisbane

Ashley Wiltshire Jul 2023

The teacher was really good and the venue was also really good. All ingredients provided and all recipes and dishes were explained really well, along with good verbal and visual instructions.

Louisa McGarry-Heaton Jul 2023

We really enjoyed the class, the teacher was fun and easy to follow. The food was delicious to eat at the end!

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class review by Louisa McGarry-Heaton - Brisbane

Judith Ward Jul 2023

Elle was delightful and interesting. My group had fun and picked up some great ideas. The food was delicious and we got to take home a couple of meals and tasty treats each. For what we received the experience was very good value. Would highly recommend.

Healthy Eating Masterclass review by Judith Ward - Brisbane

Danielle Holloway Jul 2023

The class was great, Chef Luca was a great teacher, easy to follow instructions, food was delicious and all equipment was provided.

Spanish Tapas Cooking Class review by Danielle Holloway - Brisbane

Hamid Pourabed Jul 2023

Elle was simply amazing chef and great instructor. Me and my girlfriend joined the class and we had sooo much fun. And the best part is you eat your hand made pasta and it’s so delicious you can not stop!

Jessica Turner Jul 2023

Everything went well. The class was full of lovely people and the food was fab!

Annemarie White Jul 2023

An admin error didn't show me as attending- but the staff at Vanilla Zulu were very understanding and allowed me to join the class I had booked into. Teacher Lucy was unbelievably good - she gave me a space at her bench and her instructions, knowledge and energy meant all participants not only had a wonderful time, but we all learnt to bake and cook. I don't think any one's food was not perfect- hence great teaching in a fun environment - several having a martini with our finishing meal to celebrate. Wonderful!

Cooking class review by Annemarie White - Brisbane

Brooke Antram Jul 2023

This class was amazing! Our teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly. A very relaxed atmosphere. The recipes were very tasty and easy to follow.

Meat Lovers Cooking Class: Hard Core Carnivore review by Brooke Antram - Brisbane

Jacki Drinnen Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Chef Tong and Chef Andrea were amazing! They were helpful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and they made it such an excellent experience. I feel very well-equipped to take these recipes and skills and recreate them at home. The food was sooo good too - it ends up being really good value considering you get a 3-hour experience AND plenty of restaurant-quality food. Loved it!

Suzanne Dang Jul 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 26 reviews

Wow. Today was my 15th @classbento class I booked through NDIS. I am ever so grateful and blessed to have these opportunities to learn more about cooking and baking.

Today I made Croquembouche - also know as a cream puff tower with @vanillazulucookingschool ~ Also made creme brûlée - which was so so simple surprisingly! There were so many steps in making the Croquembouche but I got there in the end!

We made the pastry and even the custard from scratch! The most fun part was doing the spun sugar for the croquembouche. I drove straight to my mum’s place to give her and my siblings a taste of my creations and they really enjoyed it.

If you are looking for a fast-paced, but enjoyable baking class; don’t hesitate to book a class in with Vanilla Zulu School. I highly recommend this class for those who has a sweet tooth too! You can impress your friends and family on how to make these beautiful desserts.

Video Description: A series of videos stitched together about baking croquembuoche and creme brulee.

Desserts and Pastries Cooking Class review by Suzanne Dang - Brisbane

Steven Turner Jul 2023

Luci was great fun and very knowledgeable. The time was very well spent in practical advice and application.