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Sydney Creative

BA (hons) in Textile Design. Mixed media artist and lover of all things creative.

Sydney Creative, textiles teacher
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Sydney Creative was launched in 2019 by Textile Designer Sophie Parry.

Creativity is, and always has been, the driving force in Sophie's life. From an early age she would always swap the dolls and toys for a pen and notepad. She never minded being left to her own devices while her parents needed to go shopping. With a colouring-in book to hand Sophie happily sat quietly either scribbling away or patiently filling in each tiny hole in the fabric of her red tights – the latter much to their frustration.

Sophie's creativity and passion for art led to an interest in fabrics, sewing and textiles. It was at university where Sophie found her feet in the textiles profession, developing the skills and techniques that would guide her on her own journey in textile design. During this time, Sophie won several awards for her textile work and was chosen to exhibit her final third year project at the prestigious New Designers exhibition in London.

Upon graduating, Sophie left her hometown in Wales to experience different cultures around the world. She settled in Sydney and decided to launch her Handmade Baby Boutique brand Scribble & Sew. In 2018 Sophie introduced sewing workshops through Scribble & Sew and later re-branded as Sydney Creative.

Sydney Creative currently offer unique and flexible sewing workshops for busy Sydneysiders. Sophie understands that not everyone has a full day to spend learning how to sew, which is why she launched the Introduction To Sewing workshop. In the future, Sophie plans to offer more creative workshops such as painting, punch needling and social sewing.

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Christine Jurzenski

Sew Your Own Tote

This was a fabulous class! Sophie was knowledgeable and extremely helpful from the refresher to the technical aspects of sewing the bag! I learned a lot, and got a beautiful bag out of it too. Highly recommend!

Textiles workshop review by Christine Jurzenski

Amanda Bisson

An Introduction to Sewing

Amazing workshop, Sophie was so clear with her instructions with no judgement on skill level . You really get to learn all of the basics and leave with a completed cushion coverso good!

Textiles workshop review by Amanda Bisson Sydney

Lucy Hayward

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was amazing, she made me feel so good about my first sewing class. She was patient, knowledgeable and super friendly.
I loved the process, the instructions, our chats while we worked and her passion for her teaching is so evident and inspiring to see.
Would love to take another class with her and I adore my lemon printed pillow.

An Introduction to Sewing review by Lucy Hayward

Krissa Diamante

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was extremely helpful, skilled and patient. I was lucky to have a 1:1 class with Sophie. All the materials and tools are provided. Highly recommend and would definitely want to come and try another workshop!

An Introduction to Sewing review by Krissa Diamante

James Shirlaw

An Introduction to Sewing

Today’s class was beautifully run, with all stages well explained and demonstrated. I really enjoyed the friendly involved teaching and all equipment and materials were pre-organised and of good quality.
Arriving with no idea how to operate a sewing machine, l left with a thorough understanding of its operation, how to make and measure up an initial project (pillow slip) and said pillow slip over a cushion to take home! See pic

An Introduction to Sewing review by James Shirlaw

Natalia Rodriguez

An Introduction to Sewing

The class was amazing, great for beginners. The teacher explained every step clearly and was easy to follow.

An Introduction to Sewing review by Natalia Rodriguez

Viana Ho

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie explained everything with depth and provided all the equipment we needed! It was an enjoyable class and provided lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn. Would recommend this class as she teaches skills that are foundational to sewing!

Textiles workshop review by Viana Ho

Jorlie Van Dijl

An Introduction to Sewing

We had a great time, Sophie is a very patient teacher and explains everything very well. Would highly recommend for beginners without any sewing experience. Thanks again Sophie!

Textiles workshop review by Jorlie Van Dijl

Teuntje Koomen

An Introduction to Sewing

This was a really fun class, and we got to learn a lot about the basics of sewing. Sophie is a nice teacher, and she structured the class well so that we weren't overwhelmed by lots of information. We got to take home our super cute cushions, which we were so proud of making! :)

An Introduction to Sewing review by Teuntje Koomen

Deborah Wicks

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie is a wonderful teacher! I came to the class with very limited skills on how to use a sewing machine. She provided clear instructions on how to set it up and use it and then gave me the opportunity to do it independently. She is very patient and encouraging and really allowed me to practice what I learnt.
During this one on one class we created a beautiful playmat for my first grandchild. It has come out beautifully and I can't wait to see my grandchild on it , in the near future.

Textiles workshop review by Deborah Wicks

Catherine Bird

An Introduction to Sewing

I have some self taught sewing skills and Sophie was able to help me with a few techniques I will use with any project. I now have a new cushion a friend has already tried to claim! I truly appreciated the help and guidance I got, I would never have thought I could learn so much from making a cushion. I left feeling quite proud of my efforts.

Textiles workshop review by Catherine Bird

Peta Neilson

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was lovely, the class was easy to follow & I love the cushion that I made - there were lots of different fabrics to choose from

An Introduction to Sewing review by Peta Neilson Sydney

Anna Alexandratos

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was fantastic
She was really friendly and informative and detailed.
She guided me through every step with such precision.
She was played back and relaxed and allowed us to have time to practice different techniques and the ins and outs of a sewing machine usage.
We had a few laughs and she really focused it on getting the technique right so that our end result was perfect.
Her tips and trick where very helpful. Even though space was small it was tidy showing she had much love for her craft.

Textiles workshop review by Anna Alexandratos Sydney

Katrina White

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

Sophie was very easy going and patient. I really loved the class and got a lot of new information to start me on my sewing journey. Thanks Sophie!

Nicola Russell

Make a Cotton Face Mask - Hand Stitching

Sophie was very knowledgeable and incredibly patient. She made attending the class really enjoyable. Many thanks.

