10 Creative Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Sydney for Couples, Singles and Bffs

10 Creative Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Sydney for Couples, Singles and Bffs

Laine Fullerton

With February 14 just around the corner, couples and singles alike start wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day. Romantics consider the traditional candlelit dinner and red roses combination and while this is a classic V-Day date, it’s also kind of predictable. Singles and groups of friends are probing into fun ways to spend the day without being bombarded by loved-up couples and public displays of affection. What everyone has in common is this one burning question: what are the most creative things to do on Valentine’s Day in Sydney?

Fortunately, there are so many fun things to do in Sydney that are guaranteed to suit your Valentine’s Day situation. No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day is all about love and there’s nothing that says it’s exclusive to romantic love. If you don’t have a partner then you shouldn’t feel confined to watching Netflix and eating ice cream in bed because you can have just as much fun spending a night out with your girlfriends or as a single in Sydney.

So to make the most of Valentine’s Day in Sydney, choose something memorable and show your partner, friends or yourself just how much they mean to you!


Single on Valentines Day?

Fall in love with the art of kintsugi

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery and the philosophy behind it is that objects break but that doesn’t mean we can’t repair them. Kintsugi art is beautiful because it shows the piece’s history and story through its cracks. This mindset is something you can bring into your own life too, and what better time to give self-love than on Valentine’s Day.

A beginner’s kintsugi class is perfect if you’re looking for what to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single. Learning new skills, appreciating art and chatting with like-minded people certainly beats a night in alone.

Get intimate and learn about your body

Move over expensive roses, it’s time to redefine pleasure this Valentine’s Day! Prove to yourself that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be satisfied on V-Day and being single isn’t something to dread when February 14th approaches.

You can learn about the art of an orgasm at a hands-off sensual workshop in Redfern, in a safe and comfortable space. The teachings are informed by embodied therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience and aim to give you a deeper understanding of your orgasmic potential. All ages, genders, sexualities and relationship choices are welcome and you’re guaranteed to walk away with something much more useful than some heart-shaped chocolates.

Hand pour natural wax candles

Candles are romantic and therefore synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their delicious scents and the ambient atmosphere they provide when you’re single! If you’re looking for cool things to do in Sydney as a single this Valentine’s Day, try hand-pouring your own candles at a natural wax candle making workshop!

Not only is it a great way to get out of the house and try something new on this romantic evening, but it also offers up the perfect excuse to light your homemade candles and practice some self-care once you’re back home. If you’re a sucker for a strong scented candle, then a triple scented candle making workshop will be your go-to.

For couples

Impress your date with a cooking class

Woo your lover with your impressive chef skills at a cooking class! If cooking isn’t your forte, our experienced teachers will help you convince your date otherwise. Plus, cooking is super sexy. A study of 20 Australian couples revealed that men are more likely to make women swoon by making a home-cooked meal as opposed to masculine cliches' like operating power tools. Seven out of the 10 women studied even preferred receiving a homemade coffee over a gift from their partner.

With all that being said, it will be hard not to impress your date with a cooking class. It’s perfect for both new couples and those in a long-term relationship, offering a relaxed environment to chat and cook, later enjoying your delicious creations.

If your partner is a pasta lover, then the Salt Meats Cheese pasta masterclass will definitely have them feeling the love at first bite. And after all the hard work, you and your date can sit back with a vino for a hearty meal of your handmade pasta. 

Create a scent you both love

Your partner’s perfume or cologne becomes a scent you associate with warmth and comfort. Smelling it feels like the familiarity of returning home. On Valentine’s Day, men and women everywhere will gift their partners’ perfume and cologne but why not take it a step further and custom-make a scent that you both adore?

Ignite your olfactory senses and play with the endless combinations of fragrances, finding each other’s perfect scent together in a fragrance making workshop in Sydney. You’ll even learn about its intimate connection with emotions and memory.

Scent is seductive and spending Valentine’s Day arousing this sense will have you in romantic bliss.

Spin the pottery wheel together

We have Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore to thank for making pottery romantic and instead of just watching Ghost this Valentine’s Day, channel their sensuality and take the pottery wheel for a spin yourself.

The pottery world is having a strong moment right now and getting your hands dirty and making some unique ceramics will show your date you’re willing to take on a challenge and unleash your creativity. Plus you can gift your final product to each other, instead of buying traditional gifts. Homemade is always best!

Try a beginners wheel throwing class for two if you want a taste of wheel-thrown pottery, or a Japanese handmade pottery course if you want to learn more traditional techniques.

Design your forever rings

Married or not, rings are a symbol of commitment in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year to make grand gestures of love and what better way to do so than designing your own forever rings together.

Not only will you walk away with quality, beautiful rings but they will hold much more sentimental value as you both made them together. In a ring making workshop, you will be able to create everything from a classic simple band to special engravings on the inside or something completely quirky and charming.

Instead of buying standard store-bought rings, your forever rings will be as unique as you and your partner.

Friends Valentines Day

Paint and sip

A painting class is the best excuse for friends who don’t want to dress up for Valentine’s Day and instead just spend some good quality time together. Painting provides stress relief, perfect for a friend who is spending their first Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner or who just finds it tough on the day of love. It also promotes an optimistic outlook on life and encourages feelings of happiness.

If you want to escape the rose-filled shops and everything heart-shaped, a private paint and sip class is perfect for a bunch of friends. Drinking wine, getting creative and having a few laughs with your best friends makes for the perfect Galentine’s night.

Or if you and a friend want to dabble in acrylic pouring and design a beautiful heart painting for each other or yourselves, try a Valentine’s Day edition of an acrylic pour painting class in Randwick.

Mix, muddle and shake cocktails

Cocktails are an essential ingredient to a successful Galentine’s day and why not try to shake some yourself? Plus learning how to make your favourite drinks will prove worthwhile on all your celebrations to come.

You and your BFFs can head down to Li’l Darlin in Surry Hills for a cocktail masterclass that will have you whipping up world-class cocktails in no time. If you want to really make a night out of it, try a package deal that includes some delicious gourmet food. It’s sure to beat the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day!

Indulge in your own handmade chocolate

Chocolate’s connection to Valentine’s Day is about as strong as Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s love. Unsurprisingly, chocolate sales spike during the week of Valentine’s Day.

If you have nobody to buy you heart-shaped chocolates, why not make some delicious treats yourself with your best friends by your side? A chocolate making class in Sydney will show you that you don’t need a partner to experience true love, because it can always be found in chocolate.




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