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Love coffee and want to learn more about it?

Or maybe you just need another excuse to indulge in a few more cups while hanging out with your favourite people.

Either way, join a local Classbento coffee class. Learn how to ‘draw’ latte art, or how to make the perfect caffeinated concoction. Broaden your perspectives and develop your palate.

Coffee roasting techniques

Learn from local experts – the ones that are making those sumptuous coffees at some of Sydney’s most renown cafes, as well as dedicated experts, like a world barista champion.

With so many different beans and blends, the opportunities to explore and discover are endless. Coffee-making is an individual art and a great way for you to exhibit your creativity to get the blend that's just right for you.

Learn about coffee

So join one of our popular barista workshops today. Learn coffee-making from the most passionate experts in Sydney, and become your neighbourhood's new star barista.

Latte art class


Learn in-person from our hand-picked expert Barista teachers, like Roastville Coffee. You'll be supporting your local talents.

Whether you're in Marrickville or Surry Hills, and whether you're keen on weekends or weekdays, we've got the workshop for you. It's easy to book at a custom time that suits you, with our unique class Request feature.

Our Barista classes are affordable, convenient, and perfect for all skill levels, including beginners. They are also great gift ideas.

Book online with absolute confidence, with our money-back satisfaction guarantee, secure checkout, and Sydney-based customer support team.

Custom classes

Want to learn or experience something specific? You can easily arrange a custom workshop, by contacting our teachers.

Want a unique and memorable event? We've organised hens parties, team building, and much more, to rave reviews. We've got a range of teachers who cater specifically to larger events, and we can customise classes to suit your tastes, in ways you've never imagined. Get in touch and we'll put something together.

A few recent reviews for our Barista classes


For Latte Art Workshop

By (attended on 8 Jan 2019)

This workshop focused very heavily on the technique for pouring latte art, including details on the scientific aspect of how and why heated milk can be used to create designs. While this was useful information, it took quite a long time to explain and the instructor tended to repeat the same points multiple times. The workshop is advertised as needing no prior experience, however the first thing the instructor mentioned was that it would have been beneficial if people had attended the "Espresso Workshop" before attending this one.

We practised the techniques with water, which was a good idea as it allowed us to continue practising and adjusting our hand and arm movements (and the floor ended up getting quite wet!). However, after the introduction, explanations and water practise, no one actually got to touch milk until 7.30pm.

The workshop teaches three key designs, considered the building blocks of all latte art. We learnt the first of these designs before having a break (where we were fed some very tasty food!) but there was so little time left after the break that we had to rush through the other two designs. There were 10 students in the workshop, and all up over the 3.5 hours each student only got to attempt pouring with real milk and coffee once.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and skilled and had a warm and friendly approach. He made everyone feel welcomed and safe to just give it a go. The venue was good, although with everyone crowded around one machine I don't think it would be so comfortable with any more than 10 people. Overall the course achieved what I was looking for - to gain some knowledge of latte art so that I can go away and practise on my own. I do think it could benefit from a bit more structure though, to give students more chances to try out what they're learning.


For Latte Art Workshop

By (attended on 8 Jan 2019)

This was a Christmas gift to me from two of my sons who also joined me. We are not barristers or involved in a café but just coffee lovers. Our teacher was Andy Liu. He was great. His knowledge and tips were well received and enjoyed by all. The venue was very good and the 3 hours we had was well spent. Driving home we were talking about what workshop will we do next with Andy.


For Free Coffee Tasting Workshop

By (attended on 15 Dec 2018)

It was very much informative for my first time and the staff are very friendly

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