Giulia Allport

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

Sophie was a great teacher! She explained things thoroughly and I never felt rushed. She didn't over complicate things and by the end of it, I felt a lot more confident using my sewing machine. I was impressed by my finished cushion and was surprised I was able to create something so good in such a short period of time.

Mark Eliott

Make a Cotton Face Mask - Hand Stitching

facemask project was really practical fun and well explained. i chose a chearful colour from the options provided for my facemask. super happy with the result. Sophie is dealing with the challenge of teaching craft in an online format really well would highly recommend.

Thea Ilona

An Introduction to Sewing

I am super happy to have learnt from Sophie! It was a great little studio situated amongst other small creative spaces. Sophie patiently taught me the basics and most importantly, she gave small tips & tricks that will surely make my sewing journey easier later on. I left like a happy bunny with a beautiful cushion cover!

Olivia Partridge

An Introduction to Sewing

We had such a lovely sewing class with Sophie. It was in a great location that was easy to find. The class was really well structured and well organised. I feel like I learnt lots of tips and tricks that I will be able to keep and reuse in my own sewing practice. Feeling very inspired to keep up sewing!

Alex Rose-Innes

An Introduction to Sewing

Wonderful course. Really excellent instruction. So happy with the result and can’t wait to practise at home.

Shibani Michael

An Introduction to Sewing

A great introductory course to start sewing. Sophie was a good teacher, she provided very clear instructions and guided the class perfectly. With a small group of 3 people, we got individual attention. We got to take home the cushion covers and I was so proud to bring home the product of my first ever sewing.

Amy Goh

An Introduction to Sewing

Was a great class to get practical tips on how to properly use a sewing machine and do hems.

Elsa Zhang

An Introduction to Sewing

I found that theenvironment of this Introduction to Sewing Class was good to learn in, & that the communication & observation from the teacher was good. It is a class that I would recommend.

Jayne Dudney

An Introduction to Sewing

Great knowledge and skills by Sophie. We went at a perfect pace and she explained everything really clearly without confusing me. I love the added extras - such as offering to purchase equipment for me at wholesale prices/from her supplier. Definitely recommend!

Yin Lei

An Introduction to Sewing

Such a great skill to learn! Our teach was super friendly and helpful. All materials were provided ! We had such a great time learning a new skill!

Lyn Tamsett

An Introduction to Sewing

Thank you to Sophie, who was very patient and helpful during our time at the swing class.

I would definitely recommend this class to other people.

Thank you

Emily Brouggy

An Introduction to Sewing

This class was super fun, I’m really proud of the cushion I made and I feel confident enough to give it a go myself at home thanks to all of the clear instructions, tips and advice we were given. Sophie is a brilliant teacher, will definitely look into any other classes she runs in the future - thanks again Sophie!

Isilay Kizilcik

An Introduction to Sewing

A really great class, we learnt so much about sewing and now I feel confident!

Martina Kempys

An Introduction to Sewing

I had a really great experience with this class! I had very little sewing experience prior, but I feel much more confident after our one on on class. Sophie was very friendly, and gave me a lot of useful information. I am also super happy with the cute cushion I made!

Julie Fuller

An Introduction to Sewing

I was lucky enough to get a one on one workshop with Sophie. It has been over 25 years since I last sewed. But it's just like riding a bike! Sophie is patient & knowlegable. And will answer any question you put to her. I recommend this workshop to any beginner or those looking for a refresher.

Gaelle Gervais

An Introduction to Sewing

Great class with Sophie, very much enjoyed learning how to make the cushion, Sophie is very patient and provides clear instructions.
Location is great too. I recommend this class for any beginner!

Tina Bridson

An Introduction to Sewing

I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot from Sophie. She is very patient which is what a beginner like me needed. The one on one arranged at a mutually convenient time and with all the equipment, materials and guidance given is good value for money.

Catherine Oakshott

An Introduction to Sewing

Hi this was a really good course with a very patient teacher. As there were only 3 students per class u get lots of attention * can go at your own pace. Good materials. We all made a lovely cushion

Lidya Salim

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie and the class itself was great. It’s simple, straight forward and rewarding for beginner level. Sophie was very helpful and patient too. I brought my own machine and Sophie was very accomodating. She let me have the flexibility to use my machine and hers, at the same time she helped me get familiar with my own machine. Thanks again Sophie!

Kylie Vitnell

An Introduction to Sewing

I really enjoyed this class and it gave me a good foundation for sewing I was so lucky to have Sofie ( teacher) to myself

Quentin Dubut-Touroul

An Introduction to Sewing

Excellent workshop, I learned a lot ! Good material and a wide choice of fabrics. I highly recommend for those who wish to start sewing !

Niki Thompson-Milne

An Introduction to Sewing

I really enjoyed this class! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start off their sewing journey. Sophie did an amazing job explaining the basics, allowing enough to practice, answered all the silly questions and helped me sew a beautiful cushion cover.

April Wu

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was very patient and supportive during the class and her explanation was quite thorough. The venue on the 2nd level of the building is spacious and facing a beautiful garden balcony.

Sepehr Fard

An Introduction to Sewing

Excellent class! Learnt the basics of working with a sewing machine and handling fabric. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable and always eager to help. Great for anyone who wants to start sewing.

Elia Lorenzo

An Introduction to Sewing

Great class, Sophia is a great teacher, I couldn’t be more satisfied for my results, she explained every step clearly and always with a lot of patience.

Hannah Moltoni

An Introduction to Sewing

Sophie was so friendly, patient and helpful. I had a great time and was so excited and proud of my finished product!

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